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👆 | Masayuki Toyoshima Ryuo vs. Tetsuro Itodani The hot battle of "Bishop Exchange" has entered the night battle / Shogi / Jun'isen Class A


Masayuki Toyoshima Ryuo vs. Tetsuro Itodani XNUMXth Dan "Bishop Exchange" rushes into the night battle / Shogi / Jun'isen Class A

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ABEMA will broadcast this game live until the end.

The 4th round of the A-class ranking of shogi was held on October 10, and the match between Masayuki Toyoshima (Eiou, 29) and Tetsuro Itodani 30th Dan (32) ... → Continue reading


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Live broadcast

Live broadcastWhat is (Namahoso)?broadcastOut ofBroadcast programRecord the material in advance (=Recording) At that broadcast time withoutス タ ジ オ,relaySending programs from the site at the same time[1].

Not a narrow broadcastInternet distribution(Internet radioIt may also be used in program content distribution at (etc.)Nico Nico Live BroadcastEtc.), but this is "live delivery" "Live streaming[1]", Etc. may be called separately.


Live broadcasttv set,radioIt is done in both cases.

The types of programs that are mainly broadcast live require breaking news and accuracy of information.NEWS,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu,Sports broadcastand so on.In addition, normal recording is performedEntertainment showsHowever, when a serious announcement or a viewer vote is made, it may be broadcast live at that time or in some parts.

From a place other than the studioRelay broadcastIn the case of live broadcasting bylive broadcast"(Namachukei) is sometimes called.

Delayed delivery systemThere is a pseudo-live broadcast format that sends a program with a delay of a few seconds or a few minutes depending on the use of.

The form of broadcasting what was recorded in advance with almost no editing is "Take outIs called, and is distinguished from live broadcasting.In addition, in the following cases, the live broadcast programSame recordMay be broadcast in advance and broadcast at a different time.Recorded broadcast"Recording relayIs distinguished and called.

In the case of the above-mentioned shooting format, it is extremely difficult for general viewers / listeners to distinguish between live broadcasting and recorded broadcasting unless there is a notice in the program that it is live broadcasting.disasterSudden accidents such as (the viewer's home isEarthquakeThe studio of the local station on the screen is not shaking even though it is shaking with), and breaking newsSubtitles superIt may be known by the presence or absence of reaction to.

Automatic broadcasting system (input to computer,Packet communicationAccumulation / exchange atデータPrograms that do not have performers who only display information, such as weather forecast programs that send images and announcements based on), are also in the category of live broadcast programs if the system operates at the same time.

Disadvantages and risks associated with live broadcasting

Live broadcasting has a number of disadvantages. As a typical thing, due to its characteristics,accidentOr trouble (Broadcasting accidentThe first side is that there is always the risk of ). Also, due to unexpected unexpected situations and equipment operation mistakes, video and audio that should not be broadcast may flow, or the words and actions of the performers and staff may flow, so it should not be broadcast by nature. There is a risk that the image of the program or the performer may be flawed if the unsuitable carelessness, unscrupulousness, unrest, and shameful content are transmitted to a huge number of viewers and listeners.2004 IsNFLThe final matchSuper bowl OfHalf time showAtJanet JacksonCaused an accident in which the co-star exposed his chest[Annotation 1].. in JapanAkiko MatsumotoThere is a case. See her link for details.

Even in the entertainment world, there is no way to stop the defect of the talent image due to the carelessness of the belonging talents, the remarkably light speech, and the action if it is a live broadcast, but on the other hand, the recorded program is checked in advance before broadcast and prevented by editing. Can doRisk managementThere are many merits, and now there are many entertainment offices that are reluctant to appear on live broadcasts. In addition, there are entertainment offices and talents who take the stance of live broadcasting NG due to factors such as the personality, behavior and sales strategy of the talents, or the condition that co-starring with a specific talent is OK only for pre-recorded programs.

Live broadcasting has the property that it is sent to the unspecified majority immediately without being edited. Therefore, someThose with political purposes,Environmental protection-Cultural propertyProtected/historicBuildingVarious activists such as the preservation movement have the intention of trying to force themselves to publicize the assertions of themselves and their organizations, or to interfere with the broadcasting of content that is not convenient for them,PurposelyMay attempt to inject live broadcasts into the field, interrupting the broadcast or even interrupting live broadcasts.Business interruptionActions have also been triggered in the east and west of the western world.

Likewise an outsiderWild horseIs also sometimes a threat to live broadcasts. Especially in the case of TV, the scene and jurisdiction of an event or accident with high social attentionPolice stationIn live broadcasting from the vicinity, etc., a large number of Nojima horses gathered for the purpose of "reflective" in the relay image for fun, and in the first place distant for self-revealment by "reflective" There are many cases where people who go to the incident site or the relay site also appear, and the relay site becomes confused by the number of people themselves and it becomes impossible to live broadcast. OnceNews program,Wide showIn the era when many street interviews with the general public were performed live on live broadcasts, etc., people who aimed to be interviewed on the streets by pretending to be local residents or passing streets and those who were intended to be shown on the TV screen, street interviews Of the broadcasting station that the staff may receive as a reward according tonoveltyPeople who chase the media for the purpose of collecting goods appeared, around the scene of the incident, and the relay point of the so-called "fixed point".[Annotation 2] When I went to such places, I was prowling around the media coverage.

On the other hand, on radio (especially mid-wave radio),Obi programWill be broadcast as情报・Since there are many news programs and sports broadcasts, there will inevitably be many live broadcasts.NHK Radio First Broadcast92% announced live[2].Talk showContent such as music and music programs that are not essential for live broadcasting is often produced by live broadcasting.EmailIt can be said that the characteristic of the radio program is that the real-time interaction with the viewer is actively carried out through such as.

The United States of AmericaVirginiaI had an interview during a live broadcastreporterとカ メ ラ マ ンHave been shot (Virginia TV crew shooting case)[3].

Delaying transmission of relay video and audio from several seconds to 5 minutes while maintaining the live feeling of program broadcastingDelayed delivery systemTechnology has been put to practical use. This was originally intended to be used as an effect device for live broadcast program production, but because of its function, it is also effective as one of the measures that are premised on the occurrence of an unexpected situation in live broadcast. Yes, not only in advanced broadcasting technology countries such as the United States, United Kingdom and JapanReligiousCommandmentIt has been widely introduced in the broadcasting industry in countries that have circumstances and political circumstances.[Annotation 3].

Live broadcast in Japan


At the beginning of broadcasting, VTR equipment/recording media were very expensive and the operating cost of recording equipment was high,Music programNot to mention dramatheaterEven in such cases, live broadcasting was quite natural, and the performers were constantly strained to cope with sudden events.[4]However, due to advances in recording technologyEditIf it becomes possible, the live broadcasting that is high risk for the sender can be obtained only by the live broadcasting (so-calledFeeling of live) Has become limited to when you want the feeling of tension or peculiar to live broadcasting. In fact, it's called LIVE in English.

Live broadcast1980 eraSince then, it has been decreasing. In the background, in addition to the advances in equipment and technology required for recording, cost reduction of tapes, 1-2 tapes at one timeRecordingIt is influential that they are more efficient. For broadcasting stations, there are circumstances in which it is easy to adjust the schedule when casting performers, and it is easy to deal with sudden troubles such as suddenly becoming unable to perform. Meanwhile, being castEntertainment officeFor the side as well, the more recordings that can be obtained from live broadcasting, the more jobs that can be obtained, the easier it is to make a profit, and the more time is available in terms of schedule. Therefore, it is a big plus for both broadcasting stations and entertainment offices. Also, for the program staff who participate in the recording, live broadcasting, which is always tense in anticipation of a situation where a sudden accident flows through the screen, has a heavy mental burden, and a recorded program that can be edited is riskier. There are few things.

In addition, there are cases where the next broadcast is recorded before the start of the live broadcast or after the end of the live broadcast (this is also a de facto two shots) even though the main broadcast is the live broadcast.Super JOCKEY"Such). About this, the schedule of the performers and staff, and production cost savings (reducing the cost of one live broadcast by shooting two) can be done in most cases.

1990 eraSince then, as the electronic control of various editing equipment has become more sophisticated, the number of cases where a program that should have been started by touching live broadcasting every week was changed to recorded broadcasting only a few times. For example,Nippon TVseries"Minna TV],Fuji Television Network, Incseries"Tokudane! GO-Guy!"and so on. LowAudience ratingIt is often seen in programs where the schedule of busy performers cannot be adjusted.

NHKThen, I often reduce live programs as much as possible on public holidays (this is not the case when serious news occurs).Suzuki YujiIs "Work way reformIt's hard to come up with a regular live show (NHK) on public holidays. The majority of commercial broadcasters are subcontractors... However, the wave of "work style reform" is rushing to the private sector. I may review it."[5].

Similarly, in NHK, due to the nature of the absence of commercials, there are cases where performers make facial expressions and comment on the fronting program at the beginning of the program when the backing program is live when switching programs. Even in commercial broadcastingStepreWhen performing program switching (without CM), the same effect may be performed. In addition, when live broadcast programs are continuous, there are cases in which performers such as crosstalk are performed between the performers of both programs.

News program (news/weather forecast)



NTV series

BS Nippon Television and others

TV Asahi series

BS Asahi
  • News Access(Lunch News Access, News Access 730, Simul broadcast with "Tele morning channel" at some times.)

TBS series

BS-TBS and others

TV Tokyo series

Fuji TV series

BS Fuji

Wide show, information program


NTV series

Yomiuri Television
Chukyo TV

TV Asahi series

Asahi Broadcasting
Me ~ Tele
BS Asahi
  • Hometown Banzai!(Once a month, joint production with TV Asahi affiliated stations)

TBS series

Every day broadcasting

TV Tokyo series

BS Japan

Fuji TV series

Kansai TV
Tokai TV

Independent UHF station

Sports program


NTV series

TV Asahi series

TBS series

TV Tokyo series

Fuji TV series

BS/CS etc.

Sports broadcast

Entertainment/Entertainment programs

Variety, music program

Special program that is broadcast once every six months

  • All-Star Thanksgiving(TBS series)-March last or April 3st Saturday, September last or October 4st Saturday broadcast.

Special program broadcast once a year


Includes special live broadcasts of normally recorded programs.

  • NHK Cup TV Go Tournament(NHK education)
  • Tokudane! GO-Guy!(Fuji TV series)
  • Station story(Aomori Broadcasting, May 1992, 5, "Friday Wide Aomori"In. It is usually pre-recorded, but since "Ekimae Monogatari" reached 100 times on this day, in order to commemorate this, the whole section was broadcast live. )
  • Muhaha no Takajin(Kansai Television)-2005 was only live broadcast from January (currently recorded).
  • 100 world-class views(Fuji TV series)
    • The 6th installment made a huge decision to be the No. 1 superb view! A large group of gorgeous entertainers SP (March 2006, 3)
    • The 12th bullet finally decided! 100 superb views that you want to see before you die and one of the most spectacular views of the earth SP (February 2009, 2)
  • If I of Ota Mitsuru became Prime Minister... Secretary Tanaka.(Nippon TV series)-At the end of the program, a corner of the manifest vote of the manifest and the introduction of FAX.
  • Let's stay in the countryside!(TV Tokyo series, 2009 hours special on January 1, 4, etc.)
  • Try Gatten(NHK General, February 2009, 2)-Influenza Special.
  • Learn!! News Show!(TV Asahi, February 2009, 2)- One theater companyEmergency live broadcast by enrollment.
  • Talking 007(NTV, January 2009, 1)-Special live broadcast. In addition, a special version that will be broadcast at midnight on "26-hour TV" from 2009 will also be broadcast live.
  • Arashi-chan's secret(TBS affiliate, March 2009, 3) Rescheduled and urgentWBCBroadcast SP.
  • Downtown DX(Yomiuri TV production, NTV affiliates)-Every year since 2009Okinawa International Film FestivalIt will be broadcast live from the Okinawa studio at the time of the event.
    • March 2009, 3 Okinawa live broadcasting SP of super DX star rooting big exposure shock
    • March 2010, 3 Super DX Star (Secret) Private Life & Shameful Noodles Large Release !! Okinawa Live Broadcast Noodle SP
    • March 2011, 3 Super DX 24 hours live broadcasting SP that gives laughter and energy from Okinawa
    • March 2012, 3 Super DX in OKINAWA This year's real broadcast SP
  • Round and round nine nine(NTV, March 2009, 3) Opening and 19 minute announcement Kin Race corner live from Okinawa.
  • Mid-summer JNN Festival "Let's break the wall! 240 hours of flame marathon"(TBS series, August 2009, 8)Takahiro YamamotoA complete live broadcast of the marathon goal.
  • Quiz! Dream Gakuen (NTV, September 2009, 9)LotteryOn the day of the week, a quiz about lottery questions.
  • Fureai Yume Archipelago ☆ Lottery ☆ Shiawase Discovery Journey (NTV, September 2010, 9) Lottery Day special program.
  • 22:XNUMX of the witches(NTV)
    • Emergency live broadcast in the second halfHaruna loveBroadcast closely to the best in the world (November 2009, 11)
    • In the second half, emergency live broadcasting! 24-hour TV marathon runners announced (June 2010, 6)
  • Utaban (Tokuban)(TBS system)
    • October 2009, 10 The Best 20 Great Shows of Heisei and Heisei, The Great Japanese Music Kayo Kabuki SP!
    • March 2010, 3 Inactive activity 23 hours SP
  • Ochanomizu Hakase(TBS system, June 2010, 6) Change the schedule,World CupパラグアイImmediate live broadcast immediately before the war.
  • Truth report Bunkisha!(NTV system, October 2010, 10)Haneda airportInternationalization Special (relay from Haneda Airport New International Terminal, some facilities broadcast pre-recorded video)
  • Legal counseling service(NTV)
  • Bomb red carpet(フジテレビ系、2012å¹´2月18日・4月14日・5月26日・7月28日・10月13日)
  • Game Center CX Live Challenge Special (Fuji TV ONE、2007å¹´12月24日〜12月25日・2009å¹´4月12日・8月29日〜8月30日・2012å¹´2月24日〜2月25日・2013å¹´7月18日・7月19日・2015å¹´12月12日)。また、2020å¹´6月21日は、番組300回記念として、「ゲームセンターCX300」として、18時から300 minutes(5 hours) live broadcast.
  • Akira Ikegami's news Was that right?2時間スペシャル(テレビ朝日系、2018å¹´4月14日) - 当初は全編収録したものを放送する予定だったが、日本時間同日10時に、アメリカがシリアへの武力攻撃を決定したことから、番組後半を『緊急生放送』に切り替えた。また、これ以外でも、生放送を行う場合がある(2018å¹´6月9日放送分や2020å¹´4月18日放送分など)。
  • Return home Monday corps !! Masahiro Nakai's extra scoop! Aiming for 3 hours special (TV Asahi, September 2018, 9)-InitiallyFull compilationAlthough I was planning to broadcast what I did, Naomi Osaka was at the "US Open Tennis" (one of the world's four biggest tennis tournaments) held on the 9th (Japan time) of the same month.First ever Japanese victorySince it was decorated,Aim for Masahiro Nakai's extra scoop!The part was switched to emergency live broadcasting.
  • Widena Show(Fuji TV, July 2019, 7)-Usually pre-recorded, but by Yoshimoto entertainerDark business problemso,When you contact about the cancellation the day beforeMade inHiroyuki MiyasakoとRyo TamuraSwitched to live emergency broadcast after receiving an emergency press conference[6].
  • Itte Q to the end of the world!(NTV, November 2019, 11)-Originally planned to be pre-recorded[7]Is a program performerImoto AyakoSwitched to an emergency live broadcast to announce a marriage with the program director[8].  
  • VS Arashi (Fuji TV, December 2020, 12) -Only the location part of VS Arashi's "BABA Arashi" and the special project "SP where Aiba cried in Odaiba" was pre-recorded, and Aiba cried in Odaiba. We watched the SP and the final confrontation was broadcast live.
  • Arashi ni shiyagare (NTV, December 2020, 12) -Only the location part of "Deathmatch", "Hidden ARASHI", and the special project "Arashi 26 People Journey" in the Arashi ni Shiyagare corner is pre-recorded, "This is MJ" ", And" Arashi Live "was broadcast live.
  • VS soul (Fuji TV, January 2021, 1)-Regular announcements and game confrontations were broadcast live, and only the special project "DAMASHI Soul" was pre-recorded.
  • Sunday Museum(NHK E Tele,2021 May 4) --This day's broadcast will be broadcast as "Live Broadcast!" Bird and Beast Caricature Exhibition "Special Preview"(I.e. OfTokyo National MuseumLive broadcast from.

Other fields

Tv shopping

Some programs are also live broadcasts.


From the 1950s to the early 1960s, mostTV dramaWas being broadcast live. After that, that is, after introducing VTRLocationMost of them have been pre-recorded, but there are some cases in which the live broadcast was made during the drama. In addition, simultaneous recording with VTR tape will also be performed so that the drama of live broadcasting can be rebroadcast on terrestrial, BS, CS.

  • Dotamba(NHK)-Broadcast on November 1956, 11.Rentaro MikuniIt was also the first TV appearance of.
  • Chief detective(Asahi Broadcasting)-Seven years from the start of the broadcast was live (September 7-around 1958).
  • Toshiba Sunday Theater(TBS, era of single-shot drama)-From the start of broadcasting in 1956 to the early 1960s, it was broadcast almost every week.
  • I Want to Be a Shellfish(KRT, currentTBS TV)-Broadcasted October 1958, 10.Military trialThe latter half 66 minutes from the opening of the court live broadcast. The main character, Toyomatsu Shimizu (Frankie Sakai)ButMPThe first half 34 minutes before being taken toVTRRecorded in. *Tetsuko's room] Frankie's testimony in life.
  • Mu,Mu family(TBS series)-Monthly live broadcasting was done. for that reason,Professional baseballThe results came in and I was a TBS professional baseball commentator at that timeShigeru MakinoEtc. jumped in and appeared. Also,TBS RadioThe live broadcast program "Hiroshi Ikushima OfFriends at night』From the studio, is a performerHiromi GoThere was also a live broadcast with a live broadcast from the local city of the concert tour destination.
  • (Every day broadcastingProduction and TBS series)-1980 (unknown broadcast times).
  • (NHK general)-Broadcast in the fall of 1985.Kayoko Kishimoto,Toshihiko Tahara,Mariko ToneAppeared.
  • For you alone(NTV series)-December 1985, 12Tuesday Suspense Theater』Broadcast. All live broadcasts. Just before the live broadcast of the song program,IntimidationContent that a call is made[9].
  • I can't understand it!(TBS series)-Episode 6 (May 1986, 5). On live broadcastChushingura』Was to be played.
  • Declaration of the new and middle age(NTV series)-Chapter 16 (July 1986, 7).
  • Announcer puttsun story(Fuji TV series)-Chapter 5 (1987 May 5, broadcast minutes). At the timeYoyogiThere was a mix of live broadcasts from the "International Sports Fair" venue that was being held at.
  • ~Osamu TakahashiOriginal "Bon Bon Love SongFrom ~ (NHK BS1)-3rd (Broadcast September 1989, 9).ToyamaMisao-gun The usual "at that time"Owara-style Bon』Insert the climax live broadcast. The drama itself was developed using only voice expressions.
  • The Wide Show(NTV series)-January 1994-March broadcast. The wide show "Last Wide" in the program was broadcast live.
  • Long vacation(Fuji TV series)-Final (1996 June 6). Wedding sceneUK(Setting isDuffel Bag) From satellite live broadcast.
  • You like it hot?(NTV series)-Chapter 8 (1998 August 8 minutes broadcast). All live broadcast composition.
  • Muco 2003(Fuji TV series)
  • Primadam(NTV series)-Final (2006 June 6 minutes broadcast). ClimaxballetThe recital scene will be broadcast live.
  • Caught in Mama-san Valley(NHK comprehensive)-Final (2009 December 12 minutes broadcast). All live broadcasts. In the program, it was introduced as an NHK TV drama for the first time in half a century.
  • Why I Can't Love (Fuji TV)-Final (2011 December 12 minutes broadcast). Partial live broadcast, such as the last scene.
  • love (Fuji TV)-Final (2015 December 9 minutes broadcast). Partial live broadcast, such as the last scene.
  • Last cup(NTV)-Final episode (December 2016, 12 broadcast). Some of the scenes where the child role appears, etc. are pre-recorded. In addition, the first attempt in history was made to decide the climax scene by audience voting.[10]
  • Lonely gourmet(Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.series)
    • New Year's Eve Special-Eat and Pay! Setouchi Business Trip-(Broadcast on December 2017, 12)-Most are pre-recorded, but the main character, Goro Inokashira (Yutaka Matsushige)ButNew Year's EveReturned to Tokyo on the night ofChibaNarita CityStop at a restaurant inSeiiroJapanese buckwheat noodlesLive scene of eating.
    • New Year's Eve Special-Kyoto / Nagoya Business Trip-Live broadcast! (Broadcast on December 2018, 12) --At the beginning of the program, Goro Inogashira (Yutaka Matsushige) hits the wind on the roof of the building on New Year's Eve.Shibamata TaishakutenAnd the end of the show,KatsushikaShibamataGoro at a restaurant inEelLive scene of eating. Other than that is pre-recorded.
    • 2020 New Year's Eve Special-My meal is not dense, lonely fireworks strategy!-(Broadcast on December 2020, 12) --Goro Inogashira (Yutaka Matsushige) at the end of the programFireworksSucceeded with the event organizer and his family and fireworksNew year's sobaLive scene of eating. Other than that is pre-recorded.

Live broadcasting in Korea

In South Korea, a privately owned company jointly funded by RCAKorean BroadcastingWas established, and on May 1956, 5, the first television broadcasting in Korea was conducted, but it was a live broadcasting system without recording equipment.[11].. Korean Broadcasting was disbanded after being destroyed by fire on February 1959, 2 and transferred to the state[11].. Recording equipment could not be purchased even after the transfer of national broadcasting, and there was only one studio dedicated to news and one studio other than that, so live broadcasting program-news-movie film-live broadcasting program 1 hours 1 minutes a day Digested the broadcast schedule[11].. This TV broadcastKorea Broadcasting CorporationHowever, the live broadcasting system continued until the recording equipment was purchased in March 1966.[11].


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注 釈

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