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🤝 | Osaka University develops and provides a crisis management training program for students planning to travel abroad


Osaka University will develop and provide a crisis management training program for students planning to travel abroad

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The e-learning program "for students participating in global activities (study abroad, training, etc.)" is currently in the stage of systematization and trial, and is scheduled to be provided to universities and educational institutions from 2021.

Research at the Global Risk Solutions Center (GRSC), Graduate School of International Public Policy, Osaka University ... → Continue reading

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e-learning(E-Learning, English: e-learning, electronic learning) IsInformation technologyDo usingLearning,LearnThat is.


e-learning "e"" Means electronic, and even in Japanese, it is often written in the alphabet.

As a device used for e-learningPersonal computer(PC),CD-ROM,DVD-ROM,Digital tv,Mobile terminal(mobile phone,PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)Etc.) and so on. Also,Telecommunicationsabout,インターネットSuch asComputer networkThroughHypertext,電子 メ ー ル,Electronic bulletin board, Electronic conference,Video distributionAnd other technologies are being utilized.

Especially about the method using a mobile terminalm learning[1], U learning[2]It may be called.

Incidentally,textbook,Note,Exercise booksWhether or not to digitize analog data such as e-learning as a file on a computer is controversial.


Learning with a computerEducationHas been devised for a long time and CAI (Computer assisted instruction: computer-assisted instruction or computer-aided instruction), etc.formHas been developed. afterwards,CBTWith the development of (computer-based training) and WBT (web-based training)1990 eraThe word e-learning appeared in.

In the United States, a system for taking the same course over a wide area using microwave communication and satellite communication has been being constructed since the 1980s, but in the 1990s, low-cost and highly interactive systems using the Internet were widely used. It came to be used. Launched in 2001 in Japane-JapanThe concept has attracted a wide range of people.[3][4]

E-learning in modern times is due to the progress and spread of communication technology.teacherversusLearnerCommunication between learners and learners, learners' self-studySelf studyBeing able to maintain an appropriate progress so that the teacher can proceed comfortablyEducational activitiesIn many cases, consideration is given to recording various information about the learner in order to perform the above. In recent years, we have traditionally relied mainly on mail.Distance learningIt is also being adopted in.

Seeking organizational innovation in teaching methods at the universityFaculty DevelopmentE-learning also plays an important role in. It is much cheaper than conventional equipment, you can review using DVD, and you can also build a check system by exercise.

e-learning system

Overview of e-learning system

An e-learning system is for conducting e-learning.Information systemAnd, roughly, "teaching material-Learning materialIt consists of "learning management system" (LMS). In addition, it should be notedシステム"E-learning" that does not includethe termBy itself, it may mean an information system for e-learning.[5]

The users of the e-learning system are assumed to be "learners" and "teachers", and the functions for learners and the functions for teachers are different. Also, many e-learning systems have an e-learning system "system administrator" (System administrator) Is placed, and the system administrator may provide support for learning and educational activities.

The minimum required elements for an e-learning system are "teaching materials / learning materials" and learners, and a self-study system represented by Moodle can be seen as a dedicated system for e-learning. Not a dedicated system World Wide Web Those using this technology are sometimes called WBT (web-based training).

As a special example of a self-study system, a computersoftware Ofチ ュ ー ト リ ア ルThe function can be mentioned. The tutorial is created with the intention that you can learn how to use the software while operating according to the instructions on the screen. The tutorial function may be attached as one of the functions of the software.

Teaching materials / learning materials

E-learning materials / learning materials (oftencontent(Called) is a combination of still images, video images, audio, sentences, etc.マ ル チ メ デ ィ アThere are quite a lot of forms. These are mainly used as material presentation type teaching materials such as electronic pictorial books and electronic encyclopedias.

In addition, "quizzes" that confirm what you have learned one by one, "drills" that allow you to practice questions, and "examination questions" that summarize the questions are also included in the teaching materials and learning materials. Many of these can leave the learner's learning history in cooperation with the learning management system, and by utilizing this, it is possible to find out the part that the learner is not fully proficient in, or to perform e-learning as a group. It can also be used to support the learning group during implementation.

Learning management system

The learning management system in the e-learning system stores and accumulates teaching materials and learning materials by teachers, appropriately distributes teaching materials and learning materials to learners, learners' learning history, quizzes, drills, test question results, etc. Is managed in an integrated manner, and is generally called LMS (Learning Management System). The learning management system is used to make it easier to understand the results of a large number of students. The learning management system can be used as an alternative to interview lessons at schools (classes centered on those via the learning management system), in combination with interview lessons (classes that partially utilize the learning management system), and in companies.Employee educationIt is used in such places. A learning management system is for learnersPortal siteIt also has a role as a student, and logs in from the learning management system to perform a series of operations such as learning and examination. In addition, as a complementary function, an electronic bulletin board system for communication between learners and between teachers and learners is often provided as one function of the learning management system.[6]

A guide who manages the progress of learning and provides support is called a "mentor," and management by a mentor is called "mentoring." In particular, a person who provides support regarding learning content is called a "tutor". By providing appropriate support to learners, the effectiveness of e-learning can be further enhanced.[7]

Learning / education methods and e-learning

Main advantages and disadvantages

E-learning can change the traditional teacher-learner relationship and has both advantages and disadvantages. The main ones are listed below.

利 点

  • Learner side
    • You don't have to gather at the same place at the same time, you can study at any time and place
    • Learning can proceed according to the proficiency level of each individual
    • You can take classes that are standardized according to your purpose.
    • Compared to distance learning with only printed materials, the amount of printed materials can be reduced.
  • Teacher side
    • You do not have to be in the same place at the same time as the learner, and you can work efficiently.
    • No need to repeat the same lesson for each class
    • You can reduce the amount of printed materials
    • Automation such as grade management can be achieved
    • Easy to update and update teaching materials

In addition, it is said that the cost is lower than that of group education because it can take advantage of economies of scale.[8]


  • Learner side
    • Difficult to maintain motivation to learn[9]
    • Difficult to solve problems on the spot such as questions
    • Difficult to interact with teachers and other learners
    • You may not be able to earn qualifications or credits
  • Teacher side
    • The learner's situation can only be grasped from the data
    • Man-hours for creating teaching materials and learning materials are large
    • High initial cost

At present, the contents of e-learning materials and learning materials arePractical skillLike you needSubjectsIt is believed that it is not suitable for.

Based on these advantages and disadvantages, efficient and highly effective learning can be expected by using a method called "blending" that combines set / face-to-face learning and e-learning.[10]

Standards for e-learning

Standards for content sharing

The standard for content sharing is a standard for using the same teaching materials / learning materials even between different learning management systems. A typical standard is SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model).

The contents of teaching materials and learning materials are created according to the method specified by the learning management system, but many learning management systems, including free ones, have been developed, and there was concern that the standards would be overwhelmed. SCORM was established with the aim of preventing the standard from being overwhelmed, with the aim of using teaching materials and learning materials in common among different learning management systems. However, due to the complexity of the specifications of SCORM itself, there is a contradiction that it is difficult for general teachers to easily create teaching materials and learning materials that match SCORM. In 2013, ADL announced a new standard, Experience API (xAPI), (project name is TinCan), which succeeds SCORM. It was established from the perspective of incorporating all experiences and utilizing them for education and human resource development, and new services based on this specification have begun in Japan as well.

School establishment standards

School establishment standardsIs a general term for things that define the equipment organization of schools (including universities).Curriculum(Curriculum), The requirements required for conducting the lessons, etc. are also stipulated.

Based on university establishment standardsMinistry of educationThere are also provisions related to e-learning in notifications. According to the notificationHigher educationE-learning in classes that give credits to schools (universities [including graduate schools], junior colleges, colleges of technology)ClassroomIf you want the learner to take a lesson at a place other than the above, except for the distance lessons that are held simultaneously and interactively, "Answer the questions in each lesson.CorrectionIt is stipulated that guidance, Q & A, etc. should be provided at the same time, and that there is an opportunity for students to exchange opinions regarding the class (“University Establishment Standards No. 25”). Classes that universities can take based on the provisions of Article 2, Paragraph 13 ”(Refer to Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Notification No. 51, XNUMX).

Reference document

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Education system

外部 リンク


2021(2021 years old)AD(Gregorian calendar)by,Normal year starting from Friday.Reiwa3 years.

This item describes 2021 from an international perspective.

Other chronology





  • 1/5 - north korea OfKorean Labor Party Party conventionHeld in Pyongyang for the first time in 5 years[1].
  • 1/6
  • 1/7
    • United States CongressDemocratic Party OfJoe BidenDonald Trump has expressed his intention to cooperate in a smooth transition to the administration after officially recognizing the president-elect.[4]..There is a view that it is a de facto defeat declaration[5].
    • FacebookSuspends Donald Trump's account indefinitely[6].
    • Tesla OfElon MuskCEOAmazon OfJeff BezosAnd took the position of the richest man in the worldBloombergReports[7].
    • America-United NationsThe Permanent Mission is scheduled for 13-15 days by UN Ambassador to the United Nations Kelly Craft.TaiwanAnnounced to visit. 1971ToTaiwanThis is the first time that the US Ambassador to the United Nations has visited Taiwan since he left the United Nations.Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China OfKaharuAt a regular press conference on the following day, the press director rebelled, saying, "I strongly oppose the traffic between US and Taiwanese authorities in any form."[8].
    • BritishBoris JohnsonThe prime minister is JapanChugai PharmaceuticalDeveloped byRheumatoid arthritis"Tocilizumab" and "Sarilumab" are effective in treating severely ill patients with new coronavirus infection. "It will be administered to you soon."[9].
  • 1/8
  • 1/9
    • JakartaSuburbsSoekarno Hatta International AirportImmediately after takeoffSriwijaya AirlineFlight 182 disappeared[15]..There are a total of 62 passengers and crew,インドネシアBudi Karya Sumadi, Minister of Transport, explained at a press conference that the plane had crashed.[16].
    • The Workers' Party of Korea in North Korea adopted a decision on the revision of the party rules at the meeting on the fifth day of the party convention.In the preface of the party covenant, "Suppress military threats with strong defense force,Korean PeninsulaProtecting the stability and peaceful environment of the country, "he said, and stated that he would further strengthen his military power.On a new route aiming for "unification of the homeland" with military powerKim Il SungIt is also pointed out that the "national liberation people's democracy revolutionary line" may have changed.[17].
    • Ministry of Commerce of China ChugokuPublished new rules to "counter unjustified laws and regulations" against foreign companies and citizens.If a Chinese citizen or organization is subject to economic or trade activity restrictions by foreign law, it can be notified to the Department of Commerce within 30 days and the citizen or organization suffers a "significant loss". Suppose that the relevant government departments provide the necessary support[18].
    • Hong KongEnglish newspaperSouth China Morning PostAs an anonymous source, the Hong Kong police first applied the provisions of the National Security Law to Internet operators in the region, "HK Chronicle" (a website that mainly deals with materials related to anti-government activities in Hong Kong in 2019). ) Has begun to request access blockage. Users reported that they couldn't browse the site as of the night of the 6th, and by the 10th they were unable to browse.[19].
    • United States Secretary of State OfMike PompeoHowever, with the United States, the US government has continued for many years in consideration of the Chinese government.TaiwanAnnounced to lift "self-regulation" on contact between officials[20].
    • UK OfQueen ElizabethAnd my husband'sPhilipIs vaccinated against the new coronavirus[21].
    • ア ッ プ ルとAmazon.comHas removed the SNS and parlors used to collaborate with demonstrators in the US Capitol occupation case on the 6th, known for the right-wing gathering, from their stores and web services.This effectively renders the parlor unable to connect online.Deletion The two companies blame the failure to take appropriate measures to prevent the spread of posts that fuel violence.[22].
  • 1/10
  • 1/11
    • Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) warned that armed people could protest before the inauguration of President-elect Biden[29].
    • KoreanWen ZaiyinThe president gives a New Year's greeting.The new coronavirus vaccine will be "prioritized and will be available to all citizens free of charge from February"[30].
    • Taiwan Ministry of Foreign AffairsIntroduced a new passport with the letters "TAIWAN" in large letters and started accepting applications.Responding to the fact that many people said that they were misunderstood as Chinese nationals overseas after the spread of the new coronavirus infection worldwide.[31].
    • The Chinese government announced that an international research team of the World Health Organization will visit China on the 14th of the same month to clarify the origin of the new coronavirus.He said that he would proceed with scientific research on the source in collaboration with Chinese experts.The investigation team was scheduled to leave the country on the 5th, but could not enter the country because the Chinese authorities did not issue the final permit, and the WHOTedros AdanomThe secretary general expressed "disappointment" and demanded early entry[32][33].
    • ChineseBaidu Electric carAnnounced to start manufacturing and selling[34].
    • America'sCalifornia-San DiegoBreeding at the zoogorillaThe zoo has announced that at least two of them tested positive for the new coronavirus.largeApeThis is the first case in which a natural infection has been found.[35].
  • 1/12
    • YouTubeAnnounced that it will stop posting new videos and live streams on Donald Trump's channel for at least seven days.He also deleted multiple videos, saying he violated the company's guidelines for content that could incite violence.[22].
    • From 12th to 13th(I.e.Parents in the east(I.e.Targeting militia organizations, etc.Israeli armyThere is an airstrike that seems to be the worst in history. At least 14 people were found dead as of 57th[36].
  • 1/13
    • US President Donald Trump issues a statement criticizing violence, illegal activity and sabotage. "I want all the people to ease tension and control their anger," he called for calming the situation.[37].
    • US House of Representatives plenary sessionApproved the impeachment resolution, which demands dismissal for the incumbent president Donald Trump instigating the supporters to attack and occupy the Capitol, with 232 votes in favor and 197 votes against.Ten members of the Republican Party also agreed. In 10, he was impeached on suspicion of Ukraine, and it is the first time in history that the US president has been impeached twice during his tenure.[38][39].
    • Human rights groupHuman Rights WatchIn his annual report on the world's human rights situation, he strongly accused President Trump of "for four years as president, he was indifferent and hostile to human rights and encouraged hatred of racial and religious minorities."Also,Death of George FloydI also criticized the response[40].
    • America·New York City OfBill DebrascioThe mayor is a company run by the Trump familyTrump OrganizationAnnounced that the contract with "will be terminated.The mayor accused the president of inciting a rebellion against the U.S. government in a statement, and the company rebelled as political discrimination.[41].
    • The Trump administrationXinjiang Uygur Autonomous RegionAnnounced that it will ban the import of cotton and tomato products from the autonomous region due to human rights violations by the Chinese government in China.Customs and Border Protection(CBP) was instructed to seize cargo containing these products.There are concerns about forced labor by the government in the autonomous region[42].
    • イタリア OfMatteo RenziAt a press conference, the former prime minister announced that his center-left minority party "Italy Viva" would withdraw from the coalition government.Two ministers of the party resign[43].
    • International Atomic Energy AgencyRafael Grossi, Executive Director of the (IAEA),(I.e.Reported to IAEA member countries that it has started research and development activities for the production of metallic uranium.Metallic uranium could be used in nuclear bombs and violates a nuclear agreement banning Iran from producing or acquiring it for 15 years[44].
  • 1/14
    • The Korean governmentSeoulAnnounced parole of more than 1,000 prisoners to relieve overcrowding of facilities following an outbreak of more than 900 new coronavirus infections in a detention center in Tokyo[45].
    • Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infectionJapanThen.1/8This is the second time this year, following the one targeting 1 metropolitan area and 3 prefectures.Emergency declarationWas issued.This timeTochigi-Gifu-Aichi-Kyoto-Osaka-Hyogo-Fukuoka2 prefectures and 5 prefectures were targeted (additional)[14].
  • 1/15 - Netherlands OfPrime Minister RutteTakes responsibility for the unfair return of childcare allowancesWillem AlexanderSubmitted resignation to the king and announced the total resignation of the Cabinet[46].


GlobalEpidemic of new coronavirus infectionThis has affected various schedules, and the following schedules may be changed or canceled and are not finalized.





  • 4/1
    • Fuji XeroxChanged the company name toFUJIFILM Business Innovation"change to. Company name changed in USAXeroxDue to the termination of the technical contract with the company[48].









The date is undecided




  • Elections for heads of state, etc. expected to be held in the current year (expiration date in [])



GlobalNew coronavirus infectious disease epidemicDue to the influence of such factors, the following schedules may change.



Live-action movie
Anime movie



Summer Olympics and Paralympics

Summer olympic-Paralympic Japanese flag Japan OfTokyoWill be held in (1964 competitionSecond time since then).New coronavirus epidemicUnder the influence ofModern olympicFor the first time in history, a postponement of about one year has been decided.



Nobel Prize

The event of fiction

  • 7 -First mannedMars explorationHad a missionNASACrew of the spacecraft "Mars 1"(English edition)Discovered a white polyhedron. All of the crew members surveyed by a radar from the immediate vicinity were hit by a huge tornado generated from a polyhedron, killing three people. The remaining one is unknown after sending a message to the earth. (movies"Mission to mars])[75][76]
  • summer - Thailand-ChumphonIn the mountainous area ofMalaysiaAnd the declaration of conquest 2041A monument with a date of 100 meters or more in height suddenly appeared. This monument is named "Champhon Chronolis". First appearance of chronolis. (novel"(English edition)])[77]
  • Android "RT600" is released. (game"Detroit: Become Human])
  • The first interstellar expedition led by Robert Helmas uses a spin-digi driveJupiter moonからWolf seat XNUMXth starorSixty-first star of CygnusAim to travel. Then this is<West> campSenate Bliss Wagoner, who was considered to be a rebellion against and was in command of the plan, is executed. (novel"Space city"series)[78][79]
  • The huge radio system behind the moonBD+36 degree 2147 starReceives a 120 MHz radio signal that appears to have originated from the planet. During the eight months of observation, fragmentary words and spellings are identified in the signal. After that, BD+8 degree 36 star is named “Ra”, and the planet that is the source of the signal is named “Isis”. (novel"(English edition)])[80]


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注 釈


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