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Wild chrysanthemum, thistle and cat

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Small crickets climb the rice husks,
It's like slipping, and it comes back like an antlion.

"It's Clara! Nyano." Always with Serena ♪ (= ^ v ^ =) Serena sees the fallen leaves of zelkova.The back of the head, one ... → Continue reading

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Antlion(Thin wing wing)Red-eyed Gecko(Pulse)Antlion family Of Myrmeleontidae昆虫Generic term, or one of themAntlion Hagenomyia micans Refers to MacLachlan.

Antlion family

Antlion family is "MayflyAlthough it is namedMayfly eyesIs an insect far from the world.However, in general, the distinction is not so important.So-called"AntlionAlthough it is famous as the name of the adult antlion, not all species of this family have passed through antlion.egg→Larva→pupa→AdultTo sayComplete transformationIt is an insect that does.

AppearanceDragonflyVery similar to, slender body, round head and slenderwinghave.However, when you stop, fold your wings on your back, and your head is small.Compound eyeIs not so huge,AntennaeAlthough it is short, it can be distinguished by its thickness.Also, because it is called "Mayfly", its way of flying seems to flutter, and it is not as good as a dragonfly.Because the antennae are shortAscalaphidaeCan be distinguished from.

Depending on the regionGokuraku Tombo,God dragonflyThere are various common names such as.


Part of this groupLarva TheAntlion (Antlion)It is called, and a mortar-like dent is made in the free-flowing sandy area under the eaves where wind and rain can be avoided.ArthropodToBig jawIt is famous for pouring sand on it and slipping it down into the center of the mortar.Digestive juice is injected into the captured prey, the body tissue is decomposed, and then the juice is sucked from the mouth organ.This regurgitation fluid is toxic to the prey, and the prey turns black and dies as if infected with an insect pathogen.The toxic substance is in a symbiotic relationship with the antlionEnterobacter aerogenesIt is derived from.Many insect pathogens coexist in the sac of living antlion, and the insecticidal activity is that of puffer fish venom.tetrodotoxinIt is said to be 130 times that of. 

Remains after suckingExoskeletonAgainBig jawThrow it out of the mortar using.Antlions are resistant to hunger and thirst and survive for more than a month without eating and shrinking.

Antlions can only move backwards, but when they are first-instar larvae, they move forward and catch their own food.Also, the antlionanusCloseshitWhen it emerges as an adult, it collects feces between the larvae.When pupae become pupae, they form round cocoons in the soil.After emergence, it shows carnivorous eating habits as in the case of larvae.[1]..In the past, there was a theory that adult antlion species live by ingesting only water, but some species such as antlion have been found to be carnivorous.[2]..Adults, like larvae, have the ability to break down body tissue by injecting digestive juices.Adults of the antlion are not as short-lived as the adults of the mayfly and live for 2-3 weeks after emergence.

It was generally accepted that antlion did not excrete not only feces but also urine until the time of emergence, but it was reported that this was overturned in 2010.[3][4]..According to media reportsChibaSodegauraA fourth grader living in elementary school discovered that a yellow liquid came out from the butt of an antlion and reported it to the Japan Insect Association. In 4, a researcher investigated that "it does not excrete feces but urinates" and published a paper on the components of urine.[5]In recognition of the fact that elementary school students discovered the physiological ecology of insects that many people did not try to confirm for many years, the association awarded the "Summer Vacation Insect Research Award".


  • Myrmeleon Myrmeleon
    • Myrmeleon
    • Crocodile antlion
    • Hamabeus Antlion
    • Minami Hamabeus Antlion
  • Antlion genus Hagenomyia
    • Antlion Hagenomyia micans MacLachlan, 1875
  • Antlion genus Epacanthaclisis
    • Moiwaus antlion E. moiwana Okamoto, 1905
  • Antlion genus Heoclisis
    • Antlion
  • Madaraus antlion Dendroleon
    • Cod antlion
  • Antlion genus Distoleon
    • Antlion
    • Kokasurius antlion
    • Ryukyu Kasurius Antlion
    • Yaeya Mouse Antlion
    • Ogasawara antlion
  • Antlion genus Glenuroides
    • Antlion G. japonicus MacLachlan, 1867
    • Ryukyu Hoshius antlion G. okinawensis Okamoto, 1910
  • Antlion genus Pseudoformicaleo
    • Antlion P. jacobsoni van der Weele, 1909


Antlion(Hagenomyia micans MacLachlan) is a species of the genus Antlion.The length of the front wing is about 1 cm, the head is glossy black, the dorsal side of the chest is black and the ventral side is yellow, and the raised occipital central junction is depressed and yellow.Antennae are black.The wings are transparent, thin and slightly wide, and the pterostigma is yellowish white.The wing veins are tan to brown.

The kanji notation for Antlion is "Mayfly Mayfly"In Although,Morio KitaIn "Dokutoru Mambo Insects",Thin idiotI guessed.


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