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👍 | "Bullying" survey The prefecture's first "more than 1" troubles on the Internet such as SNS are difficult to grasp ... Prefectural Board of Education "Making rules"


"Bullying" survey The prefecture's first "more than 1" troubles on the Internet such as SNS are difficult to grasp ... Prefectural Board of Education "Making rules"

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As for the reason for recognition, the ratio of "class teacher" and "personal complaint" was higher than in the whole country, and 9% was "solved".

In a survey conducted by the national government targeting elementary, junior high and high schools nationwide, the number of "bullying" cases in Nagano Prefecture exceeded 1 for the first time last year ... → Continue reading

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Class teacher

Class teacher(Gakkyutannin,British: class teacher, homeroom teacher) IsclassTake charge ofTeacherThat is.Homeroom teacher(Tannin),Homeroom teacherAlso called (tanninkyoin), etc., depending on the situationHomeroom teacherIt is also called (tanninkyoyu).

Dedicated to pre-school and extra curricularSuch asEducational institutionThere are a certain number of classes inCurrent student(An infant-Children-student-Student), And the class teacher is determined for each class.Generally, the classroom teacher is a studentEducationAboutresponsibilityThe日常I owe it in my work.


Japan OfPreschool education(KindergartenEtc.) orPrimary Education(primary schoolEtc.), depending on the classroom teacherEducational activitiesBut mostTimeIt is done in.on the other hand,Junior high school,high schoolSuch asSecondary educationThen, in principle, eachSubjectSpecialized teachers for eachSubject teacher) Is assigned, and the classroom teacher is in charge of his / her specialized subject (in many cases, teachers with different specialized subjects are in charge).Classroom activityTime andMoral timeIn charge of (up to lower secondary education [junior high school, etc.]).others,Student guidance,Career guidanceIn many cases, the classroom teacher is in charge of such matters on a daily basis.There is also a school.Also,School affairsIn, each studentLearningSuch asRecordIsGuidance record,Notification table,SurveyInvolved in each studentdocumentsIt is usually the duty of the classroom teacher to make a description of.

In addition, it is said that the growth of children has accelerated recently, making it difficult to have a classroom teacher system in the upper grades.It is time to improve the learning effect by teaching professionally in each subject.Especially with the start of English education in elementary schools, the burden on elementary school teachers is increasing.Therefore, integrated elementary and junior high school education will be introduced in some areas.

Be sure to eachschool yearEveryCourseCompletionAfter being certified, proceed to the next grade courseSchool yearIn the case where there are multiple classes in one grade, the class teachers of the same grade (also called grade group or grade group)組織In many cases, discussions on educational policies common to all grades are held.Also, depending on the gradeCurriculumNo divisionUnit systemIn the case of education by, in addition to following the grade system, it is often the case that all the students in the school are classified according to some criteria, and a homeroom teacher (homeroom teacher) is organized for each classification.

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