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🧑🏻‍💻 TechAcademy | Python re module subfunction explained by an active engineer [for beginners]

An active engineer explains the sub function of the Python re module [for beginners]

A mentor (active engineer) of TechAcademy will explain the sub function of Python's re module for beginners using actual code.

If you are not familiar with Python, explain what Python is.Read the article for a better understanding.


In addition, this article is an online boot camp of Tech Academy,Python courseIt is introduced based on the contents of.



table of contents

  1. What is a re module?
  2. How to use the sub function
  3. Let's actually write
  4. Summary


What is a re module?

The re module is a "standard module provided by Python for working with regular expressions".

Regular expressions are very convenient because you can handle strings of any pattern.Regular expressions are essential knowledge for engineers.


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