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🐈 | Child pornography on sexual intercourse videos with chickens and dogs ... A man who shot and sold was sentenced to 3 years in prison


Child pornography on sexual intercourse videos with chickens and dogs ... A man who shot and sold was sentenced to three years in prison

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Two people were guilty and psychologically assessed this summer, but the fact that there are multiple people in the society who are interested in bestiality, buying offensive videos and images, has made the world terrible. Was there.

A trial about a man who acted lewdly on chickens and dogs under the influence of drugs and sold the videos and images ... → Continue reading


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Mental assessment

Mental assessment(Seishinkantei) is裁判 所 LawsuitParties, etc.AccountabilityTo judgePsychiatristSuch asAppraiserCommand againstAppraisalone of[1]..The court is not bound by the expert witness's opinion and can make a judgment freely, but unless there are reasonable circumstances in which it cannot be adopted, the opinion must be fully respected and used for the finding. It is said that it will not be possible (final decision September 58, 9, maximum judgment April 13, 20).

Proceedings mental assessment

The litigation mental assessment isCriminal caseWith the above mental assessment,Civil actionIt is roughly divided into the above two types of mental assessment.Besides this,Family courtIs in charge of private (Non-litigation case)ofDomestic affairs refereeThere is the above psychological assessment.

Psychological assessment in criminal proceedings

For mental assessment in criminal proceedings,

There is a mental assessment to judge.

Tokyo/Saitama consecutive kidnapping murder caseDefendant (Miyazaki Tsutomu), For the first time in Japan, multiple appraisers performed the appraisal.

Psychological assessment in civil lawsuit

For psychiatric evaluation in civil lawsuits,

There is a mental assessment to judge.

Psychological assessment on domestic affairs referee

For mental assessment in domestic affairs referee

There is a mental assessment to judge.

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