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📱 | Initial sales of iPhone 12 series, carrier top is “SoftBank”

Photo Softbank is the best-selling carrier for the iPhone 12 series. No. 12 share in 12 models of iPhone 12 / iPhone 3 mini / iPhone 1 Pro

Initial sales of iPhone 12 series, carrier top is "Softbank"

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Analyzing the sales trends by series for the total of the three carriers, the iPhone 3 Pro has always exceeded the iPhone 10 since its release in the two models released on October 23.

According to the "BCN Ranking" that aggregates POS data from major consumer electronics mass retailers and EC shops nationwide, October 10 ... → Continue reading

 BCN + R

The website "BCN + R" is a specialized online media for people who sell or make things, who understand "now" and "tomorrow" of digital products and home appliances in Japan.

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