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🐈 | "You decided to make a guts pose on the left straight, right?" ... Ayako Fuji's cats battled "modestly ...

Just before the gong rings, Maru-kun's (left) left straight is decided on Oreo's head (provided by Ayako Fuji)

"You decided on the left straight and made a guts pose, right?" ... In the battle of Ayako Fuji's cats, "Be modest ...

If you write the contents roughly
According to Ayako Fuji, Oreo said, "I'm afraid, I'm at my own pace, I'm often angry when I'm too fond of my sister and I'm angry." , Azakawa Girls ”.

Enka singer Ayako Fuji (@fuji_ayako) posted on Twitter on the 26th, "The last left of the whole body ... → Continue reading

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Ayako Fuji

Ayako Fuji(Ayako Fuji, 19615/10 -) isJapan OfEnka singer,Lyricist,作曲家.Burning productionBelongs.



1961(Showa36 years),AkitaSenboku-gunKakunodate Town(CurrentSemboku City) Was born.From the 4th grade of elementary schoolFolk songAfter graduating from high schoolFinding employmentAlthough I did, while changing jobsFolk song singerWas active locally as.Also,AkitaSponsored byMiss contest He participated in the "Miss Bride Contest" at the age of 19 and won the championship.

1985(ShowaIn 60), the TV program "Winning Kayo Heaven』(NHK)[1]Appeared in and won the championship.

Enka singer debut

1987(62)6/21,CBS SonyからManami Murase"Futari River" (lyrics: Miyuki Ishimoto, Composition:Toru Funamura) Debuted.

From re-debut to popular singer

1989(HeiseiFirst year)9/21,Ayako FujiThe stage name was changed to "Onna" (lyrics: Toshio Arakawa, composition: Gendai Kanou)debut.

1992(4), "Kokoro SakeWas a big hit, the 25thJapan Cable AwardsAwarded.Also in the same yearThe 43th NHK Red and White Singing BattleFirst appearance in.From the same song 1994(6) 3 consecutive works up to "Onakigawa" releasedOricon Single ChartRecorded in the TOP10 (first record as a female enka singer in Heisei. After thatKaori MizumoriIs a record update).

In 1994 (Heisei 6), won the Japan Cable Award for the second time for "Flower Waltz".

2010(22)5/11, Akita Prefecture commissioned "Food Akita Support Ambassador"[2]..From June of the same yearSudden deafness4 months rest for[3]Through the same year10/5Broadcast[4]He made a comeback at the "NHK Kayo Concert".

Private life

Was 20 years old 1981(Showa56 years), with a man two years oldermarriage..A girl in the same yearbirth.

Next day 1982Divorced.

Daughter 2007(Heisei19 years)1/15In the witness column of the marriage registration submitted at that timeSadaharu OhとHideki NodaI got a signature.It is said that the king was a drinking companion who often met at his favorite sushi restaurant and became a witness from that connection.[5]..The eldest daughter is next 2008(Heisei20 years) I gave birth to a girl in May.

In friendship, the same female enka singerGodai Natsuko-Fuyumi SakamotoHe said that he was on good terms both publicly and privately and spent a lot of time with Sakamoto.Also the sameYuriko FutabaSakamoto, a studentYuri Harada,Aya Shimazu,Yoshiko IshiharaIs said to be a friend who formed "Futaba-gumi" and called each other by their nicknames.He is also a golf companion, and Sakamoto, Ishihara, and FujiPensionI also rented a training camp.

YamanashiHokutoOperates "Gallery Aya", which displays paintings and pottery, which is his hobby.Golden weekからChristmasUntil[6]).You can eat your own dishes (croquette curry, etc.) there[6].

April 2017, 4, in some sports newspapersRemarriageIs reported[7]..On the same day, he reported that he got married at the end of March 2017 through his official blog.[8].


Unusual as a female enka singer, she also writes and composes herself.In that case,Aya OnoHe uses the pseudonym (Konosai), and many of his own lyrics and compositions.

PrettyLockLike,Bon Jovi,AerosmithAyako Fuji's sightings are often sent to music magazines during her performances in Japan, so she was a music critic and former.BURRN!Magazine editor-in-chiefYasushi SakaiIn a conversation with "Come to my funeralSteven TylerToAve MariaI want you to sing! "

In addition, it is said that he has a surprisingly missing personality.In the move of workairplaneAfter landing when I got on, I accidentally took off my beltpantsI also took off my belt and tried to walk down as it was.I was on board together at that timeFuyumi SakamotoIn a hurry, he hid it in his bag, but he didn't notice it at all.[9].

Often works as a character for a kimono maker, but in privateJerseyHe spends most of his time wearing a jersey, and there are jerseys for home use and jerseys for going out.

2019I took it from my mother-in-lawCatHumorously spelled out life with two animalsTwitter,Instagram.Has become popular.[10]



#Release dateA/B sidetitleLyricsCompositionArrangerStandard product number
Sony Music
- 1987
Side AFutari River[11]Miyuki IshimotoToru FunamuraMasahito Maruyama07SH-1952
Side BWoman's truth
1 1989
Side AWomanToshio ArakawaGendai KanouJiro Takemura07SH-3338
Side BKiso's love songTakinoijiInomataNobuyuki Sakuraba
2 1991
01Rainy night liquorToshio ArakawaGendai KanouToshiaki MaedaCSDL-3237
02General RanamiHiroo TakadaShinya ItoTatsuya Nango
3 1992
01Kokoro SakeYasuteru MiuraHiroshi YamaguchiToshiaki MaedaSRDL-3533
02Tear Night Train
4 1993
01Purple rainYasuteru MiuraHiroshi YamaguchiToshiaki MaedaSRDL-3629
02Mother love sakeKoichi TsujihataGendai Kanou
5 1994
01Woman crying riverTeruyuki SakaguchiKoji TokuhisaToshiaki MaedaSRDL-3816
6 1994
01Flower waltzTakatakaKoji TokuhisaTatsuya NangoSRDL-3896
02Goodbye CapeYasuteru MiuraHiroshi YamaguchiToshiaki Maeda
7 1995
01Mi-re-nOu YoshidaHiroshi YamaguchiToshiaki MaedaSRDL-3995
02Hidden flowerTeruyuki SakaguchiYu HijirikawaBaba Ryo
8 1996
01Aunt pilgrimage songIkuzo YoshiTatsuya NangoSRDL-4199
02RedOu YoshidaHiroshi YamaguchiToshiaki Maeda
9 1996
01deep redTeruyuki SakaguchiHideo MizumoriToshiaki MaedaSRDL-4263
02TsubakizakaBaba Ryo
10 1997
01Utakata's loveYasuteru MiuraHideo MizumoriToshiaki MaedaSRDL-4344
02KizunaBaba Ryo
11 1998
01Snow depthMiyuki IshimotoSatoshi HibaraNobuyuki SakurabaSRDL-4441
02HamanasuTetsuya Guru
12 1998
01YukohanaMiyuki IshimotoKeisuke HamaTatsuya NangoSRDL-4552
02Glossy figure ... Koi EmakiAya Ono[12]Nobuyuki Sakuraba
13 1999
01Woman's heartYasuteru MiuraHideo MizumoriToshiaki MaedaSRDL-4610
02Love storyAya OnoTakashi Nitta
14 2000
01kissYurio MatsuiTetsuya GuruToshiaki MaedaSRDL-4682
02Let's fall in loveAya ItoAya OnoShinji Miyazaki
15 2000
01Two flowersYasuteru MiuraHideo MizumoriToshiaki MaedaSRDL-4693
02YumetsukiyaAkiko ShimojiAya OnoJun Fukasawa
16 2001
01KagerouAkiko ShimojiEnhiro HiroshiNobuyuki SakurabaSRDL-4700
02Koihi moonlit nightMari KubotaAya OnoToshiaki Maeda
17 2001
01The bond between the twoAya OnoNorio ItoSRDL-4703
02Shaking in loveAya OnoMegumi MaruyamaNobuyuki Sakuraba
18 2002
01Love liquorAya OnoToshiaki MaedaSRDL-4713
02DreamMari KubotaAya OnoNorio Ito
19 2002
01Drift ice love songAya OnoNobuyuki SakurabaSRDL-4716
02I fell in love with youAya ItoAya Ono
20 2003
01Close-up bridgeAya OnoShinji MiyazakiSRDL-4720
02Northern springTadashi Yatabe
21 2003
01Amaryllis[13]Yoko AkiRyudo UzakiJun FukasawaSRCL-5609
02Aizenbashi[14]Takashi MatsumotoTakao Horiuchi
22 2004
01Petal affectionYasuteru MiuraHideo MizumoriNorio ItoSRCL-6180
02Running horse light of loveAkiko ShimojiAya OnoShinji Miyazaki
23 2004
01Snow wildernessAkiko ShimojiKeisuke HamaNobuyuki SakurabaSRCL-6197
02Ayako OndoAya OnoRyo Saeki
24 2005
01Minatoko MorikaAkiko ShimojiAya OnoNobuyuki SakurabaSRCL-5921
02Kayo Routa "Minatoko Morika"
~ Send to Madama Butterfly ~
Akiko Shimoji
Norihiko Sugi
Aya Ono
Yuriko Futaba
25 2006
01YoimachigusaAya OnoTatsuya NangoSRCL-6235
02Sad love flowerNobuyuki Sakuraba
26 2007
01Heartless sakeYasuteru MiuraHideo MizumoriToshiaki MaedaSRCL-6523
02Woman's loveAya Ono
27 2007
01Red threadAya OnoShinji MiyazakiSRCL-6640
02Snow MichinokuYasuteru MiuraAya OnoToshiaki Maeda
28 2008
01OleanderAya OnoYukihiko ItoNorio ItoSRCL-6784
02I'm proud of Ayako's country
29 2009
01Folds of the heartOguraShinji MiyazakiSRCL-6957
02To play
30 2009
01Oblivion rainAya OnoHiroshi ItsukiTatsuya NangoSRCL-7099
02The last love story[15]Tatsuzaki Takaji
31 2010
01True flowerYasuteru MiuraAya OnoNorio ItoSRCL-7269
02Otaru, a town of melancholy
32 2011
01Crying mirrorIkki MatsumotoMariko KujiTomoji TogawaSRCL-7536
02Falsely pretending to be a ghostly loveAya OnoShinji Miyazaki
33 2011
01To the north ... traveling aloneYasuteru MiuraAya OnoNorio ItoMHCL-1950
02New moonYamazaki HakoTomoji Togawa
34 2012
01I'm proud of Ayako's country
~ Good luck Tohoku !! ~
Aya OnoYukihiko ItoNorio ItoMHCL-2023
35 2012
01do not forgetAyako FujiHidekazu UchiikeMHCL-2064
02Never forgetP. Harlan
36 2013
01Two floating cloudsKatsuhiko MikiShinji MiyazakiMHCL-2197
02Floating cloudsYoko AkiSouya FujiwaraTatsuzaki Takaji
37 2014
01StraitJoji HaraTatsuya NangoMHCL-2416
38 2015
01Laughing moonYuka MurayamaKatsuhiko MikiShinji MiyazakiMHCL-2505
02Floating worldKawaguchi Makoto
39 2015
01Reijin grassYasuteru MiuraAya OnoMegumi WakakusaMHCL-2550
02Burning life without flowers ...Norio Ito
40 2016
01Cape YugiriJoji HaraTatsuya NangoMHCL-2571
02Miren's bar
41 2017
01Karatachi's small diameter[16]Kitajo Tadashi
South kosetsu
South kosetsuJumpei SakumaMHCL-2670
02Beautiful twilightYoko AkiJun Sato
42 2017
01Flower of lifeAya OnoJoji HaraShinji MiyazakiMHCL-2700
43 2018
01Bare skinNakamura NakaAya OnoShingo KobayashiMHCL-2741
02Real faceHiroshi Takada
44 2019
01Two roadsAya OnoNorimasa NakamuraNorio ItoMHCL-2831
02Kakukan Koikari

Duet single

Release dateduetSong ordertitleLyricsCompositionArrangerStandard product number
Kitajima Saburo01Couple spellingMiwa ItoJoji HaraToshiaki MaedaMHCL-2601
Solo song02Goodbye Lover CapeJoji HaraNorio Ito
mcA ・ T01Akita Ondo
mcA ・ T
Ayako Fuji
mcA ・ TMHCL-2795
Godai Natsuko01I'm always by my sideGodai NatsukoAyako FujiRyo OguraMHCL-2847
02OnnanohanamichiGodai Natsuko
Ayako Fuji

Tie-up song

1994Flower waltzNippon TVTV drama "Odama and Kozo coupleED theme
2012do not forgetNHK educationTelevision Animation"Little Charo-Tohoku Edition-Theme song

Provide music


Crown Jiro
  • Suzuhara's Wolf-Young Genghis Khan- (September 2007, 9)
  • Cape Drift Ice (March 2009, 3)
  • The end of the journey (January 2011, 1)
  • For you (August 2011, 8)
  • The most male flower here (March 2012, 3)
  • The river of loneliness (March 2013, 3)
  • Anyway, let the world go (August 2014, 8)
  • Sake story (February 2015, 2)
  • Bet on your dreams (August 2015, 8)
  • Mari no Arashi (August 2016, 8)
Koharu Matsuri
  • Isn't it Enka (March 2012, 3)
  • Horizon of tears (May 2013, 5)


NHK Red and White Singing Battle participation history

1992Since his first appearance in "Kokoro Sake" 2006Participated 15 times in a row for 15 years. 2007With a defeat 2008It blooms back in, and after two years 2011Appeared for 5 consecutive years (21 times in total).

Year/Broadcast timesTimesProgramOrder of appearanceOpponentRemarks
1992(4)/43 timesFirstKokoro Sake11/28Kamon TatsuoRed and white first appearance
1993(5)/44 times2Purple rain22/26Masashi Sada
1994(6)/45 times3Flower waltz17/25Kenji Sawada
1995(7)/46 times4Mi-re-n13/25Shinji Tanimura
1996(8)/47 times5deep red22/25Shinji Tanimura (2)
1997(9)/48 times6Utakata's love19/25Ikuzo Yoshi
1998(10)/49 times7Snow depth22/25Shinichi Mori
1999(11)/50 times8Woman's heart13/27Kiyoshi MaekawaFirst half bird
2000(12)/51 times9Two flowers08/28Joji Yamamoto
2001(13)/52 times10The bond between the two05/27George Yamamoto (2)
2002(14)/53 times11Drift ice love song05/27Takao Horiuchi
2003(15)/54 times12Amaryllis22/30Ken Hirai
2004(16)/55 times13Snow wilderness19/28(No opponent)
2005(17)/56 times14Murasaki Rain Information (2nd time)08/29Moriyama Naotaro
2006(18)/57 times15Deep snow (second time)06/27Hosokawa Takashi
2008(20)/59 times16Red thread09/26WaT
2011(23)/62 times17Ayako's country is proud ~ Good luck Tohoku !! Red and white special ~06/25Takashi Hosokawa (2)
2012(24)/63 times18do not forget05/25FUNKY MONKEY BABYS
2013(25)/64 times19Red thread (second time)07/26Sakanaction
2014(26)/65 times20I'm proud of Ayako's country ~ Good luck Tohoku !! (2nd time)05/23Porn graffiti
2015(27)/66 times21Amaryllis (second time)09/26Yuzu
  • The number in parentheses in the name of the singer of the opponent indicates the number of battles with that singer.
    • The first half bird means that in the red and white since 1990, both sides ended the first half of the war (until the news was interrupted).
  • The number (○) after the song title indicates the number of times it was performed in red and white.
  • The appearance order is expressed as "(appearance order)/(number of participants)".

In 2004, it took the form of a corner, wisteria →Yoko Nagayama→Toba Ichiro→Hosokawa TakashiBecause I sang in the order of, there is no opponent.

TV drama

Other programs

Radio program

  • Kayo & Sports(October 1995-March 4,Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.) --Weekly personality
  • Compared to the glossy song Ryoranka (April-September 1996, Nippon Cultural Broadcasting)
  • Ayako Fuji Utakata's love story (1997-1998, Nippon Cultural Broadcasting)
  • Ayako Fuji But ... I still like it (1998-2002, Nippon Cultural Broadcasting)



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