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🎣 | Angler Even if he falls into the sea ... To the rocky place to remove the rescue lure There is no difference in life <Miyagi / Kesennuma City>


Even if the angler falls into the sea ... To the rocky place to remove the rescue lure There is no difference in life <Miyagi / Kesennuma City>

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The man was wearing a life jacket and could walk on his own, but he was taken care of and taken to a hospital in Kesennuma.

On November XNUMX, a XNUMX-year-old man fishing in Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture, had an accident in which he fell into the sea.Men save lives ... → Continue reading

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Life jacket

Life jacket(Kyumeiido) is one of floating the wearer above the water and positioning the head above the water surface. mainlyPool,River,Lake,æµ·Used in, but flying over the seaaircraftIs also equipped with.Life jacket,Life bestAlso called, there are various sizes and designs depending on the purpose and use.

JapaneseBoat racingKingdomJMSDFetc,MaritimeIn relationkapokIt is sometimes referred to as ".kapokThis is because the fibers that were harvested from were used.


The life jacket isMarine accident-Included in emergency escape equipment in a water accident.Lifeboat,Life raftWhile such equipment requires a large amount of cost and installation place for installation and maintenance assuming that "multiple people can escape", life jackets exclusively for personal life protection are relatively Easy to get and use, can't carry lifeboatSmall vessel,Pleasure boat,fishing,CanoeIt is an indispensable equipment for safety measures such as waterside leisure and various rescue teams.

Nowadays it is obligatory in many countries,AmericaThen.Federal rulesStipulated in.JapanWell 20036/1Than"Ship Staff and Small Ship Operators ActWas enforced and met the safety standards of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.[1]Measures to wear a life jacket are being taken. It is limited to yellow and orange, which are highly visible when searching, and a retro-reflective material that reflects the light of a searchlight is applied over a certain area. Tube typewhistleEquipment is also required.オーストラリアThen in some states fines may be imposed by ordinance,Malcolm TurnbullOn vacationOutboard motorWithボ ー トIt was reported in the newspaper that he was piloting a helicopter, but he was not wearing a life jacket.New South WalesThe state fined AUD250 for violating the ordinance[2].



The origin of life jackets isノルウェー OfFishermanOf wood used by uscorkIs believed to be. Life jackets that are close to modern shapes,UK OfRoyal National Lifeboat Association(RNLI: Royal National Lifeboat Institution) was inspected by Captain Ward 1854It is made of cork and has weather resistance.buoyancyIt will be worn by the crew of a lifeboat for the purpose.

TreekapokSince the fiber made from the fruit is lightweight and has excellent water repellency, it was used as a buoyancy material for life jackets. Therefore, "kapok", which is a synonym for life jackets, is still used even when the kapok fiber is no longer used as a material, and remains a popular name even in the 21st century.

May West

What is May West?Second World WarinsideAlliesIt is a nickname for the life jacket “Type B-4” used on the side. It's a khaki cotton vest with a rubber air bag inside. The size is about 70 cm high, 32 cm wide, and 3 cm thick. Nickname is famous at the timeAmericaOne of the actresses,May WestDerived from (because he was a plump woman).


In the 1950s, Japan's Fujikura Rubber Industry (currentlyFujikura Composite), in the 1960sSynthetic fiberOf personal flotation devices (PFDs: Personal Flotation Device) developed byStearnsCompany, Japanese company, Japan in the 1970sAqualungBeing manufactured in various countries, such as a company, it has become popular.


Life jackets are classified into several types according to their use, structure, and shape, but most of them are white or orange to improve visibility during rescue.

Solid type

The simplest structure in a life jacket,StyrofoamSolids such as are used. Used for training, in lakes, etc.Fishing Boat Cruising Experience,Amusement parkOften used in.


Due to the limited transport capacity of ships and aircraft, bulky products such as the solid type are prone to business disadvantages. Therefore, a type has been developed that is normally stored in a folded state and sends gas into the internal void during use. From the gas cylinder built into the back or chest of the life jacket, mainlyCompressed air,carbon dioxideThere are many things to inject. There are a manual type that pulls a string to activate it and a type that automatically activates when you touch seawater.

In long-term voyages and troops, there is a possibility of drifting over the open sea and open ocean,懐 中 电灯,Flaming cylinder,First aidForMedicine,foodとWed,sharkA safeguard etc.survivalKit included.

SOLAS type

SOLAS treatyBased on the international performance standards, it is equipped on large ships (passenger ships, ferries, etc.). Since it is intended for use in the open sea, it has a large buoyancy, and even if you fall into an unconscious state, your face will be facing upwards and breathing will be secured.

Problems when used on aircraft

Life jackets are also equipped on aircraft in case of emergency landing on the sea, and are usually equipped with inflatable ones because there are restrictions on storage space. For this reason, passengersSafety bookmark,Flight attendantReceive instructions on how to use it by demonstrating.

The life jacket in the inflated state is quite bulky, so if you inflate the life jacket before you escape from the aircraft,Safety postureThere is a risk that the life jacket will become an obstacle when hindering passengers, moving through a narrow passage between seats, and exiting the emergency exit, and hindering escape. Therefore, in safety bookmarks and in-flight safety videos,Inflate just before leaving the planeThere are many things that I explained.

Ethiopian Airlines Flight 961 Hijack CrashOne of the reasons for the large number of casualties at the time of this was this problem, where the Captain announced that he would not inflate his life jacket before landing, but panicked the passengers before they left the aircraft. Many people inflated their life jackets, and as a result, evacuation was not carried out smoothly, and 175 people, including 3 offenders, out of 123 passengers and crew members died.

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  1. ^ Common name "Sakura mark"
  2. ^ Australian Prime Minister Turnbull fines on vacation Boat maneuver without life jacketSankei Shimbun/Sankei News (December 2017, 12) Read January 30, 2018

Kesennuma City

Kesennuma City(Kesennuma) isMiyagiLocated at the northeastern end ofCity.

The Pacific OceanOn the coastSanriku CoastForm part of.


Sengoku periodTerminalTensho19 years( 1591)Hideyoshi ToyotomibyOshuThere is, here,MutsuKii-gunHirata VillageFrom the north sideMr. NanbuTerritory (laterMorioka Domain),Kesen DistrictToni VillageFrom the south sideDateTerritory (laterSendai Domain) Became[1](Both are currentIwateKamaishi).Edo PeriodOur city, centered on Kesennuma Hongo, is adjacent to the south side of Kesen District.Motoyoshi-gunOnce belonged toMeiji Restoration OfAbandoned Domain,Prefecture integrationAfter that, it became Miyagi prefecture area, while Kesen district became Iwate prefecture area.Our city, which looks like it has entered the Iwate prefecture area, has a deep relationship with the former Motoyoshi district, but of course, Iwate prefecture in the former Kesen district, which borders north.Ofunato City,Rikuzentakata CityOr Iwate Prefecture, which is adjacent on the inland sideIchinosekiAlso closely related.

Our citySanriku CoastIt is a transportation and commercial hub in the south,Rias coastUsedTourismIs also developing.Specified third-class fishing port OfKesennuma fishing portEach in the city includingFishing portOn the Sanriku coastCoastal fishery-Aquaculture, The world's three major fishing groundsOff SanrikuAtOffshore fishing, Furthermore, targeting the world's oceansPelagic fisheryActs as a base forshipbuildingWide range from to fishery processingFishing industryIs located.

From this background,Kesennuma metropolitan areaIn addition to attracting shoppers and tourists from all over the country as the central city of the city, there are also many people involved in fisheries and fisheries.SkipjackGoing north afterChiba-Kochi-MiyazakiSuch as fishing boats,SauryFollowed southHokkaidoFishermen from all over Japan come and go on fishing boats such asForeignerCrewAnd engaged in fishery processingForeign traineeWorks and is a specialtyShark finTo buyChinese peopleBuyers and others visitResident populationCompared toExchange populationIs one of the leading exchange bases in the prefecture.Specialty (Local gourmet)one of"Kesennuma HormoneIs known to have been created from such wide-area exchanges and industrial backgrounds of people.

2011(Heisei23 years)3/11Occurred inTohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake(Great East Japan Earthquake) Then,EarthquakeIn addition to the damage itself(I.e.,火災(Tsunami fire),Ground subsidenceWas heavily damaged by.


It is located at the northeastern end of Miyagi prefecture, facing the Pacific Ocean to the east.Eastern唐桑From the district to the Kesennuma district, as in other areas of SanrikuRias coastIs characteristic.Even on the same ria coast, the altitude is lower and gentler in this region than on the coast of Iwate prefecture.hillsThere are many.With the Karakuwa PeninsulaIwaizakiBetween, the deeply intricate coastline is calmKesennuma BayFormed in the bay(I.e.Floats.本吉As you enter the area, you will see a calm coastline.

Off Sanriku OfKuroshioIt is relatively warm in winter due to the influence ofStopIt is cool due to the influence of.



  • Okawa, Kamiyama River, Shikaori River, Omose River,Yasse River,Matsukawa, Kanarizawa River, XNUMX River, Tsutani River, Magome River, Tagawa Offshore

Adjacent municipalities

cf. All municipalities in Iwate Prefecture:≪External link≫ "Prefectures". (Official website). Iwate Prefecture. 2011/4/18Browse.
cf. Complete map of cities, towns and villages in Miyagi Prefecture:≪External link≫ "Miyagi Prefecture Area Map". (Official website). Miyagi Prefecture. 2011/4/18Browse.

Great East Japan Earthquake

February 2011, 23 (Heisei 3),magnitude9.0'sTohoku-Pacific Ocean EarthquakeOccurred in Akaiwa, Kesennuma CitySeismic intensity 6 or less, Motoyoshi Town and SasagajinSeismic intensity 5 strongRecorded[2]..A wide-area fire caused by the tsunami and the ignition of the oil spilled by it also occurred, and the damage was enormous.[3]. cf. Great East Japan Earthquake.

2016(28) As of March 3, the damage situation in the city is 1 dead, 1,214 missing, and 220 houses completely destroyed.[8].


Etymology of place names

"Kesennuma" was written as "Kesema Oshima" in the old days.It is possible that this character was also read as Kesenuma, Kesenma, etc., but it is usually read as "Kesema".EnkiNew Year ( 901) Established "Japan's third generationThere is a description of the place name "Keisenma", which is the oldest document.(However, there is no hemp character "Kesen DistrictIf the county name is ""Japanese sequel"ofHirohito2 years( 811) Article is older)..Also, in the middle of the Heian period,WanashoIn the list of each country's hometown nameMutsuIn Kesen-gun, you can see "Kesen-go" in addition to "Kesen-go".Wado6 years( 713) By the decree of good characters (two-character decree)Nara periodSince the country name, county name, and town name were defined as two-letter notation, this "Kesen Township" is abbreviated as "Kesen Township".Kesen-go is now understood as the meaning of the front of Kesen-gun (the one who went the road)Kamaishi,GavelThere is a theory that makes a comparison, but the ancient place name "front / back" is usually read as "kuchi / shiri", and the one closer to Kyoto is "front", so Kesen-go is "Kese no Kuchi". It should be at the southern tip of Kesen-gun, and it is possible that the place name "Kese-no-ma" was born from misreading this as "Kese-no-mae" (detailed below).

There are various theories as the etymology as follows.

Ainu language theory

Place nameEtymology OfAinuThere are the following three theories.(BothPrewarIs an old theory)

  • 1) Kese kese is the end and end point, and Moi moi is a cove or bay, assuming the place name "Kesemoi".Southernmost portThe theory that it means.(Casted by Kikusaburo Kanano, who was the superintendent of education in the Kesen district before the war)
  • 2) The original language assumed is "Kesemoi", which is the same as above, but the meaning is different.Quiet seaThe theory that it is.

Japanese theory

The theory is that "Kese" in the former Kesen District is followed by "Ma".Kesennuma belonged to Motoyoshi-gun, but Motoyoshi-gun at the earliest 1153, At the latest 1189With the southern half of Kesen DistrictMonou DistrictIt was established by dividing the northern part of Kesennuma, and the theory that Kesennuma belonged to Kesen-gun before that, and Kesennuma was built only in the northern part of Monou-gun without including Kesen-gun, and before that, Kesennuma was in Monou-gun. There is a theory that it belonged to.

  • Etymology of Kese(Same as the etymology of the place name in Kesen District)
1)Old languageThe sticks and stakes that keep the ship tied to the shoreskeinThe theory is that it is called "Kashi" and the accent of "Kase".
2) Kese is "carrying a shaving" and is rockyRias coastThe theory that it is.
3)Kaido entranceMeaningChinese languageThen, "Kesen"Japanese alphabetThe theory that it was written in.
  • Interpretation of Kese + Ma
1) Kese + "ma" theory.Ma means "place" such as soil room, living room, and living room.Ibarakiof"KashimaThe place nameWharfThe etymology is "Kasema" which means "Kasema", and Kesennuma and Kesennuma are also the etymology of "Kasema" in Ibaraki prefecture.
2) Maesetsu + "previous" theory.Before Motoyoshi-gun was established, when it was still in Kesen-gun, this place was at the southern end of Kesen-gun, so it means the entrance to Kesen.Kesen-mae / Kesen-maeThe theory is that the misreading of "Kesennomae" became Kesennuma.In this case, the reading of "Kizemae-go" in "Wamyō Ruijushō" may have been read as "Kese-no-kuchi-go" at first, and then "Kese-mae-go" or "Kemae-go" from the beginning. It may have been "town".There is a theory that Motoyoshi-gun is a combination of the southern part of Kesen-gun and the northern part of Monou-gun, and that it was built only in the northern part of Monou-gun without including Kesen-gun. If the latter theory is correct, "Kesen-go" is irrelevant. Becomes(However, the small place names Kese or Kesema are scattered in the north and south of Kesennuma across the border of Kesen-gun, so this theory does not hold even if "Kesennago" is not relevant.).
3) Kese + "true" theory.The ma of Kesema is "true", which means genuine, and "Kese(Kesen)In the middle ofOr "Kese in Kese".


Chief Events

  • July 1953, 28-Established the first city emblem[9].
  • 1997(9) April 5- IwateIchinosekiとFriendship cityAlliance.
  • March 2006, 18 --The second generation city emblem (current) was established due to the new merger with Karakuwa Town.[10].
  • 2010(22) April 9- TokyoMeguroConcluded a friendship city agreement with#).
  • 2011(23) March 3-Damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake.


Successive mayors
  • First generation --Seisaburo Miyai (former mayor of Kesennuma)
  • 2nd generation-Zenbei Hirono
  • 3s- Masaru Sugawara <p>2019<p>
  • 4s- Nobuo Onodera 1993 - 1997
  • 5s- Noboru Suzuki 1997-2006 (Continued Mayor of Kesennuma)
After the Heisei merger
1Noboru Suzuki2006 year (Heisei 18 year)2010 year (Heisei 22 year)
2Shigeru Sugawara2010 year (Heisei 22 year) 4 month 30 dayIncumbent
City hall
  • Main Government Building, Second Government Building: 1-1-XNUMX, Yokamachi
  • Wang Ten Government Building: 1-10-XNUMX Yokamachi
  • Karakuwa General Branch: 181-1 Baba, Karakuwacho
  • Motoyoshi General Branch: 10 Tsuya Tateoka, Motoyoshi-cho
  • Hamanasu no Yakata: 136 Tsuya Shinmeito, Motoyoshicho

City declaration

Both have already been declared in the former Kesennuma City, but after the establishment of the new city 2006(18) The following declaration was made again on September 9th.

Sister city/friendship city

魚 のSaury(Kesennuma is a major production area, and Meguro-ku, Tokyo isRakugoPerformance ofpacific saury of Meguro』Depending on the origin) 2010(22) On September 9, a friendship city agreement was signed, and the "Meguro pacific saury Festival" was held as a signing ceremony.

Economic and industrial

Fishery:-Fishing industryとTourismIs the center.After the Great East Japan Earthquake,Almost daily itoi newspaperEstablished a branch office[11],Itoi ShigesatoWith the advice ofsweaterManufacturing company is started[12] New movements can be seen.

Fisheries and fisheries

Tuna,Skipjack,SauryIs one of the leading in JapanLandingBoasts high.Shark's finIt is also famous as a production area for (shark fin) and has the largest amount of landing in Japan.A fishery processing complex is developed in the city center.Oyster,Scallop OfAquacultureBut it is known.

Fishing port


Commerce / Tourism

In retail, someShopping districtWhen,Aeon Kesennuma store[13] Large store likeSuburban storeThere is.

The urban area near the coast, including the stores, was severely damaged by the tsunami caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake.Commercial facilities and a reconstruction shopping district (see below) have been newly developed to restore retail and eating and drinking functions for local residents and to attract tourists from outside the city.In the former, in December 2011, "Kesennuma Sakana Station"[14] However, in 2014, "Kesennuma Umi no Ichi" (in addition to stores)Shark Museum,Ice aquariumConsists of)[15] However, in November 2017, "Minamimachi Murasakijinjamae Shopping Street" was opened.[16][17], "Welcome" to the inner bay area in 2018[18] Opened.

Temporary commercial facility after the earthquake

Reconstruction stand village / reconstruction shopping street

Due to the Great East Japan Earthquake, 7% of restaurants in Kesennuma City lost their stores due to the tsunami.[19]..In Kesennuma City, temporary store complex facilities for restaurants affected by the disaster were set up in various parts of the city, and activities were being carried out to resume business.[20]..The food stall village was closed on March 2017, 3[21].

Minamimachi Purple Market / Kesennuma Reconstruction Shopping Street

He operated a shopping district in the Minamimachi district of Kesennuma city.From the words of Irohanihohechi, there were buildings from Ikan to Chikan.The main ones are the ideal industry / limited express sushi in the building I, the pork cutlet Katsuko in the building Ro, the yakiniku beef bee in the building Ha, the Fukukenro in the building 2017, the Asahi sushi in the building Ho, the croquette shop fried in the building He, and the croquette shop in Tokan. There was Kubota Sports in Akindo Sushiro. Closed in April 4, the store reopened in the aforementioned "Minamimachi Murasakijinjamae Shopping Street"[17].

Shark town Kesennuma

As mentioned above, shark fin production and processed into itsharkBecause there are many landings, it is called "Shark Town Kesennuma"Regional revitalizationWorking on[22]..In addition to processing as food and exhibiting at the aquarium, there is also a store specializing in shark skin products.[23].

再生 可能 エネルギー

Biomass power generationな ど再生 可能 エネルギー"Kesennuma Green Energy" was established with the investment of the city and a private company, and started supplying electricity in October 2019.[24].


post office

  • Kesennuma Post Office(Collection and delivery station)
  • Tsuya Post Office (Collection and Delivery Office)
  • Otani Post Office (Collection and Delivery Office)
  • Kesennuma Tanakamae Post Office
  • Kesennuma Kujo Post Office
  • Kesennuma Furumachi Post Office
  • Matsuiwa Post Office
  • Rikuzen Hashikami Post Office
  • Magome Post Office
  • Koharagi Post Office
  • Karakuwa Post Office
  • Oshima Post Office
  • Kesennuma Uoichibamae Post Office (closed)
  • Kesennuma Shishiori Post Office
  • Kesennuma Minamimachi Post Office
  • Rikuzen-Koizumi Post Office

Simple post office

  • Nakai Simple Post Office
  • Higashinakasai Post Office
  • Shinjo Post Office
  • Maegi Post Office
  • Monthly simple post office
  • Oura Post Office



Population distribution by age in Kesennuma City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Kesennuma City (2005)
■Purple-Kesennuma City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Kesennuma City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan
  • 2000CensusbyKesennuma metropolitan areaHas a population of about 9 million.
  • As of the end of December 27 by "Public Relations Kesennuma", the population is 2015.
  • Looking at the population increase / decrease from the previous survey from the 27 census, it decreased by 11.57% to 64,988, and the rate of increase / decrease was 35st among 31 municipalities in the prefecture. 40th out of 36 administrative districts.


ESD (Education for sustainable development) Is actively incorporated into school education, and all elementary and junior high schools and Kesennuma High SchoolUnesco schoolIs a member of[25].

high school

Junior high school

Kesennuma Junior High School, Matsuiwa Junior High School, Matsuiwa Elementary SchoolMinistry of education"Academic Achievement Frontier" promoted by[26] It is a designated school ().

  • Kesennuma City Omose Junior High School
  • Kesennuma City New Moon Junior High School
  • Kesennuma City Upstairs Junior High School
  • Kesennuma City Oshima Junior High School

primary school

  • Kesennuma City Kesennuma Elementary School
  • Kesennuma City Kujo Elementary School
  • Kesennuma City Shikaori Elementary School
  • Kesennuma Matsuiwa Elementary School
  • Kesennuma City Mizunashi Elementary School
  • Kesennuma City Omose Elementary School
  • Kesennuma City Shinshiro Elementary School
  • Kesennuma City Moon Elementary School
  • Kesennuma City Upstairs Elementary School
  • Kesennuma City Oshima Elementary School
  • Kesennuma City Karakuwa Elementary School
  • Kesennuma Municipal Nakai Elementary School
  • Kesennuma City Oharagi Elementary School
  • Kesennuma City Tsuya Elementary School
  • Kesennuma City Koizumi Elementary School
  • Kesennuma City Otani Elementary School

Special school

Vocational school

  • Miyagi Prefectural Kesennuma College of Technology
  • Kesennuma City Hospital Nursing College



* Next stationNiitsuki stationThe station name is derived from the place name of Kesennuma City, but the location of the station isIwateIchinosekiMurone-cho.
After the Great East Japan Earthquake, business is closed except for Kesennuma Station.Bus rapid transit systemOperates on (BRT).


Express Bus

Transit Bus

  • Iwate Prefecture Transportation
    • Limited Express Ofunato-Ichinoseki Line: In front of Ichinoseki Station-To Kesennuma via Usuginu and Senmaya.
    • Ichinoseki-Senmaya / Kesennuma Line: In front of Ichinoseki Station-To Kesennuma via Usuginu / Senmaya.
  • Miyakobus
    • Osawa Line, Matsuiwa Line, Shikaori Line, New Moon Line,(I.e.Line, Kujo Line, Misaki Line, Sanriku Line, Motoyoshi Kawauchi Line, Motoyoshi Nairiku Line
  • Kesennuma High Taku
    • City central circulation line
  • Shared taxi 
    • Kamihiro Ichi Line, Kanarizawa Line, Haneda Line, Motoyoshi Sanriku Line

Bus Rapid Transit System (BRT)



High standard highway

High-standard trunk roads designated by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (motorways for general national roads)

General national road

Prefectural road

Main local road
General prefectural road


  • Oshima Kisen
    • Pleasure boat: Kesennuma (Sightseeing Boat Pier) --Pleasure boats cruising in Kesennuma Bay are operated seasonally.
    * In the past, Kesennuma (tourist boat pier), Oshima (Sotohama),唐桑There was a Karakuwa route connecting (Sushidate, Kosaba), but due to a decrease in the number of users, etc. 2007Abolished in (19).Kesennuma (Sightseeing Boat Pier) --The Oshima route connecting Oshima (Uranohama) isKesennuma Oshima OhashiWith the opening of the service, the service was terminated or abolished on April 2019, 4.

Sightseeing spots and festivals




  • Tokusen Jo Azalea Festival
  • Kesennuma Minato Festival: Held on the first Sunday of August and the day before, on the sea road, inner bay, etc.
  • Koizumigawa Summer Festival
  • Kesennuma Sanma Festival: Held on the 9rd Sunday of September at the Seafarers' Rest Square (Morning Market Square).
  • Kesennuma Sanma Festival: A music event that started with the saury festival. Held from 2012 to early 10th.
  • Rice Festival: Held on the second Sunday of October at Kesennuma Citizen's Forest.
  • Kesennuma Local Industry Festival: 10th Saturday and Sunday of October at the Kesennuma Fish Market.
  • Motoyoshi Town Industry Festival
  • Kesennuma Citizens'Cultural Festival: Held at Kesennuma Citizens' Hall, Central Public Hall, etc. from mid-October to early November.
  • Tatsuganesan Stone Statue Park Festival
  • Otani Seaside Festa
  • SunfishsambaConvention
  • Kesennuma Mayor's CupsurfingContests
  • Haneda Mountains:Old calendarAugust 8th and 15th, 16 (Heisei 2000) December 12th,Country OfImportant intangible folk cultural propertiesDesignation.
  • Waseya deer dance
  • New cityRice planting dance
  • Ichida planting dance
  • (I.e.Daimyo procession: City designationIntangible cultural property.

Native celebrity

Member of Parliament

Local council

Research / education






Person with connection

Other related events

  • "Hoya Boya"City tourism PR character.Local character,Yuru Chara.
  • "Ambassador Minato KesennumaPeople from the city and people with connections are appointed.Former "Ambassador Rias Sanriku Kesennuma".

Disaster prevention radio music

In Kesennumadisaster1 times a day (4, 6, 12, 18:21) to check the equipment in preparation forDisaster prevention radioSounds.

"Summer does not come''æµ·"Hamarainya" and others


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