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👍 | "Lending a cell" is unreal, "Sexual harassment pretend plan" is a reality, various voices on the net


"Lending a cell" is unreal, "Sexual harassment pretend plan" is a fact of reality, various voices on the net

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According to an interview with Shukan Bunshun (Bungei Shunju), it was revealed that inns that provide sexual companion services will be excluded from the subsidy over the government's tourism support measure "Go To Travel Campaign".

(* The image is an image) A sexual companion over the government's tourism support measure "Go To Travel Campaign" ... → Continue reading

 Quick Timez

WEB MAGAZINE "Quick Timez" that is close to your "I want to know"

Quick Timez is a WEB magazine that aims to respond quickly to "why" and "why" of all users in entertainment such as movies, dramas, music, animation, talent information, and more than other sites. It is also a feature that many articles are written with a different perspective and eyes.

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Tourism support support measures

文藝 春秋

Bungeishunju Co., Ltd.(Bungei Shunju,English: Bungeishunju Ltd.) IsJapan OfInfomation.TokyoChiyoda WardKioi TownHeadquartered in.


Akutagawa Prize,Naoki PrizeHas worked on many literary prizes, including.in the pastTokyo 12 ChannelAt1968年From (Showa 43)1981年Introducing the life of celebrities in various fields, which was broadcast until (56)People have history』I have also cooperated.

1968å¹´Until (43)UnionDid not exist, it was an employee association.The union was formed at that timeShinpei IkejimaThe presidentJapan Cultural ConferenceThe reason was that the employee association rebelled when trying to publish the magazine.As an alternative, President Ikeshima said,Guys!Was launched, and after thatconservativesThe image of a publisher is firmly established.

The main building is the Bungei Shunju headquarters, and the new building and the west building are tenant buildings.The new buildingJapan Bungei Association,MitsuiAbout 10 companies such as marketing move in, the West Building is the Bunshun Hall on the 1st basement floor, and the 1st floorHRT New Otani"Lounge Shunjukan" operated, except for the lounge and writing room on the 6th floorJapan Private Broadcasting FederationIs moving in.

Postwar presidents



Magazines that were once published



Digital media

  • Wenchu ​​online
  • Number Web
  • Shukan Bunshun DIGITAL
  • Bungei Shunju digital

Human rights violations

In Bungei Shunju, represented by "Weekly Bunshun"Freedom of expressionとhuman rights,HistoryThere are many cases of controversy over facts.

The most representative is1995å¹´(7) In February, the monthly magazine "Marco PoloWas discontinuedMarco Polo incidentHowever, at this time, it led to the suspension of advertising in all magazines.

2004å¹´In (16)Weekly BunshunIsMakiko TanakaHouse of RepresentativesThe eldest daughter of a member of the DietPoliciesPosted an article revealing, and was sued for itTokyo District CourtIs banned from publishingProvisional disposalOrdered (Makiko Tanaka's eldest daughter article injunction case).Freedom of publicationThere was also the issue of interference of state power with the world, but it spread the ripples to the world.Tokyo High CourtThe injunction was canceled at, and the eldest daughter sideSpecial appealBy giving upDefinitive judgmentIt became.

In the June 2006, 6 issue of Shukan Bunshun, an article was posted stating that the business of a divorce counselor could be questioned as illegal.In response to a post quoting this articleUploadFor the "website discussion" that was doneCopyrightA request for deletion was submitted in the name of the Intellectual Property and Legal Department because of the infringement and defamation of the divorce counselor.

However, such a reporting attitude can lead to serious human rights violations.Seongdo caveProtests by the parties in the alleged archaeological forgery reportsuicideAfter invitingLibelLawsuitLost inTsuneo WatanabeYomiuri ShimbunMain brush,Sadakazu TanigakiExFinance MinisterEven in the media such asLibelLost byCompensationAs a result, the credibility and credibility of publishing journalism may be reduced, such as the payment of the book being confirmed.

Bungei Shunju and Mahjong

The founder of BungeishunjuHiroshi KikuchiIt is,MahjongKnown for being enthusiastic aboutJapan Mahjong FederationHe was also the first president,1929å¹´(Showa 4)Mahjong tilesBegan importing and selling Mahjong, which sparked the mahjong boom.When the mahjong tiles became scarce due to the arrival of the boom, the original "Bungei Shunju Mahjong tiles" were manufactured and sold.

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