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What to do to have "sexual independence"

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For example, if there are fans who love the work "Act-Age" and throw words such as "I think it's strange that this work will disappear after that," it also includes a message that it should definitely be stopped. I'm sorry.

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"Actage』The original:Matsutatsuya,Manga:Usazaki whitebyJapan OfComic.. This was the first serial work for Matsuki and Usasaki, and this was the second time Usazaki drew a manga.[1].. 『Weekly Shonen Jump』(Shueisha 2018From No. 8[2] 2020It was serialized up to the 36/37 merger issue (details of the termination of serialization will be described later).

It deals with the theme of "actor," which is rare for a boy's manga, and depicts the protagonist, who has the talent for acting like a genius, to grow as an actress. Highly evaluated by the movie and theater world[3].

In 2022stageWas planned[3], Later, the cancellation was announced (the details of the cancellation will be described later).[4].


A high school girl who wants to be an actor, Kei Yonagi receives an audition for the production of Stars, but fails. However, when he met the film director “Kuroyama Sumiji”, who was involved in the selection, he joined the “Studio Daikokuten” led by Kuroyama, and depicted how he would grow aiming for an actor.


Studio Daikokuten

Night calm view (Kei Yonagi)
The protagonist of this work. A second year high school student who wants to become an actress. 2 years old. Born May 16th. Height 5 cm. 15nd year group 168 attendance number 2[5].
Blessed with a neat appearance and style, a high height and head and bodyphysical ability-Motor nervesOwner of. He has a slightly different sensitivity than ordinary people, and is isolated and has no friends. Quite contrary to its cool appearancenaturalThere are various aspects. What's your favorite movie"Roman Holiday""Casablanca""Gone with the windI like love romance.
His mother died and his father left home, so he lives with his brother and sister. Although he is sent by his father who left the house, he refuses to touch him, so he has no income other than Kage's part-time job. Therefore, all the solicitations for club activities are declined, and there is a depiction that the school expenses for brothers and sisters were delinquent until they acted as actors. At the beginning of the story, she is scared of humanity, and she has emotions to act, so she is scared by her sister. He is recommended by his brothers and sisters for the purpose of winning prizes, undergoes an audition for actors, and comes into contact with various actors and directors to become an actor.
Relive one's past by watching many movies left at home since childhoodMethod performance techniqueWear it unknowingly. On the emotional side, he shows an immersive performance that draws others into his role. However, it is a performance as "the night calm scenery that became that emotion", and it is a rough part such as being unable to perform emotions and situations that I have never experienced, running out of control because of the script and the production Also show.
He doesn't say much about his missing father, but he puts the feeling of "anger" into himself by remembering his father's memory when he plays the stage "Rashoujo".
Belonging to the studio "Daikokuten" launched by Kuroyama, CM・extra・Movie "Death Island" ・Drama "Galactic train nightWe will grow up standing in various scenes and appearances.
Sumiji Kuroyama
Belonging to the studio "Daikokuten"Film director.. 35 years old. Born August 8th. Blood type B. Height 14 cm. My favoriteliqueurAnd knob. My hobby is hiding and looking at cute animal photographs. Ex smoker[6].
Cannes-Berlin-ヴ ェ ネ ツ ィ ア OfThe world's three largest film festivalsAll have won the prize but are unknown in Japan. I wasn't satisfied with the acting of an active actor, and I was looking for an actor for the work I wanted to shoot. I also went into and out of the rehearsal hall of the theater company, I liked the sight of the scenery at the Stars audition and I scouted in my own studio.[7].. She threw her into the scene where she couldn't deal with the method acting alone, and made her grow at a stretch.
Originally, he wanted an actor who could be dyed in any color, like Arisa Hoshi, and found a scene with similar qualities.[8]That's why I grow up as an actor to make my best movies.
In "Rashoujo", I will consider the production to win the scenery as the director in charge of the side "Otsu" where Chiyoko Hyakujo appears, not the side "Kou" where Kei appears.
Hiiragi Yuki
In charge of video production for the studio "Daikokuten". 20-year-old. December 12th. Blood type A. Height 25 cm. My favorite food is water,Natto,OkraSticky things like, desserts in general. What I hatebroccoli, A man who talks empty. Special skill is complaint processing, moderate through. What's your favorite movie"Jose, Tiger and Fish""(500) days of summer""Blue valentine. "
A woman who works as an assistant to Kuroyama. A hard worker who is always swayed by the mess of Kuroyama, and since Kage belongs to Studio Daikokuten, he takes care of Louis and Rei instead of Kage.
Originally a high school student who was aspiring to be a film director who appeared in the prototype "Welcome to Asagaya Art High School Video Department" of this work[9].

Night calm house

Family in night calm scenery. Kage's father, a novelist, has evaporated and his mother has passed away.

Night calm Ray (Yonagi Ray)
Kage's sister. Louis is a twin. I'm afraid of my sister who is acting method.
Night calm Louis (Lotus Yonagi)
Kage's younger brother. Rei are twins. A fan of "Ultra Kamen".


Alisa Star (Hoshi Alisa)
President of the entertainment agency "Stars". 54 years old. Akira's mother.
He used to be a genius actress who used to want fame, but repeated pressures broke his heart and created "Stars" in the hope that he would not create an actor like himself.
Management is trying to put the affiliated talent under the control of the office, and some of the affiliated talent and related parties have also voiced repulsion. However, the management policy is to prevent the above-mentioned heart-breaking actors from being born, and it is especially dangerous to use a performance technique that is so immersive that you forget yourself, such as Kage and Araya. I'm looking.
Star Akira (Hoshino Akira)
Belongs to the entertainment agency "Stars"TwinkActor. Eighteen years old. Birthday is February 18.
Appeared in the program "Ultra Kamen" for children. My hobby is exercising. Although he is not a person with motor skills, he became a daily routine while training as he was needed as an actor, and now he is a sportsman. Good at efforts. What's your favorite movie"Spiderman 2""dark Knight""Captain America/Winter Soldier". When I am private, I carry an ultra-masked mask because I am disguised.[10].
Although he has been performing as an entertainer since he was a child, he has earned most of his work in connections and is aware of this. However, he is a hard worker who reads the performance instruction book and overcomes the poor motor skills. In acting, he plays every role diligently, but on the other hand there is nothing prominent, and he is struggling in front of geniuses such as Kage and Araya, and also faces the difference between the public opinion and his actual ability. I feel bitter.
As he watched Araya's stage with the scenery, he was enthusiastic about the love story. In the “Galaxy Railroad Night”, which participated in a smashing manner, he touched the performances of the stage actors in the scenery, learned the muddy performances, and blossomed the position of the “supporting role” that complements the leading role.
Chiyoko Hyakushiro
angel> A young top actress known by the name. Belongs to the entertainment agency "Stars". 17 years old. Born April 4st.
As the name implies, he is a pretty girl, but as an actor, he has an extraordinary professional spirit that puts his heart and blood more than anyone else in succeeding in his work. You have the ability to look down and look at yourself, and check all the camera images used in shooting to see yourself.angleUnderstanding andNGYou can follow it and make it OK.ScriptThe accuracy of reading and going around reaches an abnormal level, and even a long long line that exceeds 5 minutes can breathe away.
It seems that he is acting without difficulty due to his gorgeous image and genius, but in fact, he has gained his current status and popularity by making secretly bloody efforts. A person who has a high level of support for his work and the people around him, and is a perfectionist when it comes to work, even though he is busy, but covers the past works of his co-stars. In acting, he is good at thoroughly performing the idol with the unrealistic beauty of an “angel” that the world's viewers are looking for, as opposed to the scene in which the emotion of the character is dropped into himself. .. On the other hand, she does not show her true identity and portrait, it is said that she can not see the face from the scenery, and Tezuka says that Chiseko's masked performance is tired of seeing, etc. However, others have pointed out that it has not.
He has continued to interact with Kage after co-starring in Death Island, and he sometimes gives advice as a friend, but sincerely feels a threat to her potential and growth rate as an actor. Even if he doesn't give out, he is burning his rivalry.
In "Rashoujo", she appears on the side "Otsu" in response to Tenchi's invitation to break her "angel" shell.
When I saw Kage's energetic performance on the side "Kou," he gave up saying "I can't beat Kage". The newly acquired method acting technique intertwines the muddy acting that exposes emotions, and the difference leads to a new state of attracting the audience.
Rika Machida (Rica Machida)
An actress belonging to the entertainment agency "Stars". Acting as a facilitator at the "Death Island" audition, introducing shooting sites, etc.casterPlay an important role.
Wakatsuki Sen
An actress belonging to the entertainment agency "Stars". 16 years old. Born July 7th.
Passed the audition for "Stars" with Kage. However, she feels that Kage's acting is superior to her who passed, and she strongly considers her. For some reason I'm always entwined with Dojo.
He passed the audition for "Rashoujo" and played Sagojo on the side "Oto".
Ryugo Doue
An actor from the entertainment agency "Stars". 19 years old. Born September 9th.
The vomiting scene during shooting is called "Gero woman". It's a light impressionRealist.. SceneryAd libHis ability is high, such as reading and reading his feelings immediately. At first, she didn't approve of Kage's acting, but she changed her mind after seeing her devilish acting in the climax scene. It is always associated with Wakatsuki.
Yukiji Tezuka
Male director belonging to the entertainment agency "Stars". Director of the movie "Death Island". 38 years old. Birthday is November 11rd.
He wears sunglasses all the time, but he says he is wearing a character.[11].
Although the lead actress who made a lot of NG in the first director's work made her cry and brought out a wonderful acting, she later lost her job in the industry due to a complaint from the actress' office. After being picked up by the Stars five years later, he became a director who said nothing but OK, and was appreciated by the industry, and the movies he shot were sold all over, but he got tired of his routine work. At such a time, he views Kage no Ki at an audition and hires her for some reason.
Alisa's secretary.The skin is black.Often referred to by Alisa as "Smith".

"Death Island" co-star

* A movie planned by Stars. Original works in the works including <Original manga>.

Takemitsu Karasuyama
Male actor. Belongs to the entertainment company "Gekidan Yugeza".OkinawaI'm from Eighteen years old. Birthday is May 18.
An actor who has a large body and voice. In order to sell as an actor, I try to make an appeal by talking loudly and talking so that I will not miss even a small chance. At the audition of "Death Island", they perform in the same group as Kage.
It can be seen that while working as an actor, he is working part-time as a worker at the construction site.
The side of "Kou" in "Rashoujo"Pig bajieTo play.
Masaki Minamoto
Male actor. Belongs to the entertainment office "Office Hanano". 17 years old. Birthday is June 6th.
He is a talented type with a wide field of view and he is studying hard, and is learning the script of "Death Island". Therefore, he tells Takemitsu how wonderful the work is. Team up with Kage at the audition for "Death Island".
Akane Yushima
Female actor. Belongs to the entertainment office "Office Hanano". Good at caringKansai dialectSister. Eighteen years old. Birthday is December 18st.
Kansai areaI'm from Dropped out of high school and moved to Tokyo,Chinese restaurantI aim to be an actor while working part-time at.
At the audition of "Death Island", it will be the same group as Kage. From the thought of hanging on to the audition, I was deeply frightened by the scenery that seemed to break the flow of the story made by Masaki and Takemitsu for the screening task. After that, they spend time understanding and reconciling the scenery.
Matsuki, who is in charge of the original story, said that by being involved with Akane, the character of Kage became clear and it became easier to draw this work.[1].


*Galactic train nightWill be made into a play and performed.

Myojin Araya
A stage actor found in the theater, belonging to the celestial sphere. 21 years old. Born October 10.
It is not as famous as Hyakujo, but it is a monster possessed by the drama worldカ メ レ オ ンCalled an actor. To play the role of a hunterHunting licenseHe is good at grabbing a role by thoroughly picking a role, such as picking it up and hunting, and carefully telling it to the audience on the stage. Although the acting method is similar to Kage, he goes a few steps up, and points out the acting of other people. He is a weirdo who usually has a unique view of the world and his behavior, such as expressing "eating" by incorporating things around him into his role, and describing actors by "smell," but even that is evaluated by the media. Also, since he makes no remarks that he strokes the other person without delicacy, he is likely to be disliked by the person he meets for the first time. Alcohol is almost intolerable, and you will fall out of your mouth with just a single drink.
He lived almost like a tramp until he was picked up by the gaze, and after that he did not show interest in theater, but he became an actor because he was fascinated by the departure of the young star Arisa who visited Gan. It became so.
In "Galaxy Railroad Night", he plays Giovanni, who is the only one living. Immediately before the performance on the first day of the performance, he was upset by the news of the critical danger, but he regained his feelings by scolding Kage and welcomed the production. On the stage, he shows the same level of immersive performance as Kage, but because he is so immersive, he dies through the cam panelra that Kage plays, and acts unscripted. However, because he remembered the feelings entrusted to him by the band and the location and friends of the theater company, he survived the first day of the performance and succeeded without being drowned.
In "Rashoujo", he plays the role of Son Goku on the side "Oto".
Kametaro Aota
A stage actor who belongs to the theater company Tengkyu. Nickname is "turtle". 22 years old. Born November 11th.
A mood maker of theatrical company that usually entangles with others with a light mouth and blurs and grumbles. Especially from Misaka, it is treated badly. In the play, it has a good reputation as a "supporting character" that makes use of its humorous character and complements the leading role, and is also evaluated by Gan as "to compete with Araya on the stage."
Plays Zanelli in "Galaxy Railroad Night".
Nanao Misaka
A stage actress belonging to the theater company Tengkyu. 23 years old Birthday is March 3th.
It gives a slightly hard-to-attack impression with harsh eyes and bitter words and actions, but he is passionate about the acting, and he performs acting that changes the impression as much as being called "fraud" by his fellow troupes. Get drunk even with non-alcoholic[12].
Although he was a little isolated at school due to his bullish personality and behavior, he met the stage of Iwano and decided to join the theater company by telling him directly. For that reason, I want people to have a stronger feeling of being on the stage of stage production, and to make the stage successful so that Iwan can stay in the theater world for as long as possible. With that in mind, he plays in the train to try the talent of casteエ チ ュ ー ドQuestion.
In "Galaxy Railroad Night", a passenger ship that was on the ship sank, playing a girl who was supposed to board the Galaxy Railroad[13].
Yujiro Iwao
A world famous stage director. male. 78 years old. Birthday is June 6nd. Height is 2 cm. Blood type is B type. Being a smoker, the brand of cigarette is Peace (176)[14].
It has a belief that only emotional actors are used to describe emotions as odors, and throwing things and giving abusive instructions to teachSpartanPerform directing instruction. Casting the scenery to "Galaxy Railway Night" at the request of Kuroyama.
In the first place, the troupe "Tenkyu" was started as a killer that ended the life of the actor of the star Arisa for himself, and when the theater entered the orbit, he appointed Arisa as an actor. Has been[15].
TerminalPancreatic cancerHidden to the members of the troupe, but revealed only to the scene of the role of Kampanelra in order to give a performance instruction of "death". Jing tells him to concentrate on his treatment, but he says, "If my death makes the stage better, that's fine."
Although he was instructing the theater members while enduring the severe pain of the illness, he finally became critically ill on the first day of the performance, and breathed as he slept while biting the happiness spent with the members in a fading consciousness. It was

Suginami Kita High School

Shinta Yoshioka
Kage's classmate. 17 years old. Birthday is September 9. A type. Height is 8 cm[16].. 2nd year group 5 attendance number 39[17].
He loves movies and launches the Video Research Department. From the moment I was in the second grade, next to Kage, I wrote a script in my notebook that I wanted to film her.[18].. Independently produced movie "Kimi of the next seat".
Hina Asahi
Ghost member of Eiken. girl. 16 years old. Birthday is December 12th. AB type. Height is 6 cm[19].. 2nd year group 5 attendance number 1[20].
I asked him to become a friend of his classmate, but I had been ignoring it since I was hurt by my cold eyes and correspondence. I like Ryoma but it's not transmitted. My favorite habit is "hutu".
In response to the message of the scenery in the video sent from Shinta, the impression of the scenery so far has changed. The next day, we created the group line "Sugikita Koeiken" that includes Kage and Shinta.[21].
Ryoma Hanai
Ghost member of Eiken. 16 years old. Birthday is December 12th. O type. 18 cm[22].. 2nd year group 1 attendance number 28[23].
I use the club room as a gathering place with Hina. It seems that there is a period when baseball was a straight line, although it is currently poor behavior.

"Rashoujo" relationship

*Journey to the West』Original drama in the works

Shinichi Amachi
Men of entertainment producer.
Always smile. Calling the "good story" to the actors with the eye, they bring in a project with strong intentionality that intentionally attracted public attention. According to Kuroyama, the "guardian". He says that he cherishes the hearts of people, but his fingers are not his chest but his own.BrainstemPointing to.
With an eye on the past and background of the scene that was noticed in "Galaxy Railway Night," we plan to sell it with exaggerated tragedy. Although it appears at the funeral of Gan, he refused the proposal and immediately changed the policy, and was told that he was really surprised to return his palm.[24], I will replace the weekly magazine on the subject of Kage just before publication without regard to his own damage.
After that, he produced the double cast project "Rashoujo" by Kage and Chiseko.
Hanako Yamanoue
Woman with glasses. Kage's father's former partner. 30 years old. From Hokkaido[25].. Artist (Main business is画家But I care about going to university彫刻Started studyingNovelistAsAkutagawa PrizeHas awards[26]).
A personality that cannot compromise any of his work. At the stage of his own work "Rashoujo", he introduced the side "Kou" by introducing Tenchi.
Encounter a mountain climbing scene by chance to make a role. Like her, she was climbing a mountain and was trying to feel the emotions of the characters in the image of the stage of "Rashoujo". He teaches Kage in the mountains the image of a woman who she envisions and gives advice on how to act as a non-human being. Initially, I was told that Ogami did not go down because it was heard that he was a supporting actor, but I decided to refuse to participate as a director, but I decided that Rajyojo due to the mature scenery wanted to see it and decided to go downhill.[27].
When I was a student, I was seen with strange eyes because of my personality and kept a distance from the surroundings, and that Kage's father was playing with his own love[28]For example, from the past when he was betrayed by an open-minded opponent, he was trapped in the feeling of "anger". In order to faithfully project her "anger" to the woman who plays Kage, he was associated with Kage's father just before the start of the performance on the first day of the performance in order to further increase his feelings of anger, and even during the funeral of Kage's mother. Tells him that he was with him and tries to provoke Kage's anger[29].. However, Yamanogami himself cannot see the landing point of "forgive", which is the place of anger.[30]Therefore, for the purpose of wanting to see the destination of those who are caught in anger, even if the performance collapses, it will take radical action as a director, such as fanning the scenery more than necessary.[31].
Riku Ogami
HollywoodMovie actor who is active in. 26 years old Height 188 cm. Birthday is February 2. AB type[32].. Nickname from fans is "Ricky".
It has a natural star-like character and presence, and it is well known enough to attract people around it just by being recognized in the park.
Originally belonged to Stars, but fearing that the actors with whom he co-starred would be swallowed due to its too strong presence, he rebelled against the management of the office trying to manage thoroughly, and has a history of leaving Stars and going to the United States.[33].
He does not practice acting or makes a role at all, and uses only his overwhelming presence as a weapon, and Ogami is aware of it, so he pursues what he is. For the reason mentioned above, he is a mood house who shows a majestic behavior in a rugged manner and does not know what becomes a switch and starts to get angry, but it is not self-centered and he is his own. Show their cooperation and actively provide services to fans. However, there are some criticisms to him from inside and outside the industry due to his terrible behavior.
In "Rashoujo", Son Goku on the side "Kou" is played. Until now, he has always played a leading role, but in this work, he used his presence and dared to gather the audience's hate and turn it into a villain to make the opponent stand out and play a supporting role.
Shiraishi sect
A veteran actor belonging to the Mifune Club. 38 years old. Height 176 cm. Birthday is October 10st. A type[34].. A person who gives a calm impression from his soft behavior and polite behavior.
About 10 years ago, while being filmed in a movie that happened, Ogami, who was an ordinary person at that time, was fascinated by the presence, and he was watching the process of becoming a star. .. Ogami is dissatisfied with the Japanese movie industry and has conversations when he leaves Stars and goes to the United States.[35].. As a senior actor, I regret not being able to hold Ogami into the Japanese entertainment world.
At first glance, it gives a sober impression, but because of its sober behavior, it gives off a presence different from Ogami, and the serifs emanating from him have a mysterious persuasive power. In cast, he has a good reputation as a heal role such as a polar road in addition to the calm role which is the image of Shiraishi.
Participated in the side "Kou" with "Rashoujo". The role is Sanzo Hoshi[36].
Ichiko Asano
actress. 20-year-old. Height 158 ​​cm. Birthday is March 3rd. AB type[37].. Office berry belonging.
He has a long history of performing arts since he was a child actor. However, having a glimpse of the ups and downs in the entertainment world that he could not resist by his own power, he has a reluctance to give up and loses his aspiration.
Participate in the side "Kou" and play Sagojo[38].
Watanabe sword
Appeared in many works before the launch of theatrical company Tengkyu, and co-starred with Arisa Hoshi.[39].. Participated in the side "Otsu" and played Sanzo Hoshi.
Eiji Yamadera
Multi-talented comedian[40].. Participated in the side "Otsu" and played the Inohakai.


Takajiro Takada
A veteran actor belonging to the Mifune Club.He advises Kage, who participated as an extra in a historical drama, that "Shinshin and runaway are different."
directed by
Director of a historical drama starring Takada.Name unknown. Watch the stage of "Night on the Galactic Railroad" with Takada.


Welcome to Asagaya Arts High School
The prototype of this work. 2ndStokkin ProAssociate King winning work. Debut work of Matsuki and Usasaki. Issued in Weekly Shonen Jump 2017 issue 9. Not included in the book.

Production background

The predecessor was "Welcome to the Asagaya Art High School Visual Department" by Matsuki and Usazaki. The work is "Weekly Shonen Jump" 2017Published in issue 9. After that, Matsuki and Usasaki are aiming for serialization in separate works, but the plan did not pass easily. So, when I returned to the starting point, I submitted a story of "actuage act-age", which was set several years after the debut work "Asagaya", and the series was decided.[1].

At the beginning, the story was made while emphasizing the peculiarity of the main character, Night Nagi Scenic play, to the readers, hiding the flaw that only acting was possible. Throughout "Death Island", the flow of the work is stable, and Matuki, who is in charge of the original work, is "actuage act-age"The story that night calm scenery acquires humanityI realized that[1].

End of serialization

2020On August 8th, Matsuki in charge of the originalForced obscene sinArrested on suspicion that he was generally suspected[41].. In response to this, the Shueisha editorial department had a discussion with Usazaki, who was in charge of drawing, and in the same year.8/11Announced that the series will end with the publication of the weekly Shonen Jump 36 merger issue[42][43].

On August 8, it was announced that the new publication after the 17th volume of the book will be discontinued, and the already published 13 to 1 volumes will be suspended indefinitely.[44].

Social evaluation

Cumulative circulation has exceeded 300 million. Volume 11 ranked 10th in Oricon "Weekly Comic Ranking"[3].

43 timesKodansha Manga AwardJuvenile Division Nomination[45].. In 2019Magic round''Hell musicWas selected as a Shueisha PUSH 3 work[46].

Is one of the attractions of this work is a boyish element that people who did not have social relations deepen relationships with others, and the moment when someone becomes another person, the force that emanates from the body with repeated emotions in this role is this However, it was said that the pictures at the moment when they were transmitted were persuasive and seemed to be a role model for actor manga that could not be used in actual theater or video.[47].Da VinciKyo Furubayashi's review up to the 9th volume of the book, it seems that the actor is the main character of the play and the actress is different in the boy jump, but the talented main character passionately works hard to increase friends and compete with rivals and change the world It is considered to be a royal road work[48].. IsGlass maskIt seems that it is like the theater and the actor are synchronized in the work that has a strong influence of[49]Also, as an interesting point, I drew the attractiveness and danger of method acting while drawing a way to return to reality, and said that it was an open expression theory that came out only from a major manga magazine called Shonen Jump.[50].Naoyuki MiuraIs trying to think about understanding in acting like a boy jump's incompetent battle manga,Shu MatsuiPointed out that he is trying to draw more ahead of the method acting, for example, the scene where the actor's "body" is exposed by the happening during the acting.[51].

Media mix

"Nightscape" actress project

A project that treats night calm scenery as a real actress and aims to tie up campaigns with companies and conduct events. Conducted from November 2018, 11[52].

TSUTAYAFor a limited time,Nihon UniversityPoster model for the entrance examination of the Faculty of Arts,Fire departmentPoster model,Weekly playboyGravure style illustrations (such as a swimsuit),JVC KenwoodThere is earphone collaboration (wireless earphones, etc.).


2022ToActage Act-age ~Galaxy Railway Night~It was planned to be staged under the title. Screenplay/DirectionShu Matsui.. The role of the heroine's nightscape is decided by the audition, and the Grand Prix winner isHoripro InternationalAn exclusive contract with was supposed to be promised[53][3].. Following the end of serialization due to the above-mentioned scandal, August 2020, 8,HoriproHoripro International announced that the stage performance will be cancelled. Also, the audition for the role of Night Nagi Scenic, which had already been accepted, was canceled.[4].

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