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👩‍🎤 | Lyrical, "FIVE SHOOTERS" that glitters brighter than the new AL has been released in advance!

Photo Lyrical, "FIVE SHOOTERS" that glitters more flashy than the new AL has been released in advance!

Lyrical, "FIVE SHOOTERS" that glitters brighter than the new AL has been released in advance!

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This song is a budding song that was first met with "HOMETENOBIRU" recorded in the EP "OK !!!!!" released in April, in production by Kosuke Takahashi, who has produced the sharpest part of lyrical school with sound. It is one of the most flashy and brilliant songs in the history of Lyrical, with the positive and elegant lyrics of female rapper valknee.

Lyrical school will release a new album "Wonderla ..." on January 2021, 1 (Wednesday). → Continue reading


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lyrical school

lyrical school(Lyrical School) is,JapanWomanhip hopIdolunit.Abbreviation isLyrical.. Belongs to BootRock.The label isVictor Entertainment内 のCONNECTONE(Victor Entertainment).An idol unit specializing in rap 2010In 10 monthtengal6Formed as (Tengal Six)[1].. Of "RUN and RUN" released in April 2016SmartphoneBy a music video that made it look as if the application was launched[2], Cannes Lions International Creativity Festival Cyber ​​Division Bronze Award.


Young to hip hop according to the description at the time of recruitmentFemalebyHetaumaIWrapThe aim is to make you feel innocent by combining[3]..In a later interview, member mei talked about groping for rap when the unit was formed.[4], Member ayaka focused on hip-hop dance at the time of application℃ -uteStated that he was imagining a unit close to[5]..Producer Kim Yasuhiro later said in an interview in 2019 that the idea at the time of formation was different at the time of the same year, and it is necessary to reconsider the concept of "hip hop idol" and "idol rap" in the new system from May 2017. Stated that there was[6]..For this reason, hip-hop writer Takagi "JET" Shinichiro pointed out that there was no one who was familiar with the idol business at the beginning, but ayaka said that it led to the desire to challenge untapped things. Says[7]..The general term for fans as a unit is Heads[8][9][Note 1]..Kim decides the concept of the unit, and when digging deeper, he consults with designer mza (masataka yoshida) and Asano who is also the back DJ and group manager.[11].

In January 2012 "Ure Pia", tengal1 was shown as one of the idol units of this generation.[12]It is mentioned that the mainstream of idol activities in this era is weekend live activities.[13]..According to it, they performed live in the store and at events held in the hall, and thenCDIt is said that it will acquire deep-rooted fans by providing fan services such as handshakes and shooting to customers who purchased[13]..Furthermore, this information depends on the fansBlogReport on, twitter, etc.Social networking servicesIn addition to leading to the acquisition of new fans by flowing in, it is important to disclose information to fans who can not watch the live by live broadcasting on the video site or uploading the shot video.[13]..This techniqueAKB48To be established by[12].

The fact that a well-known artist is in charge of producing music is mentioned as a feature in "Nikkei Entertainment!" And "Ure Pia".[14][12]For example, in "guidebook"Senri Oe,Insist,GAKU-MC[14], Tofubeats on "date course",Illreme, Okadada, Fragments,Gaki RangerPochomkin etc.[15]..Even in the new system, this does not change.ROCKIN'ON JAPANIs touched on[16],WORLD'S END] InSchauda LaparBose,KANDYTOWNRyohu,Mellow Yellow[17],BE KIND REWIND] InPES discipline,ALI-KICK,Cypress Ueno,ZEN-LA-ROCKAre listed[16]..In addition, member hime talks with the rapper that many of the songs have a summer theme.[18], Released an EP that aggregates songs in 2020[19].

About the new system While the member minan holds the unit itself[20]Later, in an interview, he stated that he wanted to change the contents, such as realizing Kim's wishes.[21]..In addition, hime looked back on the one-man live "lyrical school one man live 2017" TAKE ME OUT "" and stated that he would like to emphasize the hip-hop idol-ness and differentiate himself.[22], Stated that in the new system, they talked with the members and decided the direction.[23]..On the other hand, they said that they were surprised that the original concept of "six microphones", that is, the number of people was reduced from six to five.[24]..Also, regarding performance, many choreography was decided at the beginning.[25]..However, due to Kim's performance proposal from hime and minan's fracture in August 2018.[6], Live choreography and formations have been removed, and the members have focused on free performances.[26]..In an interview, member risano says that he aims to bring the performance closer to the modern rap group while giving it an idol feel.[16].


Kim and mzaMusashino Art UniversityIt was formed by planning a free paper "NEWTRAL" with the theme of the city that was produced when enrolled in the Faculty of Art and Design.[27][28][29]..Kim, who was in charge of planning "NEWTRAL" in the video major at university, thought about projects other than booklets, and combined hip-hop and rap that appeared in a conversation with a friend about what he could do if he produced an idol. In an interview, he stated that he wanted to try it and that he felt that the appearance of a female friend rapping at a karaoke store was cute.[30]..So, when I posted an advertisement to produce idols on "NEWTRAL", as a supporting company, an adult goods makerHAVEMakes a name and starts activities as a 6-member rap idol "tengal6"[31]..Kim submits "Produce Hip-Hop Idol" that summarizes these circumstances as a college graduation work[27].. Released the first mini album "Machigau" in June 2011[30]..Kim asks tofubeats, who was playing during the editing work of "NEWTRAL", to make music for the second and subsequent works.[32].

January 2012Tower RecordLabelT-Palette RecordsTransferred to, and the unit name was changed to "lyrical school" in August.[14]..The unit name means a group where members who have the goal of looking at themselves and wanting to challenge rap work hard together to produce high-level lyrics.[33].. In an interview in the summer of 2013, member mariko mentioned that there were more opportunities for expeditions outside the Kanto region during the same period.[34]..The first album "date course" in the new organization has a jacket as an illustratorHisashi EguchiIs in charge[15]. In 2014ROCK IN JAPAN FES 2014"Or"SUMMER SONIC 2014[35]Also, in November, member yumi stated that he would participate in the Taiwanese event Little Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Taipei.[36].. Held the first national tour in 2015[35].. In November, former RHYMEBERRY MC HIME, Hime Mochida, was announced to join lyrical school as hime in December, and KAI-YOU reported on Twitter that the trend of search words was rising.[37].

In 2016King recordMajor debut from.The major 4st single "RUN and RUN" released in April of the same yearMV SmartphoneIt became a hot topic as a vertical type specialized for viewing[38], 2016"Cannes Lions International Creativity FestivalIn addition to receiving the Cyber ​​Category Bronze Award[39]Was selected as a finalist of the same year's "Communication Awards Selected by Young Advertising Industry"[40].

In February 2017, ayaka, ami, and mei, who were original members from tengal2, graduated.[41], Also ends contract with King Records. Minan ・ hime and hinako, yuu, and risano who joined by audition will start activities under the new system from the one-man live on May 5st.[42].. In May 2019, it was announced that it would make its second major debut from the Victor Entertainment CONNECTONE label.[43].. In 2020Global pandemic of new coronavirus infectionsAnd, in response to the refraining from going out, "lyrical school REMOTE FREE LIVE vol.4" was released on the Youtube channel on April 7th.[44].. In addition to the encore video released on May 4, after vol.17 released on April 2[45], Released a cappella videos for download from GigaFile flights for a limited time until May 5th[46].. In vol.3, the viewers misunderstood that they were taking a separate shot with prior information that they were gathering on the stage, and then removed the frame.[47]..Writer Takashi Katsuki introduced this as one of the new ways of showing idols in the public that they have done so far.[48].


  • Kim Yasuhiro(Yoshio Kimura)

producer.Participated in the international youth video camp DIN FAC 2006 as a representative of Japan[3]..Received the Grand Prize and Audience Award for "Waiting Man" at the 1st Iam Film Festival[49].

  • Tatsuya Iwabuchi

Manager and back DJ[50]..Kim Yasuhiro's middle school and high school classmates[30].. Also in charge of writing lyrics for songs such as "RUN and RUN"[51].

  • mza(Masataka yoshida)

designer.In charge of graphics from the first mini album "Mistaken"[30]..Also works on illustrations of products lined up for product sales at events[30].

  • Asano(DJ BIG-D[52]

manager. Also serves as the back DJ of the unit as DJ BIG-D from around 2016[53]..A junior of Kim Yasuhiro at Musashino Art University[11],Tokyo University of the ArtsMajoring in movie script at the institute[54].


NamebirthdayBirth PlaceMember colorJoin dateStatue
(Minami Honda)
(1990-12-05) 199012/5(30 years old)Gunma purple2013/7 (2013-07)2019/7/16 (2019-07-16)Releases first solo single "No More"[55].
(Hime Mochida)
(1998-05-14) 19985/14(22 years old)Kanagawa 绿2015/12 (2015-12)Lime berryFormer member[56]..He is the only member of the group who has been exposed to rap and hip hop since childhood due to his father's influence.[57], Through my mother in 5th gradeHilcrhymeIn an interview, he stated that he was interested in practicing rap in Japanese due to the influence of[58].. Joined as a new member of the idol group usa ☆ usa Shojo Club in May 2011[59], Start a career in the entertainment world. Selected as a member of RHYMEBERRY, which was formed as a derivative group of usa ☆ usa Shojo Club in September.[60].. April 2014, RhymeberryAries EntertainmentGraduated from usa ☆ usa Shojo Club with the transfer to Particles[61].. February 2015, 2, DJ HIKARU (Hikaru Nobuoka) Graduated from Rhymeberry[62]..On May 5, the same year, the solo song "qualia" from the Rhymeberry era was released.E TICKET PRODUCTION OfSoundCloudPublished in your account[63].. Join this unit from November 2015, 11[64].. In December 2019, he was the MC for the second week of the YouTube program "WONDER WHEEL" where Cypress Ueno was the MC.[65]..Appeared in the music video of the singer-songwriter's song "MACHIBOUKE"[66].
hinako8/5Niigata "Red"2017/4 (2017-04)Learn dance from an early age[67].. Follow this unit that happened to be displayed first when opening an account on Twitter[68], I regret not being able to participate in the audition recommended by my friend in the past due to poor physical condition, participate and pass[67].Nursing qualificationOwns[69].
yuu12/20Hyogo tag2017/4 (2017-04)Learn dance from an early age[68]..Even though he went to Tokyo once or was frustrated and returned home, he met risano at the recommendation of the dance teacher at that time, applied for it at her recommendation, and passed.[70].. Acting as one of the personalities of FM Odawara "Idol Broadcasting Station" from April 2018[71]..Interested in movies and holding the "2018st yuu Demy Award" to select a favorite movie from the movies screened in XNUMX with gadget communication writer Eri Fujimoto[72]..Stage "Three out! -Home run- "[73][74].. September 2020, 9, TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL Online 29 x Weekly SPA!Participate in voting battles by[75].
risano9/28Tokyo Orange2017/4 (2017-04)リ ア ー ナLonging forAmerica OfLos AngelesAfter experiencing dance study abroad at, participated in the audition and passed the audition after hearing "PRIDE" etc.[68]。2020年8月現在、日本文化の海外発信を目的とした動画「risanoニュース」をアップロードしている[76]。2020年12月より、テレビ朝日の番組「」に出演し[77]、サイプレス上野とタッグを組む[78]。ラップスタイルは『日刊サイゾー』にてライターの寺西ジャジューカにCHICO CARLITOのそれに近いと評されている[79].

Participation period

Old member

  • mariko(Mariko Kudo, (1988-07-19) 19887/19(32 years old))
    Original member. Graduated with a live performance on January 2013, 1.
  • erika(Erika, famous name (1988-01-11) 19881/11(33 years old))
    Original member, first leader. Graduated from the group in June 2013.
  • hina(Hina Komatsu, (1996-06-05) 19966/5(24 years old))
    Joined in March 2013.Triggered to joinFukushimaFrom Tokyo[80].. Released on February 2014, 2Nintendo 3DSDedicated software "Story of Seasons Connected New WorldAppeared in the music video[81]..In the gravure of "Weekly Playboy" linked with the Tokyo Idol Festival of the same year, he won the championship among the representatives of 6 units.[82].. On December 2015, 12, I left the group because I wanted to study abroad because I wanted to get a job that makes use of the language I am studying at school.[83].
  • yumi(Yumi Shimizu, (1990-09-19) 19909/19(30 years old))
    Original member.Sunny day service"Catch it in the strawberry fieldAppeared in the music video[84].. I had been resting due to poor physical condition since July 2016, but withdrew on September 7th.[85].
  • ayaka(Ayaka Obu, (1990-08-31) 19908/31(30 years old))
    Original member[86]..Became the second leader with the graduation of the first leader erika[87]..Former Cosmic Girl,Chu☆Oh! DollyMiss iD 2017Having a semi-finalist, Moe Obu, as her sister[88].. Idol group at the age of 17AKB48Auditioned but failed in the final examination[89]..He professes to be an idol fan himself[89], To the opening act on February 2015, 2Idol RenaissanceAddedUp Up Girls (Tentative)"6MIC 7 SOUL ∞" (Shinjuku BLAZE) was held with the band.[90], On September 2015, 9, most of the performers were selected as "TOKYO IDOL PROJECT LIVE curated by lyrical school ayakaWas held[91]..Appeared as Kazuko in Kinema Junjou[92].. Retired from the entertainment world with graduation on February 2017, 2[41].
  • May(Mei, (1991-04-19) 19914/19(29 years old))
    Original member.After being scouted by an entertainment agency in high school, he entered the entertainment industry and auditioned for tengal 6 just before graduating from high school.[93]..Although he was worried about his tongue, he was also called a "manager" by the members and also a "kamikaze commander" as an exciting role on the stage.[93].. The movie released in July 2013讐〜ADA〜』Appeared in[94].. Graduated February 2017, 2.
  • ami(Mami Hosogoshi, (1991-07-05) 19917/5(29 years old))
    Original member.Passed the children's theater company when he was in the third grade of elementary school and started performing arts activities[95]..Although he took a leave of absence to concentrate on his studies when he entered junior high school, he belonged to the entertainment agency in the year of graduating from high school to aim for the entertainment world when he thought about his career when he entered high school, and then passed the audition for tengal6.[95].."Nikkei Entertainment!" Says that he wants to play a role in supporting the members by calling his role in the unit as the foundation.[95].. Graduated February 2017, 2.


About the old system Music critic Munakata Akimasa is said to be the only idol group specializing in rap when the unit was formed.[96], TakagiMusic natalieIn the series "the scene of RAP IDOLS" (2018), the following 2011, from the technically childishness of rap, but the combination of idols and rap that was unique at that time, and the existence and management support of established creators. Was formed inLime berryAlong with (RHYMEBERRY), it is described as a rap idol's first group and two major groups.[27]..About the new system Takagi will take into account the changes in the live CDs "TAKE ME OUT" ON DEC 16 and "lyrical school tour 2018" WORLD'S END "" released after the system change.[97], The individuality of each member has become more prominent and the performance has been established.[98].



  • In July, NEWTRAL announced an idol produce project and started recruiting members and supporting companies.[3].. In August, became a sponsor of the idol produce projectHAVEWas confirmed, and the group name was announced as TENGAL6 (tengal6).[99].. In October, a general vote was held on the web to select 10 finalists from 12 finalists, and 6 members (erika, yumi, ayaka, ami, mariko, mei) participated in the final audition event held at Shinjuku Club Wire. Decision[100].
  • On May 5th, the first CD work, the mini album "Machigau", will be on sale for sale.[101].. On July 7th, the mini album "Machigau" will be released on the national distribution board.[102].. On October 10th, the single "Puchahenza!" Was released.
  • First album "CITY" released on May 5th[103].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Tower RecordIdol specialty label "T-Palette RecordsIn August of the same year, he made a guest appearance on the 1st anniversary of the inauguration of the label and announced that he would join the label and rename it to "lyrical school".[104].. On August 8st, the group name was changed to "lyrical school" after the label transfer.

lyrical school

  • On August 8, T-Palette Records released the first single "Sorya Natsu! / Come on" after the name change.[105].. On November 11st, mariko announced the decision to hold an audition for the group's first new member, along with graduation with a live performance on January 1th, 2013.[106].
  • July 12, single "Ribbon wo kutReleased.
  • On January 1, mariko graduated with a one-man live "lyrical school one man live 26 Vol.2013 mariko graduation" I wrote it for you "" at Shibuya SOUND MUSEUM VISION.[107][108].. On March 3, hina, who was selected in the audition that started recruiting from November 17, joined.New members unveiled in-store live at Tower Records Akihabara[109].. May 5th, single "PARADEReleased.
  • Announced that erika will graduate in June at the single "PARADE" release commemorative event held at Tower Records Shinjuku on May 5th.[110].. On June 6, erika graduated from the group at "lyrical school oneman live erika graduation" grabbed microphone "" held at Tower Records Shibuya B28 "CUT UP STUDIO".[111].
  • Announced that a new member audition will be held on July 7th at Stadium Place Aoyama on July 4th.[112].. On July 7th, minan, who was selected as a new member at the audition,TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2013Appeared in "ENJOY STUDIUM" with 5 people[113].. Held on October 8Omiya Stella TownMinan officially joins from the event at[114].
  • On September 9, the first album after the name change "date course] Released. On December 12th, the recut single "Waratte.net/My Cute Everyday Life" from the album was released.
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Shibuya WWWHeld "lyrical school oneman live 2014" at.The opening DJ is a label mateNegiccoMegu joins as DJ Megu[115].
  • Three singles will be released, "brand new day" on April 4, "FRESH !!!" on July 2, and "PRIDE" on October 7.
  • November 11, EbisuLIQUIDROOMHeld "lyrical school oneman live 2014 @ LIQUIDROOM" at.As an opening DJLinQFukase Tomoki will appear as a guest[116].
  • On January 1th, the first video work "lyrical school oneman live 27 at LIQUIDROOM" was released, which recorded the one-man live performed at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM on November 11nd of the previous year. On March 2th, the album "SPOT" was released.
  • On May 5, the first national tour “lyrical school tour 31“ date spot ”” started from Okinawa Cyber ​​Box. As the final performance of the tour on July 2015thZepp DiverCity TOKYOHeld a one-man live at[117].. On November 11th, a 4-disc DVD "lyrical school tour 2" date spot "FINAL at Zepp DiverCity" containing the performance will be released.[118].
  • One-man live to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the formation at Aoyama Restaurant Bar CAY on October 10th[119]..Furthermore, on November 11th, an all-night event "midnight date spot" will be held at Kawasaki CLUB CITTA'to commemorate the 6th anniversary of the formation.[119].
  • On October 10th, hina announced that she would like to study abroad and will graduate in December.[120][121].
  • Announced joining hime after hina graduation performance on November 11th and December 5th[56][122].
  • Hina graduated from the group at the one-man live "lyrical school one man live Komatsu Hina Graduation Performance" held at Shibuya SOUND MUSEUM VISION on December 12th.[83].
  • On December 12th, at "T-Palette Records Thanksgiving 20" held at Shinjuku BLAZE, the first live performance after joining hime was shown.[123].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,King recordAnnounced at a press conference the completion of the first major movie "Encounter with the Unknown of Lyrical School"[124][125].
  • April 4, major debut single "RUN and RUN" released[124].
  • April 4, the first one-man live after major debutCLUB CITTA'Held at.Broadcast video gets over 75 views[126].
  • May 5, movie "Encounter with the Unknown of Lyrical School" released[125].
  • On July 7, yumi announces suspension of activities due to poor physical condition[127].
  • On July 7th, the major 6nd single "Summer Foundation" was released.
  • On July 7, yumi, who resumed activities after a two-week hiatus, became ill again, so he announced the hiatus again.[128].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Yoyogi parkFree one-man live "SUMMER FOUNDATION 2016" held on the outdoor stage[129].
  • Withdrawal of yumi who had been resting since July due to poor physical condition on September 9[130]・ Announcement of continuation of activities with 5 people[85].
  • October 10th, major 5rd single "Magic Hour /How to be touched -In the case of Lyrical- "released[131].
  • On October 10th, a live "7th Anniversary Party" will be held at Kawasaki CLUB CITTA'.The guest iscallme,Idol Renaissance,GANG PARADE.
  • On November 11th, the major 16st album "guidebook" was released. "Album Complete Reproduction Live" will be held at Kawasaki CLUB CITTA'on December 1nd.[132].
  • On December 12, it will be announced that the initial members ami, ayaka, and mei will graduate with a one-man live held at the end of February 21, and will be active in a new system centered on the remaining two people.[86].
  • On January 1nd, he made a guest appearance at the Thanksgiving Day of T-Palette Records, which he once belonged to.Idol RenaissanceAnnounced that they will release a single as a limited-time unit "Lyrical Renaissance" and performed the song "THE CUT".[133].
  • On February 2th, the first and last collaboration event "Lyrical Renaissance" THE CUT "Release Party" will be held.
  • On February 2th, ami, ayaka, and mei graduated with a one-man live.In addition, ayaka retired from the entertainment world, and ami and mei announced that they would work as "stamina".
  • On March 3th, it was announced that it would start a rap school for girls under the name "lyrical school".[134].
  • On March 3th, with two people, minan and himeAbemaTVAppeared in "Mari Yaguchi's Tuesday The NIGHT" # 50. minanMPCShow off.
  • April 4th, new system announced.At the same time, new members (hinako, yuu, risano) officially started Twitter[135].
  • On May 5, the new system unveiling live "NEW GAME" will be held at Shibuya HARLEM.
  • On July 7, the new system's first single "Natsuyasumi no BABY" was released.
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Yoyogi park"Negicco x lyrical school FREE LIVE Avec Summer Breeze @ Yoyogi Park" was held on the outdoor stage.
  • On September 9th, October 17th, and November 10th, "Autumn 17 months continuous live house vs. van project" MY DATE "" will be held. Maison book girl in "MY DATE ON SEP.", Enjoy Music Club, Anna, Memories A team in "MY DATE ON OCT.", Cypress Ueno and Roberto Yoshino, Young Hastle in "MY DATE ON NO V." ,SUSHIBOYSCo-starred with each.
  • On December 12th, "lyrical school one man live 16" TAKE ME OUT "" was held at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM.
  • On December 12th, the second double-sided A-side single "Tsuretteyo / CALL ME TIGHT" was released.
  • On February 2, the new system's first live album "TAKE ME OUT" ON DEC 14 was released.
  • On April 4, "lyrical school one man live 21" Play It Cool "" was held at Shibuya VISION.
  • June 6th, the first full album of the new system "WORLD'S ENDReleased.
  • On July 7st, the national tour "lyrical school tour 1" WORLD'S END "" with the full album "WORLD'S END" started from Okinawa cyber-box.
  • On August 8th, a free live "lyrical school FREE LIVE" was held at the Ueno Mizukami Ongakudo.
  • On December 12th, the first double-sided A-side single "Pajamas Party / Mechanical Pencil feat. SUSHIBOYS" was released for two consecutive months.
  • On January 1nd, the second double-sided A-side single "Tokyo Burning / Cookin'feat. Young Hastle" was released for two consecutive months.
  • On May 5th, a free live "lyrical school FREE LIVE" All School Assembly "Vol.18" was held.Victor Entertainment内 のCONNECTONEAnnounced to transfer to.
  • On June 6th, Victor's first transfer limited single "LAST DANCE" was released.
  • On July 7, a one-man live "lyrical school ONEMAN SHORT TOUR 7" ROAD SHOW "@ Kawasaki CLUB CITTA'" will be held at CLUB CITTA'in Kanagawa Prefecture.
  • On July 7th, Victor's second transfer limited single "Enough is school" was released.
  • On August 8, "lyrical school FREE LIVE 12" ONE SECOND SUMMER vol.2019 "at TOKOROZAWA KOKU PARK" was held at the outdoor stage of Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park in Saitama Prefecture.
  • On August 8, the third limited-edition single "LOVE TOGETHER RAP" was released.
  • On September 9th, the first full-length album "BE KIND REWINDReleased.
  • On September 9th, a one-man live "lyrical school oneman live" BE KIND REWIND "at AKASAKA BLITZ" was held at My Navi BLITZ Akasaka, Tokyo.
  • On November 11rd, the 3-inch single record "Enough is school / LOVE TOGETHER RAP" was released.
  • On November 11th, the final performance of the national tour "lyrical school Tour 24" BE KIND REWIND "SERIES" will be held at Yomiuri Land Nittele Ranran Hall in Tokyo.
  • April 4nd, the first careerEP"OK!!!!!Released.
  • On August 8th, "HEADS CLUB Limited LIVE HOME GAME SERIES" Midsummer's Great Ball "" was held at the Ueno Park Open-Air Stage (Mizukami Ongakudo) in Tokyo.
  • On September 9, "lyrical school oneman live 19 PLAYBACK SUMMER" was held at Yomiuri Land Nittele Ranran Hall in Tokyo.
  • On October 10th, the limited-edition single "Bright Ride" was released.
  • On November 11rd, the 3-inch single record "Dance The Night Away feat. Kick a Show / OK!" Was released.
  • On November 11th, the limited-edition single "FIVE SHOOTERS" was released.



Release datetitleHighest chartStandard product numberrecorded music
Billboard Japan
Top Albums Sales
T-Palette Records
1st2013/9/18date course36[137]42TPRC-0054 (CD)
TPRV-0004 (LP)
2nd2015/3/10SPOT27[138]24TPRC-0127 (CD)
TPRV-0014 (LP)
3rd2016/11/13guidebook66[139]75KICS-3429 (CD)
NAS-2033 (LP)
LIVE2018/2/14“TAKE ME OUT” ON DEC 1645[140]44BRTW-1053
4th2018/6/19WORLD'S END18[141]10BRTW-1054 (CD)
BRTW-1055 (LP)
BRTW-1056 (cassette tape)
Remix2018/10/23WORLD'S END Southern Hemisphere REMIX-262BRTW-1064
LIVE2019/3/19lyrical school tour 2018 “WORLD'S END”-95BRTW-1064
CONNECTONE / Victor Entertainment
5th2019/9/11BE KIND REWIND13[142]12VICL-65236 (CD)
BRTW-1069 (LP)
配 信2019/11/6BE KIND REWIND INSTRUMENTALS-VEATP-36902 (delivery limited)
配 信2020/1/1BE KIND REWIND (Expanded Edition)-VEATP-37078 (delivery limited)
6th2021/1/27--VICL-65466 (CD)


Release datetitleHighest chartStandard product numberrecorded music
Billboard Japan
Top Albums Sales
CONNECTONE / Victor Entertainment
2019/11/6Enough is school EP-VEATP-36906 (delivery limited)
2020/7/29PLAYBACK SUMMER-VEATP-37533 (delivery limited)
2020/8/19PLAYBACK SUMMER ver.1.1-VEATP-37657 (delivery limited)
2020/9/30OK !!!!! INSTRUMENTALS-VEAWA-37763 (delivery limited)
2019/11/4Dance The Night Away -EP--VEATP-37985 (delivery limited)


Release datetitleHighest chartStandard product numberrecorded music
Billboard Japan
Top Singles Sales
T-Palette Records
2012/8/22That's summer! / Come on50[144]70TPRC-0022
2012/12/12Ribbon wo kut48[145]48TPRC-0027
2013/5/15PARADE29[146]34TPRC-0041 (First Press Limited Edition)
TPRC-0042 (normal edition)
2013/12/11Warate.net/My cute everyday people37[147]40TPRC-0063 (First Press Limited Edition)
TPRC-0064 (normal edition)
2014/4/2brand new day9[148]13TPRC-0073 (First Press Limited Edition A)
TPRC-0074 (First Press Limited Edition B)
TPRC-0075 (normal edition)
2014/7/15FRESH !!!18[149]21TPRC-0092 (First Press Limited Edition)
TPRC-0093 (normal edition)
2015/10/28PRIDE7[150]9TPRC-0109 (normal edition)
TPRC-0110-0115 (First Press Limited Edition)
2015/7/21Wonder ground18[151]26TPRC-0139 (normal edition)
TPRC-0140 (First Press Limited Edition)
2016/4/27RUN and RUN26[152]16KICM-91669 (First Press Limited Edition)
KICM-1670 (Regular Edition)
NMAX-1225 (Event venue limited / First limited edition)
NMAX-1226 (Event venue limited / Regular edition)
2016/7/6Summer foundation39[153]30KICM-91694 (First Press Limited Edition A)
KICM-91695 (First Press Limited Edition B)
KICM-1694 (Regular Edition)
NMAX-1235 (event venue only)
2016/10/17Magic Hour / Awkward Touch-In the Case of Lyrical-46[154]32KICM-91721 (First Press Limited Edition)
KICM-1722 (Regular Edition)
NMAX-1247 (event venue only)
2017/7/18BABY during summer vacation22[155]14BRTW-1034 (Regular Edition)
BRTW-1035 ~ 1039 (member board)
2017/12/19Take me / CALL ME TIGHT18[156]11BRTW-1045 (Regular Edition)
BRTW-1046 (First Press Limited Edition A)
BRTW-1047 (First Press Limited Edition B)
BRTW-1049 (7 inch single record)
BRTW-1050 (cassette tape)
2018/12/25Pajamas Party / Mechanical Pencil feat.SUSHIBOYS32[157]16BRTW-1062 (CD)
BRTW-1066 (7 inch single record)
2019/1/22Tokyo Burning / Cookin'feat. Young Hastle30[158]22BRTW-1063 (CD)
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CONNECTONE / Victor Entertainment
2019/6/26LAST DANCE-VE3WA-18444 (delivery limited)
2019/7/24Enough is school-VE3WA-18471 (delivery limited)
2019/8/28LOVE TOGETHER RAP-VE3WA-18482 (delivery limited)
2019/11/3Enough is school / LOVE TOGETHER RAP-NKS-722 (7 inch single record)
2020/4/8OK!-VE3WA-18700 (delivery limited)
2020/10/28Bright Ride-VEATP-37937 (delivery limited)
2020/11/3Dance The Night Away feat. Kick a Show / OK!-NKS-730 (7 inch single record)
2020/11/25FIVE SHOOTERS-VEATP-38089 (delivery limited)

Video work

Release datetitleStandard product numberOricon highest rank
2015/1/27lyrical school oneman live 2014 at LIQUIDROOMTPRD-0009101 bit
2015/11/4lyrical school tour 2015 “date spot” FINAL at Zepp DiverCityBRTW-102066 bit
2016/9/7-Run and Run- lyrical school one man live 2016 @CLUB CITTA'KIXM-248 (Blu-ray)
KIBM-596 (DVD)
129 bit
2016/12/7Encounter with the unknown of Lyrical SchoolKIXF-437 (Blu-ray)
KIBF-1452 (DVD)
2017/4/25lyrical school tour 2016 guide book FINAL at Zepp TokyoBRTW-1031 (Blu-ray)-

Participating works

  • Goodbye ponytail"Seishun Fantasia" (20133/6) -The first production limited edition includes a cover of "Koi Suru Sports" by 3MC (ami, ayaka, yumi).[159].
  • tofubeats "First Album" (October 2014, 10) -Participated in "2 with lyrical school".
  • Various Artists "Idol Only Pichikart-Yasuharu Konishi x T-Palette Records-" (April 2015, 4)- KonishiProduced byPizzicato FiveA cover album of songs. 5 groups belonging to T-Palette Records participate[Note 4].. Participate in "Hippy Day"[160].
  • Lyrical Renaissance "THE CUT(October 2017, 2)- Idol RenaissanceCollaboration work with, the original songBase Ball BearRHYMESTERCollaboration.

Music video

Print medium

  • Warp Magazine (November 2016 issue-,Trans world japan) Serialized "Lyrical School Room"

tengal6 name

Release datetitle形式specificationPart number
201106/15Venue limited distributionCD-
201107/15Mini albumCDRRSH-002
201205/25Studio albumCD

Main live events

  • May 5-July 31, national tour "lyrical school tour 7" date spot ""
  • August 8 and 1,TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2015
  • December 12, -Minan Birthday Jam Party- (Shibuya NOS ORG)[163]* Honda Minan Birthday Festival, solo LIVE by band set.
  • December 12th, T-Palette Records Thanksgiving Day 20-Youth source records and box records will be released this year, and of course, T-Palette Arm Wrestling Tournament will be held !! Year-end big Thanksgiving Day !!-(Shinjuku BLAZE)[164]


Internet broadcasting

  • Chekera Super TV (2014)12/15 -, 2.5D) Appeared only in mei and minan


tv set

  • Idol New Year Summit 2016 (January 2016, 1 1: 2-30: 6, Fuji TV)[170]


  • Encounter with the unknown of lyrical school (released May 2016, 5) --Starring, role of lyrical school[125]


  • LIBERUS Produced Tokyo Guillotine Club 2013st Performance "Tokyo Bijin Expo" (April 4-17, 21,Space zero


  • Delivery hall"Delivery Hall x AbemaTV" (December 2018-January 12)-Mari Yaguchi's Tuesday Program tie-up CM with The NIGHT[171]


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