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🐈 | What's happening around dogs and cats?There is also concern that "numerical restrictions" on distributors will cause them to lose their place


What's happening around dogs and cats?There is also a concern that you will lose your place due to "numerical restrictions" on distributors

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Originally from Osaka prefecture, he often goes to NGK (Note: Namba Grand Kagetsu) when he returns home.

Ministry of the Environment sets an upper limit on the number of pet shops and breeders that can be bred to protect dogs and cats from malicious vendors ... → Continue reading


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Namba Grand Hanatsuki

Namba Grand Hanatsuki(Namba Grand Shadows) isOsakaOsakaChuo-kuIt is in,Yoshimoto KogyoOperated bycomedy-comedyProfessionaltheater. The popular name is NGK (NGK). The catch phrase is "Hall of Fame. "


DilapidatedNamba KagetsuAs an alternative theater 1987(Showa 62) The new building opened on November 11st. 1988Both theaters were used together until the closing of Namba Namba. The commercials for shredding were explosively popular in Kansai at the timeDowntownServed.

Yoshimoto New ComedyIs basically performed here every day. At the time of the opening, there was a studio "NGK Hall" (later renamed to "NGK Studio", 50 tsubo) used for recording TV programs.Yoshimoto ∞ Hall OsakaWas refurbished to a performance contest sponsored by Yoshimoto KogyoM-1 Grand Prix”Quarterfinals and“R-1 Grand PrixIt was also used in the semifinals Osaka venue. It was also used as the final venue in R-1 during the Kansai local program era. 20073/18Has completed the digitalization of the studio equipment, and was able to record and broadcast live high-definition from anywhere in the building, including the rooftop, but it was closed due to the 2012 renewal. The site has been converted into a souvenir sales corner.

There are two performances on weekdays and 2-3 performances on weekends and holidays.In addition, there is a previous theory of an unknown young entertainer from 4 minutes before the start time.The number of seats is about 15, which is reserved for all seats (the number of seats including auxiliary seats during congestion. The fixed seats are 900), which is one of the largest capacity theaters in Japan for comedy and comedy. By setting up the second floor seats, there are about 858 more seats than the previous three theaters (Namba, Umeda, Kyoto).This is a group frame for tourists, and for group seats, there was a difference in the treatment that the group was seated at the designated place first from the time when all seats were unreserved, and the general passengers were finally put in after the seating was completed.

When all the seats were unreserved, I was able to pack as many customers as possible, including standing, so I said, "Even though there are so many people, I'm still saying" I can still enter "at the counter. Yoshimoto is really amazing."Tommy's OfComicIt was also a grip ofFire Service ActAlso 2001From around this time, all non-reserved seats have been stopped and only the second floor has been designated, and the seating system has been gradually tightened, and the entrance fee has been raised accordingly. It was also possible to shoot stage entertainers from the audience, like a popular theater, but it was banned in parallel with the expansion of the reserved seat system.

Yoshimoto Kogyo is one of the largest theaters, and there are also the above-mentioned group guests, so the age of the audience is high. With the nationwide expansion of Yoshimoto in recent years, talent from outside the Kinki region has been increasing in opportunities to appear in the theater, but a young talent in particular says that "(the line of sight of the customer) is the hardest".[1].

2012年には、オープンから25年が経過したことによる施設の老朽化等に対応すべく劇場開設以来となる大規模なリニューアル工事が実施され、客席の座席の取替、バリアフリー対応として劇場共有スペースへのエレベーターの新設、地下1階-2階のテナントスペースの一新などが行われ、2012年4月8日にリニューアルオープンした。座席の取替に伴う定員の増減はないものの、シートを薄型化することにより体感的な前後間隔を若干拡げるといった工夫が施されている。また、これに先行して、1階テナントスペースに日本国内で3か所目、関西地方では初のAKB48カフェとなる「AKB48 CAFE & SHOP NAMBAGrand Opened on April 2012, 4 (Closed March 4, 2017)[2]). Along with this, the name of the building is also "Yoshimoto HallFrom "Namba Grand Kagetsu BuildingWas renamed to.

This year's third performance on March 2016, 3, the number of visitors has exceeded one million. Since it opened in 31, it has been the highest mobilization ever, and large bags were distributed to all visitors[3].

It has been announced that it will be closed for the renewal work from September 5th to December 2017th, 9, five years after the completion of the first renewal work. New opening on the same day during the renovation periodYoshimoto Nishi Umeda TheaterPerform an alternative performance in[4].

Reopened on December 12st of the same year. Seismic reinforcement work, which had not been carried out in the previous renovation work, was done, and at the same time, tenants were renovated, the theater entrance and music room interiors were retrofitted, and an exhibition corner was newly established.[5].


  • When the museum first openedYoshimoto New ComedyWas not performed. This is because, while new comedy talents have emerged since the Manzai boom, it was determined that the young comedy continued to produce mostly old-fashioned production and that the young people's audience would not grow. After that, the new comedy will begin to perform at NGK with a new system that changed generations in the "New comedy Yamekkona!? Campaign".
  • The first basement floor was originally planned to be built as a movie theater for Western movie road shows, but urgently said that it is not the era of movies anymore soon after completion.DiscoConverted to. It opened as "Desse Jenny". Yoshimoto has run a sweet restaurant before, but now he has entered the food and drink business in earnest. The origin of the store nameAkashi familyIronically called Yoshimoto's corporate constitution and called it "Ken Desse" and named it.
  • From the left to the signboard that is displayed in front until the renewalAwesome Bow,Yanagiya Kingoro,Yokoyama Entertainment-Hanabishi Achaco,Shofutei Nizuru,Nakata Daimaru Racket,Miss Wakana Ichiro Tamamatsu,Warawashi CorpsIs drawn.
  • When the museum first openedChinese Acrobatic TroupeOr famous overseasAcrobaticsSuch asPerformerWas performing under the name "NGK Theater". Even now, there are performances inviting performers from overseas on an irregular basis.
  • Long time agoProfessional boxingLoaned to the box office,Ishida NobuhiroAlso served as the main.
  • 200711/4"Thank you for the 20th anniversary of Namba Grand Kagetsu" was held and the ticket was released at the opening price of 2000 yen.
  • In this performance, a set that hides the jumbotron in the back is built and the turning is used when the big masters (Nakata Kaus Button, All Hanshin Giants, etc.) appear.
  • It is a stage that will be a gateway for young entertainersYoshimoto Manzai TheaterYoshimoto Kogyo is also involved in the operation on the 5th floor of the YES-NAMBA building oppositeNMB48Is a dedicated theater ofNMB48 Theater(Oldbase Yoshimoto) Are located on the first basement floor of the building respectively.
  • The first basement floor was the facility called "Yoshimoto smile store street" from March 1, 2004 to August 3, 20. this isShin-Yokohama Ramen MuseumThe layout of the Showa style was similar to the one in which the history of entertainers belonging to Yoshimoto and the main programs were displayed with a gag. From 2012, it became a “Yoshimoto 47 Local Market” and was produced by Yoshimoto (“No matter what, Etc.) was openly broadcast live. afterwards,FMBy April 2015th, 4 (pre-opening is March 4th)YES THEATERThe local market was reduced in size and relocated to the first floor. There is a theater with 47 seats on the first basement and a satellite studio of the same station (moved from the YES-NAMBA building) on ​​the first floor.
  • From July 2010, 7, an idol unit produced by Yoshimoto Kogyo about twice a year.YGA"WhenFuji TelevisionIdol unit produced byIdling!!!Joint live ofGoods Live in NGK""Jukuhachi Live in NGKWas being held.
  • Due to the above-mentioned renewal work, it will be closed from March 2012th to April 3th, 27, during this time as "Outing!! Namba Grand Kagetsu Tour",Mido Hall-Shin-Kobe Oriental Theater-Matsushita IMP HallA business trip was held in (order of performance).
  • On April 2015, 4, the multipurpose theater "YES THEATER"(Yes Theater) opened. Also,FMThe (YES-fm) satellite studio was also relocated from the Yoshimoto Main Building near Namba Grand Kagetsu.[6].

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Namba Grand Hanatsuki

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