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🧑🏻‍💻 TechAcademy | Active engineer explains how to add elements to an array with JavaScript's unshift function [For beginners]

An active engineer explains how to add elements to an array with the JavaScript unshift function [for beginners]

TechAcademy mentors (active engineers) will explain how to add elements to arrays with JavaScript for beginners using real code.

If you don't understand JavaScript well,What is JavaScriptFirst of all, please see the article explaining what it is.


In addition, this article is an online boot camp of Tech Academy,JavaScript/jQuery courseIt is based on the contents of.



table of contents

  • What is an array
  • How to add elements to an array
  • Let's actually write
  • Summary


What is an array

An array is a mechanism that handles multiple elements together.The array is defined as follows.

let fruits = ["apple", "orange", ...

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