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🐈 | Looking for a dog walker! Salary £ 3


ドッグ・ウォーカー求む! 給与は3万ポンド

If you write the contents roughly

If you like dogs, big bucks can come in, the "Metro" newspaper said.According to the newspaper, b ... → Continue reading

 British news digest

The UK News Digest is a Japanese free paper for Japanese living in Britain, which was first published in 1985. It is full of attractive contents such as local news, vacancies, events, information on popular restaurants and shops, useful for both long-term and short-term visitors and tourists.

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Working hours

Working hoursWhat is (kinmujikan)?Civil servantIs the time during which a regular employee of the company must engage in his or her duties.WorkerStipulatesLabor Standards ActSay inworking timeIs basically the same as the working hours specified by the Labor Standards Act.

government official

government officialFor working hours ofLaw concerning working hours and leave of general staff(Law No. 20 of December 12, 26).

Allotment of weekly holidays and working hours

Article 6 Sundayas well as the SaturdayIs a weekly holiday (meaning a day on which work hours are not allocated). However, in addition to these days, the heads of each ministry,MondayからFridayWeekdays can be set for up to 5 days.

2 The heads of each ministry and agency shall allocate 1 hours and 7 minutes of working time per day for five days from Monday to Friday. However, for the short-duration staff for reappointment, the working hours shall be allocated within the range of not exceeding 45 hours 1 minutes per day for the period of each week.
3 The heads of ministries and agencies should allocate the working hours of officials, who are engaged in the work related to testing and research, and are determined by the rules of the National Personnel Authority, by taking into account the employees' declarations regarding the start and end times of work. If it is found that it will contribute to the improvement ofHR rulesAccording to the provisions of, the employee's working hours can be allocated so that, after the employee's declaration, the working hours provided for in each four-week period are the same as those prescribed in the preceding article.

Special cases of working hours for seafarers

Article 11 The heads of ministries and agenciesShipAbout staff (excluding short-time staff for reappointment)National Personnel Authorityと協議して、第5条第1項に規定する勤務時間を1週間当たり1時間15分を超えない範囲内において延長することができる。この場合における第6条第2項本文及び第3項並びに第7条第2項の規定の適用については、第6条第2項本文中「7時間45分」とあるのは「8時間に第11条の規定により延長した時間の5分の1を超えない範囲内において各省各庁の長が定める時間を加えた時間」と、同条第3項中「前条に規定する勤務時間」とあり、及び第7条第2項中「第5条に規定する勤務時間」とあるのは「第11条の規定により延長された後の勤務時間」と、同項ただし書中「同条に規定する勤務時間」とあるのは「同条の規定により延長された後の勤務時間」とする。

Working at times other than regular working hours

Article 13 The heads of the ministries and agencies are to maintain the equipment, etc. to the staff at times other than the working hours (hereinafter referred to as “regular working hours”) according to the provisions of Article 5 to Article 8 and Article 11 and the preceding article. , It is possible to order the work for the purpose of communication with the outside and the collection of documents and other intermittent work prescribed by the rules of the National Personnel Authority.

(2) The head of each ministry or agency may, in the event of extraordinary or urgent need due to public affairs, order the staff to perform work other than the work listed in the preceding paragraph at times other than regular working hours.

Local civil servant

Local civil servant OfStaff OfSalary, Working hours and othersWorking conditionsabout,OrdinanceDefined by (Local Civil Service Act(Article 24 (6)) Also, in determining working conditions other than the employee's working hours and other staff salaries, the country and otherLocal governmentAppropriate consideration must be given so as not to lose the right and equity with the staff of (Local Public Service Law, Article 24, Paragraph 2).

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