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📚 | Reasons for the popularity of "Kaiju No. 8" and recommended episodes!Considered as a royal road transformation hero cartoon


Reasons for the popularity of "Kaiju No. 8" and recommended episodes!Considered as a royal road transformation hero cartoon

If you write the contents roughly
The part that hides the irregular shape and is called by number and fights secretly has a strong respect for "Kamen Rider Kuuga".

As soon as the first episode was published in "Shonen Jump +", "Kaiju No. 1" exceeded 100 million views in a blink of an eye.Weird ... → Continue reading


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Kamen Rider Kuuga

Kamen Rider series > Kamen Rider Kuuga
Heisei Kamen Rider Series
First workKamen Rider Kuuga2000/1
-March 2001
First workKamen Rider Agito2001/1
-March 2002
First workKamen Rider Ryuki2002/2
-March 2003

"Kamen Rider Kuuga] (Kamen Rider Kuuga)2000May 1から2001May 1Until,TV Asahi seriesAt every Sunday 8:00-8:30 (JST) All 49 episodes were aired,ToeiProductionSpecial effects TV dramathe work.

catch copyIs "A New Hero. A New Legend.“(New hero, new legend)” will be displayed at the top left and bottom right with the final title of the opening.


In the TV series "Kamen Rider BLACK RXIt's been 10 years and 4 months since the end, except for the TV series.Kamen Rider JIt's the first time in six years since "Kamen Rider", and at the same time it's the first "Heisei Kamen Rider Series". "Kuga" (Kanji notation is "Ego))'S name is "a name that can be written in kanji"Ishimori ProBy Akira Onodera, PresidentStagWas named after[2].

Showa Kamen Rider series (hereinafter, Showa Rider) has a completely new world view,TributeIs also included everywhere in dialogue and settings[Annotation 1]..The big difference from Showa Rider is that "Kamen Rider and the hostile monster are remodeled humans", "Evil secret association planning to conquer the world", "Combatant" etc. are no longer set, "Kamen Rider" in the play The name "" may not be used.Especially when it comes to "remodeling humans"medical technologyBy the progress ofOrgan transplantationConsidering that many operations have been performed, there is resistance to use the expression "remodeled human" as before, and Toei also says "I do not want to be a hero with a shadow by remodeled humans" As a result, it was abolished and it will be taken over by the subsequent Heisei Rider series.

Also, in this work, there are new attempts everywhere that were not possible with conventional special effects hero programs. Focusing on the reality to create familiar fear and the consistency to eliminate the inconsistency that was often found in special effects hero programs, “Grongi has a unique言语culture"Having," "with KuugaPolicemen"Cooperate with", "Don't shout your skill" and other settings were born. In the drama, not only the hero drama's point of view, such as "the change of people around each time" and "the process of recognizing the existence of heroes and evils in society", which were hard to hit the spot in the past, are drawn. I also attach importance to the viewpoint of general dramas. For this reason, one episode cannot be fully drawn within one episode within 1 minutes, so the style of the two episodes is basically "one episode in two episodes". This style was inherited by subsequent works.

In terms of commerce, it recorded good results due to popularity such as transformation belts, but due to drama-focused dramas, battle scenes are often very short, and Kuuga's final form Ultimate Form released in October was the illusion that Yusuke saw. Except for, it will not appear in the work until just before the final episode in January of the following year[Annotation 2](The number of appearances was few), and conversely, a new form (Amazing Mighty) that the sponsor toy company staff member did not know appeared, and the product was suddenly developed and released. It became an unusual case as well. In the final episode (Episode 49), between the A and B partsCMBroadcasting up to ED without intervening, there was no appearance of the protagonist hero after the transformation or battle scene, and the protagonist Yusuke Godai appeared only slightly[Annotation 3].

After this work,Cross program(Video inserted just before the start of broadcasting) has been changed frequently. In addition, the performers take turns in narrating the provided telop. Unlike the previous series, the narration was limited to the next notice and omnibus.

Background of the project

Toei OfSuzuki TakeyukiShouldn't make a half-baked rider that ends in a couple of cools, and has long suspended the reopening of the Kamen Rider TV series, although there have been voices of resurrection, saying it should resume when the time is ripe.[3]. Kamen Rider's TV series restart1996Planning has been underway since around the time, and initiallyUltra seriesWas being broadcastEvery day broadcastingProduction,TBS system OfSaturday 6 o'clockThere were times when I was aiming to broadcast in[2]. The initial title is "Kamen Rider XV (cross buoy)"[2]And "Kamen Rider Kawakami"[4]Therefore, the idea to introduce multiple Kamen Riders presented here has led to the idea of ​​form change by consolidating the number of people into one.[5]. Another project title is "Kamen Rider Gaia".Ultra MangaiaIt was said to have competed with[2][Annotation 4].

Broadcasting on Mainichi Broadcasting was scheduled, but then Mainichi BroadcastingZoids[6]And ultraman[7]Because I chose not to, TBS broadcasting could not be realized, and Toei special effects program "Burn!! RoboconIs being broadcast on the production stationTV AsahiWill be changed to[2][Annotation 5].. However, "Kamen Rider", which has been a long time since the TV series was interrupted, was already a brand of the past from a feeling of the time, and TV Asahi was reluctant to accept "There is no news".[7].

The tailwind was "Sanshiro Segata]. 『Kamen Rider] Takeshi Hongo (Kamen Rider No. 1)Hiroshi Fujioka,The same character played by enlivened the popularity of Kamen Rider[8].Suzuki TakeyukiAccording to this, such excitement led to the birth of this work.[9].. In addition, the producer Shigeki Takajira,Prize gamesThe Kamen Rider series premiums were also growing, and he also testified. At that time, it was only vaguely recognized as a “favorable reaction”, but this is a sign that the age group coming to the game center became interested in riders, and the viewer of the old work became a father and became ``parent and child 2 generations''. It was the beginning of forming a fan[10].

The plan for Kamen Rider Guardian by Naruki Takaji is a clear and heroic style, and there is a remnant in Yusuke's character setting.[11].. At this point, Takadera envisioned a line of conventional hero programs so as not to betray the expectations of related companies.[12].. After that, the plan "Kamen Rider Otis" submitted by Ishimori Pro[2]Due to his horror and tragic nature, he was asked to reexamine the direction, and Takaji decided to make a radical review.[12].. Yet another provisional title was the "King", which was proposed after the Kanji notation was proposed.[2].

Takaji's enthusiasm for creating a completely new Kamen Rider was strong, but in order to realize the fantasy and unconventional protagonist image of the initial plan ``Indiana Jones』I need an average budget[13]In response to the point that the "half of aliens and aliens" setting is too far from the image of the rider, we decided to search for a way to add new taste to the conventional rider.[14].

"Kamen Rider-likeness" that Takadera thought about was the composition of "man and man" in which real people like Kazuya Taki and Tobe Tachibana stand next to a strange hero called Rider. This is used in the actual work in the form of Yusuke and Kaoru Ichijo's buddy. On the other hand, the element "modification human", which was the basic setting of the old work, was considered to be not essential and was eliminated.[15].


The Kamen Rider brand of this period had no element to sell other than "2nd generation hero", so it is aimed at differentiation from the old work that was conscious of the new generation.[16].

The production took more time than Showa Rider, and in order to avoid opportunism and collapse of settings, I spent most of my time writing scripts. Especially in this work, there are rare positions for Toei works such as series composition and literary department, and the story and settings are unified.[2].. Regarding this technique, Takaji is a documentary-style drama "ER emergency room] About the magnitude of the shock[17].

The whole storyHDTV It was shot in (HD1080/60i) and was broadcast at a 16:9 screen ratio (letterbox size), which was unusual at that time. However, at that time, only shooting was done in high definition,Post production-Complete package・This broadcastSDTVMade in. Then, the conventional post-record format was changed to the same recording format, and tech companies and crews capable of video recording will participate. However, the field staff, who have been producing film and post-recording for many years, are not accustomed to the shooting method for the video and the recording, so the progress of the scene is delayed, and one week after the start of shooting, the camera crew on schedule. Complains if you can't shoot the planned number of cuts[18].. A meeting was held in the upper part of Toei to return to the original post-recording, but the staff of the recording department who heard that appealed to the photographer, Inokuma Sasao to bow and make efforts. , The staff became united and the recording continued.[19].

Each time the scene in the play changes, the time and place of the play are displayed. The depictions in the play and the passage of time have been carefully calculated to ensure consistency, but in the scene of transportation, it is difficult to adjust the time in the play to the actual timetable. There were many[20].

It is said that the church's burning scene in episode 2 took an enormous amount of budget, which tightened the budget for this work, but about this, Kodera said, "It's been exciting here. However, the production staff gave me a simple permit, maybe "I will take a pilot for the first time.Hidenori IshidaI thought,'Let the director be a man!'"[21].. However, there are some parts that have been said excessively about the burning of the church, and Kodera says that the scene of the ruins costs more than the church.[22][23].. At the talk event "Afternoon Festival" Behind the Scenes "" held on February 2021, 2, Takadera changed to video shooting, which reduced various expenses such as development fee and film fee, and also the cost of miniature shooting. Since it did not occur, it was said that it became a luxurious look because it was used for the art expenses of the main part such as the set of churches and ruins[24].. The open set of Kurogatake remains on a movie scale[25], The staff had to build a bridge to enter the cave, and even the passage to the entrance room that was not shown in the image was purposely made[13].

There is also an opinion that as a result of progressing on the route focusing on reality, lively and radical expressions are included in setting and portrayal, many complaints centered on parents who want a hero program for pure children, etc. Exuded[26].. The sponsor also complained about the fact that the Kamen Rider name is not appearing and the design of Grongi, which is close to humans, and the inside of Toei also issued an instruction to change the style from the second cool,Naruki TakajiNever gave up. TV Asahi producer Yumi Shimizu and the script that was urgently cooperatedToshiki InoueAnd a consistent production system was maintained.[27].

As one of the endings, it was said that Yusuke died in a fierce battle with Grongi's parent, N'Dagba Zeba. This was based on the idea that "although to protect people, he should also take responsibility for violence." However, staff members such as Takaji have come to the conclusion that "the program is a program that gives dreams to children living in the coming tough times, and its ending is too cruel", and it is the end of Yusuke's journey abroad.[28][29][30].

Motorcycle stunt

Motorcycle stuntstrialFormer All Japan ChampionNarita TakumiParticipated. Although car stunt teams such as Muromachi Racing and Three Chase participated in the previous work, Narita was consulted by the staff's intention to "incorporate the action of a real motorcycle competition." The movement to incorporate the trial action is "Kamen Rider StrongerIt was tried for the first time in 25 years since it was given up in an accident.

Narita also selected the car model, and the first Spanish-made rider machine was completed.[2](Details of vehicle types will be described later). Narita's first appearance in Episode 4 depicts the figure running around various heights and obstacles over various steps and obstacles, highlighting the difference from conventional actions. Since thenWillyA dynamic action based on the application of trial techniques was developed, such as "Front wheel punch" by and "Rear wheel kick" by Jackknife. In episodes 31-33, Takumi Narita's younger brotherRyo NaritaPlayed the monster Go Bader Ba, who rides a motorcycle. Badger's machine, Bugibson, used the same panpera as the Trichaser.[31].. By two professional playersShonan coastMany trial techniques were shown in the battle, and a completely different screen from the motorcycle battle in which enemies collapse while raising the dust and smoke that was drawn in the past was completed.


This work also depicts the battle between heroes and monsters, but at the same time "I caught the era when the incident of the appearance of monsters occurred.documentaryThere is also an aspect of ". While fear of monsters is widespread in society, a nursery teacher who is worried about ``may I have a baby in such an age'', a researcher who tears up to see his son's class because of his work, criticizes TV Teachers who are casting questions that they cannot solve within the framework of a hero drama[32].. Since there is a limit to the real world that can be drawn in a 30-minute program, we are gathering the reaction of society to these individual depictions.[33].

Police depiction

The aspect as a criminal drama is strong, but this is "Mobile Police PatlaborFromHeisei Gamera,Heisei Ultraman Series,further"Dancing Great Investigation LineThe method of depicting the police as a bureaucratic mechanism that has developed through[34].

Unlike the defense organizations that tend to play the role of possessing super technology, which is common in special effects works, the police in this work are ordinary people who do not have super powers, including doctors and researchers who work together. Yes, fighting against paranormal phenomena with courage and responsibility[35].. To pursue the reality of the depiction of the police organization, Toshihisa Arakawa, the scriptwriter, said, "If a monster really comes out, which department will handle it?"Saitama Prefectural PoliceContacted. According to the answer, "The murder department is responsible for cracking down on crimes caused by humans, so it is different. It is likely that the murder department will be in charge of the wild animals of the security department," Kaoru Ichijo is the Nagano Prefectural Security Department. Set as affiliation[13].. In addition, "from the headquarters" that was originally used in the communication scene was changed to "from the headquarters"[20], Deciding the direction of the door used for entering and exiting police cars, etc.[13], I am aware of the reality of the police even with detailed events. However, not everything is matched to reality. For example, the name “Head of the Headquarters” does not actually exist, but it is used in the play because it is easy to understand as the commander of the countermeasure headquarters.[20].

SDFSince it will be a work of another genre called panic thing when it is dispatched, the incident response in the play remains only within the police[30].

Evil and justice

Compared to the later Heisei Kamen Rider series (hereinafter referred to as Heisei Rider), it is said to be moral and moral[36].. The only evil in the play is Glonghi, human beings are depicted as good[37][38].. Grongi is evilshockerIt is not a pyramid type enemy organization like. This is still at that time1995untilAum ShinrikyoThis is partly because the memories of the series of events caused by the facts were clear and we could not use motifs that could be associated with them.[39].. Also, Takaji, who was originally known as a monster enthusiast, may have aimed for a human-sized version of the monster movie,Cut workIs guessing[40].. Glonghi who repeats murder for a reason that he does not understand at all, although he looks like a human, translates the fear of the real society that "humans, not monsters, maybe neighbors are scary" for children IsGen KabuchiIs interpreting[41].

Measures against minor crimes that were badly worsened at the time of broadcasting were screamed, protecting perpetrated boysJuvenile lawAt the time when the revision bill was submitted to the Diet, episodes 34 and 35 were produced. Go Jaraji Da (human being also a boy) slaughtered high school students one after another in a pleasant manner, and Kazuya Ikuta, who was frightened by Jaraji, swears to protect Yusuke and Ichijo from Jaraji. Then, angry, Kuuga stabbed Jaraj with terrible violence.Shinichiro ShirakuraReads the message "murderers are punished even if they are minors"[42].. The fight between company Hiroyuki and Shuto Terashima at the Wakaba Nursery is depicted in contrast to the murder case. Shuto, who was accused of arrogant attitude by Hiroyuki, admitted it and the two settled. Yusuke believed that he could understand each other because he was a human. Saw thisKokubun Koichiro"I had no choice but to feel the adult behavior that strongly discriminated against me on the part of the discipline," and agreed with Shirakura.[43].

On the other hand, Kiritsugu disagrees with the view that Glonghi is a different molecule in the same human being. The cut is "Cthulhu mythologySo that it will be handed down from generation to generation, there is a tendency not to lose fear of darkness and awe of unknown monsters, and interprets that monster version as Grongi. However, heisei Rider later said that the theme has changed to the battle between humans, so it may be difficult to understand the sense of this work depicting the unknown existence and the battle of humans.[44].

Shirakura points out that the hero's justice is oriented towards a management-ordered society. In episodes 25 and 26, Taku Kirishima, the current student of Yusuke's elementary school teacher, Shoji Kanzaki, appeared at the same time as Go Buuro Gu appeared.TochigiCame to Tokyo alone. After having troubled the future, Taku visits a place where he used to play. Yusuke, who was contacted by Kanzaki and searched for Taku, encouraged Taku to be more troubled. Shirakura defines this as the feeling that "it is important for a hero to be dispatched if the child deviates from the specified living area".[45]. Also,Tsunehiro UnoPointed out the regressiveness of the story that "justice is just a fictitious era, I dare to speak about justice", accepting the deception of violence "daringly" and also guiding boys and girls, a person of citizen morality Watching the hero as[46].. Kiritsugu also presents another interpretation of this matter, and I think that the main character consulted by the teacher depicted the boy trying to solve the problem by treating the boy as one person instead of a hero.[47].

Yui EbiharaOn the contrary, as the enemy became more powerful in the latter half, the battle depiction decreased, and the contradiction of the justice of acting violence to stop violence was accepted without accepting the contradiction. By fading out the main character from the screen, it is rather sending a meta message of difficulty of justice[48].

In any case, it is clear that the idea of ​​justice is completely incompatible with Takaji, which tries to show children the correct way of life for adults, and Shirakura, where the unification of values ​​is the root of all evils.[49].. However, the conflict between these two major producers was the driving force behind the evolution of the Heisei Rider that followed.Shinichiro InoueSays[50].


A classic Kamen Rider toyTransformation beltWas released under the product name of "Sonic Wave DX Transformation Belt". In order to have people play with one product for a long time, and because Arkle in the play was unique,Kamen Rider BLACK RXAs you can see, we stopped changing the belt for each form, and expressed the form change by multicolored light emission. But still multicolored at that timeLEDWas not popular, except for redWheat ballIs shining with[51].. Large stereo speakers are installed on the belt on the left and right buckles to create a three-dimensional acoustic space according to the situation of television where stereo sound has become common.[52].. The development team is an action directorOsamu KanedaOf the suit actorKenji TominagaTogether with a transformation pose that does not make the switch operating method unintentional[52]To create a flow in which poses and toy gimmicks work together in subsequent series[53].

Weapon toys such as dragon rods also sold as such, but Kick avoided the combined weapon route in consideration of the Kamen Rider's uniqueness, and made use of the experience of "RX" to put on a transformation belt with new sound effects and light emission. Reinforced parts prepared[52]Launch of "Rising Power Set"[53][24].. It became the basis of the gimmicks in the subsequent year-end sales season[51].

A figure that can reproduce the form change by replacing the partsWearing makeoverThe series was also well received, but the Grongi Phantom, who hasn't seen much in the play,Soft vinylIt was unexpected for Bandai to sell even dolls, and it was recognized that the strength of the character rather than the length of exposure time is important in commercialization.[5].

In the final Bandai Toy CM, a special message was displayed to the fans, "Don't forget Yusuke Godai and Ichijo Detectives forever."[5].


At the beginning of the broadcast, the audience rating was "Burn!! Robocon], and it was thought, "Is the Kamen Rider a thing of the past?"[54]Toshiki Inoue, who participated in the script from 2 Cools, said that the audience rating was not bad and there were fans as well.[55].

In the first half of the age group of supporters, men and women in their thirties were overwhelmingly large, and the number of boys around high school gradually increased. This work was originally created with an adult's perspective in mind, which means that "two generations, a father and a child, will watch together." However, in fact, including OdagiriTwinkFocusing on the mother's class for actors and the relationship between Ichijo and YusukeRotten girlFlowed into the fan[49](Odagiri effect).

The response to the official homepage that was opened in the days when the Internet was popular was huge, and the number of hits on the last broadcast date reached 27.[56].

2002On the 33rdNebula Award] Won film and media category. The special effects works receive the awardUltraman Tiga] Is the second work, and was the first achievement in the Kamen Rider series.


Year 2000.NaganoA mysterious archaeological site has been excavated at Mt. Nagano Prefectural Police detective Kaoru Ichijo meets the young man of an adventurer who calls himself Yusuke Godai. Yusuke senses the image of a warrior from the belt-shaped relics of the evidence shown there.

Yusuke, who encountered Z'Gumun Ba, transformed himself into a warrior Kuuga wearing a belt at his discretion. Then he decides to fight the monsters in order to keep people smiling.

After that, Kuuga and the monsters = GlonghiUnidentified life formIt is called "," and is recognized by people.


The hero and the general public involved with him

Yudai Godai(Godai Yusuke / Kamen Rider Kuuga
The protagonist of this work.1975May 3Born 24 years old → 25 years old.Blood TypeIs O type.Hokkaidobirth.When I was in sixth gradeBattlefield photographerMy father wasアフガニスタンDied in the country (at that time, he was impressed by the words of his teacher, Kanzaki, and promised to have "2000 skills by 2000"). ..
Travel the worldAdventurerAnd with a smileThumbs upIs a trademark. "It's okay!" Is a habit. The motto is "to make everyone smile".At first glance, it has a laid-back, noh-weather personality, and although there are some strange things, in reality, it has a strong will and deep kindness that does not show weakness so as not to worry about the other party, and the smiles of the people around it. Behaves brightly at all times to protect.He likes children and is loved by the children of Wakaba Nursery School, and he also gives casual advice to children's worries.
At the scene of the disappearance of the investigation team at the Kurogatake site, Ichijo meets Ichijo, and the archaeological excavation there reveals a super-ancient image.After that, he visited the Nagano Prefectural Police with Sakurako, but in order to protect the people from the attacking Zu Gumun Ba, he became Kuuga by wearing Arkle on his sword.However, at first, due to the original pacifist personality that hates violence, hesitated to hit the opponent even with Grongi, and he could not make a decision to fight, but after that, people saw the tears of Mika. Determined to fight to protect his smile.
The first person to meet is a man who pursues dreams.[Annotation 6]Hand over a self-made business card that says "A man with the skill of." The first technique was a smile, and the transformation into Kuuga became the 1th technique.Perhaps he liked the linto script that indicates Kuuga, he printed the mark on his shirt and motorcycle, and made his own belt buckle with the mark.
Sakurako Sawatari(Touching Sakurako
1976May 10Born 23 years old → 24 years old. Blood type is B type.GunmaI'm from My hobby is staying up all night.coffeeIs a black school.
Jonan Universitygraduate SchoolRaw(MasterCourse). Since I was studying ancient characters in the archeology laboratory and was a member of the joint research of Professor Natsume who was attacked by No. 0Lint charactersThis is the reason for his master's thesisAncient AssyriaIt is a cause of worries that "generative consideration of letters" does not progress. Yusuke is a friend from college and backs him up to fight as Kuuga, but I'm really worried inside. The only person in the Nagano Prefectural Police who witnessed the moment Arkle entered Yusuke's body in front of him. I've been in danger several times, and I've been attacked by Z'Gumun Ba and Me Galima Baba at risk.
He often goes into and out of Pole Pole, and sometimes substitutes for Yusuke, who goes out in an unidentified life incident, or helps the store to take a break from research.
Godai Minori(Glorious Minori
1977May 9Born 22 years old → 23 years old. Yusuke's younger sister has the same blood type as Yusuke.
I truly trust Yusuke who did not betray me[Annotation 7]The atmosphere is calm, but the core is strong. When Sakurako said "I can't do it" when she stayed up all night, Yusuke teased, "You look asleep even if you wake up."
Wakaba nursery school loved by many childrenChildminderHowever, there are times when I will help Pole Pole. He is also close to Sakurako. Living alone in an apartment in Tokyo.
1955May 6Born 44 years old → 45 years old. A type. Master of cafe Pole Pole. My real name isTama Saburo(Tama SaburoIt was revealed in the final story.
Yusuke's father was an old friend and senior, and after his death he took over and raised his fifth brother and sister.When he was young, he was an adventurer like Yusuke, and often talked about many adventures to his guests.ChomolammaIt seems that he has also tried. Minori is called Minoricchi, and Ichijo is called a handsome man in a coat. Every time I tell a silly gag, I am frightened by Nana. Also, I often muttered the name of a Showa celebrity of my generation,Generation gapI don't know about Karinomira.
At the beginning, I was very interested in unidentified life forms, and even neglected the store by clinging to TV and watching news. Especially enthusiastic about daily articles about Kuuga (No. 4)scrapAccording to him, some customers are looking forward to scrapping.Yusuke himself did not hide his true identity and even called himself Kuuga, but he did not notice until the very end because Kuuga = No. 4 and Yusuke did not explain it properly.
Nana Asahina(Nana Asahina[Annotation 8]
17 years old.KyotoI'm fromKansai dialectSpeak. Tamazaburo's niece (mother is Tamasaburo's sister).
Aiming to become an actress, she moved to Tokyo and, while studying, helped Pole Pole in the form of a part-time job. When he arrived at Pole Pole, he fell in love with Yusuke, who he met at the entrance, saying, "It's so cool!", and he calls himself "Yusuke Godai Fan Club Member No. 1". It seems that she was quite jealous at first with Sakurako, who is close to Yusuke, but after seeing her who helped the shop alone, her eyes changed a little, and she came to respect her as a hard worker, but to the last, `` Yusuke Godai is the No. 2 fan glove member," and he is a little rivalry.
I took a break from the store for a while because the play teacher was killed by Me Garme Le, but I took the audition at EPISODE 40 and 41.However, I couldn't say it to Nana because I was hurt by the heartless words about the death of the above-mentioned teacher of the audition member I received with him, and I couldn't take the audition to the end, and I even remembered the murderous intention of the child. Although he hates the solution by violence, Yusuke's advice that "violence does not solve things" could not suppress his anger, saying "it is only a beautiful thing", but he was negative, but "the truth is that beautiful things are He said, "I want to make it a reality because it's good," and confronts the audition members again, but it seems that he talked without using violence.
In the final episode, he passed the audition for the program "Onigiri no Aji 2" in progress.
Like Tamasaburo, he didn't know until the end that Yusuke was Kuuga.
Jean Michel Sorel
27 years old.ルーマニアI'm from.A graduate student studying abroad at Jonan University.Like Sakurako, she is enrolled in the archeology laboratory and specializes in excavation.He is fluent in Japanese and can read and write without any inconvenience.He is also a Japanese food lover, especially Fukuume, who came to Japan and met him.Salted plumIs my favorite[Annotation 9]Then, he said, "I can't eat rice without it."When I went to Nagano for a survey, I forgot it in the refrigerator in the laboratory and had it sent to me.
I had a very strong sense of responsibility, and even though I didn't know the situation, I was curious and uttered various things without reading the atmosphere of the place, and I hurt Mika Natsume, so I felt responsible even though I did not know it. Was there.
After that, while he was involved in the joint research of Gouram, he became fond of Enokida, but when he was a child, his parents worked together and he rarely stayed at home.Key girlTherefore, I had mixed feelings at first for Hikari Enokida, who had to leave her family unwillingly because of her work, but later she learned about her feelings that she was worried about with EPISODE46, and sincerely support her. become.
Natsume Mika(Natsume Mika
14 years old. The daughter of Professor Kokichi Natsume who was killed by Dagba at the Kurogatake Ruins in Nagano Prefecture.fluteIs good at and participates in competitions in the play.
Initially, in hopes that no one would find out the cause of his father's death, he was hunted down by the time he tried to commit suicide, but he recovered with the encouragement of Yusuke. Witness the moment when Yusuke transforms. Volunteer to join Jean's excavation team to reveal his father's death. After eradicating Glonghi, go on to high school.
Shoji Kanzaki(Kanzaki
52 years old.Yusuke's elementary school (KanagawaYamakita townTachibana Elementary School, which was in the school, was already closed as of 2000).CurrentlyTochigiUtsunomiya CityWorked at Kazahaya Elementary School.He was a person who had a great influence on Yusuke's outlook on life, and he taught Yusuke, who came in contact with his father's obituary, how wonderful it is to work hard for thumbs up and someone's smile.
However, I was confused by the educational situation as of 2000, and from the top I was told by my parents to give some room and my parents to improve my grades. I lost track of what to give my children and what I became a teacher for.I thought about resigning, but I remembered the promise with Yusuke from the message book from the graduate I found by chance while cleaning up the house, reunited with Yusuke at the site of the closed Tachibana Elementary School, and thumbs up that I taught to Yusuke. Regained confidence by having Yusuke do it.
After that, at EPISODE 25 and 26, he was a student of his own class at Kazahaya Elementary School.Taku Kirishima(Kirishima openWhen he ran away from Tokyo, he contacted his student Yusuke and asked for Kirishima, waited at Pole Pole until Yusuke was brought in, and talked with Sakurako and Minori about the importance of worrying.And I responded to the thumbs-up of Kirishima brought by Yusuke at the station with the same thumbs-up.
Junichi Chono(Butterfly Junichi
22 years old. He is a part-timer working in various workplaces. At first, I was desperate for my own life and illness, and for that reason I admired Glonghi and myself imitated them and tattooed them. However, he changed his mind when he was shown by Tsubaki to the body that was slaughtered by Me Biran Ghi and was attacked by Biran. When Biran attacked, he knew the true identity of Kuuga.
After that, at EPISODE 29, 30, I tried to draw a picture and deliver it to the advertising company in order to apply for an illustration advertisement, but due to the influence of Go Gamego Le Gegel, traffic congestion I was forced to make a detour to the company, and because I was in a hurry, I collided with a turtle on the roadside and fainted.I was taken to the hospital and the deadline was reached.As a result, he became desperate again, and he was angry when he expressed jealousy for Yusuke who was active as Kuuga and dissatisfaction with his life and society that did not go well.
In the final episode, he finally broke up with his past self, and sent Tsubaki's letter along with the knife he had held until then as a manifestation of his determination.
  • It was planned to reappear after EPISODE31, but it was not realized due to the schedule of Uchida who plays[71].
Kuuga of the previous generation
Like a pot gold buried in the ruins of Kurogatake RuinsheadbandIs a national lint warrior that existed on the trademark ultra-ancient earth.It is said that he transformed into Kuuga before Yusuke and fought against Grongi.A certain Lint scientist wore an arcle that contained the spirit stone Amada in his body and brought his body as close as possible to Grongi.
In the super ancient times, he did not kill all the gonghi, including Dagba, and after sealing, he was buried as a pillar of himself in order to make the seal an eternal object. But the coffin asleep[Annotation 10]It becomes clear that he was alive until he could open the door (precisely until the resurrected Dagba stripped Arkul)[Annotation 11].
The ability as a warrior was outstanding, and it is speculated that all the gurongi were sealed with the basic 4 forms.
Although it appears only in a mummified state in modern times, it is a suit actor of Kuuga in the ultra-ancient image that Yusuke saw in EPISODE 1.Kenji TominagaPlays the appearance of life.
  • Some books have the name Warrior Kuuga[73].
  • novel"SIC HERO SAGA] In "MASKED RIDER KUUGA EDITION -Odyssey-" "MASKED RIDER KUUGA EDITION -DARK SIDE -"RikuThat young man appears as an ancient Kuuga.

Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department / Unidentified Lifeform-related Case Joint Investigation Headquarters and other collaborators

Kaoru Ichijo(Kaoru Ichijo
1974May 4Born 25 years old → 26 years old. Blood type is AB type.Nagoya cityI'm fromNagano Prefectural PoliceSecurity departmentIs a detective who belongs toAssistant Inspector.. On his birthday, he became a detective because he longed for his father, who was a police officer who saved the citizens from the flood and martyred. As a result, we are not accepting birthday gifts from anyone. My mother is a hospital at a hospital in Nagoya, and with my motherNagoya dialectHave a conversation.
As with Yusuke, he has a very strong sense of responsibility, and while he was injured many times in the fight with Glonghi, he pushed it and went to the scene.
He rarely laughs, and when he smiles occasionally, he is surprised by others.
NaganoEncountered Grongi while chasing the incident that occurred at the archeological excavation site of Kurogatake,Wide area designationJoint Investigation Headquarters for Unidentified Life Related Cases (Metropolitan Police DepartmentInstalled in). After being dispatched to the Metropolitan Police Department, it seems that her facial expression had changed and she was misunderstood that she was able to do it, and Sugita in particular made it a fun story.
He is also a master of shooting, special reinforced rifles andColt PythonMaster the 357 Magnum 6-inch model.
Yusuke is called "Yusuke Godai" by his full name or surname.
In contrast to Yusuke, he is tough and serious, but he doesn't emit weak sounds in public and acts like he doesn't understand that he's having a hard time. I tried to quit desperately to quit Yusuke, a civilian, to get involved in the battle, but when Yusuke also found that he was as responsible as himself, he realized that he could not stop, he decided to fight together.[Annotation 12].. I handed the Trichaser 2000 on my own. Since then, he has provided support to Kuuga by transmitting evidence and information from the site verification to Yusuke, and persuaded Director Matsukura when Gourum emerged, and worked to secure Kuuga's position in the police.
After destroying Glonghi, he returned to the Nagano Prefectural Police.
Sadao Matsukura(Matura Sadao
57 years old.Metropolitan Police DepartmentSecurity departmentHe is also the head of the unidentified life form-related case joint investigation headquarters.At first, he was cautious about fighting with the unidentified life form No. 4 (Kuuga), but he accepted Kuuga after ascertaining his subsequent actions and persuading him.He provided high-performance rifles and a 6-inch Colt Python for Ichijo and Sugita, and at EPISODE 33 he persuaded senior executives who had put pressure on the Joint Investigation Headquarters to cooperate with Kuuga.
At the time of the dissolution of the Joint Investigation Headquarters, I sent a thumbs-up to Ichijo and others with words of hard work.
Sugita Morido(Mori Michi which passed
37 years old Metropolitan Police DepartmentInvestigation DepartmentDetective.Strong, but the father of one child (daughter: Hazuki).At first, he tried to shoot Kuuga as ordered by the headquarters, but he was saved when he was about to be killed by Zumebio Da.[Annotation 13], After that, I will recognize it as a companion.After that, he was transferred to the Joint Investigation Headquarters for unidentified life-related cases.There are many scenes where Ichijo acts.In the middle of the game, Ichijo told him that Kuuga was Yusuke, and he contacted him during this period. At EPISODE33, he apologized that he didn't understand Yusuke's thoughts, but Yusuke replied, "My thoughts are with you."Also, for the first time in the same story, he witnessed Yusuke's transformation and gave a voice of admiration.
  • There was a proposal that he would marry in the middle of the story to symbolize a fierce battle, but he was killed because he did not fit the theme of the program. After all, none of the main human figures died.
Tsuyoshi Sakurai(Good morning
26 years old A detective in the police department of the Metropolitan Police Department. A member of the Joint Investigation Headquarters for unidentified life-related cases. Several timesSAT:He was in command of the sniper team.He has a serious and meticulous personality, and records in his notebook what color (form) Kuuga is defeating an unidentified life form with a colored sticker.At first, he thought Kuuga was an enemy like Sugita, and in EPISODE 4, he shot Kuuga and quarreled with Ichijo, but Sugita stopped him.After that, he sees Kuuga's fight and admits that he is an ally.It is said that Kuuga's identity is once asked to Ichijo, but after learning about Kuuga's identity in the wake of the Bader battle, he trusts Yusuke and cooperates more fully.
Bread is my favorite, and heaps of platter from the morningBread rollTo eat[Annotation 14].
  • It was also considered to be a lover relationship with Sasayama[74].. The novel version is married.
  • Sugita and Sakurai were not originally set as regulars and were planned to be EPISODE 3 and 4 guests.[2][74].
Nozomi Sasayama(Nozomi Sasyama
21 years old. A female police officer at the Joint Investigation Headquarters for unidentified life-related cases. Its main role is to send communications (behavior of unidentified life forms, instructions on bomb points, etc.) from the headquarters. My father was a police officer, but he is sick.
In the early days, I had an irresistible feeling that I was heated up in Ichijo, and I was so enthusiastic about Ijo.
However, when he was refused a birthday present for Ichijo and learned about Ichijo's past, and also learned about the intensifying battle with Grongi and the identity of Kuuga, he gradually became a serious personality.Since he was informed of the identity of Kuuga, he has been entrusted with the selection of driving points in order to suppress the damage caused by the explosion of unidentified creatures.
  • Tanaka who plays is "February 1997-February 2 broadcast"Denji Sentai MegarangerIt was the first regular appearance in a special effects TV drama in three years since the role of Jogasaki Chisato / Mega Yellow.
Shuichi Tsubaki(Tsubaki Shuichi
26 years old A forensic doctor specializing in judicial anatomy working at the Kanto Medical University Hospital, a classmate of Ichijo's high school days.
We also cooperated with Yusuke's physical examination and Kuuga's ability development.FamilyAcknowledge yourself. At first, he said, "I want to dissect and carefully examine Yusuke's body."mad scientistHowever, he has been concerned about the possibility that Yusuke will be the same as Grongi and has repeatedly issued warnings. In addition, while performing the autopsy of the victims killed by Glonghi, they show intense hatred and disgust to them who unreasonably take the lives of humans from the standpoint of a doctor.
Reiko Inamori(Reiko InamoriI was dating a woman who said, but I was estranged because Ichijo's request came only when I had a promise, and finally I got confused.Since then, he has also favored Sakurako, saying that he should not add sugar to black tea.
Enokida Hikari(Enokida Hikari
34 years old.Scientific Police Research InstituteChief of Forensic Laboratory XNUMX. When I was studying Golam, Ichijo was informed that Yusuke was a Kuuga.
Research unidentified life forms and develop equipment for unidentified life forms. In order to counter unidentified life forms, we developed various equipment such as special gas bullets and marking bullets, and in the final stage we completed a nerve rupture bullet with the power to kill even unidentified life forms.
Originally he was enthusiastic about his work, so he had a past escape from his husband, and now he lives with his mother, Atsuko, and his son, Sae.The unidentified life form incident has broken the promise with his son, and he cannot go to the class, which is a stumbling block between his mother and his work responsibilities.

Grongi (unidentified life form)

The enemy in this work. Has almost the same body and blood structure as humans,A super-ancient warlike indigenous people very close to humankind(Later, one of them states that they are equal to humans).Cruel and struggling, it was sealed by Kuuga in the very ancient times.With the excavation of the Kurogatake site, more than 1 bodies have been revived in modern times.It is called an "unidentified life form" by the police and the public.

It looks the same as humans, but its body has the abilities of plants and animals and insects.TattoosThere is. An object of the same quality as Adamam on the abdomenGems and Gebron[75]Is embedded, and all of them transform into monsters with the power of animals and plants and insects, with the ability to wipe out police officers armed with pistols and the threatening regeneration and recovery ability that does not die even if the chest is shot through. ..Kuuga and Glonghi have basically the same power.. Like the Go group and Z Gooma Gu, the more powerful it is, the darker the body. When dying by the technique of Kuuga, most of the time, the sealing energy impressed on the body is transferred to the nucleus of the abdomen, and the lint character of "seal" floats on the body and explodes.[Annotation 15].

The belt "Gedrud" is worn by monsters in each of the ranks of Go, Me, and Z.[75]Different colors and types of ornaments such as buckles and protectors. A murder game "Geger" that targets Lint (who sees modern people as descendants of Lint) is played under the facilitator La Group. The strength increases as the appearance time goes on, and the last three members of the Go group can change their form, which corresponds to Kuuga's form change. The strength is proportional to the strength of Gebron, and the damage caused by the explosion will be enormous. Especially when killed by Rising Mighty Kick, the explosion scale reaches a radius of 3 kilometers (Go, Gamego, Re, Go, Bader, Ba, etc.).

In addition, there are Nu Zagio Re (only human body appeared) who was in charge of behind-the-scenes work such as repairing Gedrud of Dagba, and a group of people whose existence was just suggested by the words of Go Jaza Gi. I was there.

Original language "Grongi"[Annotation 16]SpeakScale systemUses the base-XNUMX system. Although there are individual differencesJapaneseThe more intelligent you are to master cars, motorbikes and motorcycles, and the Internet in a short period of time, the higher your intelligence. In the Go group,culture-artSome were interested in and mastered. Human beings are only Gegel's target = lint, and even Kuuga sees only Geguel as an obstacle or a slightly strong target. Perhaps because of cultural differences with human society, the sense of clothes is often far from normal humanity except for some people.

Warehouse-ruins-Botanical garden-aquarium- restaurantUse multiple facilities that are not open, such as a hideout, and give them a unique decoration with mannequins or chains as if they matched their culture, or prefer to use a mysterious interior from the beginning. ing.

Starting from Nagano Prefecture, where the remains of Kurogatake are locatedYamagataからGifuWidespread, but mostly populatedTokyoCentered onKanto regionI was concentrated in the surrounding area. Cases such as murder and theft that are believed to be related to Grongi are "unidentified life-related cases"Wide area designation caseIt is said that it will be investigated by the Joint Investigation Headquarters located in the Metropolitan Police Department.

Grongi did not appear one by one each time, and at each turning point of the story several people appeared under Barba in a human body, waiting for their turn to perform Geger. Many people took several weeks from their first appearance to becoming a monster. In the order in which the monsters appeared, they are called "Unidentified Life No. ○", but in addition to the above-mentioned circumstances, there are many Grongi who have not appeared in the TV series due to only settings, so it does not necessarily match the order in which they appeared in the TV series. .. In addition, even if only human body is witnessed, if it is judged as an unidentified life form, it is classified as "unidentified life form B group".

  • The detailed origin is not drawn until the end in the TV series, but in the novel "SIC HERO SAGA MASKED RIDER KUUGA EDITION", due to the meteorite that fell to the earth,DNA OfNucleotide sequenceIs positioned as a changed hunting people. In the book "Heisei Kamen Rider Kaijinden," it is said that the founder Glonghi was caused by mutation, and the attack target of the founder turned to Glonghi, and the number of family members increased.[76].
  • It's barbaric and impossible to talk to, but it's a loincloth as an item that expresses what has its own culture.[77]..The details of the ornaments are developed with the feeling of approaching the taste of the buckle of the belt.The tattoos are based on the gang's terrifying tattoos and Samoa's tribal patterns.[77].

The word at the end of the name indicates the type of original organism[78].

It is the highest rank of Glonghi given to the strongest Glonghi and is called "the one who brings the ultimate darkness". It is an entity with an order of magnitude more powerful in Glonghi, of course its physical abilities and its special abilities differ greatly from other Glonghi. Because of the apex, only Dougba has appeared in the TV series. The buckle is golden in color and has a more flashy shape than Grongi of other ranks.

N Dagba Zeba
Unidentified Life Form No. 0 (Group B No. 13)[Annotation 17].. The king and crown of Glonghi, who is called "white darkness" and "the person who brings the ultimate darkness". The human body has a white tattoo on the forehead and always smiles[Annotation 18]A young man in white clothes. A catastrophe always occurs when activating an ability.
When the sarcophagus in the ruins of the Kurogatake Ruins was opened, the seal was released and it was revived, killing members of the study team. Then, when all Glonghi that were sealed by the lightning-like vibrations released from the hands are revived, they disappear temporarily.
Initially, an incomplete body (intermediate) corresponding to the growing form of Kuuga, which had a biologically abnormal shape with its head hidden in black hair.[Annotation 19]However, Gooma who revived all the Grongi that had been sealed by the wave motion released from his hand, overwhelmed Kuuga who sensed his sign with only the murder by that sign, and released the transformation, Gooma who did not repel Kuuga's attack It shows a powerful power such as killing even the ultimate body as an incomplete body.
He resumed his activities at the time of Jaraji's Geger, and began murdering the Zu group and Be group Grongi, who had disqualified from Geger's participation, by the name of "organization".It is said that the pace killed 40 bodies hidden in Ibaraki, Yamagata, Niigata, Aichi, Fukushima, and Nagano prefectures in 3 weeks as of EPISODE 162, and Kuuga killed 9 bodies in 43 months. Show off the power of orders of magnitude.
And when you wear the Gedrud (belt) restored by Zagio and perform a revival as a perfect body = ultimate body with the same power as a form that is very similar to Kuuga's ultimate form, it is not as the start of "ultimate darkness". It regularly appears all over the country, indiscriminately ignites people from the body and burns more than 3 people.[87].. Unlike its imperfections, its appearance is based on white and gold as opposed to the ultimate form of Kuuga.[Annotation 20].. 4 horns same as Kuuga and supernatural firing ability[89]With various super powers such as[Annotation 21].. The power overwhelms Amazing Mighty's Kuuga, and makes a big damage to Arkle. At the end, although it faces the decisive battle with Kuuga who has become ultimate form at the Kurogatake remains, it was judged that it could not be settled in the supernatural power of supernatural firing ability, and the meat battle (pitching) while keeping the special ability mutually sealed. Becomes[Annotation 22]..Even if the belts are destroyed and the transformation is unraveled, they fight with a smile on their faces, but Yusuke and Yusuke collapse with a fist hit on each other's face, causing abdominal neurotmesis due to the destruction of Gedrud by the ultimate punch. He died because he was there.
Dougba smiles like Yusuke Godai, but even in the EPISODE 48 confrontation, he laughs to the end, expressing that it has a different meaning from Yusuke's smile.[91].. Played dagbaKenji UraiInterprets Dagba's character as "innocent", thinks nothing when performing, and at the end felt like he was taken over by Dagba.[91].
  • The human body costumeHidenori IshidaA white costume was chosen as an image of "nothing" by the suggestion from[91].. In episode 48, we wore a snow mountain wetsuit andCairoWas pasted about 30 sheets[91].
  • Takuya Abe was in charge of the ultimate design[92].. The motif is stag[93]..The design concept is "The King of White Grongi, which feels noble and opposite to Ultimate Foam."[77]..He wears many ornaments because he has the highest rank.[77]..Since the hair was growing in the middle body, something like a combination of human and insect hair is growing from the joints.[77]..At first, it looked like a Kamen Rider, but due to the adjustment of Kodera, it became a look like Grongi.[77]..The intermediate is Aoki's "Ambassador MagmaIt is said that it was an image like Goa[77].
Other appeared works
Appeared as an imperfect body. The imperfect figure was not completely depicted in the TV series, and the whole picture was revealed in the same work. Also, in the ancient battle, he did not transform into the ultimate body, which is a true figure until the end.

LA group

Ra-Baruba-De / Rose Tatu Woman
Unidentified Life Group B Group 1 Subspecies A,roseSeed monster. A woman who manages the progress of Gegel. It makes a clear distinction from other Glonghi, such as making even the Go group follow. As with Nu Zazio Re, he was never transformed into a monster by going through the entire story.
Ring "Gegel Ring"[75]Inserts the hook into the monster's belt, gives permission to start Geger, and injects a timed detonation energy that explodes when Geger expires. In the case of Gerizagibus Geger, Geger rings with two different angular protrusions were used. In the play, it was changed into a vine-like form in which only the arms were stretched. Also, rose petals can be released from the arm.
Among the Glonghi, learning ability and environmental adaptability are particularly high, and in the play Glonghi including Daguba only despises Kuuga and recognizes Lint as a prey, but every time there is something different I was advised. In the middle of the game, I told the article that the gun was pointing, "The next Kuuga will be equal to Dougba", but in the final stage "Lint has become equal to us." "You must be a Lint warrior to hunt Lint." At the same time as showing a certain understanding to modern society, from the standpoint of Grongi, he made a ferocious irony against Ichijo, who is a modern man.
It seems that only Barba can contact Dagba among the Grongis, and Dagba's actions and intentions are communicated through her.
While on the flight, I was hit with several reinforced nerve rupture bullets in one line, but the bullets penetrated because I was still a human body, and while vomiting, Grongi said, "I like it. I want to see you again. I said, "and I smiled and fell into the sea. Searched, but no body found[Annotation 23].
He changed his clothes at an important time of Gegel, first a red lei and a black party dress, then a pure white dress, and at the end of Gogo's strongest three monsters Geger changed to a different type of black dress at the end, and finally In the Gerizagibas Geger, the white suit-like costume and the appearance of being comfortable even in the city gradually.
  • The setting has changed over and over, and it was initially thought that it was a character about a liaison character.[95].. However, the mysterious atmosphere created by Mie Nanamori's acting has gradually changed to a kind of "goddess" existence.[95].. Also, some designs of monsters were initially considered, but none were adopted because they did not match the atmosphere, and finally the image of the human body was prioritized.[96]..Changing clothes in the playshockerExecutiveColonel ZolDr. ShinigamiHell AmbassadorIt is said that it is an expression that replaces what was replaced by[24].
  • There was also a setting that had a romantic relationship with Ichijo[13].
Other appeared works
"Novel Kamen Rider Kuuga"
It turns out to be alive and revives the surviving Grongi.
Cartoon versionKamen Rider Kuuga"
The human body is depicted as a silver-haired woman.For more informationKamen Rider Kuuga (Cartoon) #La GroupSee.
La Dold Gu
Unidentified Life Form No. 47 (Group B No. 9),コ ン ド ルSeed monster. Special weapons change the ornaments on the chestTonfa..The first appearance is EPISODE 23.The human body is a man with a sharp eye, dressed in black and white, whose face is hidden by a knit hat or cloth.Phantom bodies appear in EPISODE 45 and 46.The monster has a mohawk hair with a white condor tattoo on the forehead and a black body.イ ン デ ィ ア ンIt is dressed in a white costume reminiscent of, and has large wings on the back that can fly at about 400 km / h[Annotation 24].
At the time of Gerizagibas Geger, he always carries a counter called Bagundada to check whether the complex Gegel of the Go group was performed according to the rules, and to count the lint (humans) who died in Geger.From the line "Lint is not incompetent" in the play, there is a section that senses the change of Lint as well as Barba.At the time of Go Gaddle Ba's Gegel, Gaddle's Gegel failed because he was shot down by a rifle with a rifle, and he took responsibility for ruining the battle.He showed his fighting power to say, "It's really La," such as laying down the strongest gaddle on the ground once, but he escaped if he couldn't take off his right wing.After escaping into the river, when Bagundada was destroyed, Sugita and Sakurai, who had been chasing after the signal of the marking bullets shot at the same time by Ichijo, were shot by a neurotmesis bullet and died as a human body.
It is one of the few Grongi who was defeated by humans in the play.
  • The fuselage parts are diverted from Buuro's[77]..Ishimori Design is conscious of the drooping half-moon eyes that were familiar to me.[77].
Other appeared works
"Kamen Rider Decade"
Appeared in the "Kuga World" edition of the TV series. The voice is Katsumi Shiono. In the same work, it is treated as unidentified life form 8. In addition, a human who has died in the black fog produced by N Gamio Zeda, the original Grongi of "Decade", will appear as La Dorde Gu.
"Oze, Den-O, All Rider Let's Go Kamen Rider"
He has formed an alliance with Shocker and participated in the conference.


Z'Gumun Ba
Unidentified Life No. 1,ク モSeed monster.The first Grongi to start working before the start of Gegel in modern times.The human body has not appeared. Appeared in EPISODE 1 and 2.The monster body has a total of 6 black compound eyes that pop out.MohicanThe head is conspicuous, with spider legs on the temporal region, spider web-like ornaments from the shoulders to the chest, a loincloth on the waist, and a vantage on the wrists.Armed with a tough thread that spits from the mouth that opens to the left and right and a claw that grows on the back of the hand, the thread is strong enough to hold itself and two adults and not break even if it hangs.In addition, there are two claws on each side, for a total of four, making it easy to cut iron pipes.
After recovering from the Kurogatake Ruins, he started his own activities,Minami NaganoAppeared in. A huge spider web was set up between the K buildings, engaged with the police officers who rushed there, and killed multiple police officers.He overwhelmed him with overwhelming power, and even for a policeman who tried to escape from the spot with a police car, he wrapped a thread around his neck and followed him, and rushed into the Nagano Prefectural Police building as it was.Although he will do his best to kill him there, he will be there and engage with Yusuke, who has transformed into Kuuga at the discretion of Kuuga.Overwhelming the still incomplete form of Kuuga in glowing form, but distracted by the sniper from the helicopter on which Ichijo is boarding, he tries to transfer to the helicopter with thread and attack Ichijo, but Kuuga who follows him Be blocked.While the battle in the air, which lacks a decisive factor for each other, continues, Kuuga's whole body kicks and falls to the ground.Temporarily withdraw.
After that, he launched a surprise attack on Kuuga, who fights Gooma at the Church of San Marco, and engaged again.Although he has little experience in fighting, he fights well against the Mighty Form opponent, wraps the thread around the torso, squeezes it, and hunts down until just before stabbing the torso. Leaves cursed words against Kuuga and explodes.
  • It was yellow in the design picture in the related book at the time of broadcasting, but it was changed to a color that makes it astringent.[77]..Combining a sketch with detailed decoration details and a full-body design[77]..The eight legs and spider's nest peculiar to spiders are not used as living parts such as arms, but as ornaments on the head and neck.[97][77]..By drawing a line under the spider's monocular, it has a long eye.[77]..The big sideburnsNorihiko OzakiConscious of[77].
Other appeared works
"Kamen Rider Decade"
Appeared in the TV series "World of Kuuga" and "World of Agito".
Cartoon versionKamen Rider Kuuga"
In the manga version, it is defeated by the resurrected ancient Kuuga.For more informationKamen Rider Kuuga (Cartoon) #Z GroupSee.
Z Gooma Gu
Unidentified Life Form No. 3 (Group B No. 2),BatSeed monster. Animal blood is a source of nutrition, especially human bloodDraculaThe fangs of the oral cavity are thrust into the neck muscle and suck blood.The human body is a fair-skinned man wearing a black cap or hat and a black coat.He has a bat tattoo on his left upper arm and has a habit of touching the earrings on his left ear.The first appearance is EPISODE 2.Like the human body, the monster has large ears with earrings on the left, eyes like an eye mask, and thin membranous wings on both arms that can fly at about 120 km / h.In addition, a loincloth is worn around the waist, and bandages and bangles are wrapped around the ankles.
First is San Marco(I.e. OfPriestAppeared by murdering. He had blood-sucked and killed as many as five people overnight, but the action of hunting Lint before the start of his own Geger was considered a violation, and Barba puts Geger off the order. Later, Geger's rights would be transferred to the Me Group, which would completely disqualify him. It has been looked down on by many monsters and is often assaulted.
I'm not good at sunlight[Annotation 25],blackCoatsI love my bat umbrella. After being disqualified, he has been active as Barba's servant, but still wants to join Geger. Immediately before the start of Geriza Givas Geger, it was seen that he was busy doing chores, such as being run to Nagano to get the parts of the tools made by Zagio.
Before the start of Gerizagibas Geger, he was ordered to excavate the ornaments of the Go group at the Kurogatake ruins, but at that time he secretly obtained a part of Dagba's Gedrud fragment.Later, EPISODE 36 strengthens the body by embedding it in its own body and transforms it from a strengthened body to an ultimate body.In order to escape from Dagba's "organization", he started a rebellion aiming at Dagba's life, slaughtered ordinary people in Chiba prefecture, killed the Chiba prefectural police who responded and the Ibaraki prefectural police officer who moved, and stopped. It overwhelms Kuuga, but feels a sign of Dagba and leaves the front.He challenges Dagba, who was lurking in the nearby forest, but is killed instantly.
Since the body did not explode or disappear, the body was recovered by the police and dissected by Tsubaki's hand, and the data provided a great clue to complete the neurotmesis bullet.
  • Takuya Abe was in charge of designing the monster body and the ultimate body[92]..It was purple in the design picture in the related book at the time of broadcasting, but it was changed to a color that makes it astringent.[77]..目は拡大したコウモリの鼻となっているThe eyes are the nose of an enlarged bat[97][77].. Originally, the suit of the monster body was made with the shape that the teeth and lips were connected like the modeling of general monsters, but based on the opinion of Takaji and others, it was changed to a different part so that it does not feel strange even in high-definition shooting. Was done[98]..Chest hair was also added after the design was completed.[77].
Z Gooma Gu Reinforcement
Appeared in EPISODE 36.At this point, the body hair such as the chest becomes thicker, and even if it is exposed to sunlight, it has a calm constitution, and it has the ability of the middle class of the Go group, such as being able to fight almost evenly with Zazar.Hair that closely resembles the Dagba intermediate grows on the head.
Knowing Dagba's whereabouts He engages with Zazar to find out where Barba is, but Kuuga gets in the way and escapes.When he finds Barba on his own, he tries to attack, but even though he is disturbed by Gaddle and engages in battle, he is treated lightly, and during the battle, the abdomen where the debris is embedded runs severe pain and withdraws.
  • The suit is a modification of the monster body, and the design picture is also diverted from the picture of the monster body, and hair etc. are added.[77]..The striped pattern on the wings is an abstract pattern that is not realistic or pictorial.[77].
Z Gooma Gu Ultimate
Appeared in EPISODE 38.A figure that overcomes the pain and suffering that occurred when he was a reinforced body.The skin of the whole body has changed strongly, but the hair has become white due to the power-up.At this point, the appearance is also tough, close to Dagba, with large ears that are sharp like horns, vascular tissue that appears throughout the body, and sharp protrusions on the shoulders, arms, and shins. Although he couldn't use his rising power because it was after the war, Kuuga had no hands or legs, and he couldn't get through with Mighty Kick or Calamity Titan.
  • Toei ProducerNaruki TakajiDecided that it was early to release No. 39 at the time of EPISODE 0, and the ultimate body of Gooma was created as a substitute for it[99].
  • The design concept is "doping that does not last long"[77]..The silhouette resembles the ultimate form that has already been designed[77]..The lines running on the body like blood vessels and the sharpened limbs give a roughly the same impression as Ultimate Foam.[77]..By drawing once in symmetry and then redrawing a part asymmetrically, it expresses the feeling of runaway that is not able to master the power.[77]..In order to express the runaway of power, it became a swelling direction, and it became a model of Mokomoko like a flesh.[77]..The symbolic horizontal stripe pattern of the wings on the monster body and the reinforced body has been abolished, and it is an expression of the embossed blood vessels.[77].
Other appeared works
"Kamen Rider Decade"
Movie versionWhen"Kamen Rider W] Appeared in the crossover work.
"Kamen Rider Fourze"
In the second episode of the TV series, he appeared as a monster fighting Kuuga in the legendary online video of Rider.
Cartoon versionKamen Rider Kuuga"
In the manga version, the contents of Gegel are known.For more informationKamen Rider Kuuga (Cartoon) #Z GroupSee.
Z Mebio Da
Unidentified Life No. 5,LeopardSeed monster.The human body is a woman with a black fang-like tattoo on her right eye and a leopard tattoo on her left thigh, wearing a black mini dress and shorts, and a folk-style necklace.The number of episodes is EPISODE 3 and EPISODE 4.The monster bodyBlack leopardHe wears a helmet and a breastplate on a black body reminiscent of a sword, turns it, and wraps a bandage.
He is extremely proud and has a lively personality.
He specializes in bullet fighting with strong strength, sharp claws, and leg strength.In particular, it has high leg strength and is powerful enough to kick and kill humans even in the state of a human body. In the state of a monster body, it can run at a speed of 270 kilometers per hour, which even a white bye cannot catch up with, and can move from Tokyo to Nagano in an hour.
At a convocation from Barba, he gathers at a certain place in Tokyo with other Grongi, but two young runaway tribes who happened to be there quarreled, and one of them touched his left thigh tattoo. In a rage, he kicks the man to death and tries to kill the other who escaped, putting Gegel behind and chasing him.However, while pursuing, he encounters Yusuke and engages with Kuuga.However, he was temporarily withdrawn after receiving a salvo of police officers such as Sugita and Sakurai in his right eye.The bullet itself was squeezed out by himself, but this further hurt his pride, and although he joined Barba and others, he completely abandoned Geger and ran for revenge on his right eye against the police.However, when he tried to cut both eyes of Sugita, he was blocked by Kuuga and rematched.He tries to shake off with his proud leg strength, but Kuuga who has been given a trichaser by IchijoOmeDriven into the ruins of the city and brought into a human bullet battle.At the end, he received a low-altitude kick in his abdomen and a subsequent mighty kick in his chest where he was struck by an elbow, and died.
  • Because of the female monster who runs fast, the form isFlorence joinerImitating female track and field athletes[77]..Basically, a female monster draws a big butt, but I dare to make it smaller to give a speedy feeling.[77].
Other appeared works
"Kamen Rider Decade"
Appeared in the TV series "World of Kuuga" and "World of Agito".
Cartoon versionKamen Rider Kuuga"
In the manga version, the contents of Gegel are known.For more informationKamen Rider Kuuga (Cartoon) #Z GroupSee.
Unidentified Life No. 6,LocustSeed monster.The human body is called ULF No. 6 Group B No. 5, with a thin black tattoo under the left eye, a locust tattoo on the left upper arm, a brown vest on the bare upper body, and a long brown neck. Afro-haired young man with a muffler.道中、地面に落ちていたI was on the ground on the wayOne-yen coinWhen he picked it up mysteriously, he tried to imitate a passerby as a human being. Appeared in EPISODE5 and EPISODE6.The monster body is a brown body, with a locust compound eye-like organ and antennae on the head, a long light brown wide muffler on the neck, a 褌 and vantage of the same color as the muffler on the waist and ankles. ing.
It has spring-shaped spiral muscles all over its body, lifts the car, has a strong arm that can catch the body of the trichaser, and has a momentary force of 100 meters for 3 seconds and a jumping force of up to 25 meters. Self-proclaimed "Self-proclaimed" with strong rigid legs due to the characteristics of the flying helixKyoggin Jumper (Threat Jumper). "
In Gegel's first Musegijaja (player) in modern times, the task was to kill 2 people in two days.Grab a human with that leg strength and jump.The murder was carried out by pushing it from a high place, or releasing it while jumping and hitting it on the ground.Engaged with Kuuga in a building in Suginami Ward, and took advantage of the hit and away tactics that made use of its leg strength and ground advantage that surpassed Kuuga, and even if Kuuga became a dragon form with excellent leg strength, the striking power decreased instead From the factory that was nearby, although I finally hunted down once without breaking the advantagePotassium nitrateRejected to smoke and withdrew.Even in the second battle at Iogi 7-chome, Kuuga gained an advantage again against Kuuga who did not understand the characteristics of the dragon form yet, but based on Sakurako's advice, Kuuga equipped the dragon rod and the situation was reversed.At the end, he received a splash dragon on his right chest and exploded.In the play, Bazu was the only one who had a depiction of Gegel in the Zu group Grongi.
  • Initially, it proceeded to the stage of making a reduced model of clay based on the design that interpreted the grasshopper pattern like eyes, but since it looked like a masked rider, the design with the grasshopper's mouth arranged on the face was decided. became[77]..The color was initially green, but since it came out with a blue dragon form, it can not be taken together with a green background or a blue background, so it grows in a narrow place and looks like a dead grass with the theory of "flying phenomenon". It was changed to brown with the interpretation that the color of the body changed to[77]..The muffler is long and white with the motif of grasshopper feathers.[77].
Other appeared works
Cartoon versionKamen Rider Kuuga"
In the manga version, it appears in a human form like Go Butter Ba.For more informationKamen Rider Kuuga (Cartoon) #Z GroupSee.
The Zine Da
Unidentified Life No. 22,SaiSeed monster.The leader of the group.The human body is called Unidentified Life Form No. 22, Group B, No. 3, and is a wrestler-shaped man with a good physique, a half-naked upper body, a black tattoo on his left cheek, and a rhino tattoo on his left arm.The first appearance is EPISODE 3.Gegel execution is EPISODE 11/12.Phantom body becomes a strong physique with firm skinIndian rhinoIt has a face reminiscent of.In addition to the loincloth at the waist, armor is worn on both shoulders, wrists, and shins.It has two sharp horns, large and small, which is the greatest weapon on the face, and boasts the power to pierce concrete.
Personality is impatient and warlike. He is not close to Me Bilan Gi and has developed into battle.
Due to the numerous defeats of the Z group, Gegel's rights are transferred from the Z group to the Me group in EPISODE 7, and he is disqualified from participating in Gegel.In addition, the hideout that had been hiding in the wake of the pursuit of the Mikado, who sniffed his body odor, was revealed to the police and allowed to rush.During this period, he was completely isolated from Grongi and his friends.As if to relieve the anger that Gegel couldn't do forever, he finally started Gegel without permission.
At Gegele, he repeatedly murdered a heavy-duty truck driver while idling.This is probably because it has the characteristics of a rhino with excellent hearing, and it also includes the reason why it dislikes idling sounds.The way to kill is to hold down the opponent with power and stab the opponent with the proud horn.The siege of the Ibaraki Prefectural Police is revenge and kills as many as 34 people.
In the first match with Kuuga, they attacked each other without waiting for a transformation pose, and they engaged each other in the state before transformation, and were overwhelmed. Even after transforming, he stood out with an overwhelming power, tried to stab at a throwing angle with a powerful arm that exceeded Kuuga, and even showed a defensive ability to bounce even a mighty kick, but he could not do his own Gegel because he started Geger without permission. Believing that he is there, angry Biran intrudes. It changed into the battle with Biran and fell into the river while being combined with each other. The second game against Kuuga was a rematch with Kuuga, who was invited by a decoy operation using a truck by Ichijo who knew the nature sensitive to idling and entered support. Trichaser's attack was also rejected, but he received a strengthened mighty kick that increased the power by adding Kuuga's rotation to his face and he was broken at the corner and exploded.
  • playNogami AkiraIs a professional wrestler, so wrestling techniques are incorporated in sword fighting.[100].
  • Takuya Abe was in charge of designing the monster[92]..An order for modeling is placed with the line art design of the whole body, and the detailed design of the decoration is raised separately.[77]..Unlike AKIRA, who played the human body, the final finish of the monster body has become quite slim.[77].
Other appeared works
"Kamen Rider Decade"
Introducing an individual who has changed humans due to the black smoke of N. Gamio Zeda.
"Oze Den Den All Rider Let's Go Kamen Rider"
Appeared as a member of Shocker.
Cartoon versionKamen Rider Kuuga"
In the manga version, it is purged by Barba.For more informationKamen Rider Kuuga (Cartoon) #Z GroupSee.
Z group that has not appeared in the play
Guzil Gui
Unidentified Life No. 7,A whaleSeed monster. One of the Grongi that appeared during the period between EPISODE 6 and EPISODE 7.Defeated by Mighty Form.
Z Garga Da
Unidentified Life No. 8,KangarooSeed monster. One of the Grongi that appeared during the period between EPISODE 6 and EPISODE 7.Defeated by Mighty Form.
Z Miuji Gi
Unidentified Life No. 9,NudibranchSeed monster. One of the Grongi that appeared during the period between EPISODE 6 and EPISODE 7.Defeated by Mighty Form.
Z Gazbo De
Unidentified Life No. 10,NepenthesSeed monster. One of the Grongi that appeared during the period between EPISODE 6 and EPISODE 7.Defeated by Mighty Form.
Z'Dago Gui
Unidentified Life No. 11,OctopusSeed monster. One of the Grongi that appeared during the period between EPISODE 6 and EPISODE 7.Defeated by Mighty Form.
Z Nesma Da
Unidentified Life No. 12A,A mouseSeed monster. One of the Grongi that appeared during the period between EPISODE 6 and EPISODE 7.The time runs out without being able to kill the specified number of people within the time limit, and it suddenly explodes in front of the police.
Z Nezmo Da
Unidentified Lifeform No. 12B, Mouse Species Phantom. One of the Grongi that appeared during the period between EPISODE 6 and EPISODE 7.It is said to be the brother of the above-mentioned mouse, and although it is a separate body, it was recognized by the police as the same individual as the mouse because its appearance was very similar.Defeated by Mighty Form.
The Jamor Le
Unidentified Life No. 13,GeckoSeed monster. One of the Grongi that appeared during the period between EPISODE 6 and EPISODE 7.The figure is published in a newspaper article.Defeated by Mighty Form.


Me Badges Ba
Unidentified Life No. 14,BeeSeed monster.Geger's first Musegijaja in the group.The human body is a man with a white tattoo under his eyes and a bee tattoo on the back of his right hand, wearing a black hat, stripping a golden jacket, and restrained by three leather belts wrapped around his shoulders and upper arms. I'm in fashion. Appeared in EPISODE3 and EPISODE7.The monster bodyWaspWith a face reminiscent of, the hair is growing on the back of the head.He wears a beehive-like accessory on his torso, and a bangle with one on his right arm, four on his left arm, and five on his legs.
His personality always shows an arrogant attitude towards his group.
It has a high flight ability to fly at 4 kilometers per hour with four wings grown on the back, and uses a poisonous needle with a length of several tens of centimeters on the right arm for killing. Compound eye developed while hovering in the air[Annotation 26]It finds a human at an altitude of several thousand meters and shoots a poison needle at high speed toward the crown of the target, penetrating the heart from the crown and causing immediate death.However, once the poison stinger is ejected, it takes about 15 minutes to regenerate, so the rapid fire does not work and the murder is repeated in a circular motion from the first place.Gegel's time limit is unknown[Annotation 27], The number of people killed was 121.
Engaged with Kuuga when he got down to the ground on the way of Geger.At this time, Guzepa is shot down by Ichijo's support shooting, but even though Kuuga becomes a dragon form, it can not be used because there is no mediation of the dragon rod, and the power of the suddenly appearing Pegasus form can not be controlled, etc. Due to the bad luck of the dragon, and the complete regeneration of the poison needle during the battle, it became possible to continue Gegel, so he left.However, the loss of Guzepa invalidates the killing and resets it.Therefore, Kuuga is converted into the lives of 27 people, and additional rules to be added to the target are presented to Barba.Barba approves this and resumes Gegel.On the way, I found Yusuke before the transformation and waited until the poison stinger was completely regenerated, although there was a scene where Ichijo who identified his position with a sound wave detector interfered with the killing of two parents and children.However, the existence is reported to Ichijo who was continuing to chase, and after hearing it and understanding its characteristics, it will be a rematch with Kuuga who transformed into Pegasus form.He succeeds in ejecting a poison needle by taking the lead, but is caught by Kuuga and receives a counterattack of Blast Pegasus on his body.Then it falls from the sky into the sea and dies.
  • The image of the chest decoration is a beehive[77].
Other appeared works
"Kamen Rider Decade"
Appeared in the movie version of the TV series "World of Kuuga" and "World of Agito".
Cartoon versionKamen Rider Kuuga"
In the manga version, the contents of Gegel are different.For more informationKamen Rider Kuuga (Cartoon) #Me GroupSee.
Me, Giiga, Gi
Unidentified Life No. 21,squidSeed monster.Self-proclaimed "Zabgin Ngazu Shibusha (Silver Slaughterer)".The human body always has a spooky smile, wearing a white tricorn hat, a silver-white garment with flashy decorations, black trousers and white sneakers.In addition, he has a squid tattoo on the back of his left hand and a squid tentacle-like tattoo on his face, and he stands out like a clown.Appeared in EPISODE 9 and EPISODE 10.The monster's body has a silver-white body color, and tentacles grow from the back of the head.In addition, he wears armor from the shoulders to the chest, arms, and shins, and apron at the waist.Also, when walking with both the human body and the monster body, a damp footstep is heard.
The time limit for Gegel is unknown.The number of people killed was 162.After the action of opening the grasped right hand, holding it in the mouth, and releasing it, the ink-like body fluid spit out from the mouth is used as a weapon, and this is also used when murdering Gegel.This body fluid has a strong detonating property that detonates just by touching an object.However, when it is generated, a high temperature of 280 ° C is generated, so the body temperature rises sharply, and if the body is not cooled by entering water into rivers at regular intervals,HomeostasisWhen cooling is required, steam is ejected from the four steam valves in the abdomen.[Annotation 28]..In addition, the whole body is soft skin, and the damage caused by simple hits such as fisting and kicking is small.
For coolingSumida RiverHe started Gegel in the basin as an underwater movement route and activity range, and engaged with Kuuga who rushed while trying to attack the workers at the factory.Take the lead with an attack with body fluids, and overwhelm with the attack with strength and body fluids without worrying about the blow of Kuuga who goes around behind to avoid it.However, when he tried to stab the todome, steam spouted from the steam valve in the abdomen, so he left for cooling.After that, he continued to murder,Koto WardAriakeIt is a rematch with Kuuga who became Titan form at the port of. In front of the robust bio-armor, the continuous attack by body fluid does not work at all and the interval is closed, and the abdomen, which is a weak point, receives Kalamiti Titan and explodes.
  • The element of the squid's foot is dropped into the armor[77].
Other appeared works
Cartoon versionKamen Rider Kuuga"
In the manga version, he is active as a street performer.For more informationKamen Rider Kuuga (Cartoon) #Me GroupSee.
Me Bilan Gui
Unidentified Life No. 23,ピ ラ ニ アSeed monster.The human body is called Unidentified Life Form No. 23, Group B, No. 7, with seven-colored mesh on its hair, pierced earrings and a collar, and a mesh-like shirt and flashy trousers.There is also a piranha tattoo on the right upper arm.The first appearance is EPISODE7, and Gegel execution is EPISODE13, EPISODE14.The monster's body has prominent fins on the head and shoulders, and in addition to armor on the collar, waist, and shins, bracelets with fin-shaped cutters are worn on both wrists.
The time limit for Gegel was 2 days and the number of people killed was 180.The mouth with sharp fangs can be opened and closed as many as 1 times per minute, appearing on board a ship with no escape, biting and killing more than 200 passengers.In addition, the sense of smell is sensitive, such as smelling a small amount of blood that has fallen into a distant river.Furthermore, not only underwater battles, but also ground battles can be attacked by high-speed movement such as gliding.
It becomes a battle with Kuuga who rushed to the worker and the policeman during the attack, but he is tossed by high speed movement and attack by the cutter.Although he struggles a little against the Titan Form opponent, he sees a gap and bites into his unarmored upper arm, which is a good fight.However, he was temporarily withdrawn after receiving a shot of a single reinforced plastic bullet that had entered the support.After that, I noticed the characteristic of being attracted to the smell of blood from a boat to a river made by National Research Institute of Police Science.Artificial bloodInvited by a decoy operation to spray, and re-engaged with Kuuga of the dragon form who was following the boat of Ichijo.Immediately after the water fell from the boat, he was blocked from trying to attack the nearby Chono, and the offense and defense continued in the shallow water, but the attack was avoided by mobility, and at that time he accidentally cut off the iron pipe with his own cutter As a result, he gave a weapon to the enemy and struggled with Kuuga who got a dragon rod.At the end, he receives a splash dragon on his chest and dies.
  • Initially, Takuya Abe was in charge of the design, but Koji Iida was in charge of taking over it.[77]..The motif is piranha, but since it was a fin attack instead of a bite attack, the design is being reconsidered.[77].
Other appeared works
Cartoon versionKamen Rider Kuuga"
In the manga version, he faces Gadra.For more informationKamen Rider Kuuga (Cartoon) #Me GroupSee.
Me Galli Gui
Unidentified Life No. 24,Hermit crabSeed monster.The human body wears a helmet wrapped in a rubber tube with flashy color tape, and a safety rope is wrapped around the half-naked torso.In addition, a tattoo like a black nail is put under both eyes, and a "safety first" armband is pierced into the skin with a safety pin on the left upper arm.Nikka BokkaI'm wearing.The first appearance is EPISODE 14.Gegel starts EPISODE15 and EPISODE16.The monster has two antennae on its forehead and on its head.Turban, Bandages on both arms, chains on the body, bracelets with scissors-shaped cutters attached to both wrists are used as weapons.
Due to the nature of hermit crabs that are trapped in shells, they behave in a restless manner unless they are trapped in something. At EPISODE14, I liked the human truck I found in the junkyard and stole it, and learned how to drive by myself.In the super-ancient era, stone rollers used to run over Lint and others, but in modern Gegel, this truck was used to drive into an alley with no escape and run over in the back.The time limit for Gegel and the number of people killed are unknown.
During Geger, he tried to run over Kuuga who had been chased by Trigouram, and although it was avoided once, Gouram who had just revived became stuck due to lack of energy, so Kuuga himself avoided it. However, it crushes the trigouram (although there was no damage).Then, he got off himself and became a monster, and engaged with Kuuga in the dragon form.However, when blown away by the dragon rod,Can of canEscape to the manhole by taking advantage of the explosion of fuel.After that, he stole another truck and continued Gegel, but by neglecting the interim report, Barba called the next Musegijaja, and at that point he was unaware that Gegel's rights had expired.He continued to commit crimes even at night, but even though he tried to run over Kuuga who had been chasing him with the resurrected Trigouram, he was evaded and was blown away by the Trigouram attack on the unprotected body.Then, even when getting off, the huge sealing energy engraved on the car body was transmitted, and the truck was involved and exploded.
  • Chains and bandanas are wrapped like snails as elements of hermit crabs.[77]..Hermit crabs have scissors-like decorations on their arms.[77].
Other appeared works
Cartoon versionKamen Rider Kuuga"
In the manga version, it is defeated by Ichijo.For more informationKamen Rider Kuuga (Cartoon) #Me GroupSee.
Me Gadra Da
Unidentified Life No. 25,DoraSeed monster.The human body is a man with a tiger tattoo on the back of his right hand, a black tank top, a short pan, a bandana on his head, a bandana on his hands and arms, and a beard with a cut in his right eye. ..A brass knuckles is attached to the right hand, and a chain is wrapped around the left arm. Appeared in EPISODE17.The monster has long brown hair, a cut in the right eye and abdomen like the human body, sharp fangs in the mouth, sharp claws on both hands and ten fingers, and a brass knuckles with claws on both fists like the human body. Is attached, and a chain is wrapped around the left arm.
He has the pride of "becoming stronger by the number of wounds", and perhaps he is suppressing the amazing resilience of Grongi himself, leaving the wounds he received during the fierce battle with medals and commandments. He has a very warrior-like personality, such as giving priority to the duel with Kuuga over his success and fighting until the sun goes down.
The time limit for Gegele was 6 hours, and the number of people killed was 72.He specializes in hitting tigers by taking advantage of their strength, instantaneous power, and responsiveness. After killing several police officers in Ikebukuro, he fights against Kuuga.A good fight without even giving a chance to transform into a Titan form.The fierce battle continued even when the sun went down, and finally he tried to strangle him by wrapping a chain around Kuuga's neck, but he was weakened by an elbow strike on his old injured abdomen and a straight.He is in a position to accept the reinforced mighty kick, but he cannot endure it and dies.
  • At the initial script meeting, EPISODE 17 was only a digest and it was planned that no new monster would appear, but since it was decided to appear, it was designed in a hurry.[77]..In order to emphasize the fear, the color is reversed and the base color is black.[77].
Other appeared works
Cartoon versionKamen Rider Kuuga"
In the manga version, he confronts Me Bilan Gi and Agito.For more informationKamen Rider Kuuga (Cartoon) #Me GroupSee.
Me Ginoga de
Unidentified Life Form No. 26A (mutant is B),mushroomSeed monster.Grongi was the only one in the film that drove Kuuga to death and created a rising form that did not exist in ancient times.The human body has a mushroom tattoo on the back of the right hand, long white hair, a white hat, sleeveless clothes, white trousers, a purple scarf on the neck and hips, like a woman in heels. A fair-skinned man standing out.Appearance is EPISODE 18 and EPISODE 19.The monster's body has a prominent mushroom umbrella-like head, wears armor with a unique pattern engraved on the chest, back, and shoulders, and looks like mushroom folds on the waist, wrists, and ankles. Wearing ornaments to make.
Has the ability to eject mist-like poisonous spores from the mouth.It is so toxic that it corrodes and tatters human internal organs and causes the body to collapse during transportation to the hospital. Initially, the temperature was within the range of 35 ° C to 40 ° C, but after becoming a strengthened body. Does not require inflow by mouth transfer, and the spraying power of toxic spores becomes stronger over a wide area regardless of temperature.Gas masks are also so toxic that they are no longer effective.
He was a weak constitution in the group, and his fighting ability was so low that he was weakened even by receiving a punch from Kuuga and a gas bullet from the police.However, it has a peculiar body that strengthens as it is struck.In addition, it has the best regeneration ability of Grongi due to the nature of mushrooms, and depending on the conditions, it can also produce clones from a part of the body.
The number of people who can clear Gegel is 144. The way to kill is to send poisonous spores to the target by kissing. Initially, due to the nature of poisonous spores, the crime scene was near the outdoor unit of the air conditioner, and Gegel was conducted in Shinjuku Ward.
Encountered Kuuga when he killed the 19th person.Although it damages Kuuga's punch, it takes a momentary gap and sends poisonous spores to make it incapable of fighting.After that, he eats the police gas bullets that have been chased, but retreats the poisonous spores instead of the smoke screen.After recovering the damage, restart Gegel.The head of the body also turned red, and when it strengthened into spores with increased toxicity, it responded to the police on April 4.Engaged with Kuuga Growing Form, who was killed by poisonous spores that strengthened the police and revived where Ichijo and his friends were trying to finish.Eat three kicks of glowing form and die.
  • The character of Ginoga was created with the intention of killing Kuuga of Katsura Murayama, who is in charge of literary arts, not the strong type, but the type that has a face that seems to be weak and does not kill insects.[101]..Takatera has EPISODE 18 with GinogaArigabariIt is said that it follows the format of the episode of the rider's big pinch like the time of[24].
  • Design motifMushroom MorgShigenori Takatera Tweet on November 2020, 11 at 14:22.
  • The mutant is made into macho in an easy-to-understand manner because it has only power without intelligence.[77].
M. ginoga de mutant
There is no human body because it is a clone produced from a part of Ginoga's body. Appeared in EPISODE 20.
When he died, a part of Ginoga's right arm, which was scattered in the river, proliferated and was produced by nourishing the water of the river.The body color is dark green unlike the original, and there is no armor, gedrud, or apron that he wore.
The ability to disperse poisonous spores is lost, and it becomes a creature that indiscriminately rampages with its murder instinct and does not speak.However, if it is just a simple power such as throwing Kuuga with one arm, it surpasses the original.
Engaged with Kuuga when he was rampaging in the factory. Kuuga's Strengthening When I ate a mighty kick, it melted and disappeared without exploding.
Other appeared works
"Kamen Rider Decade"
Appeared in "The World of Agito". Also appeared in the movie version.
Cartoon versionKamen Rider Kuuga"
In the manga version, he calls himself Noah as the name when he is human.For more informationKamen Rider Kuuga (Cartoon) #Me GroupSee.
Me Garme Les
Unidentified Life Form No. 31 (Group B No. 4),カ メ レ オ ンSeed monster.Grongi was the only one in the film who succeeded in Gegel and was promoted.The human body is a silver-haired man with a chameleon tattoo on his left upper arm, goggles, and a sleeveless jacket with a triangular check.The first appearance is EPISODE 3.Gegel execution is said to have appeared between Gazubo and Dargo during the period between EPISODE 6 and EPISODE 7 during the Zu group.[Annotation 29]..EPISODE21 and EPISODE22 for the group.The monster has a yellow horn on its forehead and wears armor on its collar and both shins.
Originally belonged to the Z group, but succeeded in Gegel and entered the group[Annotation 30].. His personality is confident and looks down on others, especially lint (human).
It holds a tongue with a suction cup-shaped tip with a length of 10 to 5 meters in its mouth. At Geger, it stretches its tongue to suck in the prey and instantly pulls it to break the neck of the prey and kill it. Furthermore, the skin cells of the whole body can perceive the color and assimilate to the surroundings to disappear itself. However, when exposed to strong light, it has the weakness of not being able to disappear for about XNUMX minutes.
The tongue seems to be smooth enough to boast that he was born from the tongue, and he has mastered Japanese enough to give notice of crimes and explain Gegel in Japanese just by listening to radio programs.
In the second Gegel, he is taking action to give notice of the next crime scene, perhaps because he enjoys Gegel and is considering promotion to the Go group.
Regarding the reason why Grongi murders the detectives who rushed to the central plaza with Gegel's notice of the crime, "How to kill Lint according to the rules" "The best game" "Chase after prey and hunt ... There is no point in doing this," he explained in smooth Japanese, and murdered while mocking the police, but he escaped because he could not disappear due to the special flash stun grenade developed by Kaisoken. During that time, he met Kuuga and engaged in battle, attacking with his proud tongue, but all were avoided and he was overwhelmed by a meat war. It seems that he will be stabbed, but he recovers the ability to disappear immediately before and hides himself again and escapes. However, he could not escape from the developed five senses of Pegasus form, and he was killed by the blast Pegasus from the sky of Kuuga, who was caught by Goulam.
  • Takuya Abe was in charge of designing the monster[Annotation 31]..Combining a sketch with detailed decoration details and a full-body design[77]..The early design did not tighten the loincloth[77].
Other appeared works
"Kamen Rider Decade"
Introducing an individual who has changed humans due to the black smoke of N. Gamio Zeda.
Cartoon versionKamen Rider Kuuga"
In the manga version, the contents of Gegel are different.For more informationKamen Rider Kuuga (Cartoon) #Me GroupSee.
Me Galima Ba
Unidentified Life Form No. 36 (Group B No. 6),MantisSeed monster.The leader of the group.The human body is a woman wearing a sleeveless white shirt, a long ethnic style skirt, and a green mesh on her bangs.The special weapon is an S-shaped naginata-shaped double-edged scythe.[Annotation 32]..The first appearance is EPISODE 7.Gegel execution is EPISODE23 / EPISODE24.The monster's body is green and has a green body around the waist, and armor is worn on the chest, shoulders, forearms, and ankles.
He is so proud and confident that he is the only one who can compete with Kuuga on an equal footing.He hopes to be promoted to the Go group, and says, "I am the only one who can become Go from Me." He asked Zazio to make a special double-edged scythe in advance, and when he received it, he said, "It is suitable for this Go Galima Ba." ".After that, he called himself "Go Galima Ba" before Gegel was successful.
Geger follows the content of the Gore group Geriza Givas Geger.Sobu Line-Ochanomizu StationA special incense burner placed on the train leaving the train will mark the passengers and kill all 18 passengers who have been on board within 288 hours." The way of killing is to follow the marked object with a strong sense of smell and cut off the neck with a scythe[Annotation 33].. Sakurako was also included in this target.
Since he was wearing a scythe when Gegel was executed, he was found by Yusuke and engaged in battle.During the first battle with Kuuga, Mighty Foam folds half of the scythe, and Titan Foam turns one of the scythes into a sword.After that, he receives a trigouram attack, but escapes by repelling the sealing energy.After the wound heals somehow, La's two people prompt him to start acting again.Sakurako, who was one of the targets, is found and hunted down, but Kuuga blocks her and rematches.Although he fought with Titan Foam, he ate the newly acquired Rising Titan's Rising Calamity Titan and died.
  • The case of a man was also considered[77]..There was also hair, but it was eliminated because it overlaps with Mobio.[77]..Some designs do not have loincloth[77].
Other appeared works
Also appeared in the manga version. This individual has severed the Titan Foam bioarm.
"Kamen Rider Decade"
Introducing an individual who has changed humans due to the black smoke of N. Gamio Zeda.
Cartoon versionKamen Rider Kuuga"
In the manga version, it is called Sachi as the name when it is human.For more informationKamen Rider Kuuga (Cartoon) #Me GroupSee.
Related characters
Cabo Tegron
The common points with the design are pointed outShigenori Takatera Tweet on November 2020, 11 at 28:22.
A group that has not appeared in the play
Me Agon Gi
Unidentified Life No. 15,Angler fishSeed monster. One of the Grongi that appeared during the period between EPISODE 8 and EPISODE 9.Defeated by Mighty Form.
Me Agri Da
Unidentified Life No. 16,AnteaterSeed monster. One of the Grongi that appeared during the period between EPISODE 8 and EPISODE 9.Defeated by Mighty Form.
Me fly fly
Unidentified Life No. 17,FliesSeed monster. One of the Grongi that appeared during the period between EPISODE 8 and EPISODE 9.Defeated by Pegasus Form.
Me Gage Le
Unidentified Life No. 18,LizardSeed monster. One of the Grongi that appeared during the period between EPISODE 8 and EPISODE 9.Defeated by Mighty Form.
Me Mugado Ba
Unidentified Life No. 19,centipedeSeed monster. One of the Grongi that appeared during the period between EPISODE 8 and EPISODE 9.Defeated by Dragon Form.
Me Gorigi Ba
Unidentified Life No. 20,cockroachSeed monster. One of the Grongi that appeared during the period between EPISODE 8 and EPISODE 9.Defeated by Mighty Form.
Me Gaela Les
Unidentified Life No. 27,カ エ ルSeed monster. One of the Grongi that appeared during the period from EPISODE 20 to EPISODE 21.Defeated by Dragon Form.
Mezo Zoebi Gi
Unidentified Life No. 28,shrimpSeed monster. One of the Grongi that appeared during the period from EPISODE 20 to EPISODE 21.Defeated by Titan Foam.
Me Uza Da
Unidentified Life No. 29,RabbitSeed monster. One of the Grongi that appeared during the period from EPISODE 20 to EPISODE 21.Defeated by Dragon Form.
Me Dem De Ba
Unidentified Life No. 30,テ ン ト ウ ム シSeed monster. One of the Grongi that appeared during the period from EPISODE 20 to EPISODE 21.Defeated by Mighty Form.
Me Guinea Da
Unidentified Life No. 32,FoxSeed monster. One of the Grongi that appeared during the period between EPISODE22 and EPISODE23.Defeated by Mighty Form.
Me Gegra Gi
Unidentified Life No. 33,jellyfishSeed monster. One of the Grongi that appeared during the period between EPISODE22 and EPISODE23.Defeated by Titan Foam.
Me Gabel Gu
Unidentified Life No. 34,PelicanSeed monster. One of the Grongi that appeared during the period between EPISODE22 and EPISODE23.Appears only in the manga version.Defeated by Mighty Form.
Me Ju Ma Da
Unidentified Life No. 35,zebraSeed monster. One of the Grongi that appeared during the period between EPISODE22 and EPISODE23.Defeated by Mighty Form.

Go group

Go Buuro Gu
Unidentified Life No. 37,フ ク ロ ウSeed monster.The human body is an intelligent young man who likes reading in a leather jacket with wing-like decoration and round sunglasses.Special weapons change feather-shaped ornamentsBlowing arrow..The first appearance is EPISODE 23.Gegel execution is EPISODE25 / EPISODE26.The monster has a brown body color and wears net-patterned orthoses on the chest, arms, and shoulders, with sharp claws on the toes of the limbs and extremely large wings on the back.
The additional condition imposed on Gerizagibas Geger himself is "move the 23 wards of Tokyo in alphabetical order and kill 9 people in each ward." How to kill is blown from the skyPeritThe bullet is hit at the target's shoulder and the driven pellet is attached to the surface of the target's heart. acuteMyocardial infarctionCause.
It does not emit special ultrasonic waves when flying, and has a flight speed of about 300 km / h, which exceeds that of a helicopter, and is superior to Gooma and Badis in flight capability.In addition, it has a high accuracy of hitting through the shoulder without a deviation of 1 mm from the sky.
In the first game against Kuuga, he is also hypersensitive to pain, but he uses a characteristic of Rising Pegasus to shoot and blows a blowgun, but one shot of Rising Blast Pegasus released by Rising Pegasus hits the left wing and falls as it is. However, before the sealed energy reaches Gedron's Gebron, he tears his wings and runs away. After that, of love readingAlbert CamusHeals the wound while reading the complete collection.
After killing 5 people in 126 hours, he immediately rematched with Kuuga. Rising Beast Pegasus's Rising Blast Pegasus was shot many times, and he could not avoid it, and hit three fuselage bodies. A huge explosion in the air.
  • Initially thought to be a female monster with wings on her head, it was redesigned at the direction of the producer.[77].
Go Bemiu Gi
Unidentified Life No. 38,Sea snakeSeed monster. The human body is black with phoenix embroideryChina dress[Annotation 34]A beautiful woman with long black hair wearing.He calls himself "Gin Bon Zabudada (Death Conductor)".The special weapon is a whip that generates an ultra-low temperature of 150 ° C below zero that changes the anklet of the ankle.The first appearance is EPISODE 25.Gegel execution is EPISODE27 / EPISODE28.The monster has a bellows-shaped abdomen, and wears a helmet with bronze chains reminiscent of a pirate, with a number of braided hairs coming out of it.
The additional conditions that Geriza Givas Geger imposes on himself are "Revolutionary Etude』Written on the scoreScaleIn the same acronym as "water-related place, kill the number of people according to the length of the note, and the number of people according to the written note."The method of killing is to bring the tip of the whip into contact with the target's chest for a moment from the water, causing acute heart attack due to ultra-low temperature.
He is an artist and actually plays the perfect piano at Gegel's place.
It was flowing from the boombox used by the dance groupFrederick ChopinInterested in "Revolutionary Etude", he decided to perform Gegel after the scale mentioned above.At "Mizusawa Water Park", which is one of the places of Gegel, I pass by Oyasan and Minori. By listening to the performance of "Revolution" in one article, I noticed Gegel's law.When the police's countermeasure pool closure made it impossible to perform Gegel at the Soshigaya Center Pool, which was headed based on the scale of Seo, the next step wasSotouraHead to the beach and attack the young people there.However, he breaks into Godai and Ichijo and engages with Kuuga.
The whip freezes the dragon rod and hunts down Kuga, but receives the rising splash dragon of Kuga, which became a rising dragon, and is thrown into the sea and explodes in the sea.
  • The design was done by PLEX, and the finish was done by Kazue Takeuchi.[102]..Since the body color designation that Takeuchi received at the design stage was light green, this color was the final draft in related books at that time, and it is said that the color was changed by on-site processing, but the design Then some of them are actually colored[102][77]..However, since the hand-held weapon is also drawn, it seems that the draft of the color specification was made separately for the color change in the final draft at the time of ordering the modeling.[77].. In order to make the human body and the monster body uniform, the head design of the monster body is decided according to Ito's hairstyle that played the human body.[103].
Other appeared works
"Kamen Rider Decade"
At the sacred Geger, he tries to execute it with the rod as a weapon.
Unidentified Life No. 39,カ メSeed monster. The human body wears a red tie,stripeIn a double suitPanama hatA gambler-like slender man who always wears his arms and keeps his relaxed attitude.The special weapon is a chain iron ball that changes the ring-shaped ornaments attached to the five fingers of both hands.The first appearance is EPISODE 25.Gegel execution is EPISODE29 / EPISODE30.The monster body has a strong physique that is far from the original slender human body.In addition to the loincloth at the waist, the chest is fitted with a hexagonal relief connected by four chains extending from the four corners of the back, and the collar is covered with cloth, wrists, and ankles with a vantage, and also a hexagonal ring. Rolled, there is a shell on the back.
The additional requirement of Geriza Givas Geger himself is: "Randomly throw 54 iron balls to the area according to the color and number of the roulette from the roof of the skyscraper and kill 72 people within 567 hours".[Annotation 35].. The method of killing is crushing by iron balls that fly like meteorites.
It has enough defensive power to move around even if it crawls down from the roof of the building, and withstands the Rising Calamity Titan.
We proceed with Gegel with the help of Zazar and Jaraji. The crime location was identified by the police and engaged with Kuuga. He was always superior to Kuuga, which became Dragon Form and Titan Form, but retreats to heal the damage caused by Rising Calamity Titan. At that time, he contacts Chono and unconsciously faints. And while waiting for recovery, with Zazar and JarajipokerAs for Barba,Ke Serra Serra(Become) ”and did not break the margin.
When he changed places and restarted Geger, he rematched with Kuuga. Although he hunts down Kuuga with his proud iron ball, all the iron balls attached to his finger are shot down by a cover shooting of one article, and it becomes a meat war. When dropped from the rooftop, they are taken to the factory by Trigoulam. When you receive a Rising Mighty kick from Rising Mighty at that location, it causes a huge explosion over a radius of 3km.
  • The scarf has the image of a turtle's growing neck[77].
Go Gino Da
Unidentified Life No. 40,boarSeed monster.The human body is unknown.It has not appeared in the main part of the TV, and appeared in "Kamen Rider Kuuga VS Rigid Phantom Go Jino Da", a service of all Shogakukan applicants that depicts the period between EPISODE 30 and EPISODE 31.The monster's body has prominent fangs and beards on its mouth, and wears armor on both shoulders, arms, and shins, and a loincloth on the waist.No special abilities can be seen, but as a weaponPiercingUse a bifurcated spear.
Gegel's time limit and the number of people killed are unknown, but it seems that people at a certain studio in Nerima Ward are targeted, and Yusuke who appeared in the studio where the lighting in the studio was turned off is ambushed, and when he transforms into Kuuga, the lighting is turned on. Turn on and surprise attack.At first, he was superior in the attack using the spear, but gradually became inferior in the close-knit battle, and finally he received a mighty kick in the chest and died.
  • It is said that there was an instruction for fine unevenness of the decoration part[77].
Go Bader Ba
Unidentified Life Form No. 41 (Group B No. 8),LocustSeed monster. A motorcycle rider who describes himself as "Kyokugin Sakizaza (threatening rider)". One of the most talented people in the Go group who recognizes himself and others. The human body is a red scarf[Annotation 36]Afro-haired man wearing a green jacket has a habit of flipping a coin toss with one hand.Although it is not mentioned in the play, Bazu's twin brother, the monster body is very similar in appearance, but the body color is dark green while Bazu is brown, and both shoulders. He wears a shoulder rest on his arm and a small hand on both arms.Also, like his younger brother Bazu, he is not good at potassium nitrate gas.Dedicated weapon is your favorite motorcycleBugibson[Annotation 37]Then, the shape changes by inserting the elbow spine-shaped ornament into the motorcycle used for the human body.Boasting a maximum speed of about 400 km / h, it has performance that surpasses the Trichaser 2000 in all respects.In episode 27, he was transformed by posing like Kuuga with his left arm held diagonally forward.The first appearance is EPISODE 21.Gegel execution is from EPISODE 31 to EPISODE 33.
An additional condition imposed on Gerizagibas Gegel himself is "to drag down and run over 7 people on steel horses (motorcycles) within 99 hours."The way to kill is to attack the motorcycle rider in quick succession, take it off the motorcycle and run over it.
It first appeared in the Go group, and first appeared on a motorcycle and stopped when Kuuga tried to hit Dooma to Gooma. The second time, in the form of bike chase with Godai at the time of Bemiu's Geger, there is a skirmish with his identity revealed[Annotation 38].
When the turn of the Gegel player turns, the murder is repeated smoothly.When he meets Kuuga in the middle of Gegel, he makes a bike chase while mocking Kuuga.In the battle on the coast of Kanagawa prefecture, they fight evenly with each other's bike technique, and when both are thrown out, they rob the Trichaser 2000 that was near them.However, when the Trichaser 2000 is damaged, he leaves with the words "Killing you is the last" and leaves at Bagibson.
He killed the 98th person and immediately engaged in a third battle with Kuuga. I avoided all the Rising Blast Pegasus shots from the sky above Rising Pegasus, which I grabbed by Gourum, and swung away at a tremendous speed.
Kuuga driving the Beat Chaser 2000 appeared before being headed toward Atsugi by the guidance using the police's enhanced gas bullet, and engaged for the fourth time.With a spectacular bike chase, he tries to drag Kuuga down, but he is pulled away without being able to match the speed of the Beat Chaser 4.At a distance, he tries to run over Kuuga, who has been waiting for him with a kick system, but receives a rising mighty kick counter and explodes.
  • Basically, repainting of Bazu is done, but the muffler and shoulder parts are redesigned, and it is a homage to Kamen Rider that could not be realized at the time of Bazu[77]..The muffler is short and red, unlike the Bazu.[77].
  • Takaji appears in the middle and is defeated in the middleBirgeniaIt is said that it is conscious of strong enemies like[24].
  • The bike that I use regularly is the same gas-based Vampella as the base model of the Trichaser 2000.[104]The same applies to the modified Bugibson base car[105].
Other appeared works
Cartoon versionKamen Rider Kuuga"
In the manga version, it appears in clothes like Zubatu Ba.For more informationKamen Rider Kuuga (Cartoon) #Go GroupSee.
Go Jaraji Da
Unidentified Life No. 42,PorcupineSeed monster.The human body is a street fashion-style young man wearing a sleeveless black shirt, white pants and sneakers.Biting nails, andFinger snapI have a habit of doing.The special weapon is a number of hooks attached as ornaments to the necklace of the neck, which are thrown like darts.Also, as a special ability, it has the ability to teleport a short distance.The first appearance is EPISODE 25.Gegel execution is EPISODE34 / EPISODE35.The monster's body has a black body with white needles on its head, and it wears animal bones as ornaments.
According to Zazaru, the cautious Jaraji puts a hook in his brain, saying that the additional condition of Gerizagibas Geger is "kill 2 boys in the second grade of Midorikawa Gakuen in 12 days".[Annotation 39]Enjoying the appearance of suffering from being thoroughly mentally driven by a sentence of death over 4 days, the students are injured by inflating and deforming the hook needle from the inside, causing ischemic cerebral infarction due to intracerebral hemorrhage. I did it in a deadly way.
In order to inflict emotional distress on the students, they appear in front of the students attending the funeral, make silent calls to the target villa, and flicker their shadows to incite fear. Is a hobby and brutal like never before.When asked why by Ikuta's mother, who was cornered later, he answered with a smirk, "It's so much fun that you (Lint) suffer."As he hunted down many boys with his cruel and insidious acts, he was exposed to Yusuke's anger.
As one of the students who stabbed the hook needle committed suicide that was not counted in the number of Gegel while his own Gegel was approaching the final stage, the only transfer student who did not contactKazuya Ikuta(Iku KazuyaAim.Appears at a villa in Hakone, where he engages with Kuuga.However, when he uses the sound of teleportation and finger snapping to play with the dragon form and throws a needle from the blind spot to block the movement of Kuuga, it disperses.After that, Ichijo and many other police officers guarding at the police hospital that protected Ikuta were tossed by teleportation and the sound of finger snapping.Protected in that gap, he appears in the sleeping room of Ikuta, and although he approaches, Yusuke rushes in and is stopped just before he puts in a needle.
Yusuke who transformed into that sneaky technique finally explodes his anger.He is beaten so many times that he vomits blood in the mighty form that exudes hatred.Then, when it is carried to the lakeside by Beat Gouram, it will be slashed continuously by Rising Titan, and it will reach the terrible end that Rising Calamity Titan will be thrust at the fallen place.
  • The order is "a monster like Johnny's"[77]..It is supposed to be a boy's monster with a small head, narrow shoulder width, thin limbs, etc.[77].. 『ブ レ ー ド ラ ン ナ ーRoy Battie and "Mysterious disk UFOIt has gray hair in the image of Secretary Straker, and has a porcupine-like head to make it flashy.[77]..Because it is a porcupine, it looks like black and white[77].
Other appeared works
"Kamen Rider Decade"
Appeared as a member of the Great Shocker in the "World of Amazon".
Go Zazar Ba
Unidentified Life No. 43,ScorpionSeed monster. The human body is a black leather mini skirt, and a purple snake pattern jacket is draped over the inner with the chest wide open, and a fan.[Annotation 40]A rocker-like young woman who has a feeling of being lazy and creates a lazy atmosphere.The special weapon is a claw with a deformed earring.The first appearance is EPISODE 25.Gegel execution is EPISODE36, EPISODE37, EPISODE38, EPISODE39.The monster wore a black leotard-style outfit, bronze armor, and pointed ornaments reminiscent of a scorpion's tail.Pigtail.
The condition of Gerizagibas Gegel is "The order of the color of the nail polish applied to the nails.[Annotation 41]And kill people in boxes of the same color (taxi, elevator, etc.) ".The way to kill is to actually get in and dissolve the person on the spot with a strong acid solution.
It dissolves more than 80% of human body tissue in the bodyaqua regiaThe above strong acid solution is circulating, and the main body of the battle is to pour it into the claws and fight.In addition, the solution itself not only thrusts the claws, but also continues to drip as it is, so it is dangerous because it scatters just by swinging it.Furthermore, if the Zazar explodes and disperses due to the powerful sealing energy associated with the Special Move in Rising Foam, the solution may scatter over a wide area, causing harm to the surrounding area.
At first, aiming only at taxi drivers, get on a taxi and proceed to Geger. However, in the middle of Gegel, Gooma disturbed him and engaged in furious Gooma. When Kuuga breaks in, it immediately disperses.
If you are unable to take a taxi due to the police's measures, put the box you want to ride in an elevator, bus or train.[Annotation 42]Even though I switched to, Sakurai's memo was kicked and Godai noticed the law and they were also dealt with.Engaged with Yusuke when he was frustrated that he couldn't proceed with Gegel.
Although he fights while sprinkling the solution on Kuuga, he is at the mercy of the movement of the dragon form and the claws are removed by the dragon rod.In addition, he receives a support fire from the police neutralization bullet, and receives a pursuit mighty kick where he is weak.Even so, he scatters the sealing energy, but is taken to the underground parking lot, which is the planned explosion point set by the Metropolitan Police Department by Kuuga's Beat Gouram.There, he received the Rising Blast Pegasus and turned his back to escape from the explosion, so that Kuuga would regret his actions, saying "I'm dying", "I'm not good!", "I'm dying!" However, he couldn't stand it and died.
  • The costume is designed like a female version of Jino[77].
Go Jaza Gi
Unidentified Life Form No. 44 (Group B No. 10),sharkSeed monster. Within the Go groupStrongest 3 PhantomOne of them.The human body is a career woman-like woman with a calm tone, wearing a yellow tie, wearing dark green pantsuit and glasses, and always carrying a laptop.The first appearance is episode 37.Gegel execution is EPISODE40 / EPISODE41.
The additional condition imposed on Gerizagibas Gegel himself was "Sky (Sky ("Passenger plane) ”And“ the sea (Pleasure boat) ”Twice kills 2 people.”The way to kill is to board a vehicle with the corresponding name, become a monster on the spot, and slaughter the lint gathered in one place with a harpoon-shaped weapon at once to escape.
Geriza Givas Geger only considers it as a mere passing point, and in order to prepare for Zagibas Geger beyond that, he has a rational and ruthless idea that he aims mainly at old people and children with weak resistance ..
Net notice[Annotation 43]Impersonate a passenger and board Rainbow Airlines Flight 706, killing 243 of the passengers and crew.After that, the place where he jumped into the sea and escaped was identified by Kuuga.However, he pierced a momentary gap that was distracted by Dougba, threw a harpoon on his left shoulder to block the movement, and pushed him to release the transformation, and landed.
Next targetSunflower[Annotation 44]When I headed for, I engaged with Kuuga there.At first, he throws a harpoon and attacks Kuuga, but when he receives the rising splash dragon of the rising dragon, when he disperses the sealing energy without any intention, it changes into a rigid body and attacks Kuuga with a big sword, and Titan Form Overwhelm with power.However, at the discretion of 咄 嗟, the attack could not be prevented by the dual wield of Rising Titan equipped with another Rising Titan Sword with the iron pipe on the spot, and when receiving Double Rising Calamity Titan, it fell to the sea with Kuuga and exploded there. To do.
  • At first, because it is a monster who is not a woman with a ray motif, some remnants of rays can be seen.[77]..The characteristic gills, large dorsal fins, and jagged teeth of the shark are represented by ornaments.[77]..Femininity is emphasized by hanging it behind like hair.[77].
Go Jaza Gi Shun
Basic form of jazz. Special weapons change the accessories at the waistharpoonIt is a throwing spear that is powerful enough to pierce the shoulder blocker of Rising Pegasus, which has excellent bulletproof properties.Eye color is orange and body color is brown.
It can move underwater faster than the Coast Guard patrol ships. The subject of battle is to throw the harpoon.
Other appeared works
"Kamen Rider Decade"
Introducing an individual who has changed humans due to the black smoke of N. Gamio Zeda. Only photos appeared in "Agit World".
Go-Jarza-Gi Rigid Body
Derived form of jazza. A special weapon is a large sword that changes the same ornaments.
A figure that is even more muscular than an agile body.The color of the eyes and body is gray.Fin-shaped protrusions grow on the shoulders and thighs, boasting power that surpasses Titan Foam.
Go Babel Da
Unidentified Life Form No. 45 (Group B No. 12),BuffaloSeed monster. Within the Go groupStrongest 3 PhantomOne of them.The human body is a tall rocker-like man with a bandana on his head, a necklace around his neck, and a black jacket and pants.The first appearance is EPISODE 37.Gegel execution is EPISODE 42.The monster has a brown body color and wears a bronze helmet and armor on the head, chest, waist, and both shins.
An additional condition imposed on Gerizagibas Gegel himself is "kill 729 people in a closed space."The way to kill is to block the entrance and exit of the underground mall with a large truck, eliminate the escape route, and beat the humans in the underground mall with the fighting brass knuckles.
After killing a total of 4 people in four Gegels and appearing on the ground, he encountered Kuuga and the police and engaged with Kuuga.He received a Kuuga punch on his cheek and provoked him, saying, "Surely this time Kuuga has bones." "If you have such a strong fist, you can kill a lot of prey." sending.With overwhelming durability, he endured Kuuga's mighty kick, became a rigid body, and further hurt Kuuga.At the moment when he tried to stab the end, he was shot by a single muscle relaxation bullet, and Kuuga's Beat Gouram took him to a blast point in Saitama Prefecture where he was slow.There, he was attacked by Rising Beat Gouram and died.
Go Babel Da Fighting Body
Basic form of Babel. Dedicated weapon with clawsMeriken Sack..The color of the eyes and wrist bangle is orange, and the body color is brown.
Even in this state, the Beat Chaser 2000's charge is received from the front, and it has the power to disperse the sealing energy of the Mighty Kick with sufficient margin.
Other appeared works
"Kamen Rider Decade"
Executes the holy Geger, but receives a dimension kick from Decade and is killed. In addition, individuals who changed humans with black smoke of N. Gamio Zeda appeared.
Go Babel Da Rigid Body
A derivative of Babel.The color of the eyes and wrist bangle is purple.Special weapons have spikes on both ends that change chest ornamentsSledge hammer.
The body color became darker, both shoulders became more raised and horns grew, and the power increased further.The hammer, which is swung around with that power, is so powerful that it digs into the biological armor of Titan Foam.
Go gaddle ba
Unidentified Life Form No. 46 (Group B No. 11),BeetleSeed monster. Within the Go groupStrongest 3 PhantomOne of the leaders of the Go group.The human body is a quiet man with a feeling of intimidation in a black military uniform that is expressionless from beginning to end.A powerful person who is suitable for the top of the Go group, which is the highest class of Grongi, who himself boasted as "charisma of destruction (Zabagin Bashigra)".The first appearance is episode 25.Gegel execution is episode 43, episode 44, episode 45, episode 46.The monster's body is covered with an exoskeleton like armor throughout the body, and hair grows from the gaps, and no clothes or accessories are worn except for Gedrud and the chest.The forehead has horns, and the color of the compound eye and the jewels on both arms changes with each morphological change described later.
He added one new form by mastering weapons that match the derivative form and the form that changes the small ornaments on the chest, and absorbing a huge amount of power into his own magic stone for a month at the power plant.The strong exoskeleton due to the characteristics of the beetle has excellent durability and can withstand even neurotmesis bullets and the rising mighty kick of Kuuga.
An additional requirement imposed by Geriza Givas Geger on himself is "kill only Lint warriors (male police officers)." This was imposed on oneself in hope of fighting the strong man. However, this Gegel becomes invalid after Dordo destroys Baghundada.
The first confrontation with Kuuga shows off its overwhelming power and hunts down Kuuga, transforms into a new power, the electric shock body, and drives it to death.
Even if a nerve burst bullet is shot, it is not so effective and I will pursue Ijojo, but in the second confrontation with Kuuga who gained new power, he fights Amazing Mighty Kick and his own Zengebi Bibbu. Although he stood up earlier than Kuuga, he could not stand the powerful sealing energy that was driven into his abdomen, and he exploded with a large pillar of fire.
  • The motif is a Japanese beetle[77]..BadderKamen Rider No. 1This is because it is a homage toKamen Rider StrongerAs a homage to[77]..The clay prototype is not a rainbow model, but Kodera himself has modified it, so there is a slight difference between the design drawing and the final suit finish.[77].
Go Gaddal Ba Fighting Body
Gaddle's basic form. The color of the compound eye and the jewels on the arms were orange, and he was good at fighting with bare hands, and rejected the Gooma strengthened body.
Go Gaddle Ba Agility
Derived form of gador. The exclusive weapon is a sword-shaped weapon with beetle horn blades on both ends. The color of the compound eye and the jewel on the arm are blue, and it excels in instantaneous power and jumping power. He fought even more fiercely with Dordo, who is very agile.
Go-Gador-Ba Shooter
Derived form of gador. Dedicated weapon shoots air bulletsBowgun-Crossbow gun[77]..It has characteristics similar to Kuuga's Pegasus Bowgun, but boasts high power enough to cause an explosion or impact after landing.The color of the jewels on the compound eyes and arms is green, which enhances sight, smell, and hearing, and is excellent for long-distance battles.
Go-gador-ba rigid body
Derived form of gador. Dedicated weaponLarge sword..The compound eye and jewels on the arms are purple in color, strengthening muscles.Even if I received the Calamity Titan, I changed the Titan Sword into my own big sword while still stuck in the abdomen without making a slight movement.As it was, I cut the biological armor of Titan Foam and attacked it enough to hunt down.In addition, I was only half a step back against the rising mighty kick, and I didn't care at all.
Go-Gaddle-Ba blitzkrieg
Derived form of gaddle added by the electrical energy absorbed from the power plant. The torso, compound eyes, and jewels on the arms are gold. Two horns extend from the head, and body hair around the neck becomes longer. It is possible to strengthen and transform your own weapon with electric power. Unlike Rising Foam, it seems that it does not require changes to the form according to various forms to form various weapons.DrillDouble-legged kick with high-speed rotation likeZengebi Bibubu (Dengeki Kick)Then, Kuuga is seriously injured.
Other appeared works
"Movie version Kamen Rider Decade All Rider vs. Large Shocker"
An electric shocking body appeared as a member of the big shocker.

Nu group

Nu Zagio Re
Unidentified Life Form B Group No. 14,SalamanderSeed monster. "I'm good (Gigijog)" is a habit. No definite monster was confirmed in the play, and the human body has a salamander tattoo on the palm of the right hand, wearing sunglasses, and earrings that make Barba's Gegel ring one size smaller, and a black standing in a dark place. An old man in clothes.
Mainly a craftsman who is in charge of behind-the-scenes work such as Guzepa (bangles that count the number of Gegel victims), Baghonda, making weapons used by each monster, and maintenance of Bugibson (Go Bader Ba motorcycle).
When Dakuba starts to move, he starts repairing Gedrud. Zageo was not qualified to participate in Geger like the Be and Z groups, and was “sorted” by Dagba after restoration of Gedrud.
  • Originally, it was set as Grongi's boss position, but it was later reconfigured like Barba, which was transformed into an important existence as a craftsman position.Also, it seems that there was a monster body design plan, but it did not appear in the play[96].


Player class

A class group qualified to participate in Gegel. Not all gurongi are eligible for participation, but influential people from each group are eligible.

Group of people
The leader is Z Zain Da. It is a group of the lowest layer and it is quite warlike because it has a lot of blood. The buckle is red copper. There are some flashy clothes, but they are not so noticeable. However, I'm not very good at Japanese, so I can't speak it. Fight with your own body without using weapons. Many are selfish, and there are also murders other than Geger, such as Gumun and Gooma.
Group of men
The leader is Me Galima Ba.The color of the buckle is dark silver in the intermediate group.I can speak Japanese to some extent, but often speak my first language.Although he has a slightly more relaxed personality than the Z group, some people have a slightly flashy outfit.Weapons such as decorations are not used, but their own abilities such as poison, explosive fluid, and transparency are used as weapons.
Group of go
The leader is Go Gaddor Ba. The buckle color is black iron in advanced groups. There are only 10 members. It is a group of high rankers if it says the talented person who beat Gegel. Some individuals qualify to participate in the "Gerizagibus Geger" and have the ability to generate weapons from the ornaments they wear, as well as morphs like Kuuga. Even among friends, the language used is more Japanese than Glonghi, and human media such as the Internet are also used. The clothes blend well enough to say that they are completely unnoticeable in the human world. It feels very calm compared to Zu and Me, and even feels comfortable, but its murderousness is sharpened more than Zu and Me, and the number of kills and the killing method are orders of magnitude higher than the previous two groups. Use the golden card with Grongi letters when posting the killing conditions when Gegel starts.
  • According to the initial setting proposal, there was a Ja group higher than the Go group. However, Gaddle, Jaza, and Babel, who are integrated and have the ability to transform, were positioned as the three strongest monsters in the Go group.[107].

Non-player class

Although he cannot participate in Geger, he is in charge of managing Geger behind the scenes. La Dorudo Gu fought evenly with Go Gadol Ba.

Group of la
A group of referees who monitor and monitor Gegel.It is a special existence that is in a position equal to or higher than the group of Go, and there are only two in the work that have the same fighting ability as them.
Nu group
A group that repairs and manufactures Geger's necessary tools and weapons. Only one Zazio in the game.
Group of
The lowest group. Although he had the qualification to participate in Geger, he was deprived of Geger's right to participate in his own actions, and was killed by Dagba along with the Z group without the trend being drawn until the end of the story. Bae Jimin Ba appears in character shows.


A game that kills a specified number of people within a specified period. In Geger, which is a group of people, Barba sets a time limit and the number of people, and in Me, a group sets a target by self-reporting, and it is obligatory to report an intermediate number after a certain number of killings. There is only one "Musegijaja" (player) who performs Geger at a time, and Grongi other than "Musegijaja" (player) are prohibited from murder during Geger, and those who killed before the start and other players Those who commit murder during Gegel will be permanently disqualified from participating. Depending on the progress of Geger, the subgroup Geger may be stopped, and those who are dissatisfied with it may have runaway or rebelled.

The number of killed people isDodozo(Board) andGucepaDo each with (bangles) (After Dodozo was seized by the police,BaghdadHas been substituted).

Those who succeed in Gegel are promoted to higher ranks (in the play, Garme is promoted from Z-group to Me-group).

Geriza Gibasu Geger

This is Geger, which is performed by Go Group, and means "semi-final game (a game of black darkness in the super ancient bilingual version)". It started one month after the mass destruction. Unlike normal Geger, the killing method requires the use of weapons and kills only those who meet the conditions specified by each. The number of people killed is counted by Dordo, not by himself.

If you succeed in Guerizagibas Geger, you will face the one-on-one battle against Dagba "Zagibas Geger (final game, super ancient bilingual version of "White Dark Game")", and if you defeat Dagba, you can transform his transformation belt Inherit and obtain a mighty power to carry out the genocide of Lint called "ultimate darkness".


A tool used by Grongi to write Grongi characters and coats of arms for recording and communication.In the play, a scroll-shaped list of the coat of arms of the monsters of Zu and Me, a palm-sized one showing the killing method by Gaddle, and a coat of arms of Dagba and Barba and a wolf-like coat of arms appear.
A bracelet that mimics a snake used by the player of Geger to count the number of people killed while Geger is in progress. Another name is "counter breath". There are multiple to accommodate the increase in digits. Attach it to your wrist and slide the 9 magatama attached to count. Based on this, enter the number recorded as the interim report in Dodozo.
Used in EPISODE 5 to EPISODE 24 Zu and Me Gegel.It is basically worn on the wrists of both the human and monster bodies.If you lose it, Gegel will have to start over.In Gerizagibas Gegel, it is no longer used by the rules.
For displaying the number when GegelWhiteboard..Enter the target number before the start of Gegel, and enter the number of people killed as an interim report in the middle of Gegel. It was used in Zu and Me Gegel from EPISODE 5 to EPISODE 10, but was confiscated when the police attacked and rushed the hideout.
Display/count the number at Gegelabacus..The shape is a combination of two abacus with red and yellow beads on the coat of arms of Grongi, and the number of red beads killed by Gegel and the yellow beads indicate the target number.When using, hold it so that the red pearl side is on the left when viewed from the user side.In Gerizagibas Gegel, the player's target number and time limit are decided before the start of Gegel, and the target number is represented by yellow beads.While Gegel is in progress, Dordo will carry Bagundada to the scene of Gegel and witness it, counting the number of people killed with red beads. Zazio was completed in EPISODE2 and was used to display the starting target number as a substitute for the seized Dodozo. In Gerizagibas Gegel after EPISODE12, it was used by Dordo, but it was destroyed by a single shot during Gadol's Gegel in EPISODE25, and Gegel was repartitioned.


Glonghi's human body was devised to reduce action in suits for budget reasons[2]. On the other hand, there are two types of suits for monsters, one for up and one for action.[2].

In high-definition shooting, the material and structure of the suit are reflected as they are, so a different approach from the past was made.[108]. A rubber material is used for the suit, and the suit actor was fitted every time of molding in order to eliminate wrinkles by bringing the suit into close contact with the suit actor.[108]. Costumes such as waist cloth are designed to hide wrinkle-prone parts such as hip joints.Kamen Rider Agito』Unknown has been taken over[108]. In order to emphasize the contrast such as muscle bulge even during shooting in the daytime or indoors, shades are expressed by overlapping colored latex.[108].


Pole Pole[Annotation 45]
Bunkyo kuKohinata 5, 15-5[Annotation 46]A Western-style restaurant and coffee shop with an integrated housing, which is based on the phrase "store with oriental taste and fragrance". It is also the home of Tamasaburo, and Yusuke is on the second floor.
Pole Pole CurryAnd the taste changes depending on the mood of Tamasaburo on that dayFuzzy menuThe menu includes unique creative dishes by Tamasaburo and Yusuke.In addition to Tamasaburo, Yusuke and Nana who came to Tokyo work as part-time jobs, and Sakurako and Minori often help free of charge during busy times.
In EPISODE3 and 4, both Yusuke and Tamasaburo were closed due to absence, but business resumed from EPISODE5.However, according to Yusuke's words at EPISODE 27, the number of regular customers from afar who come to the store by transportation is decreasing due to the influence of Grongi.
Wakaba nursery school
A nursery school in Toshima Ward where Minori and Keiko serve as childcare teachers. Yusuke, a popular person here, often visits, interacts with the children, and shows special skills.
Unidentified Life Related Cases Special Joint Investigation Headquarters
A department established within the Metropolitan Police Department from EPISODE 5 to lead the case by Grongi to a solution.Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department's Investigation Division XNUMX and Ichijo, who joined the Nagano Prefectural Police, belong to the main investigators, led by the head of the headquarters, Matsukura, and their scenes are supported by Nozomi and many police officers.
In collaboration with various organizations and groups such as the National Police Bureau, SAT, prefectural police, Kanto Medical University Hospital, Japan Coast Guard, Jonan University, special equipment that exceeds the usual police equipment such as many firearms and special equipment was newly developed and used ..
As mentioned above, Kuuga was initially called "Unidentified Life Form No. 2" or "Unidentified Life Form No. 4" and was regarded as dangerous as Glonghi. However, in the report of Ichijo and many battles, he gradually trusted as an "ally", and after he knew the true identity of Kuuga in Episode 33, he began to make full-scale cooperation, and Yusuke also directly contacted the scene of the incident as a collaborator. Participation.
Three months after Dagba was killed, the group broke up and the members returned to their former department.
Firearms, special equipment, police dogs
Colt Python(6 inches)
The main armament provided by EPISODE7 to Investigator Grongi for the suppression of unidentified life forms. 357 caliberColtLarge companyRotary handgun. Mainly used by Ichijo and Sugita in the play[Annotation 47]When this gun was first issued,Japanese policeIs not normally paid to.357 Magnum bulletI was surprised at the fact that I was able to use this gun with a gun.
The pistols that Ichijo and his friends lend to Kuuga, who uses the power and weapons of the Pegasus form, are mainly this gun.
Remington M700
The rifle used by Ichijo in EPISODE2.
High performance rifle
Used in many battles since EPISODE14Bolt actionRifle.
Unidentified special gas bullet for suppressing life forms
The main component of smoke exhaust by twisting and releasing the upper and lower safety devices, which was estimated and developed by the National Research Institute of Police Science that Grongi is vulnerable to smoke exhaust in response to Bazu's rejection of smoke from the factory. A grenade that injects a gas containing potassium nitrate. Used in EPISODE 10 to attack the warehouse where Grongi was hiding.
Special gas plastic bullet
Bullet specification version of special gas bullets.It is filled with gas that is 200 times stronger in composition.When it explodes in the enemy's body, toxic components rapidly penetrate the subcutaneous tissue and destroy cells.It does not cause fatal damage, but it has the effect of temporarily stopping the enemy's activity. It has been used several times since EPISODE13.
A special follow-up training for unidentified creatures, its specialPheromoneShowed considerable resistance from his dislike ofpolice dogOnly the pheromone can be sniffed out and trackedShepherddog.By sniffing Zain's body odor, he contributes to the discovery of a warehouse that is a hideout for Grongi and his friends in Yashio City, Shinagawa Ward.After that, he sniffed Zain's body odor again and caught up, but he was attacked by Zain and was killed.
Special flashStun grenade
A grenade-shaped weapon used in EPISODE 22 to negate Garme's assimilation ability.A flash of light emitted by the explosion seals Garme's skin changes for about 5 minutes.
Super high pressure rifle
A custom-made large rifle compatible with enhanced ultra-high pressure bullets used by Sakurai, SAT sniper team members, and Ichijo since EPISODE33.The recoil is tremendous in proportion to the magnitude of the power, and the rigidity is quite high.
Enhanced gas shell
An improved version of the special gas plastic bullet used to guide badders who are not good at gases containing potassium nitrate as their main component, like their younger brother Bazu.
Neutralization bullet
A bullet-shaped neutralizer for the strong acid body fluid of Zazar used in EPISODE39.
Ultrasonic generator
A device in the prototype stage that confused Gooma with EPISODE39.Used by connecting to the desktop.
Muscle relaxation bullet
A bullet filled with a special drug that relaxes the muscles of the whole body that weakened Babel with EPISODE 42 and blocks movement.
Marking bullet
NanotechnologyA bullet that was developed in Japan and is equipped with as many as 20 ultra-fine transmitters. At EPISODE 45, Ichijo shot into Dordo's body.
Nerve burst
A bullet that destroys and damages the nerve tissue that is the source of Grongi's amazing resilience by exploding in a chain reaction in the body.The ideal burst interval is 0.3 seconds or less, but it was a lot of trial and error in development. In EPISODE46, Sugita and Sakurai shot into Dold and Ichijo shot into Gaddle.Although Gaddle was not fatally injured, it is a powerful weapon that can defeat Dold, which is comparable to Gaddle, and unlike Kuuga, it kills it as it is.
Later, an enhanced neurotmesis bullet was mass-produced for anti-Dagba, and Ichijo shot it into Barba at EPISODE 48 and defeated it (however, the bullet penetrated).
In addition to this, police vehicles such as police cars, convoys, and TRCS2000A, as well as various vehicles such as motor boats equipped with artificial blood and helicopters, are used as a force.
Jonan University Archeology Laboratory
The laboratory where Sakurako and Jean belong. In collaboration with the Shinano University Archeology Laboratory in Nagano Prefecture, we surveyed the Kurogatake Ruins, and after the unidentified life incident, Sakurako helped decipher the Lint characters and Jean helped the police in the research of Gourum.
Yusuke and Enoda are also graduates of Jonan University, Yusuke is Sakurako and alumni, and Enoda is from the Faculty of Science and Engineering. According to their story, Professor Hongo, who is said to be a "hot" person, seems to be a common teacher.
A super ancient indigenous people who are friendly and unwilling to fight, but have created equipment for warriors and kuuga such as Akar and Gouram, which have spirit stones and Adam.
Although Grongi was targeted by Geger for murder, he was saved from extinction because Kulong was sealed by Kuuga at the time. Without knowing the struggle, he kept Glonghi sealed without destroying it.
Modern people are descendants of Lint, and Grongi also calls modern people "Lint", and recognizes Japanese as "Lint's words".
The super ancient character "Lint character" used by Lint is engraved on the remains of Kurogatake and the body and equipment of Kuuga. There are two types of phonetic characters and ideographs.


In the world, the stereotype of a hero image has been established, and many auditioners were enthusiastic about what they were doing.Kamen Rider BLACKBecause he played as grand as Kotaro Minami, it was difficult to select the protagonist Yusuke Godai.[109].. Among them, I went to the last auditionOdagiri JoeWas exactly the role of Hamari[11].. Odagiri had a strong sense of opposition to the special effects hero work, which had a solid image and sense of values, but it was decided that the lack of concealment of it would be more suitable for the fifth generation. Even after the audition, Odagiri intended to decline the appearance, but he was persuaded by Takaji producer that he was persuaded that he was "not that Kamen Rider but rather different, so please help me". Said that[110].

Originally, Kuzuyama was supposed to play the fifth role, but Kazuyama who read the character setting of Ichijo fell in love with Ichijo, so it was changed to the role of Ichijo.[111].

The popularity of Kuzuyama, who plays Ichijo with Odagiri, has attracted extraordinary attention by being exposed to male idol magazines, creating a movement called "Ikemen Hero" that incorporates a layer of people who were not previously interested in special effects.


  • Yusuke Godai- Odagiri Joe
  • Kaoru Ichijo- Katsuyama Shingo
  • Sakurako Sawatari- Kazumi Murata
  • Oyasan[Annotation 48] - Kitaro (5 --16, 18 --30, 32 --49)
  • Hikari Enoda- Kaori Mizushima (7 --10, 15, 16, 18 --22, 24, 27 --30, 32, 33, 36, 37, 40, 42 --47, 49)
  • Godai Minori- Aoi Wakana (3, 9, 10, 12, 16, 18 --20, 22, 24, 26 --28, 31 --39, 43, 45 --49)
  • Shuichi Tsubaki- Was Otsuka good? (5, 6, 8, 13, 14, 18 --20, 23, 24, 27 --30, 34, 38, 39, 42, 43, 45 --47, 49)
  • Jean Michel Sorrel --Serge Vasilov (5 --9, 11, 13, 14, 16, 20 --24, 27 --30, 34, 35, 37, 42 --49)
  • Nana Asahina[Annotation 8] - Suhara Suo (9 --14, 18 --30, 32 --49)
  • Natsume Mika- Takeshima Yuka (2, 7, 8, 11, 13, 14, 29, 30, 42, 43, 49)
  • Sadao Matsukura- Ishiyama Yudai (5, 6, 9, 10, 13, 15, 16, 21, 23 --25, 29, 32, 33, 38, 40, 41, 44, 47 --49)
  • Morita Sugita- Takashi Matsuyama (3 --7, 9 --13, 15, 16, 18 --28, 30, 32 --42, 44 --49)
  • Tsuyoshi Sakurai- Mt. Yoneyama Nobuyuki (3, 4, 9, 10, 13 --16, 18 --28, 30 --42, 44 --49)
  • Nozomi Sasayama- Eri Tanaka (7, 9, 10, 13, 15, 16, 19, 21 --27, 29, 30, 32 --34, 36 --49)
  • Junichi Shiina --Makoto Hatakeyama (21 --23, 29, 30, 32, 33, 43 --45)
  • Hitoshi Kashihara, police officer (5)- Takashi Kikuchi(16, 18, 23, 30, 32, 33, 36, 37, 44, 45)
  • Gohei Ebisawa- Fujio Mori(2 --4, 21)
  • Kameyama Tsurumaru --Katsuaki Nishite (1 --4, 11, 14, 21, 34, 35)
  • Shoji Kanzaki- Takashi Inoue (11, 12, 25, 26, 39, 47, 49)
  • Junichi Chono-Daisuke Uchida (13, 14, 29, 30)
  • Keiko Motoshiro- Okada Rie(9, 18, 19, 20, 27, 34, 35, 45 --47, 49)
  • Atsuko Enokida- Machiko Naka (9, 21, 22, 40, 44 --46)
  • Sae Enoda --Kentaro Shinho (9, 22, 44 --46, 49)
  • Hiroyuki Sha Yutaro Kamata (9, 10, 19, 20, 34, 35, 43, 47 --49)
  • Shuto Terashima-Tomoaki Takagi (9, 10, 34, 35, 43, 48, 49)
  • Kanako Suyama- Yukako Mino (1, 34, 35, 38, 39)
  • Nurse-Ryoko Masaka
  • Kindergarten- Shoko Fujimatsu,Anzu Nagai, Ryoka Abe
  • Rose tattoo woman[Annotation 49] - Mie Nanamori(3-48)
  • Zu Gooma Gu- Mitsuru Fujio(2 - 21,23,25,27,29,31,32,34,36 - 39)
  • Zu Badu Ba (3-6), Go Bader Ba (21,23,25,27-29,31-33)- Nobuyuki Ogawa
  • Z Zain Da- Nogami Akira(3,4,6,7,9-12,17)
  • Me Garme Le- Masaharu Mori(3,4,6,7,9,10,13,14,17,18,20-22)
  • Me Bilan Gi-Hiroshi Ohashi Exhibition (7-14)
  • Me Galima Ba- Ryoko Yamaguchi(7 - 11,13,14,18 - 24)
  • Go Gaddle Ba- Masato Gunji(25,27,29,31 - 35,37 - 45)
  • Go Zazar Ba- Chiaki Asakura(25,29,30,32-39)
  • Go Jaraji Da- Masayoshi Okawa(25,29,30,32-35)
  • Go Jaza Gi- Rough violet(37-41)
  • Go Babel Da-Akio Sakurai (37-42)
  • Nu Zagio Les- Tadashi Takatsuki(12,21,22,31,37,39-41)
  • La Dordo Gu- Tenmei Basara(23-29,31-33,35-39,41-46)
  • N Dagba Zeba- Kenji Urai(40-48)

Main guest performers

Voice appearance

Suit actor

Super squadron seriesWas acting director atMichihiro TakedaHighly praised the acting of Z'Gumun Ba that Hirofumi Fukuzawa was in charge of in episodes 1 and 2, and that was the next year.Hyakujuu Sentai GaorangerIt was connected to Fukuzawa's Gaored[113].

ス タ ッ フ

Toshihisa Arakawa because he has a long relationship with Takaji producer[Annotation 53]Became the main writer from the previous show, and Toshiki Inoue participated as a sub as mentioned above. Also, at Tomoji of Takaji Temple, a special effects magazine "Space shipIs the editor ofTV champion] Shinji Oishi, who was also the consecutive champion of the "TV Hero King Championship", was appointed as the literary staff, and he built a detailed hero image and story line.

Besides, at that time stillMusashino Art UniversityTakuya Abe, who was a student of, was appointed as a designer from the planning examination stage, and innovative staff work was adopted. In addition to building ancient characters with perfect meaning, Abe also made the base design for the Grongi Phantom. Abe left the work halfway through as it became difficult to balance her studies, but laterPlexEntrusted to the artisan designers who belonged to, etc., he returned as the designer of the last enemy in the play, N Dagba Zeba.

With a style that boldly interprets Oishi, Abe, and special effects heroes,Kida TsuyoshiIn fact, the staff who were involved in the commercial special effects work in earnest because they were "fished by one" by the Takatera producer in this work were later worked on by the same Takatera producer.Kamen Rider Hibiki』At that time, he will be invited and will be deeply involved until Kodera leaves the work.

Hidenori Ishida was the first director in the production team. In addition, directors related to Takaji producer, such as Katsuya Watanabe and Takao Nagaishi, who were on the side of the squadron, are also gathering. By the way, at the beginning, Ishida was not supposed to be the main player, but another director shot the pilot and Ishida was planning to film episodes 3 and 4. However, the opinions of Takaji Temple and his director clashed, and the director descended, and the pilot's bowl suddenly came to Ishida. Due to the wrinkles and the hard schedule, Ishida collapsed during the shooting, and in some pilot works, chief assistant director Nobuhiro Suzumura acted as the director.

Movie planning

In the Heisei Kamen Rider series, the movie version came to be produced every year in "Kamen Rider AgitoHowever, even before this work, a signature site was opened from the time the TV series was aired, and active signature and request activities for making it into a movie were being carried out.On the other hand, in the final volume of "Super Complete Works" released after the program ended, comments from Odagiri Takatera promised to make a movie, etc.[123]At first, the staff cast also showed a positive attitude toward making a movie.

In 2001, Takatera visited the Toei Movie Studios in Oizumi and was preparing for the film adaptation of "Kuuga" under Director Sakagami. However, there were rumors that the project did not go through and investors would not gather, as the results remained unsuccessful. Takatera was concerned about the production system of the movie version "Agito" led by Shinichiro Shirakura, and had a high request that "I want to make" Kuuga "with a solid system in both budget and schedule", but the result was Shirakura, who chose not to miss an opportunity rather than to be cautious, was more commercially successful. Fundraising was stalled, and in 2002 Takatera became the manager of the Kadokawa Shoten Division.Shinichiro InoueEven when I visited, he said he returned without cutting out an investment request.[124]. And2006On June 6st, an apology message was posted on the official website for not being made into a movie by Takatera.

The movie version "Kuuga" did not come true, but the character "Kamen Rider Kuuga" itself2009Published “Movie version Kamen Rider Decade All Rider vs. Large Shocker』, Appeared in the movie work for the first time.


Toshihiko Sahashi was in charge of the music in the play[125].. Sahashi is basically an orchestra from KoderaSuper squadron seriesIn response to a request to change[125], Avoiding the use of the orchestra, which was the characteristic of Sahashi sound, the action theme is intense rock by band formation, the music expressing monster attack and darknesssynthesizerIt creates an atmosphere like a Western-style horror movie, and has established a music world that is completely different from the works that Sahashi has worked on so far. In interviews, he also made a statement to the effect that he tried something different from his usual style.[Detailed information for identifying documents].

Initially, there was talk of recording the final episode of the music to the completed VTR master, but it wasn't possible in time. If this had been achieved, Sahashi would have declined to be in charge of music for his next work, Kamen Rider Agito, in order to prevent the quality of music production from deteriorating due to the schedule.[126].

Theme song

Opening theme

"Kamen Rider Kuuga!"
Lyrics- Seiko Fujibayashi / Composition / Arrangement-Toshihiko Sahashi / Song- Masayuki Tanaka
1st --33 ・ 47 --The final episode uses the lyrics of No. 1, and the 34th --- 46.5 episodes use the lyrics of No. 2. The video was changed from time to time according to the development during the work.
English version of "THE MASKED RIDER KUUGA! ~ Kamen Rider Kuuga! English version ~(Translation: T-CRANE, Chorus: MICKEY T.).
There are three types of intros for this song.
  • Type A: A noise-like synth sound (single version, unused in the video, but often included in compilation albums)
  • B type: No noise-like synth sounds (album version, used as an uninflected word in the video)
  • C type: Short version (used in some episodes, not on CD)

Ending theme

"Become a blue sky"
Lyrics --Seiko Fujibayashi / Composition / Arrangement --Toshihiko Sahashi / Song - Jin Hashimoto
Episodes 1-33, 47, and 48 use the lyrics of No. 1, and episodes 34-46.5 use the lyrics of No. 2. The final episode was used in a form close to full size. As a general rule, the video is common to all episodes, but the 46.5 episodes and the final episode were each unique. This is not a separate version, but the intro is cut according to the TV size.Koro-chan packHas been recorded in.
As with the opening, the English version of "Into the blue sky ~ English version that becomes blue sky ~(Translation: T-CRANE, Chorus: MICKEY T.) exists.

Song in the play

"Dandelion no Ohana"
Lyrics --Seiko Fujibayashi / Composition / Arrangement --Toshihiko Sahashi / Song --Wakana Aoi / Chorus --Wakaba Children's Chorus
In the play, the children of Minori and Wakaba Nursery School sing (with Yusuke in some cases). A total of 20 vocal songs were produced in this work, but only this song was actually used other than the theme song. Moreover, instead of the sound source for the CD, the one sung by the performers each time according to the scene was used.

Image song / character song

Except for the two songs "Ultimate Darkness" and "Love is my life", they were all released as 2cm singles at the time of broadcasting, and later recorded in "Kamen Rider Kuuga Song Collection" and "Kamen Rider Kuuga Song Collection 8" ("Ultimate Darkness"). , "Love is my life" is the first appearance of "Kamen Rider Kuuga Song Collection 2"). "T" was recorded in the album "WHITE" under the name of JOE ODAGIRI, but not in the Kuuga-related album. All songs are unused during work.

"Power of soul"
Song-Jin Hashimoto
"Red Desire"
Song-Masayuki Tanaka
Image song of Kuuga Mighty Form.
"Believe in Miracle"
Song-Kazumi Murata
Sakurako's character song.
"Blue Higher"
Song-Jin Hashimoto
Image song of Kuuga Dragon Form.
Song-Masayuki Tanaka
"Rose of the Rose"
Song-Mie Nanamori
A character song for the woman of the rose tattoo. "Song Collection" includes "Desdedes Version," which reads the lyrics along with the song.
"Say Alright!"
Song-Jin Hashimoto
"Edge of Green"
Song-Jin Hashimoto
Image song of Kuuga Pegasus form.
song - Norio Sakai
Image song of Kuuga Titan Form.
"Ultimate darkness"
Song-Norio Sakai
Image song of Kuuga Ultimate Form. The lyrics are written in Glonghi.
"Love is my life"
Song-Was it Otsuka
Tsubaki's character song.
"Armored aircraft GOURAM"
An image song of Gourum.
Song-Jin Hashimoto
Beat Chaser 2000 image song.
"It comes rain"
Song-Shingo Kuzuyama
Ichijo's character song.
"Rising your power is Gold"
Song-Norio Sakai
Rising form image song.
Lyrics and composition-Joe Odagiri / Song-Odagiri Joe
An image song of the Godai produced by Odagiri Joe under the name of Yuzuru Odagiri. Unlike the character songs by other performers, it's just an image song of the XNUMXth generation by Odagiri himself.

Broadcast schedule

Throughout the series, the subtitle is unified with two Kanji characters, and the number of broadcasts is written as "EPISODE". Before the Avan title and at the end of each storyLint charactersIs displayed, and the color of the form that was active at that time is used except for a part of the background at the end.[Annotation 56]Such a production is done.

AirdateBroadcast timessubtitleAppearance Grongi (bold letters are monsters who appeared)scriptAction directordirected byIn-process date
20000May 1EPISODE1Resurrection
  • Z'Gumun Ba
  • Z Gooma Gu
  • Zubazuba
  • The Zine Da
  • N Dagba Zeba
Toshihisa ArakawaOsamu Kaneda
Yamada Kazuyoshi
Hidenori IshidaMay 2000-June 1, 29
206 DayEPISODE2Transform
  • Z Gooma Gu
  • Z'Gumun Ba
1 July-31 September
May 2EPISODE3Tokyo
  • Z Mebio Da
  • Z Gooma Gu
  • The Zine Da
  • Zubazuba
  • Z Garme Les
Yamada KazuyoshiKatsuya WatanabeMay 2
May 2EPISODE4Sprint2 July-1 September
  • Zubazuba
  • Z Gooma Gu
  • Zine Da (EPISODE6)
  • Z Garme Les (EPISODE6)
Takao NagaishiMay 2
305 DayEPISODE6Blue dragon2 July-3 September
  • Me Badges Ba
  • The Zine Da (EPISODE7)
  • Me Bilan Gui (Phantom body only EPISODE 7)
  • Z Gooma Gu (Phantom body only EPISODE 7)
  • Me Garme Le (EPISODE7)
  • Me Galima Ba
Hidenori IshidaMay 2
May 3EPISODE8Shooter
May 3EPISODE9Siblings
  • Me, Giiga, Gi
  • Z Gooma Gu
  • The Zine Da
  • Me Garme Les
  • Me Galima Ba
  • Me Bilan Gui
Katsuya WatanabeMay 3
402 DayEPISODE10Fierce
409 DayEPISODE11the TEAM
  • The Zine Da
  • Z Gooma Gu
  • Me Galima Ba (EPISODE11)
  • Me Bilan Gui (Phantom body only EPISODE 12)
  • Nu Zagio Re (EPISODE12)
Osamu Kaneda
Yamada Kazuyoshi
Takao Nagaishi3 July-24 September
May 4EPISODE12TeacherMay 3
May 4EPISODE13distrust
  • Me Bilan Gui
  • Z Gooma Gu
  • Me Garme Les (Phantom body only EPISODE 13)
  • Me Galima Ba (Phantom body only EPISODE 13)
  • Me Galli Guy (EPISODE14)
Toshiki InoueHidenori IshidaMay 4
May 4EPISODE14Precursor
507 DayEPISODE15Armor
  • Me Galli Gui
  • Z Gooma Gu
Toshihisa ArakawaKatsuya Watanabe4 July-17 September
May 5EPISODE16creedMay 4
May 5EPISODE17Battle
  • Me Gadra Da
Kida Tsuyoshi
Murayama Katsura
Nobuhiro SuzumuraMay 4
May 5EPISODE18loss
  • Me Ginoga de
  • Z Gooma Gu
  • Me Garme Le (EPISODE18)
  • Me Galima Ba
Toshiki InoueTakao NagaishiMay 4
604 DayEPISODE19Spirit stoneToshihisa ArakawaHidenori Ishida4 July-20 September
May 6EPISODE20Smile
  • M. ginoga de mutant
  • Z Gooma Gu
  • Me Garme Les
  • Me Galima Ba
May 4
[Annotation 57]May 6EPISODE21Dark leap
  • Me Garme Les
  • Z Gooma Gu (EPISODE21)
  • Me Galima Ba
  • Go Bader Ba
  • Nu Zagio Re
Katsuya WatanabeMay 5
702 DayEPISODE22game5 July-23 September
709 DayEPISODE23不安
  • Me Galima Ba
  • Z Gooma Gu (EPISODE23)
  • Go Bader Ba (EPISODE23)
  • Go Buuro Gu (EPISODE23)
  • La Dold Gu
Toshiki InoueTakao NagaishiMay 6
May 7EPISODE24Strengthen
May 7EPISODE25Samayoi
  • Go Buuro Gu
  • Z Gooma Gu (EPISODE25)
  • Go Bader Ba (EPISODE25)
  • Go Bemiu Gi (EPISODE25)
  • Go Gamego Re (EPISODE25)
  • Go Zazar Ba (EPISODE25)
  • Go Jaraji Da (EPISODE25)
  • Go Gaddle Ba (EPISODE25)
  • La Dold Gu
Toshihisa ArakawaHidenori IshidaMay 7
May 7EPISODE26自 分
806 Day[Annotation 58]EPISODE27Ripples
  • Go Bemiu Gi
  • Go Bader Ba
  • Z Gooma Gu (EPISODE27)
  • Go Gaddle Ba (EPISODE27)
  • Go Gamego Re (EPISODE28)
  • La Dold Gu
Toshiki InoueKatsuya WatanabeMay 7
May 8EPISODE28Elucidation
May 8EPISODE29Crossroads
  • GogamegoLe
  • Z Gooma Gu (EPISODE29)
  • Go Bader Ba (EPISODE29)
  • Go Zazar Ba
  • Go Jaraji Da
  • Go Gaddle Ba (EPISODE29)
  • La Dold Gu
Toshihisa ArakawaTakao NagaishiMay 8
May 8EPISODE30運 命
903 DayEPISODE31Fighting
  • Go Bader Ba
  • Z Gooma Gu (EPISODE31-32)
  • Go gaddle ba
  • Go Zazar Ba (EPISODE32-33)
  • Go Jaraji Da (EPISODE32-33)
  • La Dold Gu
  • Nu Zagio Re (EPISODE31)
Toshihisa Arakawa
Kiyoshi Takenaka
Nobuhiro SuzumuraMay 9
May 9EPISODE32ObstacleToshiki InoueOsamu Kaneda
May 9EPISODE33CooperationToshiki Inoue
Toshihisa Arakawa
[Annotation 59]1001 DayEPISODE34Dread
  • Go Jaraji Da
  • Z Gooma Gu (EPISODE34)
  • Go Zazar Ba
  • Go gaddle ba (Phantom body only EPISODE 34)
  • La Dorde Gu (EPISODE35)
Toshihisa ArakawaHidenori Ishida9 month 15 day · 9 month 19 day
1008 DayEPISODE35Love hateMay 9
May 10EPISODE36Complexity
  • Z Gooma Gu Reinforcement
  • Go Zazar Ba
  • La Dold Gu
Katsuya WatanabeMay 9
May 10EPISODE37Close to
  • Z Gooma Gu Reinforcement
  • Go Zazar Ba
  • Go gaddle ba
  • Go Jaza Gi
  • Go Babel Da
  • La Dold Gu
  • Nu Zagio Re
May 10EPISODE38Transfiguration
  • Z Gooma Gu Reinforcement
    • Z Gooma Gu Ultimate
  • Go gaddle ba
  • Go Zazar Ba
  • Go Jaza Gi
  • Go Babel Da
  • La Dold Gu
Takao Nagaishi
[Annotation 60]May 11EPISODE39Devil
  • Z Gooma Gu Ultimate
  • Go Zazar Ba
  • Go Jaza Gi
  • Go Babel Da
  • Go gaddle ba
  • La Dold Gu
  • Nu Zagio Re
May 11EPISODE40impulse
  • Go Jaza Gi
  • Go Babel Da
  • Go gaddle ba
  • La Dorde Gu (EPISODE41)
  • Nu Zagio Re
  • N Dagba Zeba
Hidenori IshidaMay 10
May 11EPISODE41Suppression
1203 DayEPISODE42battlefield
  • Go Babel Da
  • Go gaddle ba
  • La Dold Gu
  • N Dagba Zeba
Osamu KanedaMay 11
May 12EPISODE43reality
  • Go gaddle ba
  • La Dold Gu
  • N Dagba Zeba
May 12EPISODE44crisisKatsuya WatanabeMay 12
May 12EPISODE45Strong enemy
  • Go gaddle ba
  • La Dold Gu
  • N Dagba Zeba
May 12EPISODE46unyielding
20010107 DayEPISODE47Determination
  • N Dagba Zeba
Hidenori IshidaSeptember 2001, 1, September 20, 1
May 1EPISODE48Ego1 month 29 day · 1 month 30 day
May 1EPISODE49Yusuke--May 4

Extra edition

"Kamen Rider Kuuga: Super Secret Video Kamen Rider Kuuga VS Rigid Phantom Go Giino Da"
"TV-kun』Applied to all applicantsVHSsoft. It consists of a omnibus of the early episodes and a fight against Go Giino Da by a new video. It was recorded as a video privilege in the 12th volume (the final volume) of the DVD released later. Gino is the first original monster in "Super Secret Video". Although the appearance of Rising Mighty was a publicity phrase, in reality it only appears as an image image at the last.
  • Go Jino Da (voice)- Tohru Inada
  • musics:Kazunori Miyake
  • Composition: Kiyoshi Takenaka
  • Action Director-Osamu Kaneda, Kazuyoshi Yamada
  • Director: Nobuhiro Suzumura
"Kamen Rider Kuuga New Year Special"
2001May 1broadcast.The first half starts with the introduction of new shooting, rebroadcasts of episodes 17 and 31, and the ending of the new shooting, followed by a new shooting cut that connects to the second half.The second half is composed of a newly produced omnibus "EPISODE 46.5 Hatsuyume" for special use. It is also recorded on the DVD with the same structure."Hatsuyume" is also an extra edition in which the actor / actress who played the human body of the Grongi Phantom appears as a guest of "Pole Pole".
  • Script/Structure: Kiyoshi Takenaka
  • Director: Koichi Koto
2001May 1, A short film that was screened at the end of broadcast event. The director's directing features in charge of the TV series are reproduced one after another, and the scene is "Sakurako releases a rising mighty kick to the human body of Z Zain Da" (Kazumi Murata is a fan of Akira Nogami. When the realized dressing room punches out,MetafictionIt is an extra edition that includes various elements. All performersFriendship appearanceIn addition, the word "friendship" is added to all the names, and even the staff members are treated as friendship participants. ShootingDigital cameraThe telop of "digital camera shooting" (parody of telop of "high-definition shooting" that was inserted when the TV series was broadcast) was inserted.
It was re-screened on May 2001, 5 at the special release event. In the pamphlet distributed at that time, ""EPISODE12 Otoshi" Complete Strategy Guide" was posted.[127].. After that, it was recorded as a video privilege on the special edition DVD.[128].
  • Friendship Screenplay: Toshihisa Arakawa
  • Friendship Director: Nobuhiro Suzumura
Special edition
A director's cut version that adds unlisted scenes to episodes 1 and 2. Not just a re-edition version, but a post productionHDTVIt was done with and recreated CG etc.[128].
In episode 1Takahiro NatsuiKenji Urai is in charge of the voice of Dagba that was played by Tetsuo Sakaguchi.SakaguchiIn addition to being changed to, Barba that appeared from the third episode in the TV series also appeared. The software was sold only and not rented. When the enclosed application ticket was sent, a modified version of the pamphlet distributed at the launch event as an applicant privilege (limited time) was available.
Super ancient bilingual version
A version that displays parallel translation subtitles (translations) of two types of "super ancient language", Grongi and Linto.2002May 5からToei ChannelBroadcasting started in[129][130], Also broadcasted in 2004, 2009 and 2011. At the same station, "Special Edition" and "New Year Special" are also broadcast in a super ancient bilingual version.
It was not recorded in the software until now,2016It will be recorded in the released Blu-ray BOX.
Super resolution version
The 45th anniversary of Kamen Rider2016From August to NovemberToei ChannelBroadcast on. Broadcast time is every Tuesday from 18:00 to 19:00. Also, prior to the release of the Blu-ray BOX and the main broadcast,2015Special episodes 12-1 were broadcast in December.
New digital processing applied to the super ancient bilingual versionHD remasterThe version will also be broadcast at a screen ratio of 16:9.

Broadcast internet station

Broadcast target areaBroadcasterseriesRemarks
Kanto wide areaTV AsahiTV Asahi seriesProduction Bureau
HokkaidoHokkaido TV
AomoriAomori Asahi Broadcasting
IwateIwate Asahi TV
MiyagiEast Japan Broadcasting
AkitaAkita Asahi Broadcasting
YamagataYamagata TV
FukushimaFukushima Broadcasting
NiigataNiigata TV 21
NaganoNagano Asahi Broadcasting
YamanashiTV YamanashiTBS series
ShizuokaShizuoka Asahi TVTV Asahi series
IshikawaHokuriku Asahi Broadcasting
FukuiFukui BroadcastingNTV series
TV Asahi series
Chukyo wide areaNagoya TVTV Asahi series
Kinki wide areaAsahi Broadcasting
Sanin BroadcastingTBS series
HiroshimaHiroshima Home TVTV Asahi series
Yamaguchi Yamaguchi Asahi Broadcasting
Seto Inland Sea Broadcasting
EhimeEhime Asahi TV
KochiTV KochiTBS series
TokushimaShikoku BroadcastingNTV series
FukuokaKyushu Asahi BroadcastingTV Asahi series
NagasakiNagasaki Cultural Broadcasting
KumamotoKumamoto Asahi Broadcasting
OitaOita Asahi Broadcasting
MiyazakiMiyazakihosoTBS series
KagoshimaKagoshima BroadcastingTV Asahi series
OkinawaRyukyu Asahi Broadcasting

Other media development

Video software

  • 2000May 12から2001May 11Over video (VHS, Cell/rental common)DVDWas released by Toei Video[131].. Contains 12 episodes each (4 episodes, 8 episodes only for Vol. 5).
    • Rental started on October 2000, 10, with different jacket designs for cell and rental.[131].
    • Since the DVD started renting earlier than the later works, the privilege is not for each volume but the interview is only for the cell version[131], And other monster introductions and trailers were recorded in the New Year special and the final volume.
  • 2008May 7"Shotaro Ishinomori 70th anniversary DVD-BOX" and "Kamen Rider DecadeThe first episode of the first volume of "DVD" is recorded as a special video.
  • 2016May 1からMay 5Blu-ray BOX will be released in 3 volumes. In addition to the super ancient language parallel version of the TV series, BOX 1 is the DC version of episode 1.2, BOX 2 is "Kamen Rider Kuuga Super Secret Video "Kamen Rider Kuuga VS Gokijin Go Da"", BOX 3 is New Year Special is recorded.

Other TV series

"Kamen Rider Agito"
The term "unidentified life form" appears. For more informationKamen Rider Agito #Relationship with previous work "Kamen Rider Kuuga"See section.
"Kamen Rider Decade"
Yuuji OnoderaKamen Rider Kuuga who transforms and a wolf species monsterN Kamio ZedaIntroduced Grongi, led by.
"Kamen Rider Fourze"
Kamen Rider Kuuga and Grongi appear.
"Masked Rider Wizard"
Kamen Rider Kuuga appears in episodes 52 and 53. The term "Adamam" also appeared.
"Kamen Rider Geo"
Kamen Rider Kuuga appeared in the world of 2068 as one of the bronze statues of Heisei Kamen Riders.
Kamen Rider Kuuga appears in EP41. N'Dagba Zeba appears in LAST.

TV special

"Kamen Rider G"
"SmaSTATION!! Presents SMAP I'll do my best!!] The work that was broadcast in. Kamen Rider Kuuga appears.


Kamen Rider Kuuga appears in both works. Due to the above-mentioned circumstances, there is no movie work by itself.

"Movie version Kamen Rider Decade All Rider vs. Large Shocker(Published August 2009, 8)
A single work of "Kamen Rider Decade".
"Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider W & Decade MOVIE War 2010(Published August 2009, 12)
"Kamen Rider W] And "Kamen Rider Decade" crossover work.
"Oze, Den-O, All Rider Let's Go Kamen Rider(Published August 2011, 4)
"Kamen Rider OOO"When"Kamen Rider Den-o]'S crossover work. In addition to Kamen Rider Kuuga, Grongi also appears.
Superhero wars series
BothKamen Rider seriesSuper squadron seriesCrossover work.
"Kamen Rider x Super Sentai Super Hero Wars(Published August 2012, 4)
"Kamen Rider x Super Sentai x Space Detective Super Hero Wars Z(Published August 2013, 4)
With the previous 2 seriesMetal hero seriesCrossover piece. In addition to Kamen Rider Kuuga, Grongi also appears.
"Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider Kamen Rider War feat. Super Sentai(Published August 2014, 3)
"Super Hero Wars GP Kamen Rider 3(Published August 2015, 3)
"Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Armor & Wizard Sengoku MOVIE Great Battle(Published August 2013, 12)
"Kamen Rider Gaim/Gaim] And "Kamen Rider Wizard" crossover work. Takegami Kuuga appears.
"Movie version Kamen Rider Build Be The One(Published August 2018, 8)
"Kamen Rider Build]'S solo work.
"Heisei Kamen Rider 20th Anniversary Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER(Published August 2018, 12)
A crossover work featuring "Kamen Rider Geo" and "Kamen Rider Build". In addition to Kamen Rider Kuuga, the remains of Kukurogadake have appeared.
"Movie version Kamen Rider Zio Over Quartzer(Published August 2019, 7)
A single work of "Kamen Rider Giou".
"Kamen Rider Reiwa The First Generation(Published August 2019, 12)
"Kamen Rider Zio" and "Kamen Rider Zero One』Is the main crossover work.


"Kamen Rider Kuuga"
BandaiFrom December 2000, 12PlayStationWas released as a fighting action game for Android. DevelopmentKAZe.
Systematically, it is also a fighting game for PlayStation "Kamen Rider''Kamen Rider V3", but the operating method is simplified.
Kuuga comes in four basic forms (which can change to rising only when a fatal blow is given to the enemy, but there is no form change function), and each form of glowing and ultimate is treated as a different character. Ultimate Form has no call in battle, and its ability is not different from Mighty Form. Except for Ginoga Garido Gadra, Glonghi has all the monsters that appeared in the TV series, but no other monsters of the group have appeared.
As with the previous two games, you can collect rider cards in the game, and all 2 types are recorded. If you collect all of them, you can use 81 more cards and Ultimate Foam.

Online delivery

  • 2015May 7から2016May 1Until,YouTubeA total of 49 episodes were delivered on "Toei Tokusatsu YouTube Official". The first episode also serves as a precedent distribution in commemoration of the release of the manga version "Kamen Rider Kuuga Vol. 1", and the second episodeMay 7From the next weekMay 7Until the 3rd episode, it was delivered every 2 Fridays. Separately, in addition to the limited-time delivery of episodes featuring Kuuga's various forms in commemoration of the reservation start of "Complete Selection Modification Henshin Belt Arkle",Kamen Rider Geo] To celebrate the start of broadcasting, the first and second episodes have been delivered.
  • 2020May 9Will be distributed for the second time on "Toei Tokusatsu YouTube Official".At the time of this distribution, in addition to all episodes of the TV series, the aforementioned "New Year Special" (January 2-2021, 1, simultaneous distribution with episode 2) and special edition (March 9-33, 2021) will be released for the first time. It was delivered.
  • Toei special effectsNico NicoOffering...2020May 11 -


  • "TV-kunMarch 2000-February 3 serialization (Tetsuo Tanaka
  • "Terekoro Comic" 2001 summer vacation special issue (Michio Ueyama
    • A work after the end of broadcasting. The subtitle isExtra episode "trust".. Timing is between episodes 22 and 23[132][133].
    • The battle with the unidentified creature No. 34 "Me Gaberi Gu", which had not appeared in the television series, was drawn.
    • Toei officially provided the story's draft, including Gaveli's rough design and settings, and Gegel's content.[134][135].
  • "Monthly Heroes』December 2014 issue- Serialized(Yokojima Hajime, Screenplay:Toshiki Inoue, Planning:Shinichiro Shirakura


"MASKED RIDER LIVE & SHOW ~ Ten Years Festival ~"
Kamen Rider Kuuga appears.


"Novel Kamen Rider Kuuga"
One of the Heisei Rider series of Kodansha character library. at first2012May 11Was scheduled to be released.A legitimate sequel to the TV series with Ichijo as the main character, set in the present age 13 years after the TV series, along with Mika who became a detective, Ichijo pursues the mystery of a newly appearing unidentified life form.
After writing the same work, Arakawa wrote "Unofficial Sentai Akiba Ranger Although he was planning to participate in "Seasonal Pain", it was said that the writing of the work was prolonged, so it was a parallel work with the script of "Akibaranger", and the drafting of the work was almost the same as the writing of the final episode of "Akibaranger".[136].
About this work Arakawa tried to draw a modern story following the atmosphere at the time of broadcasting, so he had to do the work that was done by four people with Takadera and others at that time, so it was four times as much as at that time. Says that he had a hard time[136].
"Novel Kamen Rider Decade Kadoya's World-The Garden in the Lens-"
"Kamen Rider Decade] Novel works. The characters of this work, including Yusuke, will appear.
Diorama novel. Both are records of the battle between Kuuga and Glonghi from the ancient times. The above is serialized in the monthly Hobby Japan, and the later is a new book of "SIC HERO SAGA vol.2".
"MASKED RIDER DECADE EDITION -The World of Stronger-"-Yuusuke Onodera/Kuga (Kuga in "Decade") has appeared.
"MASKED RIDER DECADE EDITION -The World of Ouse-"-Similarly, Yusuke Onodera/Kuga (Kuga in "Decade") has appeared. Also, Yusuke Godai only appears[Annotation 61].

Related works

  • Bakuryu Sentai Abaranger: A special-effects TV drama in which Toshihisa Arakawa, who was the main writer of this work, also participated. Arakawa and other staff members created the same work as "Kuga 2" although it was not in the official category.Kamen Rider 555Was introduced on the official website[138].
  • Magazine GREAT : KodanshaManga magazine. With producer Takaji as the protagonist, the production episode of this work was made into a cartoon "Japan special effects movie movie Retsuden 10 SFX Samurai 5 Kamen Rider Kuuga" (work:Shinji Nishikawa) Was published in the March 2001 and May editions in the first and second editions. It has not been made into a book, and according to Nishikawa, it is banned.[139].
  • Paradise dragonfly jump kick venus: See "Rider Men" in the same item.


  • "This is the best 100 in Japan』-- Same as this workTV AsahiVariety program that was broadcast in the affiliate. Of the same program2002May 9Kuuga was ranked number one in the "100 Best Japanese Heroes Selected by You" broadcast, and a new interview video of Odagiri and the act of Kugua fighting multiple Grongi in the studio were also included in the program.


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