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🐈 | Chinese pets enjoying a super comfortable life-Chinese media


Chinese pets enjoying a super-comfortable life-Chinese media

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Among them, the pet-only beauty salon offers a full range of services such as shampoo, hair salon, nails, ear cleaning, and tooth brushing.

When choosing food, carefully consider the ingredients and give various snacks and nutrients.Beauty, nails, finding friends is an important day ... → Continue reading

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Barber shop

Barber shopWhat is (Ryosho)?Barber(haircut, Pruning, shaving, etc.) facilities, or their buildings.

JapanThen in generalBarber(Ryoin),Barber shop(Riyoshitsu),barber(Tokoya),a barber shop(Sanpatsuya),Barber shopIt is also called (Rihatsuten).


With a barberBeauty salonBusiness is similar, butJapanese lawThen, it is distinguished as follows.

Recently, both men and women use it without paying special attention to the distinction between barber shops and beauty salons.shavingFemale customers often use barber shops for cosmetology and beauty, and the distinction between the two is becoming less clear.Many barber shops have a store entranceBarber's poleA cylindrical signboard composed of three colors of red, blue and white called is rotating in a spiral (for details, seeHairdresserSee).

In recent years, various types of businesses have appeared, such as stores that emphasize luxury with services and interiors, stores that specialize in head spas, face sledding, or hair shaving, and stores that provide cut-only services in about 10 minutes.


TypicallybarberI use the name (Tokoya), but this isEdo PeriodBarber shopHairdressing floorIt comes from the name (Kami Yui Doko).

The origin of the barberYamaguchi ShimonosekiAccording to the "Kami-yui Bun History Book", Masayuki UmenosukeKorean Peninsula OfSillaIt is said that it started with learning techniques from people and opening a hairdresser.Tokonoma in the storeEmperor KameyamaThere is an altar dedicated to the Fujiwara family, and people have changed from "a store with an alcove" to the name "barber".After thatKamakuraMove toKamakura ShogunateIt is said that it has come to be used heavily.Edo PeriodFor more information about the barber shopHairdresserSee section.

  • Perhaps because the word "floor" has a sexual meaning, there is a myth that "I used to go to a sex shop", but it is wrong.
    • However,AsiaSome of them are for male customers who provide massage shops and sexual services by female employeesSex shopMay have the role of (Abandoned bar).However, it has nothing to do with the meaning or origin of the word barber, just because the barber shop may also serve as such an industry.
    • Also, from the above mythBroadcast prohibited termsIt may be said.This is a radical self-regulationWord huntThere is also an opinion that it may beArikawa HiroshiThe novel "Library crisis』It is taken up as one of the themes.

a barber shop(Sanpatsuya) so-calledBarber shop(Rihatsuten) is in JapanMeiji RestorationbyCivilizationAt that timeYokohamaThe one that opened in Japan is said to be the first.

Barbers Act

Barbers Act (Law No. XNUMX of December XNUMX, XNUMX, date of final revision: Law No. XNUMX of June XNUMX, XNUMX) stipulates the following items. To open a barber shopPrefectural governorNotification to is required.

  • Article XNUMX-XNUMX: Prohibition of business in places other than barber shops
  • Article XNUMX: Notification of the location of the barber shop, etc.
  • Article XNUMX-XNUMX: Use of barber shop
  • Article XNUMX-XNUMX: Succession of status
  • Article XNUMX-XNUMX: Administrator
  • Article XNUMX: Measures to be taken for barber shops
  • Article XNUMX: On-site inspection
  • Article XNUMX: Closing Order

Regular holidays

In Japan, most privately owned stores are weeklyMondayWas a regular holiday.this isSecond World WarIt is a remnant that the power suspension day due to the national power shortage that occurred from the middle to the postwar period was Monday.[1]..There were many Mondays nationwide, but depending on the area, it was set to Tuesday (Aichi prefecture, Hokkaido, etc.) and Wednesday (Mie prefecture, etc.), and regular holidays were set according to each power holiday in that area.[2]..Even after the power holidays are gone, regular holidays are set as an agreement to join the barber association in each region to avoid excessive competition (optimization rules), and regular holidays based on the power holidays are set for each region. Was inherited by.Currently, there are no restrictions on regular holidays, but many stores follow the regular holidays from before due to the large number of customers on Saturdays and Sundays.

Barber-themed work


  1. ^ Why do you often have a Monday at a barber shop? -Commentary by the National Barber and Hygiene Federation
  2. ^ Barber shop, why follow on Tuesdays in line with "closed days" --Chunichi Shimbun (March 2008, 3)[Broken link]

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