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🐈 | Yuya Tegoshi's way of speaking has changed to "Pooh"! In front of a "new family" ...

Photograph by Yu Ayaga (C) 

Yuya Tegoshi's way of speaking has changed to "Pooh"! In front of a "new family" ...

If you write the contents roughly
The name comes from the character that appears in Tegoshi's favorite game, FINAL FANTASY VII, and is derived from the beautiful woman "Tifa Lockhart" who has a passionate love that "if you are a human, you definitely want to get married."

Former "NEWS" Yuya Tegoshi updated his YouTube channel on November 11th. We welcomed our second dog ... → Continue reading


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Final Fantasy VII

"Final Fantasy VII(FINAL FANTASY VII, abbreviation:FFVII,FF7) IsJapanで 19971/31ToSquare(Current:ニ ッ ク ス ク ウ ェ ア ス · エ) Was released byPlayStationuseRPG.Final fantasy seriesThis is the 7th work in the main series.


The original version of this work is the first PlayStation software in the series, and in 1997, it sold 202 million units in the first week of its release in Japan.[9], The total number of units shipped in Japan reached 328 million (407 million when the other PS versions, the international version and the ultimate hits version, are added).[10]).This is the number of all PlayStation software shipped in Japan.Dragon Quest VII Eden Warriors410 million books, "FINAL FANTASY VIIIIt is the third record in history after 370 million copies, and the second record in the Final Fantasy series work.[11].. Cumulative domestic sales of PS version reached 400 million[4], Recorded the highest sales in the series.In 2009, the total number of shipments worldwide was 980 million, which is the highest record in this series.[10][12].. The total number of PS versions sold has exceeded 1000 million worldwide.[5][6], The first PC version (former English version of 1998) also sold more than 100 million copies[13].


This work isSuper NintendoComical 2D up toDot pictureTurned from the first generationPlay station(3D polygon + still image / video playback) can be used to render each frame on the processor of the game console.polygonBy fusing the model and the 1D image of a high-quality single picture (specific part is a video) rendered over time on a high-performance CG workstation, the immersive feeling is greatly increased, and the later game production method Also had a great influence on[15].

From Square staff, it became clear that the total development cost and marketing cost of this work was about 8000 million dollars (each accounting for half).[13].

The title logo illustration depicts the collision scene between Meteor and the stars that appeared at the end of the game.Since this work, the Japanese version of the box art of the main series has become a white jacket with the title logo (including transplants of past works).Until thenSuper NintendoThe title design of was given the image of a dungeon, so it changed to a simple impression.

On the game system side, the installation of the "Materia System", which has a high degree of freedom in character abilities, is a major feature, and it is deeply related to the world view of this series.

"Final fantasy vi], From this work, it was released with the same title number outside Japan.Until then, outside of Japan, Japan's "FFIV" was released as "FFII" and "FFVI" as "FFIII", so "FFVII" suddenly appeared with "FFIV" to "FFVI" missing. This caused confusion among fans of the FF series outside Japan.This deviation in numbers was resolved when past works before "FFVI" were later ported to the PlayStation version in Europe and the United States, and all were corrected to the same title numbers as in Japan.

Even as of the end of January 20, 2017 years after its release, this work is still very popular and is supported by deep-rooted fans. Many CG movies and biographical worksSpin-offThe work has been announced (Later).

In October 2015PlayStation 4The production of a full remake version for the company was announced, and the first work was released on April 2020, 4.The main staff will be Tetsuya Nomura (Director), Kazushige Nojima (Scenario), and Yoshinori Kitase (Producer) who were also involved in the original version.[16].


First PSReleased during the popularization period of the field, the field is in advancerenderingWas doneCGイ ラ ス ト レ ー シ ョ ンWith a still image of3DThe character is moving.Super NintendoWhile the video expression has improved from the previous work released in, the old workSpriteIt has been pointed out that the doorway, the position of the player, and the triggers for generating events (switches and levers for opening the door, ladders, etc.) are more difficult to understand than in a simple field using.FINAL FANTASY VII INTERNATIONAL], Measures were taken to display an arrow on the screen.The style of unraveling these hidden mysteriesRPGIt can be said that the real thrill of this is that many strategy books were sold.

combatThe screen and world map are 3D for both characters and background,MENUThe basic parts such as the music of the battle scene and the music of the battle scene follow the past works.

In addition, pre-render movies are played in many important scenes.By matching the beginning of the movie scene with the field map, there are scenes that take a method of smoothly linking the game screen and the movie, and in some scenes, the character can be moved even during movie playback.

In this work, the head and body of the character are different depending on the scene.The characters that can be operated by the player are always three heads, and are drawn with modeling reminiscent of the dot picture characters of the old series, but they are drawn life-size during battle and in some movies.This work is the only specification that has different heads and bodies depending on the scene, and in the series after this work, the basic life is different for each work, but it has become uniform in almost all scenes.

Also used for 3D modelsテ ク ス チ ャIs extremely simple, basically only the character's face is drawn except for some parts, and the character with three heads does not have a mouth description.Hair and clothes are expressed by connecting monochromatic parts that are nopperi, and scaled monsters such as fish and dragons are not drawn with scales.In the later 3D FF work, not only the face but also clothes, weapons, and the body of the enemy character are finely drawn textures.

Equipment system

In this work, the equipment system is significantly different from the old series.

Weapons and armor

Unlike the traditional series, which used to wear a helmet, armor, and shield, the only items that can be equipped in this work are "weapons," "armor (bracelets)," and "accessories."In addition, the equipment system of the weapon is specialized for each character.

Among them, there are up to 8 "material holes" in "weapons" and "armor", and these holes will be described later.MateriaUsed during battle by wearing a spherical item calledcommandIncreases or the ability value fluctuates.Ability to equip with materiaabilityCalled.The number of holes is fixed by the type of item and will not increase or decrease in any way.

Also, like the old work, there is a concept of attackable distance depending on the weapon.For example, in the case of approaching weapons, it is not possible to attack flying enemies or enemies far away, and one against enemies who are said to be in the back row even within the movable range. Power drops with the exception of the department.Conversely, most weapons capable of long-range attacks, such as guns and shurikens, do not diminish in power when lined up in the back row of a party (although their original power tends to be lower than approach weapons. is there).The types of weapons that can be equipped for each character are determined, but armor and accessories are almost completely compatible with all characters.As an exception, the armor escort guard and Minerva Breath can only be equipped by men and women, respectively.

Materia system

The holes in the armor may be single or two holes may be connected. In the case of two connected holes (connecting holes), in addition to attaching two normal materia and obtaining the effect independently from each materia,Support materiaBy attaching a materia called "Materia" and a normal materia as a pair, it is possible for the paired materia to obtain additional effects, and to attach attributes and status changes to attacks and defenses.An example is given below.

  • "Kaifuku"(Recovery) Materia and"Is it all(Generalization) Equipped with materia as a setとRecovery magic "Kearl" etc. can be applied to all parties.
  • "Fire"(Flame) Materia and"Zokusei(Attribute) Set materia and equip it to armorとGains resistance to fire attributes(The degree of resistance depends on the level of "Zokusei" materia).Attaching this combination to a weapon will add a fire attribute to the attack.

Materia grows with the Ability Points (AP) that can be obtained when an enemy is defeated. When the AP reaches a certain value determined for each materia, you can level up and acquire new abilities, and when the level reaches MAX, the same materia will "blur" in the state of AP0 and you will get a new one (material in the work) Is described as "born").Therefore, it is possible to increase the material infinitely.In addition, some weapons and armor change the growth rate of AP (both weapons and armor have 0-2 times, and cloud and sid have 3 times as many weapons).

Also, the size of the materia is drawn as a tennis ball size in the event scene of this work, but the white materia isMarbleIt is drawn large. Since "FINAL FANTASY VII ADVENT CHILDREN", it has been unified as a tennis ball.


It is a feature of the seriesATB(Active Time Battle) has been taken over.In addition to the TIME gauge that indicates the waiting time, there are a LIMIT gauge and a BARRIER gauge.

The LIMIT gauge accumulates when it is damaged by an enemy attack, and when it reaches the maximum, it consumes it.characterYou can use limit techniques that have various effects for each.There are limits from level 1 to level 4 (Ket Sea is level 2), and there are two tricks for each level except level 4 (Ket Sea and Vincent are one for each level).Each character increases the maximum limit level according to the number of defeated enemies (decided the last blow) (up to 2), and all characters except Ket Sea and Vincent use the limit technique of each level. Learn another limit technique at that level.Level 1 techniques are called ultimate limit techniques, and to master them, you need to not only master all limit techniques up to level 3, but also obtain a "secret book" that exists somewhere in the world.The accumulation rate of the gauge decreases as the set limit level increases, and it is difficult for the gauge to accumulate.Also, the limit level can be set on the menu screen, and it is not always necessary to use a high level limit technique.

The prototype of the limit technique first appeared in "FINAL FANTASY VI", but the LIMIT gauge is displayed from this work.Limit techniques have also appeared in different forms in "IX", "X", and "XI" such as trance, overdrive, and weapon skills.

The BARRIER gauge represents the remaining time in the magic "barrier" and "mavaria", the former has the effect of increasing the physical defense power, and the latter has the effect of increasing the magic defense power (while it is effective, the corresponding type of damage is halved).Both of these magics have existed as Protes and Shell for a long time, but in this work, the duration of the effect is displayed with these two.

Mini games

A lot of this workMini gamesIs prepared.ノ ノ ー ボ ーGames andsubmarineSome games, such as games, are forced to be played in the main story, but most of them can be played at any time at a large leisure spot called "Gold Saucer", which has various play facilities.

Below is a list of mini games.The places in parentheses indicate where you can play.

Condor Fort Combat (Condor Fort)
real time-simulationbattle..There are 7 levels in total, but if you clear all of them, you will not be able to play in the end.
Arm Wrestling Mega Zumou (Gold Saucer)
Hit the button repeatedlyArm wrestlinggame. You can choose from two stages, "Sumo" and "Wrestler".
バ ス ケ ッ トGame (Gold Saucer)
Free throw..If you press the button for a certain period of time and then release it, you will shoot.The time to press this button is quite delicate, but once you get used to it, you can earn points in a short time.
Arena (Gold Saucer)
Winning battle.It actually fights, but only one character can challenge it.Up to 1 consecutive battles, slots for handicap will appear during each battle.The heavier the handicap, the higher the points.
3D Butler (Gold Saucer)
Fighting game.It's like rock-paper-scissors with three types of attacks: upper, middle, and lower.The difficulty level is quite high.
Mog House (Gold Saucer)
While watching a heartwarming storyモグA game that efficiently gives fruit to.After eating the fruit, the reaction shows whether the mog is still insufficient or sufficient, so it can be said that the difficulty level is low.In addition, although it is only once, if you talk to the person standing in front of the game machine after clearing it, you will get 1 GP.
Chocoborace(Gold Saucer)
Expect 6st and 1nd place in a 2-head raceHorse racingA game very similar to.If you have a chocobo, you can also participate.In principle, Cloud rides on the chocobo when he participates, but if Tifa or Sid is at the party, he may say "Occasionally put it on" and participate instead of Cloud.This also applies to the international version described later.
Wonder Catcher (Gold Saucer)
Crane game.
Submarine game (Junon underground <one time only>, gold saucer)
Operate a submarine,torpedoA game that shoots and sinks enemy submarines.
ShootingCoaster (gold saucer)
A shooting game where you ride a coaster and destroy targets that appear one after another with a laser.
Gbike(Midgar Highway <one time only>, gold saucer)
While driving a motorcycleswordA game in which you attack an enemy motorcycle by slashing or ramming it with, and protect your car.Points are evaluated based on the number of enemy motorcycles shot down and the remaining HP of friendly cars. 201410/31Under the name of "Final Fantasy VII G-BIKE"Android-iOSIt has appeared as a new app game for mobile games.
Snowboard game (Icicle Lodge, Gold Saucer)
A game where you slide down on a snowboard while passing through balloons lined up throughout the course.Points are evaluated based on the time when the course is completed and the number of balloons acquired.Also, at the end, grades such as excellent and excellent are displayed. Regarding the time attack of "original" and "international version", there is no difference in the game content and it is done "without distinction", and it has been confirmed that there is no problem even if both are aggregated in common from Square.[17]..A game like a snowboard slalom competition plus a freestyle competition.In North AmericaFinal Fantasy VII SnowboardingIn the name ofmobile phoneuseAppsRemade as a game, even in Japan 200811/10Thani-modeIt is distributed on the website "Final Fantasy Mobile".

Cultivating chocobos

The element introduced for the first time in the series.You can catch wild chocobos that appear with monsters on the world map, feed them (vegetables) to strengthen their abilities, and let them participate in races, or breed them to give birth to children with special abilities.

The special chocobo produced by the coupling has the ability to move in areas that are normally not accessible on the world map.Some materia cannot be obtained without using a special chocobo.

Limit technique


Favorability (back status)

In the story, there are multiple places in the conversation where alternative choices occur, and depending on what you choose (= Cloud's answer) and the actions that Cloud took toward your friends during the battle, etc. Favorability may go up or down.Favorability is a back status that is not displayed on the status screen, and there are some places where this status makes a difference in the lines and actions spoken by friends or the cloud after the middle stage.

This liking system is also used in "X" and so on.

Ported version


199710/2To commemorate the sales of 300 million units in JapanAmerica"Reverse porting of additional parts in the edition"FINAL FANTASY VII INTERNATIONAL(FINAL FANTASY VII INTERNATIONAL) was released in Japan (sold about 64). 200112/20The low-priced version "PS one Books It was re-released as "Final Fantasy VII International". 20094/10"FINAL FANTASY VII INTERNATIONAL"Game archivesIt was started to be delivered as. Limited online sale on December 2012, 12, numbering software from FFI to FFXIII (PS for FFI, FFII, FFIV to FFIX, PSP for FFIII, PS18 for FFX to FFXII, PS2 for FFXIII), and FF3th anniversary CD A special package that includes limited items such as and replicasFinal Fantasy 25th Anniversary Ultimate Box''(FINAL FANTASY 25th ANNIVERSARY ULTIMATE BOX) Was released[19].. Released on December 2018, 12PlayStation ClassicAlso recorded in[20].

In the United StatesWindowsAlsotransplant(The English version of Win was later sold in the form of reimport in Japan).

The main changes in the main part are as follows.

  • Includes additional events and additional movies.
  • In addition to the addition of new materia and items, weapons that existed in the data but were not available are now available.
  • The encounter rate has dropped.
  • Some of the magic of "Ki no Waza" has been weakened.
  • A battle with weapons has been added.
    • "Diamond Weapon" that will be forced to fight, and any "Ruby Weapon" and "Emerald Weapon" will appear in the battle.
  • In response to the voice that the field is difficult to see, we have added a function to mark entrances and exits.
  • A "quick" function has been added to the material replacement screen of the menu, making it possible to exchange between members.Other materials have been tidied up to make it easier to wear.
  • It is possible to take over the save data of the original version (the reverse is not possible).
  • It is no longer possible to defeat the enemy monster "Magic Pot" with just an attack (no damage can be done unless an elixir is given).
  • Snowboard mini-games can now be played on Tifa and Sid.

In addition, the appendix CD-ROM "FINAL FANTASY VII Perfect Guide], You can see information such as maps of each place, and appreciate screenshots and image illustrations under development.

FINAL FANTASY VII International for PC

It is a Japanese version that implements Japanese text and additional functions in what was re-released in Europe and the United States in 2012 as support for Windows XP or later, and the download version was released in Japan on May 2013, 5.Hikari TVSuch,Cloud gamesAlso provided as (G cluster)[21][22].

Besides the real languageBritish-Buddha-alone-WestYou can also play in words.Same as Ultimate Hits versionZERO: B.

The main changes in the main part are as follows.The story itself is the same as the original.

  • Achievement
    • So-called "trophy (achievement)" function.A special icon will be given when you clear a specific action in the game.
  • High resolution support
    • The resolution of the Windows 9x version was 640 x 480,Video cardとdisplaySupports the maximum resolution supported by.Full HD (1920x1080) display is also possible[23].
  • Game booster
    • Equipped with four functions for easy play, such as wanting to enjoy only the story.
5x speed (almost everything including movie events is increased to 5x speed)
No encounter (almost all enemy encounters are gone except for event battles)
Strengthening (HP / MP is automatically restored only during battle, and ATB and limit break gauge are rapidly increased. It is "strengthening", not "invincible")
Parameter MAX (so-called ""Strong and new game".In this work, you can run it anytime, anywhere, but once you use it, you can't undo it.)
Required operating environment
OSWindows Vista / 7/8 (32bit / 64bit) (Japanese version)
CPU2GHz / 1Core
Main memory1024MB or more
Graphic cardDirectX 9.0c compatible card
Sound cardBuilt-in sound chip
Communication environmentInternet connection required for authentication procedure
DirectXDirectX 9.0c
Free hard disk space (including during installation)3.0GB or more

The operation will be done with the keyboard or joystick.The joystick can be operated close to the PS version by using a USB pad or a converter that makes the PlayStation controller available.

Joystick operation-Initial settings used like the PlayStation version
NamePS pad assignmentNamePS pad assignment
MENU△Previous pageL1
上↑next pageR1

Prior to the full remake version, based on "Final Fantasy VII International for PC" ("International for PC" was deleted from the title)PlayStation 4Version[24]From December 2015, 12, iOS version from August 6, 2015, Android version from July 8, 20[25],Nintendo SwitchEdition,Xbox OneThe version has been downloaded and distributed from March 2019, 3.[3].


The Final Fantasy series had the principle of completing one work, 2003ToFinal fantasy xSequel toFINAL FANTASY X-2] Was released, the policy was changed, and sequels and gaiden works of this work have been announced one after another.These works are collectively called "COMPILATION of FINAL FANTASY VII".Settings that were not in the original have been added or changed.In addition, eachThe alphabetOf the title byInitialsIf you take, Advent Children (AC), Before Crisis (BC), Crisis Core (CC), Dirge of Cerberus (DC), and you can find a certain rule in how to give a title.

First shot:Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-
A work depicting a story that begins six years before this work.An app game for mobile phones that deals with the past of the Turks, the organization that appears in this work.The player becomes a member of the Turks belonging to the Shin-Ra Company and carries out a number of missions.Anti-Shinra unit "Avalanche" appears as an enemy[26].
A work that depicts the story two years after this work.It is a video work, not a video game.Most of the main staff except Hironobu Sakaguchi are participating.DVD-Video・ Released on UMD Video, "ADVENT PIECES: LIMITED" in the limited box "Last Order -Final Fantasy VII-Includes a disc containing "FFVII International" and "FFVII International".This is the first limited edition packageZERORating was set by (for 12 years old and over).
Third:Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-
A work that depicts the story three years after this work, with Vincent, one of the characters in this work, as the main character.PlayStation 2Gun action RPG for. 2006Released on January 1th.It was also available online, but the service ended on September 26, 2006.
Fourth:Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-
A work that depicts a story seven years before this work, with Zack, the best friend of Cloud, who is the main character of this work, as the main character.PlayStation PortableAction RPG for.

Reverse of compilation

Of "COMPILATION of FINAL FANTASY VII"Model changeThe editions are collectively referred to as this.

Dirge of Cerberus Lost Episode -Final Fantasy VII-
Gaiden work of "DC FFVII".Announced as an app game for mobile phones.
EZWeb,Vodafone liveBefore Crisis BEFORE CRISIS -Final Fantasy VII-
i-modeA ported version of "BC FFVII" that could only be played on.Player characters are added for each carrier.
Compatible models: NTT DoCoMo 900i series dedicated monthly fee 525 yen [tax included][27]
A complete version of "FFVII AC" with scenes added and changed.

Impact on the computer game industry

From Nintendo to SCE

1990 eraThe middle stage is said to be a turning point in the computer game industry. PlayStation andNINTENDO64,Sega SaturnSo-called "next generation machines" (in this case, the current "fifth generation game machines") have appeared, and the media hasRom cassetteからCD-ROMWith the shift to, the way the game is expressed has gradually changed.

Characters, background pictures, etc.graphic The2DDot pictureから3DpolygonIt is often expressed by.In addition, various productions that make full use of pre-rendered movies have become possible.

In the early stages of development of this workNINTENDO64There was a possibility that it will be released on PlayStation (PS), but it will eventually be released on PlayStation (PS) for the following reasons.

  • The release year of the N64 1996However, the release year of PS was 1994Met. Due to the delay in the release time of the N64, it was decided in advance to make FF with PS before the release of the N64 due to Square's corporate intention.
  • The N64 itself was significantly more powerful than any other hardware at the time, but it was extremely difficult to capture movies that required a huge amount of space with ROM cassettes, and in connection with this, due to the difference in game views between Square and Nintendo, CD- Because I decided to make FF with PS that adopts ROM.

January 1995Silicon GraphicsA worldwide computer graphics exhibition hosted by the United States was held in Los Angeles, USA.Square was created on a 64-bit computer3DCGThe video was exhibited.The content of the video is "Final fantasy viIt was a polygonal representation of a scene in which three characters appearing in the movie fight against monsters.[28].

Hironobu Sakaguchi's frank answer about the reason for choosing the PlayStation is "very balanced" because the reason for choosing the CD-ROM is not affected by the capacity limitation and the production progresses and the cost of the software can be suppressed. It's a good machine, and if you read it while moving it so that you don't always feel that it's loading, I don't think there's a problem as hardware. "In addition, he also states that "I am aiming for music that does not repeat", aiming for expressions that change strength and tempo according to the scene.[29].

Sale at convenience stores

This work is "DigiCubeIt also contributes to the establishment of a distribution form in which game software is reserved and sold at convenience stores.Until then, the mainstream style was to make reservations for major titles such as "FINAL FANTASY" or buy them side by side on the release date, but in this work, by sending products to convenience stores nationwide at the same time, even on the morning of the release date. We have generally succeeded in getting the software to our customers without creating queues or shortages.This also affected convenience store distribution in the 90s.In addition, a booklet containing a collection of setting materials was planned to be attached as a pre-order bonus at convenience stores for a limited number of 50 people, but it was expanded to 77 people and eventually became a service for all pre-order purchasers. It was.


A giant company that dominates the worldShin-Ra CompanyIs a prosperous city of scientific civilizationMidgar".An organization that opposes the policy of the Shin-Ra Company that exploits the magic that is also the life energy of the stars and uses it as power energy."Avalanche"..Their struggle continued for a long time and was intensifying, including the assassination of the Avalanche leader by Shin-Ra.

One day, Avalanche carries out an operation to blow up the Ichiban Makoto Furnace.It was an unsuccessful and epic operation for Avalanche, who was on the verge of collapse in front of an overwhelming enemy.Therefore, Avalanche is a member of the former Shin-Ra Company's direct unit Soldier, and is currently engaged in mercenary business.ク ラ ウ ドWill be hired as a helper.

For Cloud, who has lost most of his memory of the past, this task, which was just one of the lucrative stories, later reveals his tragic and harsh past and will influence the future of the planet. At that time, Cloud had no way of knowing that it would be a prelude to throwing himself into the fight.

Story chronology

Name of an eraEvent
About 2000 years agoGenova comes flying.The impact forms a large northern cavity that remains near the Icicle Lodge.
About 30 years agoConstruction of Midgar begins.The Genova project by Dr. Gusto, the head of the Shin-Ra Science Division, has started.Later, Dr. Gust disappeared and Dr. Hojo took over the responsibility, but the project was frozen in a few years.
22 年前Dr. Gusto, who was hiding in the Icicle Lodge, is shot dead.At the same time, Aeris, a family member who was hiding, is placed under the supervision of Shinra.
About 15 years agoA war broke out between Shin-Ra and Utai over the construction of a magic pot.
7 年前A mass disappearance of Soldiers, led by Genesis, occurred in Utai.
6 年前Formed Avalanche, an anti-Shinra organization by voice scholars from Cosmo Canyon.Performs various activities, but many are blocked by the Turks.
5 年前Investigation teams including Sephiroth are dispatched to investigate the Niflheim Mage Furnace.After that, the village was destroyed by the runaway of Sephiroth.Zack and Cloud, who accompanied him, suffered a serious injury, but caused Sephiroth to fall into a mage fire.
4 年前The Turks destroy the home of the Avalanche.However, the executives escaped.The launch of the space rocket Shin-Ra 26 is carried out, but it ends in failure.The remnants of Avalanche blow up the Correll Mage Furnace under construction.
1 year ago-just beforeZack and Cloud, who were the subjects of the Sephiroth copy experiment, escaped.After a short escape, Zack falls to a deadly bullet just before Midgar.
2 months agoThe leader of Avalanche is assassinated.
1 months agoA new avalanche centered on Barrett and others has started activities.
Main storyDestruction of the Ichiban Makoto Furnace by the new Avalanche.After that, President Shinra was assassinated and his son Rufaus became president.Meteor is activated by Sephiroth in the northern cavern.A global catastrophe will occur.Settlement with Sephiroth by Clouds.
After 1 yearsThe Meteor disaster devastates Midgar and closes the basement.
After 2 yearsThe World Robot Olympiad Organization (WRO) was formed mainly by the former Shin-Ra Urban Development Division Reeve.A mysterious disease, stigmata syndrome, is widespread.Raid on Clouds by three young men including Kadaj.After that, Sephiroth is regenerated but disappears again.
After 3 yearsThe Deep Ground (DG) Soldier, trapped underground in Midgar, appears on the ground. Junon mass disappearance by DG Soldier.After the battle in Calm and Midgar, the DG Soldier is destroyed.
After 500 yearsMidgar is overgrown with greenery[30].


記載順はセフィロスを除き、パーティーに加入する順である。開発者のひとりである野村哲也が「ヒロインがふたり登場し、片方が死んでしまうというタイプのものがなかったので」と発言している事や、当初はヒロインはエアリスだけであったがヒロインを二人にして片方が死んでしまうという形式にするために、野村自身がティファを加える提案をしたことも明かしていることから[31], There is an official view that the heroines are two of Aeris Tifa.

Cloud Strife(Cloud Strife)
21 years old.Born in Niflheim.Height: 173 cm.Blood type: AB type.Birthday: August 8th.
The main character of this work.Self-proclaimed former Soldier. Immediately after the Niflheim incident five years ago, Hojo made it an experimental body of Sephiroth copy.At this time, it is soaked in magic and the Jenova cells are also embedded, and the effect of this makes the memory of the past ambiguous. He has a cold personality as he says "I'm not interested", but as the story progresses, he reveals his original innocent and honest personality.
I have severe motion sickness, but it seems better to drive by myself.
The equipment weapon system is a sword, and a large one that is as tall as the body is used.
Barret Wallace
35 years old.Born in Correll.Height: 197 cm.Blood type: O type.Birthday: December 12th.
Leader of the anti-Shin-Ra organization "Avalanche".He vowed revenge on the Shin-Ra Company, which robbed his hometown and family (daughter Marlene is not his real child), and formed a new Avalanche.From that connection, I attach something to the cloud that has a past belonging to the Shin-Ra Company.
The equipped weapon system is a gimmick arm.It is roughly divided into long-distance use such as machine guns and bazookas and short-distance use such as drills and chainsaws.
Tifa Lockhart
20-year-old.Born in Niflheim.Height: 167 cm.Blood type: B type.Birthday: May 5rd.
A childhood friend of the cloud.He behaves cheerfully, but the essence is cautious and deep.A user of Zhangan style martial arts.Hate Shinra in the Niflheim incident and participate in Avalanche.
Rescued by fighting master Zhangan from Niflheim burned by Sephiroth, Midgarhe.After that, he meets again at the station in Cloud and Midgar, but he feels that his words and his memory do not fit, and he doubts whether he is genuine or not.Invite them to Avalanche, including checking them.Actually, he was not a childhood friend but an acquaintance in his hometown, but as the only person who knows the past of Cloud correctly, he plays an important role in comparing the memories of the past in the spiritual world of Cloud.
The equipped weapon system is gloves.
Aerith Gainsbourg(Aerith Gainsborough)
22 years old.Born in Icicle Lodge.Body: 163 cm.Blood type: O type.Birthday: February 2th.
A flower seller who lives in Midgar.A positive, innocent and cheerful personality.In fact, he is a descendant of a race called an ancient species, and when he encounters Cloud, he faces his own mission.Plays an important role in the story.He prayed to call Holi in the Forgotten City to thwart Sephiroth's plans.When she had a date event with Aeris, she was the only one who realized that Cloud wasn't her true personality and wanted to meet her, but she left in the middle of the story. The dream never came true. "FFVIIAC』Appears as an entity that guides the cloud.
The equipped weapon system is a cane.
48 years old: 15-16 years old when converted to human age.Born in Cosmo Canyon.Height: Unknown.Blood type: unknown.Birthday: Unknown.
A beast-like race tested at the Shin-Ra Company's laboratory.Manipulates human language and has a very long life.The name is a code name, and the real name is Nanaki.Clouds rescue the place where he was about to be mated with Aeris by Hojo, and accompany him on a journey.He has a mature attitude, but his true personality is still young.
The equipment weapon system is hair ornaments.
Yuffie Kisaragi
16 years old.Born in Utai.Height: 160 cm.Blood type: A type.Birthday: November 11th.
A ninja girl aiming for materia for the reconstruction of Utai.I have severe motion sickness, and in the high wind I always feel sick in the connecting passages.It is a habit to do a fist as "Scrunchie!".The specific features have not been clarified and it is possible to clear without making friends.
The equipped weapon system is shuriken.
Cait Sith
Estimated 4 years old.Hometown unknown.Height: 100 cm.Blood type: unknown.Birthday: Unknown.
A stuffed black cat from a self-proclaimed fortune-telling machine, usually riding on a stuffed fat moguri.The result of fortune-telling is pretty good.Kansai dialectSpeak in a tone like.In fact, Reeve, who is in charge of the city division of the Shin-Ra Company, operates it remotely and joins the clouds as a spy.
The equipped weapon system is a megaphone.It is a tool for issuing commands to fat moguri, and the higher the performance, the higher the transmission accuracy and the stronger the fat moguri.[32].
Vincent Valentine(Vincent Valentine)
Appearance age 27 years.Hometown unknown.Height: 184 cm.Blood type: A type.Birthday: October 10th.
A man sleeping in an underground casket in the Shin-Ra mansion in Niflheim.Actually, he was a member of the Research Division (commonly known as The Turks) of the General Affairs Department of the former Shin-Ra Electric Power Company before Zhong belonged, and although he looks young, he is actually in his 50s.Has the ability to transform into a monster through human experimentation with Hojo.You can clear it without making friends.
The equipped weapon system is a gun.
Sid highwind(Cid Highwind)
32 years old.Lives in Rocket Village.Height: 178 cm.Blood type: B type.Birthday: February 2[33].
An engineer in the era when the Shin-Ra Company was once involved in space development.Even after the rocket launch failed, I still think about space.I have a bad mouth, but my heart is hot.He always has a cigarette (even in battle).Shin-Ra Company was named after his family nameAirshipThere is a "high window".
The equipped weapon system is a spear.
? Years old (25-30 years old?).Born in Niflheim.
A man who was once said to have this Soldier at the Shin-Ra Company.The person who holds the key to the story. Drive a large sword called "Masamune".According to human experimentation on the Genova project, Genova cells are present in the body.Later, he learned that fact and was obsessed with a fierce hatred of humanity and the stars.

In addition, Yuffie and Vincent will not appear in the ending movie regardless of whether they are friends.According to the creator, "If you make the ending of each pattern without these two becoming friends, the number of CD accesses will increase and the CG movie will be interrupted, so I gave up."[34].. In the opening scene of "Dirge of Cerberus Final Fantasy VII", two people who took different actions from the clouds are depicted.

Stage setting

Previous workFinal fantasy viWas set to show a further increase in the mechanical civilization that had partially appeared by the same "V", but at the time of "VI" it was still based on the image of the Middle Ages in Western Europe.However, in this work, the proportion of machine civilization has increased and developed.In addition, the "castle" has completely disappeared from the world map, adding an oriental cross-cultural country (Utai) and a native American community (Cosmo Canyon), and adding the "RPG = fantasy = Western European medieval world". It was decided to build a world unique to FINAL FANTASY that was completely removed (although there were many works with motifs of the near future, future world, or machine world, it can be said that it is unusual in the field of "fantasy").In addition, the concept of "nation" is thin, and although Utai is a country, it has a strong sense of tribe.Therefore, like the castle, there is no head of state such as the "king".

In particular, two cities with well-developed machine civilization are Midgar and Junon, both of which are the bases of the Shinra Company.In these two other areasMakoto Furnace(Makoro) has been installed and is an energy source in the surrounding towns.However, while the slums moisturize people's lives, they are depriving the energy stored in the lifestream deep underground, and the land around the slums is declining, especially on the ground in Midgar. Most of the slums in Japan are grassless.There are also organizations that rebel against Shin-Ra, saying that the life of the star itself has been reduced by this activity of Shin-Ra.

For interior decoration of the city漢字Is used in large numbers, giving a unique atmosphere.Toilets and baths are drawn in many of the buildings on the map drawn from the perspective of the story, and all the people in the city show words and actions with a sense of life, and there are many comical depictions.

Lifestream and magic energy

In the world of this work, "everythingBiology deadWhen returning to the center of the star, the knowledge and energy that it had were stored (this energy is stored).Mental energyThere is a unique view of life and death that the whole world will prosper and become a source of new life again.[35]..This stored knowledge and energy is always flowing in all directions, and this flow isLifestreamIt is called.

Tifa, who was drunk in the life stream, gets into the consciousness of the cloud.Memories shared with Tifa are closely related to Cloud's past.The true past about him is gradually revealed while revealing the inside of Tifa's chest.[36].

Shin-Ra Company has spiritual energy魔晄Name it (Mako), draw this from the center of the star, and call itMakoto FurnaceA facility called is used to supply electricity to the city and enrich people's lives.Since the power of the car called the magic vehicle and the lights of the city are covered by the magic energy, the magic is indispensable to the life.However, the source of the mental energy that Shin-Ra calls Mako is the life stream, and the energy stored there is stolen, so the land becomes thin around the Mako furnace."Hoshimeigaku", which will be described later, criticizes Shinra's activities from this point.Shin-Ra opposes the weapon attacking Midgar with the Mako Cannon.The blow that was released defeats the weapon with a single blow.The piercing blow has the power to jump further and break the barrier of the large cavity.

Materia and hidden power

See above for a description of materia as an item in the game.

MateriaIs a crystal created by condensing the life stream, and is a key item in the FF series in "VII".Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euIs equivalent to.It is said that the material has accumulated knowledge of ancient species, which will be described later, and through this, even ordinary humans can use various magic and combat techniques.Although natural materia exist in nature, it is rarely found only in lands rich in magic, and because there are so few such lands.For this reason, most of the materias on the market are artificially generated in a mage furnace, etc., and the Shin-Ra Company supplies them to soldiers and Turks who are assigned important duties, as well as weapons development. (In "CCFFVII", the manufacturing method of materia was clarified in some sub-events).

The knowledge and abilities hidden in Materia are diverse, and they have great power in attack and recovery magic, granting and supporting special combat techniques, and inside.Summoned BeastThere are also things that call, and there are many things that have power far beyond conventional weapons.Therefore, Shin-Ra basically uses materia for combat.Above all, it is generated directly in the center of the Mako Furnace.Huge materiaBecause it is larger than normal materia, it has hundreds of times more energy and is used for huge weapons such as the Mako Cannon.

These commonly known materias have been passed down to ancient species for a long time.White materiaとBlack materiaThere are also multiple materias that have special powers that influence the fate of stars such as ("BCFFVII").Zirconia aidSummoning material for summoning, "DCFFVII"Omega and chaosHas the power to controlAncient materiaSuch).

Meteor and Holy

MeteorIs handed down to ancient speciesBlack materiaThe ultimate black magic in this work that can be activated using.It attracts stars floating in space and drops them on the ground, but since it is a dangerous magic that can destroy the stars themselves, ancient species who feared itBlack materiaWas sealed.HoweverMeteorTo Sephiroth, who deliberately damages the stars and seeks to gain the energy of the stars to concentrate on repairs.Black materiaHas crossed, and as a result, the starsMeteorWill be threatened by the threat of.

OneHolyIs the onlyMeteorIt is the ultimate white magic that can stop.Necessary to activateWhite materiaIs inherited by Aeris, the last ancient species, at the water altar in the "Forgotten City".White materiaIt has been said that the ancient species that wore this can be activated by praying and letting the stars pass through their thoughts.HolyThe effect ofMeteorIt is said that "everything that is bad for the stars will disappear" as well as stopping.

Star Life Science and Avalanche

The idea that the knowledge that life had by death is stored in the stars and the energy that it produces creates new life was created by scholars who are continuing their research at Cosmo Canyon.This isStar life science(Seimeigaku).In the theory of star life, the knowledge accumulated by death is considered to be the source of life, and as a result, it is also the basis for criticizing the activities of the Shin-Ra Company, which will steal it.

Among those who have been influenced by the astrology and have come to criticize Shinra's activities, some have formed a clique and acted like an extremist terrorist organization.At one time, many organizations were active, but now they are hiding except for Avalanche.

In addition, the avalanche that appears in this work is clearlyEco-terroristsIt is a group and has taken a number of radical measures. It was named after Barrett's anti-Shin-Ra organization "Avalanche" that existed in the era of "BC FFVII".The home of "Avalanche" that existed in the past was Cosmo Canyon, which was influenced by the theory of star life and attacked Shin-Ra.

Ancient species and Genova

"Ancient species"(Setra) Is a race that is considered to be a different race from modern human beings in the world of this work, and those who have lived in "stars" for a long time and their blood relatives.There are mixed-race children between the two races, which are no different in appearance from modern humans.The heroine Aeris is the only survivor of the ancient species.Ancient species have the ability to interact with the star itself, called "star reading," moving everywhere on earth, guiding the central lifestream of the star, and living on the star.lifeWas prospering.In addition, ancient species are said to aim for a land called "Promised Land", and it is said that supreme happiness sleeps there, but details are not mentioned in the work.Shin-Ra interprets the "Promised Land" as a land rich in magical energy, and therefore constantly monitors Aeris, the survivor of the ancient species.

A higher life form that flew to the earth from somewhere in the universe 2000 years agoGenoa".When Genova crashed into Norspor (later in the northern part of the icicle area), there was a hugecrater(The Great Cavity in the North) was created, and a large amount of lifestream was blown out from it.The ancient species gathered in Norspor to return the life stream that blows out to the original internal flow, where they were deceived by Genoa's "mimicry ability", which will be described later.ウ イ ル スThe majority of them have been turned into monsters by being handed over.However, Genova was sealed there by an ancient species that survived, albeit slightly, without being deceived.

Genoa himself has the "mimicry ability" to read the memory of the other party and transform into the person in it, and immediately after the crash, he approaches them by mimicking the appearance of their relatives from the memories of the ancient species gathered. , Those who have forgivenmonsterI changed it to.In this volume as well, there is a depiction that the "action by Genova that mimics the appearance of Sephiroth" seen in various places is recognized as "action by Sephiroth" by those around him.

In addition, Genova has a regenerative ability that tries to regenerate by collecting the fragments even if the body is dismembered (Reunion), Which appears in the film as an action by those called Sephiroth Copies to head for Sephiroth.


Founder of the Genova Project.He mistaken Genova for a legendary ancient species and proceeded with his research, but realized his mistake and left Shinra with his descendant Ifaruna.After moving to Icicle Lodge, I shot a video here.In it, Ifarna tells the secrets that approach the core of the story of Weapon, Setra, Genova and others.She is caught by Hojo while she is carrying Aeris, but then escapes from Shinra.Arriving at the station on Fifth Avenue in Midgar with Aeris, he entrusts Aeris to Elmina and White Materia to Aeris and takes his breath.

Genova Project

About 30 years before the time of this work, Genova was excavated by Gust Faremis, who was enrolled in the science department of the Shin-Ra Company at that time.Gusto misidentified Genova as an ancient species and began a plan to embed Jenova cells in humans to artificially create humans with ancient species abilities.this"Genova Project".Shin-Ra interprets the aforementioned "Promised Land" as a land rich in magical energy, and was trying to find it using the abilities of ancient species.The Genova project was carried out in Nibbleheim, and the excavated Genova was also stored in the Nibble Mountain Magic Furnace in the north (in "CC FFVII", there are two types of experiments, "Project G" and "Project S". Is said to be).

In addition to Gust, Hojo, who will later oversee the science department, and Lucrezia (including Hollander and Gillian in "CCFFVII") are participating in the Genova project, and the plan is for the child of Hojo who lived in Lucrezia's womb. It was started by transplanting Genova cells.This child is Sephiroth (CC also states that Genesis and Angeal, previously produced by Project G, also exist).However, due to the transformation of Lucrezia immediately after childbirth, Gusto recognized the error of the hypothesis that Genova was an ancient species and left Shinra.Gusto then conducted his own research, meeting a truly ancient blood-bearing Ifarna, and having Aeris with her.Hojo, who became the director of the project after Gusto left, searched for Gusto and finally succeeded in robbing Ifarna and her daughter Aeris from Gusto.

Soldier and Sephiroth Copy

Raised under Hojo (as mentioned earlier, the genetic father is Hojo, but Sephiroth himself was raised without knowing it), Sephiroth demonstrated high fighting ability as he grew up. I went.The Shin-Ra Company, which took notice of it, began to create powerful soldiers with improved physical ability by artificially implanting Genova cells like Sephiroth.The soldiers created in this way are called "Soldiers".Those gathered by Turks and others became soldiers, but in the process, there were many who dropped out due to mental changes.In a sense, this process was also a means of selection to measure mental strength (the cloud seems to have been dropped for that reason).Those who became soldiers without causing mental disorders were divided into three classes according to their abilities.In addition to this, there is also a general written test as an element of selection (a soldier of Junon talks in the work, and even in the Perfect Guide mentioned above, "A collection of written test questions for Soldier selection is placed on a desk You can see the setting "is there").

Five years ago, when Sephiroth visited the Niflheim Mage Furnace to investigate, he learned the secret of his birth at the "Shin-Ra Mansion" in Niflheim, and after indiscriminately killing the inhabitants of Niflheim, Genova was kept. I tried to aim for the "Promised Land" with my neck, but it was blocked by the cloud.After that, Hojo embeds Jenova cells in the surviving residents in the same way as the Soldier, and carries the remaining Jenova cells to the Shin-Ra headquarters.Those who had the Jenova cells embedded gathered at the Shin-Ra headquarters to prove the reunion of Genoa.Those who have Jenova cells embedded in this form are called "Sephiroth copies".Since the subject of the Sephiroth copy experiment is not a person with strong mental power like the Soldier, he cannot control the Genova embedded in himself and is manipulated by the Genova.The Sephiroth copy is tattooed to identify the experimental body, but among those who were made into experimental bodies, the cloud, which was particularly weak and completely collapsed, did not have tattoos ( Therefore, "Sephiroth copy-in complete numbering is not used").In addition, Red XIII (Nanaki) is number 5, and I am worried that I will be strange like other copies someday, but in reality it seems that it has nothing to do with Sephiroth copy. There is (Hojo himself has made a statement that it can be said that he just chose Nanaki as an experimental male body to leave the ancient species as a seed).


When the Genova crashed, the ancient species were forced into a critically endangered situation, at which time the stars themselves wanted to eliminate Genova.WeaponHe was creating a huge biological weapon called.There are five weapons, each with different abilities and appearances, and are named "Ultima Weapon", "Sapphire Weapon", "Diamond Weapon", "Ruby Weapon", and "Emerald Weapon" (exception, "Omega" and "Omega" in "DCFFVII". There is also a weapon called "Jade Weapon" in "Chaos" and "BCFFVII").

Weapons are giant creatures with extremely high fighting ability.The weapon was inactive due to the successful sealing of Genoa by the ancient species, and was dormant in preparation for the outbreak of a new star crisis, but it began its activity with the activation of Meteor.Since the weapon is a self-defense system created by the star itself, it targets all things that are on the star, not on the side of humans.Three types will appear in the original version and five types will appear in the international version, and two of these (both versions) will engage with the Shin-Ra Company.

In the original version, only Ultima Weapons could be engaged by players, but in the International version, it is now possible to fight all three, "Diamond Weapon", "Ruby Weapon", and "Emerald Weapon".


The towns and villages that appear in this work are as follows.

The city where the Shin-Ra Company headquarters is located.It is called "Makoto City" by the eight Makoto furnaces around the city.There is an avalanche hideout and the only flowering church.People live under plates supported by central stanchions and mechanical towers built in each compartment.
A town located slightly away from Midgar.Surrounded by high walls.Mako energy is supplied from Midgar, but the surrounding land is also beginning to die.
Chocobo Farm
Located southeast of CalmChocoboRanch.Operated by an old man named Grin and his grandson Glinglin Klin.Chocobos can be grown here after the meteo.A snake monster in the wetlands on the south side of the farmMidgards OrmIt is not easy to cross the wetlands without chocobos.
Condor Fort
A hill a little away from Junon.It seems that Shin-Ra doesn't like Condor holding an egg in the magic pot at the top of the hill.
It used to be a small fishing village, but now it has a branch office of the Shin-Ra Company, and it is a fortified city built with several layers of urban plates on the cliff facing the sea.As with Midgar, there is a big difference between rich and poor on the ground and in the upper layers, and in the lower layers, Underjunon, the water pollution of the Shin-Ra Company is making it impossible to even achieve a satisfactory fishery.The Mako Cannon Sister Ray is set up in the center of the city, and a huge barrier and anti-aircraft gun seat appear throughout the town during an enemy attack.
Costa del Sol
Located across the sea from JunonResortThe ground.In one corner is the villa used by President Shinra.
North Corel
A village where the survivors of the former Correll village, which was burned down by the Shin-Ra Company, live quietly.In one corner to the gold saucerRopewayThere is also a platform, and on the north side of the village, the Correll Mage Fire Pot, which caused the destruction of Correll, is built to hollow out the middle of the mountain.Hometown of Barrett and Marin.
Gold Saucer
An amusement park built by the Shin-Ra Company.It is a three-dimensional building that imitates a tree, and is built to cover the site of the former Correll village that was burned down by Shinra. The site of the village is the slum "Correl Prison" that houses criminals.
A village lonely due to the explosion of a magic pot.Hometown of Zack.The wreckage of the Makoto furnace that caused the meltdown and the scars of the former accident are left everywhere.
Cosmo Canyon
A village where various knowledge about stars gathers.Birthplace of Red XIII.
At first glance, it is a peaceful village, but the mansion in the north has a gloomy atmosphere.The hometown of Cloud and Tifa was rebuilt by a cover-up by the Shin-Ra Company after being burned down in a past incident.There is a magic pot in the corner of Mt. Nibble in the north.
rocketVillage (Rocket Town)
At the time when the Shin-Ra Company was conducting research on space, it was a busy base.Even after the space exploration program was canceled, the engineers of that time still live here.Birthplace of Sid.
A country with an oriental atmosphere.Godot, the head of a group of warriors called the Five Strong Holy, rules.Yuffie's birthplace. Fifteen years ago, it was defeated in a war with Shin-Ra, and now it has become a tourist destination that has become a lonely tourist destination in response to Shin-Ra.
The ruins are lined with huge statues made by cutting down the rock surface.It is called the Dachao statue as the guardian deity of the area by the people who live in it, and has been popular since ancient times.
Temple of the Ancients
A temple on an isolated island.The secret about Meteor is sleeping.
Bone Village
fossilA village with a lot of excavation.Tourists can also excavate by paying gil.
Forgotten Capital
The ruins of a village of ancient species.It seems that it was originally on the seabed.
Icicle Lodge
A chilly village near the place where Genova once crashed.Birthplace of Aeris.
A hot spring resort on the southern island.Lifestreams, which usually flow deep, flow relatively shallow near here.It is a remote area out of the flow of the world, and the calmness that is somewhat unrelated to the turmoil of the world after the meteo remains.
Great Northern Cave
A huge north of the Icicle Lodgecrater..It was the place where Genova once crashed, and was called Norspor at the time of Genova's crash.
There are no savepoints in this dungeon, but you can create a savepoint only once with a save crystal.

Shin-Ra Company

As mentioned earlier, the big companies that appear in this workShin-Ra Electric Power Company (Shin-Ra Electric Power Company)Headquartered in Midgar.Shin-Ra Company is now prospering with magical energy, but originally it was a weapons company.Shin-Ra SeisakushoIn the past, he was also developing a rocket to go to space.However, with the success of the practical application of Makoto Energy, it will become a large company that will affect the entire star.

The Shin-Ra Company has the following departments.

Security department
Soldier dispatch to suppress rebel molecules.The Turks, a special operations unit, also belongs here, but it is effectively operating as an independent unit.The current supervision is High Decker.
Weapons development department
Develop weapons.The current supervision is Scarlet.
Urban development department
Development of cities such as Midgar and construction of a mage furnace.The current supervision is Reeve.
Science department
Biological research, etc.The current supervision is Hojo.
Space development department
Development of rockets and aircraft.Not as powerful as it used to be.The current supervision is Palmer.
Soldier division
A department that existed in the era of "CCFFVII".Previously, the Soldier belonged to the company, but when Lazard, who was in charge at the time, left Shinra, it merged with the security department.

Relationship with other game works

Relationship with FFX series

"Final fantasy x ULTIMANIA In an interview with Ω, scenario writer Kazushige Nojima said, "One of the FFX staff thinks that FFX and FFVII are connected."

"FINAL FANTASY X-2], A character named Shinra appears (with the setting of a genius, he has made various inventions even during the work).In the latter half of the event, he discovered a huge amount of energy in another world (a place that is said to go after he died in the world of "FFX"), and then developed a spaceship with the cooperation of the albedo tribe Lynn, and others. Nojima said in an interview with "FINAL FANTASY X-2 ULTIMANIA" that he set out on the planet and built the Shin-Ra Company on that star.In this respect, this work and "X" and "X-2" are said to be connected.However, this is just an image of Nojima, not Masafumi (additionally, the life stream that appears in this work and the phantom worm that appears in "X" are completely synonymous, and the president god Luo and Rufaus also say that they are descendants of Shinra).

Guest appearance of the character

  • "Final fantasy tactics("FFT"), the cloud will appear. After being swallowed by the lifestream in "FFVII", the setting is to get lost in the world of "FFT" by the transfer device of the ancient civilization activated by the main characters of "FFT" (Note that the background of the return from the world of "FFT" is Not told).Can be added to combat parties.Encounter a flower-selling daughter who resembles Aeris, etc. in "FFVII"ParodyThere is also a typical scene.Other characters with a similar appearance to Sephiroth appear as enemies (also equipped with Masamune), but confronting Cloud could not be played normally, but it was ported to PSP. In "FINAL FANTASY Tactics Lion War", the timing to make Cloud a friend has become earlier, so it is possible to confront Cloud (however, no special event will occur. Also, in the PS version, "Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon』Included inMysterious data diskIf you select the "With Cloud" item in, you can act with the cloud as a friend from the beginning, so if you play with this data, you can face each other).
  • "Ehrgeiz"Kingdom hearts series"Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Fortune Street Special"Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Fortune Street Portable], Multiple characters of this work will appear.
  • "Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U], Cloud will participate as a guest.As paid additional content 201512/16Distribution started.Midgar, the stage of this work, will also be delivered as a battle stage[37].
  • "Super Smash Bros. Smash Brothers SPECIAL], Cloud participates as a guest.DefaultAppeared as a fighter.Adjustments have been made, such as the limit gauge being always displayed.Also, in December 2020, it was announced that Sephiroth will participate as a guest in the paid additional content of the same work.

Other works

  • "Tobal No.1』The trial version disc of this work was attached to the first version.
  • "Final Fantasy IXIn a certain scene, "Rufaus Welcome Ceremony", which is one of the BGM of this work and is played when visiting Junon for the first time, is played.Also, when the main character Zidane sees a huge sword at the weapon shop, he makes a statement reminiscent of Cloud.
  • The theme song for "Final Fantasy X"RIKKIAs a coupling of the single CD of "Suteki da ne", the song "Pure Heart" with the lyrics of "Aerith's Theme", which was selected as the first place in the popularity vote from the BGM of the FF series, is recorded.The lyrics areEmiko Shiratori(In charge of the theme song for "IX") is working on it.
  • Development started in synchronization with "FFVII" "XenogearsWas called Ura FFVII because the scenario is similar to that of "FFVII". Also in "FFVII", he makes a statement that can be taken as an advertisement for Xenogears when there is a cloud.
  • "XenogearsIn a past event, a rebel organization has caused a terrorist attack to blow up a power plant facility, but the organization name is "Ravine" (in German).avalanche) ("Avalanche" is an avalanche in French).
  • "FINAL FANTASY XII"ofAn enemy characterHowever, he has a weapon that closely resembles the sword of Cloud.
  • "Hanjuku Hero] In the series, the characters of this work appear as generals in friendship after the third work. In the fourth film, Katori Inu cosplays as Cloud.Furthermore, in the third work, the song "Screaming Roar" is used, which is an arranged version of "One-Winged Angel" with self-deprecating lyrics (not only in-house but also ironic to the recent graphic-oriented trend). It has been.


Around 1997, oftenFM radioHad a guest appearance on the showNobuo UematsuAccording to the report, the development of the final stage was a result of trying to make a masterpiece, and as a result, what could not be put together due to its saturation was forcibly put together and aggregated, and it was not a work that was very convincing among the staff. ..It seemed that such consciousness had taken root.

The company material "AWAKENING" for recruiting new square graduates (university graduates) in 1998 is centered on the secret story of the development by the development staff of "FFVII".

Around 2001, "Final Fantasy VII" and "Final Fantasy VII" were published in Square's investor presentation materials.VIII"IX』3 worksPlayStation 2It was revealed that there was a plan to transplant it to, but it disappeared after that. May 2005Electronic Entertainment ExpoAtPlayStation 3As a technology demonstration for (PS3), a video that reproduces the opening movie of this work has been released.However, according to director Nomura, porting to PS3 would be difficult.In addition, this tech demo is a new work for PS3 in Square Enix.Final Fantasy XIIIIt was also an opportunity to start the production of.A part of this video is used for the ending of "Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII".

In the prelude of this work, the volume of the delay part is lowered to the extent that it can be heard faintly in the accompaniment, and a 64th note addition type delay is used.This is the first time that only the delay part can be crescendo and decrescendo independently.The intro used in the conventional FF series has disappeared from the regular battle songs.Similarly, the fanfare at the time of the battle victory and the melody of the latter half (experience value acquisition screen) that did not change consistently until the previous work are modern songs that match the world view of "FFVII".However, the intro of the regular battle songs of the successive FF series is used in "Birth of God".

The bass chorus of "One-Winged Angel" is a composer of Square Enix.Masashi HamauzuIs in charge.

9 (1997, 1st)Agency for Cultural Affairs Media Arts FestivalDigital art (interactive) category excellence award winning work.

CESA Grand PrizeReceived the '97 Grand Prize.

"Weekly Famitsu"Such,Game magazineReader popularityRankingIt continued to be in the upper ranks of.The corresponding ranking of "Famitsu" ended in 2006.On the other hand, it has also appeared in the "Uninteresting Game Ranking" that is being held in "Fucking Game White Paper".

By January 2, two days before the release date, it was on the market as a game creator, and in fact, he was the director of SEGA CS1 Lab at that time.Naka YujiI had it on January 2th, two days before the release date,PoundingCame in for the interviewAmi ShibataWhile hiding the screen when showing toChocoboIs running at the speed of sound. "[38].

Main staff

Olive Related Products


Strategy book

FINAL FANTASY 7-PlayStation (V Jump Books Game Series)
Home (ed.), Shueisha (March 1997)
FINAL FANTASY 7 THE Perfect-PlayStation (V Jump Books Game Series)
Home (ed.), Shueisha (March 1997)
FINAL FANTASY VII Dismantling Shinsho The Complete (1997)
Aspect (currentlyEnterbrain) Released from.Studio Bent StaffAuthor,FamitsuResponsible editing.A so-called complete strategy guide.Revised version corresponding to "International" in the same year (ISBN-4 89366 879-X-) Was also released.
Final Fantasy VII Ultimania Ω (ISBN-4 7575-1520-0)
Released by Square Enix in September 2005.Written by Studio BentStuff.The sequel "FINAL FANTASY VII ADVENT CHILDRENWith the release of 』, the emphasis is on research and analysis of scenarios and characters rather than capture.
V Jump Editorial Department (Author), Shueisha (September 2005, 9)
V Jump editorial department (editor), Shueisha (January 2006)
Dirge of Cerberus-Final Fantasy 7-Official Complete Guide (SE-MOOK)
Square Enix (edited), Square Enix (February 2006, 2)
Entertainment Book Editorial Department (Author), Softbank Creative (May 2006, 5)
Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 The Complete Guide In Cruise Story & Visual Archive
Media Works (January 2008)


On the Way to a Smile FINAL FANTASY VII
Kazushige Nojima (Author), Square Enix (April 2009, 4)
FINAL FANTASY VII Gaiden Turks-The Kids Are Alright-
Kazushige Nojima (Author), Square Enix (April 2011, 12)

Musical score

Play with Electone FINAL FANTASY 7
Yamaha Music Media (December 1998, 12)
Fun with Bayer Final Fantasy 7
Asako Niwa (editor), Square Enix Co., Ltd. (supervised), Doremi Music Publishing Co., Ltd. (December 1998, 12)
Piano Solo Advanced Piano Collections Final Fantasy VII
Nobuo Uematsu, Shiro Hamaguchi, Yamaha Music Media (December 2003, 12)
Piano Solo Intermediate / Advanced Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children With Gorgeous Color Page
Shiro Hamaguchi (editor), Keiko Itagaki (editor), Takuma Sato (editor), Reiko Takano (editor), Yamaha Music Media (July 2006, 7)
FINAL FANTASY 7 Alto Recorder Ensemble Arrangement series close to the original song
Skyport Publishing (December 2008, 12)

Other books

FINAL FANTASY 7 International Memorial Album
DigiCube (October 1997)
FINAL FANTASY 7 International Postcard Book
DigiCube (October 1997)
Square Enix (Author, Editor), Square Enix (April 2009, 4)

Music cd

  • FINAL FANTASY VII Original Soundtrack
  • FINAL FANTASY VII Reunion Tracks
  • Piano Collections / FINAL FANTASY VII

Collaboration products


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