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🐈 | I like dogs = I like dogs!Be careful not to forget to add the plural "S"


I like dogs = I like dogs!Be careful not to forget to add the plural "S"

If you write the contents roughly
This applies not only to dogs, but to animals in general, such as “cats” and “birds”.

Updated every Wednesday and Friday!Collaboration series with "Ten Nine Communication", a network of interpreters and translators ... → Continue reading

 Morning time.jp

Morning magazine "morning time.jp" full of tips to enjoy the morning
Approximately 1 breakfast recipes, serialization of recipes by popular cooks, breakfast shop information, morning scenery reports around the world, yoga, beauty, fashion, hair arrangements, articles written by experts every morning. I will deliver it.

Wikipedia related words

If there is no explanation, there is no corresponding item on Wikipedia.

Animals in general



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