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👍 | Topic on SNS "Chkmeruli" This time, Famima was impressed by the temporary deputy ambassador of Georgia, "Unspeakable feelings"

Photo: Chargé d'Affaires to Japan is also impressed by the establishment of Georgian cuisine "Chkmeruli" in Japan (The image is FamilyMart's new product "Rice Nichokake! Chkmeruli")

Topic on SNS "Chkmeruli" This time, Famima was impressed by the temporary deputy ambassador of Georgia, "feelings that cannot be expressed in words"

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Chkmeruli, which has been warmed in the microwave as it is in the pouch, can be eaten as it is over rice.

FamilyMart is a new product of the delicatessen brand "Mom's Dining Room", which is a local charge of "Georgia" in West Asia. → Continue reading

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Chkmeruli(Georgian language: შქმერული,Georgian Latin romanization: shkmeruli) OrChkmeruli(Georgian: ჩქმერული,Georgian Latin romanization: chkmeruli) IschickenStewed in garlic sauce, traditionalGeorgian foodone of[1][2].chicken,garlic, And if you likemilkIs the main ingredient[3].


Originally, in various parts of Georgia, dishes using chicken and garlic sauce have been made for a long time, and they were cooked in clay pots or baked.Later milk was added to this dish, which(Georgian version)RuralOni districtVillage inChkmeruliWas transmitted to[4]..The name Chkmeruli comes from this village of Chkmeruli.[5].

Cooking procedure

Peel the chicken cleanly, cut it in half, and sprinkle with salt.Melt butter in a pan and bake one side of the chicken over high heat.Place a heavy cast iron lid, slightly smaller than the mouth of the pan, that touches the chicken directly.If you don't have such a lid, you may put something heavy on top.Bake the chicken for 6 to 7 minutes and when the surface is thick and crispy, turn it over, cover it again with a heavy lid and heat it.After frying both sides of the chicken, simmer in a covered pan over low heat for 20 to 25 minutes.When the chicken is cooked, transfer to a plate and add a small amount of oil in the pan.Add water to the oil left in the pan and addgarlic,nutsAnd simmer for about 5 minutes.Pour milk or cream to the extent that it becomes colored, put chicken in a pan and heat it to complete.[1][6].

Development in Japan

Beef bowl chain in December 2019MatsuyaTrial sale as "Chkmeruli hot pot set meal" at some stores onlytwitterIt became a big topic centering on, and it was decided to raise the name recognition in Japan[7]..For ingredients at Matsuyasweet potatoHas been added,foodWas offered with.The Chargé d'Affaires to Japan in Georgia, which triggered the topicTeimuraz LezhabaSaid in an interview that it would go well with rice[8]..The following January, 2020, Georgia's commercial TV station(Georgian version)Organized a news feature with Chkmeruli in less than 7 minutes about its development in Japan and its reputation in Japan.In this special feature, the traditional cooking method in Chkmeruli village and the method of serving at Matsuya, a chain store of popular fast food, were reported, and the comment of Chargé d'Affaires Teimuraz Lezhava was conveyed.[9]..After that, Matsuya sold it nationwide from January to the end of February 2020.Also at the same timeCook padMatsuya official recipe was released at[10]..In Matsuya, Chkmeruli ranked first in the "2nd Matsuya Reprint Menu General Election", and from January 1, 2021 (Tuesday), "Chkmeruli Nabe Set Meal" was reprinted and released for a limited time. On October 1, 19, a major convenience store chainFamilyMartReleased "Rice Nichoikake! Chkmeruli" in a limited area at the private brand mom's cafeteria[11](After that, it will be released nationwide).FamilyMart also released "Chkmeruli (grilled chicken and garlic cream stewed bowl)" as a lunch box type that can be easily eaten from December 12st of the same year, and "Chkmeruli soup" from December 1th.[12].


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