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🐈 | Asuka Kijima, the weather caster in the morning and the appearance of the night ... Surprise the viewer in the gap


Asuka Kijima, the weather caster in the morning and the appearance of the night ... Surprise the viewer in the gap

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In the morning, thinking of a salaryman who is cheered up by Kijima, MC, Football Hour, Terumoto Goto said, "I hate it!

Asuka Kijima appears in "I tried to compare tonight".The video after the evening drink is played, and it has become a hot topic among viewers. 1 ... → Continue reading


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Terumoto Goto

Terumoto Goto(Gototerumoto, 1974<Showa 49>6/18 -) isJapan Ofcomedian,chairperson.Football hour OfTsukkomiResponsible. My partnerNozomi Iwao. OsakaOsakaHigashiyodogawa WardI'm from Height 170 cm.Yoshimoto KogyoBelongs.



  • He is the youngest of three siblings and has two older sisters.
  • Hobbies/special skillsguitar.Go NagabuchiとBLANKEY JET CITYIt is a fan of.
  • smokerHowever, the number is now significantly reduced (I have tried to quit smoking in the past, but it has failed).
  • In syncRoch OfKentaro KokadoHowever, because Goto is four years older than him, Kokado says he was a little scared about Goto (when he entered NSC, Goto was 4 and Kokado was 20).
  • チ ュ ー ト リ ア ル OfTokui YoshimiIs a senior because he is a 13th gen member of NSC, but he talks with each other because he has a holiday.At first, he was a junior for half a year, so when Goto spoke in honorifics, Tokui said, "It's already in sync," and then he started speaking in a tame manner.Since then, the friendly relationship between the two has continued, and Tokui has attended Goto's wedding ceremony.
  • I have poor motor nervesAmethystHe regularly appears in "Comedian with bad motor nerves".
  • Often"God Tan"The entertainer's serious song championship", he performed his own song, but the performers all said that it was "bad", such as the content of the lyrics and the direction at the time of appearance.The virgin work "Jetta Ecstasy" became a hot topic on Twitter, and produced tweets such as "Thank you for such a crap", "I felt nauseous at the end because it was too crap", and "Hey, my stomach is Jettasy". There is.


Activities in the combinationFootball hourSee.

tv set

Current appearance program

Regular appearances

Irregular appearance

Past appearance programs

Regular appearances

Irregular appearance

One-off program

  • Even BAR (August 2018, 8[3]・November 2019, 3[4],NHK General) --A regular customer of BAR

Web tv



  • COME ON BABY! (Yoshimoto R&C, July 2012, 7) Under the name of "GO ☆ TO"


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Football hour

Football hourIt is,Nozomi IwaoとTerumoto GotoConsists ofComedy combination.Yoshimoto KogyoBelongs to the Tokyo head office (Yoshimoto, Tokyo). 2003M-1 Grand PrixChampion.Abbreviation is "Foot』.


BlurIn charge.The standing position is on the left.OsakaOsakaHigashi Sumiyoshi WardI'm fromNicknameIs "Dan chan. "
TsukkomiIn charge.The standing position is on the right.大阪府大阪市Osaka-shi, OsakaHigashiyodogawa WardI'm from


  • Iwao said, "Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu, Goto is "Goto / Tenman" (later "ElectricAfter the combination of "Renamed to"), the combination was formed in April 1999 as "Goto / Iwao".In the old combination era, both were in charge of blurring.同年4月、当時のうめだ花月シアター(後のIn May of the same year, the Umeda Kazuki Theater at that time (later)Umeda Kagetsu), And changed the name of the combination to "Football Hour" in July of the same year.由来は、岩尾が読んでいたアメリカのThe origin is the American that Iwao was readingNovelQuoted from Kashiro, "I'm not in time for Monday's football hour."Regarding this matter, Iwao said, "I don't get a big answer, so don't ask (please) the origin of the combination name at Football Hour. It's just a loss if you hear it, because it's a name you gave it appropriately. "[1] He says.
  • Originally, they were friends, such as holding joint events, and they recognized each other's talents for laughter, but after the synchronization quit one after another, each combination was disbanded and the desire to form a combination with each other became stronger. However, they couldn't tell each other to join each other and waited for the other party's invitation.岩尾は先輩芸人のIwao is a senior comedianJinnai TomonoriI consulted with him and decided to call after receiving advice that "if there is someone you want to work with, you should say it immediately", but I couldn't cut it out easily and noticed Iwao's true intentions, so Goto who was numb. It was cut out, and I agreed with the words that stood above, saying, "Yes, but ...".That is often used as an episode in which Iwao's character is revealed.
  • Yoshimoto College of Performing Arts (NSC) 14rd year student at Osaka school.
  • Two people are making the material.
  • Iwao was in a position to strictly fail in making material, and he also placed a strict order for Goto's Tsukkomi, but Iwao gave a demonstration saying, "If you say that, please do it once." Was so bad that he stopped complaining to Tsukkomi after that.
  • Manzai is highly evaluated, but he has a long history of playing Tale, and both of them performed Tale at the beginning of the formation of the old combination, and then started Manzai.He also participates in the unit control live "Six Samurai".
  • In 2000, the year after its formationABC Comedy Rookie Grand PrixWon the Best New Face Award in 2002NHK Kamani Manzai Contest Grand Prize,Kamikaze Manzai Award Outstanding rookie award,Upper Comedy Award Winner of the Best New Face Award, YoungComic artistSwept a number of rookie awards given to. In 2003MBS New Generation Manzai AwardIn 2004, he won the Grand Prize of the Kami Manzai Award and completely won the Manzai Award race in Osaka. The M-1 Grand Prix advanced to the finals in the second year of its formation in the 2001 tournament, but finished 2th, the 6 tournament was runner-up, and the 2002 tournament, which was said to be the favorite, won the long-sought victory.In addition, although he participated in the 2003 tournament aiming for V2006, he finished second.
  • In August 2003, with the main members at that timebase YoshimotoAfter graduating, moved to Umeda Kazuki. 2013年時点はAs of XNUMXLUMINE the YoshimotoHe is active mainly on the stage and on TV.

M-1 Grand Prix


1st tournament ( 2001) 6th place in the final [Turn: 2nd score: 726/1000 points (general judge total 191 points, special judge total 535 points)]
It was the first time to advance to the final in two years since its formation.The catchphrase is "Miraculous face".決勝では前半に岩尾のブサイクネタを取り入れた「館内アナウンス」ネタを披露In the final, we will show off the "in-house announcement" material that incorporates Iwao's ugly material in the first half[3].. He scored 726 points and placed in 2nd place provisionally, but was overtaken by the 4th-placed crayfish and was eliminated.The final ranking was 6th.
2st tournament ( 2002) 2nd place in the final [Turn: 5th score: 621/700 points]
Achieve the final advance for the second consecutive year.The catchphrase is "Young talented group who swept the Mansai Rookie Award".In the final, he showed off the "family restaurant" material, scored 621 points, and jumped to the provisional first place.
After the story endsShimada ShinsukeFrom "Last year I got a low score. I made a mistake in a year.surprised.Comment,Nakata KausCommented, "The contrast of the combination is good, and it has the taste of doing anything while being shy. It's an interesting combination."Also,Yoichi Shimada"It's very (interesting) to return to a normal human being while being out of focus. He's quite profound," he praised Iwao's out of focus.
After that, he passed the first round in 1st place.In the final decisive battle, he showed the story of "the moderator of the reception" in 1st place.最終審査ではIn the final examinationMakoto OtakeとHitoshi MatsumotoI got 2 votes from, but I ended up in the runner-up, not as good as I got 5 votes.Although he missed the championship, he received high praise from Shinsuke at the awards ceremony, saying that there was no difference and that he was not defeated.
3st tournament ( 2003) 1nd place in the final [Turn: 7th score: 663/700 points]
Achieve the final advance for the second consecutive year.The catchphrase is "Longing".Under the pressure of a big favorite, he showed off the story of "marriage press conference". Scored 5 points or more from 90 judges and got 663 points.It became the provisional 1st place, and at this point it was confirmed that it would advance to the final battle.
After the story was over, Matsumoto praised him as "interesting!" And Shinsuke said, "It's wonderful. It's perfect. The laughing rice was impressed (for the first time in growth), and the score is higher, but technically 1 "It's your turn," commented Kaus, "I think it's been a tremendous growth since last year. The contrast of the duo and the carrying of the material are good."
After that, he passed the first round.In the final battle, he showed off a story called "SM taxi" in 1rd place.At this time, Goto had a happening that he would bite at the line just before the punch line, but the result was 3 out of 7 votes, and he won the long-awaited victory.
6st tournament ( 2006) 2nd place in the final [Turn: 2th score: 640/700 points]
Participation for the first time in 3 years.The catchphrase is "The king who came back".It was the first time for a duo who had already won the championship to re-enter.[4]..The reasons for participating are "Because Manzai is fun (Goto)" and "I want to enjoy the pleasure of winning again (Iwao)".
In the final, he performed a story called "Theme Song of Sentai Mono". Obtained 6 points or more from 90 judges. He got 640 points and showed the dignity of the champion, and jumped to the provisional first place.From Kaus, "Being a champion, I can see and hear with confidence. I was able to make good material, and I increased the material from the time of the semifinals. I am very good at taking (the material). However, I got a handicap of 1 points and still increased by 5 point. "However, Matsumoto complained about Goto's habit, saying, "I wonder if you can stop looking at me with a doy face after Goto-kun's tsukko."
He passed the first round in 2nd place, and in the final battle he showed off the "Izakaya clerk" story in 2nd place, but passed the 1st place in the first round.チ ュ ー ト リ ア ルWon the first perfect victory in the tournament (votes from all judges), so he couldn't win even one vote and ended up in the runner-up.
after that
2015In the resurrection tournament, successive champions will serve as judges, and Iwao appeared as a judge from Football Hour.



Starring program

* Only combi appearances are listed.See Nozomu Iwao and Terumoto Goto for personal appearances.

TV variety

Current regular appearance
Current irregular appearance
Past regular appearance
Past semi-regular appearance


  • Izawa Iron Works (Asahi Broadcasting Corporation, March 2003, 3)




  • Yoshimoto online "Football Hour Auction Hour" (Yahoo! Variety, January 2009-December 1)
  • Good log (GYAO!, July-September 2011)
  • Women No Limit (April 2018, 4-June 14, AbemaTV)-MC[5]
  • 7 days in love with your tongue (August 2018, 8-, AbemaTV) --MC[6]



  • "Jetball Hour" --Recorded a solo live performance at Lumine the Yoshimoto on June 2003, 6.
  • "Jetball Hour 04" --Recorded a solo live performance at Lumine the Yoshimoto on August 2004, 8.
  • "Drekigram '08" -Recorded a solo live performance at Lumine the Yoshimoto on June 2008, 6.
  • "Drekigram '09" -Records a solo live performance at the circular hall on August 2009, 8.
  • "Drekigram '10" -Records a solo live performance at Kyobashi Kazuki and Lumine the Yoshimoto in 2010.
  • "Football Detective Entertainer's House Investigation" -Records the 1st to 7th.



  • 2000
    • August 04- "Jetball Hour"(base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
    • August 09- "Foot Girl Hour"(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
    • August 11- "Football bear"(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
  • 2001
    • August 01- "Nagoya Ball Hour"(Nagoya Sakae 3-chome Theater / Aichi)
    • August 01- "I Love Football"(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
    • August 03- "WE Love Football"(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
    • August 05- "Kaminari Football"(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
    • August 07- "Football Summer"(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
    • August 10- "Football shower"(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
    • August 12- "Football rubber"(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
  • 2002
    • August 02- "Foot chocolate ball hour"(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
    • August 05- "Footballing Hour"(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
    • August 07- "Hakata Ball Hour"(Yoshimoto Golden Theater / Fukuoka)
    • August 07- "Foot surf hour"(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
    • August 09- "Footcake Hour"(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
    • August 10- "Nightball Hour"(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
    • August 11- "Football Air"(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
    • August 12- "Nightball Hour"(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
  • 2003
    • August 01- "Football Snow"(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
    • August 02- "Nightball Hour"(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
    • August 04- "Grand Ball Hour"(Namba Grand Hanatsuki/Osaka)
    • August 06- "Jetball Hour"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
    • August 06- "Nightball Hour"(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
    • August 08- "Hakata Ball Hour"(Yoshimoto Golden Theater / Fukuoka)
    • August 09- "Football room"(Umeda Kazuki / Osaka)
    • August 10- "Football room"(Umeda Kazuki / Osaka)
    • August 11- "Football room"(Umeda Kazuki / Osaka)
    • August 12- "Football room"(Umeda Kazuki / Osaka)
    • August 12- "Nightball Hour"(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
  • 2004
    • August 01- "Football room"(Umeda Kazuki / Osaka)
    • August 02- "Football room"(Umeda Kazuki / Osaka)
    • August 03- "Football room"(Umeda Kazuki / Osaka)
    • August 04- "Football room"(Umeda Kazuki / Osaka)
    • August 05- "Football room"(Umeda Kazuki / Osaka)
    • August 06- "Football room"(Umeda Kazuki / Osaka)
    • August 08- "Jet Ball Hour 04"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
  • 2005
    • August 08- "Football Hour Talk Ginza"(Ginza Small Theater / Tokyo)
    • August 09- "Football Hour Talk Ginza"(Ginza Small Theater / Tokyo)
    • August 10- "Football Hour Talk Ginza"(Ginza Small Theater / Tokyo)
    • August 11- "Football Hour Talk Ginza"(Ginza Small Theater / Tokyo)
    • August 12- "Football Hour Shinjuku Talk"(Shinjuku Theater Moliere / Tokyo)
  • 2006
    • August 01- "Football Hour Shinjuku Talk"(Shinjuku Theater Moliere / Tokyo)
    • August 03- "Football Hour Shinjuku Talk"(Shinjuku Theater Moliere / Tokyo)
    • August 04- "Football Hour Shinjuku Talk"(Shinjuku Theater Moliere / Tokyo)
    • August 05- "Football Hour"(Shinjuku Theater Moliere / Tokyo)
    • August 05- "Football Hour Shinjuku Talk"(Shinjuku Theater Moliere / Tokyo)
    • August 06- "Football Hour"(Sasazuka Factory/Tokyo)
    • August 06- "Football Hour Shinjuku Talk"(Shinjuku Theater Moliere / Tokyo)
    • August 07- "Football Hour"(Shinjuku Theater Moliere / Tokyo)
    • August 07- "Football Hour"(Shinjuku Theater Moliere / Tokyo)
    • August 08- "Football Hour"(Shinjuku Theater Moliere / Tokyo)
    • August 08- "Football Hour"(Shinjuku Theater Moliere / Tokyo)
    • August 11- "Football Hour"(Shinjuku Theater Moliere / Tokyo)
    • August 11- "Football Hour"(Shinjuku Theater Moliere / Tokyo)
  • 2008
    • August 06- "Drekigram '08"(OBP Round Hall / Osaka)
    • August 06- "Drekigram '08"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
  • 2009
    • August 08- "Drekigram '09"(OBP Round Hall / Osaka)
    • August 08- "Drekigram '09"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
  • 2010
    • August 07- "Drekigram '10"(Kyobashi Kagetsu/Osaka)
    • August 07- "Drekigram '10"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)


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  2. ^ OtherLaughterHave passed the first round in the 9th and 10th tournaments for the second consecutive year, but they have passed the 2st place in the 1th round.Punk Boo BooIt is a pass at the same point as, and only football hour has experienced the first place twice alone (as of 2).
  3. ^ There were many topic changes, and there were only five blurs in the announcement part in the hall.
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