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🚁 | Kumamoto Prefecture and the Prefectural Drone Industry Promotion Council conclude a partnership agreement [Kumamoto]


Kumamoto Prefecture and the Prefectural Drone Industry Promotion Council conclude a partnership agreement [Kumamoto]

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The council took a picture of the damage to Tsuetate Onsen in Oguni Town, which was commissioned by the prefecture during the heavy rain in July, with a drone.

On the XNUMXth, the prefecture and the prefectural drone industry promotion council signed an agreement to work together on the utilization of drones in the event of a disaster and human resource development. → Continue reading

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"TV Kumamoto" (Fuji TV affiliate) news account. We will send you the latest news about Kumamoto.

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Shikade Onsen

Shikade Onsen(Tsuetate Kanko) isKumamotoAso-gunOguni machi(Old countryHigo country)It is inSpa..Part of the hot spring townOitaHita CityThere are also accommodation facilities that straddle both prefectures.

Spring quality

  • Chloride spring

The spring temperature is about 100 ° C.

Hot spring town

A large inn or a small inn in a narrow valley along the valley,Hot springThere are 19 various inns such as inns for customers.

Is published in the hot spring town.

Communal bathThere are 5 houses.Motoyu, Yakushiyu, Gozenyu, Ryusenyu, and No. XNUMX natural bath.Also,Foot bathThere is also a park with.

In addition, the area around this hot springYaba Mita Hikosan National Monumentinclude.


Open hot water legendaccording to,Emperor OshinSince it is said to have been used as a hot spring in Japan, it has a history of about 1800 years.It is said that the source used at that time came from the area of ​​the current communal bath Motoyu.However, the current Motoyu is not a hot spring in the bathtub, but a hot spring drawn from another source.

The place name of Tsuetate is, according to one theory, that a person who came with the help of a cane regains his health by hot springs and does not need a cane when he returns.Kobo DaishiIt is said that it was named after the origin of (that is, it is effective).

The following tanka is the origin of the hot spring name.

People who go home after taking a bath and getting sick — Kobo Daishi

Edo Period TheKumamoto DomainThe Gozenyu was placed.Currently, it is a communal bath Gozenyu.

Meiji EraLaterNoguchi UjoCultural people such as also visited.

After the war28 West Japan FloodAlthough the inn was damaged by the disaster, it was reconstructed and "KyushuBack roomIt prospered as an entertainment district hot spring.After that, due to changes in the tastes of hot spring customers, in contrast to the nearby Kurokawa hot springs, which were in the limelight, they tended to decline.However, in recent years, community development activities that take advantage of the characteristics of hot springs, historical origins, strolling around the streets called back door shops, and steam baths have become popular.

Carp streamer festival

As a May tradition, cross the river and form a flockCarp streamerThere are many events all over the country where you can swim, and the birthplace of this is Tsuetate Onsen.4/1から5/6Continue until[1]This event, called the "Koinobori Festival," began around 55, and at the beginning it was a small number of 40, but now 3000 to 3500 are listed to swim in the Tsuetate River, and tourists from all over the country. Visits.After the carp streamer festival, the Tsuetate Onsen Festival will be held for two days on May 5th and 27th, and at night, a play by Tsuetate's youth will be held on a special stage in the hot spring town for two days.This history is old, and the origin is said to date back to the Meiji era.In the past, it was a hot spring town and it was very busy, but in recent years it has only been a night play.And there is a legend in Tsuetate that a long time ago, a dragon (dragon god) rampaged.

Directions and Parking

by car
By train or bus

Please note the time as the number of bus routes listed below is very small.

KurokawaTake the highway bus to Tsuetate and get off at "Tsuetate" on the way. (Details)
From the Hita Bus Center in front of the stationHita BusTake the bus bound for Tsuetate and get off at the last stop, Tsuetate.
From the bus stop in front of the stationSanko BusTake the bus bound for Tsuetate and get off at the last stop, Tsuetate.
By Airplane
  • Kumamoto AirportArrived at, and from the bus stop, the limited express bus for Oita "YamabikoAnd get off at Aso station.After that, change to the Sanko Bus bound for Tsuetate and get off at the last stop, Tsuetate.
  • Fukuoka AirportArrive at, take the highway bus bound for Kurokawa from the bus stop, and get off at "Tsuetate" on the way.


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  1. ^ "Caneobori Festival”(Japanese). Shikade Onsen (September 2015, 5). 2019/8/22Browse.

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