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🐈 | Dogs and rabbits living together are very close friends "Healed" "Peace" ... Video topic Owner "Parents laugh ...

Photo Corgi dog Konatsu and rabbit Pyonko competing for cabbage = Shimotatsuo-cho, Kagoshima City

Dogs and rabbits living together are really good friends, "healed", "peace" ... The video topic is the owner "laughing at my parents ..."

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Aside from Pyonko, Konatsu also likes vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, and Chinese cabbage, and every time he feeds them, he fights for competition.

Tomoyuki Mochihashi (42), a civil servant in Shimotatsuo-cho, Kagoshima City, published his dog and rumors on the video posting site "YouTube" ... → Continue reading

 Minami Nihon Shimbun

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