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🐈 | "Pet toilet sand" in the mouth ... The 3-year-old child who died of abuse was a "no kindergarten child" Children who are out of the eyes of society


"Pet toilet sand" in the mouth ... The 3-year-old child who died of abuse was a "non-garden child" Children who are out of the eyes of society

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Doctors generally point out that there is a "certain tendency" in cases of "abuse" involving unrelated parents and children, such as remarriage.

A 3-year-old boy was allegedly abused by his parents and died in Nakama City, Fukuoka Prefecture.Why couldn't the surroundings notice ... → Continue reading

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Blood relationship

Blood relationshipWhat is (Ketsuen)?CommonancestorRelationshipOr refers to a relationship that is believed to have.

中 世Former society andDeveloping countriesThen, it occupies an important position in society.children-Old man-patient-handicappedEven if there isCountryTowelfareThis is because there is no policy perspective.Because of the need, in such a society, we try to expand the kinship and maintain a close relationship (large family principle),Developed country(EspeciallyNew middle class OfNuclear FamilyThere is little need for consumers)PoliciesSince he has a strong tendency to dislike being interfered with by, he tries to reduce the interpretation and keep the relationship plain.

Blood and territory

In Japan, with the establishment of the medieval samurai society, a society was formed that prioritized territorial ties over blood ties.The name of the clan means "blood relationship"Last name"", But many are derived from place names.Last nameAs the center of the territory, the villagesGuardianIs set up in various placesCelebrationBegan to be performed. There is also the phrase "others closer than distant relatives," and it can be said that Japan is a society with a rich territorial element from a global perspective.

Gotra and Jati

GotraWhat is (family)?India OfBrahmin(Brahmana)clanIs a general term forLegendary ancestorA blood relative group that has the same[1]Is.Gotra names are generally of that person家族Dating back fromThe oldest ancestor of the patrilineal clanRishi (Seisen)Rishi) Often named[2]However, it is transmitted from the ancestorsOccupationIt may be the name or the name of the village where you live.Gotra Rishi was originally 7, but increased in posterity[2]..For example, with Atli as the ancestorBrahminIn the case of the family line, the name of the clan of Artreya (descendant of Atli) will be referred to.On the other hand, as a social group that forms the basis of casteJertyIt has been handed down that this is a marriage relationship within the same Jati.Therefore, in the Brahmin society of India, "Gotra exogamy, Jati endogamy" isUnwritten ruleIt has become.


QuranIn the 80th chapter "FrownIn verses 33-42, the scene of the end of the heavens and the earth is depicted, but it is stated that the blood relationship between parents and siblings and couples is useless under such circumstances.In Arab society at the time of Islam's establishment, kinship was the principle that constitutes society and was the basis of actions and ideas, but in the Islamic community, the only common belief in God became a new social principle to replace kinship. ..


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