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😀 | Golden Comic Awards Special Exhibition with 4000 people to interact with cartoonists


4000 people enter the Golden Comic Awards special exhibition and interact with cartoonists

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Taiwan Television Enterprise broadcast the award ceremony on October 10th and 16th.

Press conference of the 11th GCA special exhibition, winners, publisher AsiaNet 86232 (1932) [Taipei ... → Continue reading

 Kyodo News PR Wire

Kyodo PR wire, which distributes press releases and news releases, connects information from "who wants to know" to "people who want to know."
This is a site that consumers should pay attention to, where news releases from major governments and government agencies including local governments and universities are gathered.

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Taiwan Telegraph Corp.

Taiwan Telegraph Corp.(Taiwandenshikou)Republic of China(Taiwan) Was first establishedTerrestrial television broadcasting station.. The abbreviation is "Taiwan TV","TTV".The English name is "Taiwan Television Enterprise, Ltd.".in Japan"Taiwan TVIs often written.China Television Corporation,China Television CorporationThe country's three long-established TV stations alongsidezh: Three old cars) One.


  • 2001January 1-"Taiwan Baby-Lucky Four" becomes a new mascot instead of "Taiwan Baby".
  • 2002 --Kumoto Teru resigns as president (ChuotsushaBecame president),Executive Yuan Fair Trade Commission(JapaneseFair Trade CommissionEquivalent to) The chief committee member will take over the president.
  • 20061/3 --It was decided to sell the government-owned shares to the private sector,PrivatizationWill follow the path of.
  • April 2006, 4 --Declares that 28 will be the "first year of Taiwan privatization".
  • 2007 --Sold the Taiwanese shares held by Hitachi to.
  • 20127/21 --TerrestrialHDTV channel"Taiwan HD stand" started broadcasting.


  • TTV Main Channel(TTV Main Channel)
  • News channel (Taiwan TV stand)
  • Economic channel (TTV Finance
  • Comprehensive channel (Taiwan synthesis stand)
  • International channel ()

Main program




  • TTV EVENING NEWS --A news program at 19:1962.The predecessor program started when it opened in XNUMX and is one of the longest-running news programs in Taiwan.

Major shareholder

2007Currently (shareholding ratio in parentheses)

  1. Taiwan Bank (14.37%)
  2. Land Bank of Taiwan (7.25%)
  3. First Commercial Bank (Taiwan) (7.25%)
  4. Hua Nan Bank (7.25%)
  5. Chang Hwa Bank (7.25%)
  6. Bank SinoPac(OldTaipei International Commercial Bank) (4.84%)
  7. Taiwan Water Cement Co., Ltd. (4.84%)
  8. Toshiba Corporation (4.84%)
  9. NEC (4.84%)
  10. Fuji Television Network Co., Ltd. (4.84%)
  11. Huang Hui (founder of extraordinary telescope) (4.84%)
  12. Taiwan Cooperative Bank (4.02%)

Sister station

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10 May 16



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