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🐈 | The true identity of a "cat" grinning in space 46 billion light-years away

Photo "Cheshire Cat Galaxy Cluster" grinning with the gravitational lens effect

The true identity of a "cat" grinning in space 46 billion light-years away

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This image was created using X-ray and visible light observation data from the X-ray observation satellites "Chandra" and "Hubble" Space Telescope.

This celestial body, which looks like a grinning face, is a cluster of galaxies about 46 billion light-years away in the direction of Ursa Major. "Strange… → Continue reading


sorae is a "sora" web media that provides information on space development, astronomy, aviation, and drones. If you want to know the universe, know about celestial events, are interested in aviation, and want to become familiar with the latest drones, we will deliver it.
We will quickly and easily introduce information about the past “sora” and future “sora”.

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X-ray observation satellite

X-ray observation satellite(Ex-Senkansokueisei) is derived from the universeX-rayFor observingSpace telescopeThat.


地球IsatmosphereBecause of this, it is derived from space only in a small wavelength range called the observation window.Cosmic rayCannot be observed.If we want to observe wavelengths other than this, we have no choice but to observe in outer space or measure indirect cosmic rays generated by interaction with the atmosphere with a device.Therefore, experiments were conducted to observe high wavelength regions in outer space.

You can see in the official recordUS Aerospace AgencyCarried out bySkylab planAt(I.e.It is only a record of observing the origin of X-rays.this is,(I.e.Occurs on the surfaceFlare,コ ロ ナIt is recorded as a moving image of the phenomenon, and is evaluated as a precise capture of the physical phenomenon on the surface of the sun.

star,Neutron star,Black HoleThe existence of X-rays coming from the surrounding area was theoretically predicted, but it was confirmed by the nuclear test surveillance satellite.On nuclear test surveillance satellitesPartial Nuclear Test Ban TreatyIn outer space based onX-ray,Gamma raysI was monitoring the existence of X-rays and gamma rays that have sources other than the earth.

With this as an opportunity, satellites for observing X-rays originating in space have been developed and have continued to this day.

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Institute of Space and Astronautical Science / JAXA



German DLR

Italy, netherlands

Visible light

sRGB rendering of the spectrum of visible light
Colorwavelengthfrequencyエ ネ ル ギ ー
purple380-450 nm680-790 THz2.95-3.10 
tag450-485 nm620-680 THz2.64-2.75 eV
light blue485-500 nm600-620 THz2.48-2.52 eV
绿500-565 nm530-600 THz2.25-2.34 eV
黄色565-590 nm510-530 THz2.10-2.17 eV
橙色590-625 nm480-510 THz2.00-2.10 eV
"Red"625-780 nm405-480 THz1.65-2.00 eV
BYR color wheel.svgIn this itemColorIs dealing with Depending on the viewing environment, the colors may not be displayed properly.

Visible light(Kashikousen, English: Visible light) isElectromagnetic waveOut ofHuman capital OfEyeSeen inwavelengthThings.So-calledLightThatvisible lightAlso called.JIS According to the definition of Z8120, the wavelength of electromagnetic waves corresponding to visible light is approximately 360-400 in the lower bounds. nmThe upper bound is approximately 760-830 nm.Even if the wavelength is shorter or longer than visible light, it cannot be seen by the human eye.Those with a shorter wavelength than visible lightUV, Long oneInfraredCalled.Pointing to infrared rays and ultraviolet rays with respect to visible light,invisible RayIt is also called (Fukashikousen).

Linear visible spectrum.svg

Visible light(I.e.And various others照明Emitted from.Normally, it is a state in which visible light of various wavelengths is mixed, and in this case, the light looks like a color close to white.prismWhen the visible light was separated according to its wavelength, the visible light of each wavelength was different for the human eye.ColorIt can be seen that it is recognized as light with.In Japanese, the colors of visible light of each wavelength are in order from the shortest wavelength side.    purple,    Blue,    light blue,    Green,    yellow,    orange,    It is red and is commonly referred to as the seven colors, but this is a continuous transition, and the classification method differs depending on the culture (Number of rainbow colorschecking).The fact that the colors change in order for each wavelength, or how the colors line up,SpectrumCall.

Of course, the classification of visible light is a classification based on human vision.Many animals have vision in the UV range (someInsects,birdsSuch).Most of the spectral decomposition of sunlight is visible light, but this is not a coincidence.It can be interpreted that the human eye has evolved to capture the light in this region because the wavelength range that occupies most of the sunlight is in this region.

Visible light is usually harmless to the human body, but when strong visible light, such as a nuclear explosion, gets into your eyesretinaThere is a risk of burns.The same is true when looking directly at the sunlight.

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