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🐈 | Losing the predecessor cat to pet loss ... Meet a beautiful calico cat at a transfer party and take a new step

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Losing the predecessor cat to pet loss ... Meet a beautiful calico cat at a transfer party and take a new step

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In early December 2016, the calico cat was officially transferred after a one-week trial period.

Since I lost my beloved cat Mack, who lived with me for almost 2015 years in 21, I haven't been able to welcome the next cat ... → Continue reading

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Calico cat

Calico cat(Mikeneko) has three colored hairs.CatIs the general term for. simplySan MaoAlso called (Mike). Calico in English (British: calico) Called.


Typicallywhite-Brown-black3 colors of short hairJapanese cat.. White, brown and dark brown ones are "Pheasant Sange",Striped pattern(Tabby) Is sometimes referred to as "striped calico cat".

Due to the characteristics of cat genes, most of them areFemaleAndmaleRarely appears.In addition, even males often do not have reproductive function, so there is also the idea that they are not males.[1].for that reason,Sex-linked inheritanceAs a specific example of, it is often dealt with in genetics textbooks.[Source required]

It is a cat that is not rare in Japan, but it is relatively rare outside Japan.British: calico), or Tortie and White (British: tortie and white) Called. French style tricolor (Buddha: tricolor), Or tri-color (British: tricolor,Rice: tricolor) May be called.However, the English tri-color isRusted cat(Tortus shell <British: tortoiseshell> Or abbreviated torty <British: tortie>), And the "true" tri-color is a cat that has all three colors of red (brown, orange), white, and black, or red-black "diluted", but the white part is Very few, including cases that look like two colors[2].Western Europe,North AmericaThen,Japanese BobtailIs "Mike"(Mi-ke) Is prized for its nickname[3].

Genetic traits and gender

As a general rule, calico cats become female[4].. This determines the coat color of the catgene X chromosomeThis is due to The genes that determine spots (white spots) and black areAutosomalExists above, but determines orange (brown)OOnly the gene exists on the X chromosome,Sex-linked inheritanceTo do.Therefore, calico cats are bornOGene conflictoWith genesHeterozygousIt becomes when. this ismammalianThen, one of the two X chromosomes is randomlyEmbryo developmentIn the early days ofInactivationBy doing so, the coat color becomes orange (OThis is because the gene is divided into (expression) part and another color.

On the other hand, there are male calico cats. The reason why a male calico cat is born isKleinfelter syndromeと 呼 ば れ るChromosomal abnormality(XXY ridge due to excess X chromosome)モ ザ イ クIn case of, and by gene transferOGeneY chromosomeIt was time to transfer to. Birth rate in males with Kleinfelter syndrome is 3 in 1[5].

In the case of chromosomal abnormalities, it usually has no fertility, but in the case of mosaics and gene transfer, it may have fertility.A male calico cat with fertility 1979ToUKと 1984ToオーストラリアIn addition to the one confirmed in 2001Also confirmed in Japan. The drama that was made into a movieCat taxi"Misuke" who appeared in the movie is a male calico cat with fertility.Even if a fertile male calico cat is mated, the probability that a male calico kitten will be born does not change, and the possibility is very small.

When a male calico cat is put on the shipDistressThere is a legend that I will not. It was believed that if a cat makes noise, it becomes syche, and if it sleeps, the weather is calm.[4].. Good luckBeckoning catIn, the calico cat is often modeled.Edo PeriodThere is also a theory that they were trading at high prices, but the actual transaction case is unknown. Japan's firstAntarctic research teamHowever, a male calico cat was once given by a civilian because it was unusual and auspicious.This calico cat was the captain of the observation team at that time.Takeshi NagataWas named after Takeshi,Showa baseAs a pet inside, I overwintered in Antarctica with the members. However, after returning to Japan from Antarctica, Takeshi was taken by one of the members but soon escaped from the member's house and disappeared. Since cats were originally strong animals, Takeshi probably said he was going to return to his former home, Syowa Station (the 1991 Adoption of the Antarctic Treaty on Environmental Protection was adopted). Since then, all animals are prohibited from traveling to Antarctica).


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