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🐈 | Accident where a puppy being trimmed has his tongue cut.


An accident where a puppy being trimmed has his tongue cut The trimmer is an irresponsible excuse for "suddenly moving"

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Accidents such as injury, death or escape that occur while using a pet hotel or trimming.

A serious accident occurred in which my dog, who had been entrusted to trimming, had his tongue cut.The owner is the irresponsible theory of the trimmer ... → Continue reading


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Pet Hotel

Pet HotelIsPetThe owner ofTravel・ For pets who keep their pets while they are away on business tripshotelIs. In addition to facilities that are exclusively open for pet hotels,pet Shop・ Trimming shop ・animal HospitalIn many cases, pet facilities such as these provide custody services.

In Japan, legallyLaw on the protection and management of animalsFirst kind ofAnimal handling business"Storage" business registration is required[1].

Now[When?], There are around 5300 pet storage facilities. The increase in pet hotels in recent years is due to the need for pet owners to easily leave their pets, and the fact that there are no acquaintances close to them who can leave their pets, or even if there is no housing situation where pets can be temporarily kept. is there. For this reason, it is not only in urban areas and residential areas, but also in major areas.Railway stationNear or空港A pet hotel may be opened within[2].

Environment / service content

Since pets are kept in cages (fences for pets), poor physical condition (diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite, etc.) due to stress in a small room was often a problem. However, in recent years, many facilities have been introduced that allow pets to relax and stay.

  • Two walks in the morning and evening
  • Custody of pets in circles according to their personality
  • Keep in open space without putting in cage
  • The state of the petWebsiteCan be confirmed aboveLive cameraRelay service
  • Trimming, health checkup and discipline services during custody

The service content is also becoming richer.

Reservation means

The tendency of deposit locations is divided into three patterns: facilities near the place of residence, facilities near the airport and transportation hubs, and deposits at destination facilities such as travel.

Direct phone calls to facilities near your place of residenceFAXReservation at, and recentlyRakuten Travel・ Reservation services from the Internet such as pet hotel reservation sites have also appeared. It is popular as a tool that can be searched on the Internet by pet owners who want to travel to the destination just before the departure of the trip.

At the time of booking, keep your petEpidemicTo preventRabies-vaccineIn many cases, various vaccination certificates are required.


You can stay with your petHotel,Japanese innThere are a small number of TVInformation program(Living information program,Travel programEtc.) may be taken up.


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