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📷 | Ise Laos Photo Exhibition City International Association Host Town Introduction Mie

Photo [Venue where photos of Laos are lined up = Iseji Ise Citizen's Activity Center in Ise City]

Photo exhibition of Ise Laos City International Association Host Town Introduction Mie

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International exchange activities are limited due to the corona virus, but I want you to deepen your understanding of multicultural coexistence through photo exhibitions. "

[Ise] A photo exhibition of Laos in Southeast Asia is being held at the Ise Citizens' Activity Center in Iwabuchi, Ise City, Mie Prefecture.Next month 2nd ... → Continue reading

 Ise Shimbun

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International exchange activities


CoronaWhat is (Corona) 2019From the endEpidemic of new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)Is a term that refers to disasters and crisis situations caused by[1].


"CoronaOut ofコ ロ ナ"Is the new coronavirus"[2],MisfortuneIs a word that means "disaster" or "disaster" or "unfortunate event"[3]Then, it is a compound word that is put after various nouns[4](Other examples: water damage, war damage, etc.).

As the epidemic of new coronavirus infection spreads, 2020In Japan from mid-MarchCorona shock,Corona crisisHas come to be widely used with[5][Annotation 1][Annotation 2]..Some people write "under the corona" in the sense that it is under the condition of corona infection.


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