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👍 | "A maniac parody is irresistible" A masterpiece behind "Lupin's daughter"?

Photo Kyoko Fukada (taken in 2015) plays the daughter of the "Thief Family for Generations".

"A maniac parody is irresistible" A masterpiece behind "Lupin's daughter"?

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In addition, to the production team who put together a story firmly while producing such a "chaos", "The script, the production, and the skill of the performer are tremendous, even with a messy setting, so that the viewer does not feel any discomfort." 6% (Editor's note: Average household audience rating in episode 2 <Kanto area, Video Research survey>) I'm not convinced (low)!

The second episode of the drama "Lupin's Daughter" (Fuji TV series) starring actor Kyoko Fukada will be on October 2, 2020 ... → Continue reading

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