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👩‍🎤 | Suzuki Airi vows to eradicate drunk driving <LIVE SDD 2021> Appearance decision!

Photo Suzuki Airi vows to eradicate drunk driving <LIVE SDD 2021> appearance decision!

Suzuki Airi vows to eradicate drunk driving <LIVE SDD 2021> appearance decision!

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With STARDUST REVUE and TRF as project leaders, Misato Watanabe, Ikusaburo Yamazaki, Wagakki Band, Airi Suzuki, Takashi Matsuo, and she9 who agreed with SDD will appear.

Airi Suzuki will appear at <LIVE SDD 2021> to be held at Osaka-jo Hall on Saturday, February 2, 13 ... → Continue reading


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Misato Watanabe

Misato Watanabe(Misato Watanabe, 19667/12 -) isJapan Ofsinger-Lyricist-Singer-songwriterIs.Same real name.TokyoI'm from.Place of birthKyotoSoraku-gunSeika Town.heightIs 158 cm (nominal).The agency is Heartland (1983-1995) → Antinos Management (1995-March 2004) → Blue one music(October 2004-March 5) → Newcome(April 2006-May 4, 2007) → Laramahalo (May 5, 14-, own private office).


Tokyo Metropolitan Matsubara High Schoolgraduate.Blood Type TheO.. In high schoolrugbyDepartment manager.To seniors in high schoolNobuyuki Shimizu,EPO ,Yoshiyuki SahashiThere are

1985,EPIC/Sony(CurrentEpic record japan) Debuted.Watanabe is also a senior of the entertainment agency Heartland to which he belonged in the early days.Takako ShiraiThere was also an aspect as "the second Takako Shirai" in response to the success of 1986Single "My RevolutionWith the hit of ", he suddenly established himself as a popular solo singer.From the year after debutSeibu Lions Stadium,Osaka Stadium,Nagoya StadiumA large-scale concert was held at the stadium, and the listeners at that time supported the performance without fear.Also known as a radio personality, TBS Radio "Super gangIn charge of many regular programs such as.At one time, he has four regular radio programs a week and is active as a pioneer singer of girls pop, which is different from idols.Also, from the late 4s to the early 1980sMotoharu Sano,Senri Oe,Yasuyuki Okamura,TM NETWORK,Takayuki Osawa,KahoruHe was also known as an Epic earning artist.

OriconAccording to the report, only 1 works have won the 2st place in the single ranking (2 works in the 8nd place), while 9 works have won the 1st place in the album ranking, which is often the case.Album artistIt may be described as such.In addition, in the ranking of the number of years that the album has won the first place in a row,Seiko Matsuda,Akina Nakamori,B'zAlong with others, it has a record of being ranked first for eight consecutive years, ranking fifth in history (Thailand record).

To the main musicians and producers who are in charge of providing and producing Watanabe's songsTetsuya Komuro,Yasuyuki Okamura,Naoto Kine,Hiroshi Ichichi,Yasushi Ishii,Senri Oe,Tsutoshi Goto,Takeshi KobayashiThere were seniors from the same high school as Watanabe, such as Shimizu and Sahashi, and they became popular for providing and producing music for Watanabe.

Since his debut, he has never transferred to the label and has consistently belonged to Epic.By the way, there are other singers who have belonged to the same label and many years at Epic since their debut.Masayuki SuzukiEtc.[1].


From before debut to the 10th anniversary of debut

  • 1983
    • Formed an amateur band with high school friends.Stand on the stage at the school festival.
  • 1984
  • 1985
  • 1986
    • 1/22, Composed by Tetsuya KomuroMy Revolution(TBS drama "Sailor suit street』Theme song) released.3/24AttachedOricon Single ChartWon first place.The song sold about 1 copies (70 on the Oricon chart) and became a "progressive work", and Watanabe himself is the largest at the moment.Hit songBut also.
    • 2/27, TBS systemThe Best Ten], "My Revolution" ranked in 5th place.It will be the first live broadcast appearance.
    • January,TM NETWORK3rd album "GORILLAParticipated in the chorus recording.
    • 4/8, The live tour "My Revolution / 19-year-old secret desire" started at Sapporo Civic Center (18 performances in 19 locations nationwide).
    • 5/20, At the music event "Dance Heaven"Motoharu SanoAnd "So Young" duet.
    • 7/2, 2nd album "Lovin'you』Released.This is the first 2-disc original CD as a Japanese solo artist.
    • 7/23, Fuji TV system "Night hit studio』First appearance. "Long NightSing.Meet the members of the rugby club who were managers in high school (program annual planning).
    • 8/2,Osaka StadiumStarting with,Seibu Lions StadiumHeld a stadium concert "MISATO SPECIAL '86 KICK OFF" at.This was the first attempt as a female solo singer.
    • 9/2, The tour "Steppin'Now Tour" started at Hiroshima Postal Savings Hall (38 performances at 39 locations nationwide).However, he suffered from vocal cord polyps during the tour and was forced to interrupt.
    • 12/21,Nippon BudokanParticipated in the "Anniversary Rock Festival", an event commemorating the 35th anniversary of the opening of TBS in Tokyo.TM NETWORKAnd performed a joint live.
  • 1987
  • 1988
    • 1/14, TBS systemThe Best Ten], "Sad" ranked in 7th place.Naeba Prince HotelMore live broadcast.
    • 3/11, Performs arena tour "SPECIAL CONCERT" OH! "" Including Yoyogi National Gymnasium (6 performances in Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo).
    • 4/21,single"It's okay to fall in loveReleased.It will be his first CD single.UCCIt became a canned coffee campaign song and the person himself appeared in the same CM.
    • 4/29,Nisshin Power StationI jumped in and participated in Yasuyuki Okamura's live performance at.
    • 5/9,Nippon TVsystem"Song top ten"so"It's okay to fall in loveIs ranked in.Nisshin Power StationMore live broadcast.
    • 5/20,Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.system"eZ"soThe SupremesCovers "Stop in the name of love".
    • 5/28, 4th album "ribbon』Released.Achieved his first million seller.
    • 7/21, Released the 11th single "Sentimental Kangaroo". It became a UCC canned coffee campaign song and the person himself appeared in the same CM.
    • 7/24, Held the third stadium concert "ribbon power" at Seibu Lions Stadium.On the day, the first uncut live broadcast by NHK satellite broadcasting will be attempted (3 performances in Osaka and Seibu).
    • 10/1, The concert tour "news" started at Ichihara Civic Hall (47 performances at 48 locations nationwide).
    • 10/21, Released the 12th single "Kimi no Weakness / 10 years". "Your weakness" is a TBS system "Discover the world and mystery!The ending theme, "10 years," will be a UCC canned coffee campaign song, and he will appear in the commercial.
    • 11/3,Waseda UniversityMade inIzumiya ShigeruI jumped in and participated in the live performance and sang "Wild Ballad".
  • 1989
    • UKShort termStudy abroad.
    • 2/18, The concert tour "MISATO CONCERT TOUR news special" will be held starting from the Osaka Festival Hall. (5 performances in 12 locations nationwide)
    • 6/30, The first movie "on the Flower bed" will be screened nationwide.
    • 7/12,Fuji Television Network, Incsystem"Night hit studio DELUXE], Co-starred with Senri Oe (monthly guest) and TM NETWORK. He performed "Moonlight Dance", but the sound source disappeared in the middle.
    • 7/25, The 26th concert "SUPER Flower bed BALL '2" will be held at Seibu Lions Stadium for 4 consecutive days on the 89th, but on the 2th of the 26nd day, due to heavy rain and heavy lightning strikes, it will be in the middle of the live under the guidance of the fire department. And canceled.Later called "Legendary Live".
    • 10/21, Released the 15th single "Niji no Mitakai".Oricon's first appearance won first place.maxell It became a NEW XL series image song and the person himself appeared in the same CM.
    • 11/30, "SUPER Flower bed BALL '89 Autumn's biggest school festival in history"Tokyo DomeDo it at.
    • 12/1, A total of 1 EPs from the 9st single "I'm Free" released in the past to the 9th single "Sad Ne" have been made into CD singles all at once.At the same time, the production of the analog version was discontinued, and the 14th single "Suki (Apricot Mix)" and the 5th album "Flower bed] Was the last analog board.
  • 1990
    • 2/7,Kenji SawadaParticipated in the chorus of "Fallen Angel's Wings".
    • 7/1, For recording the coupling song "Love is magic" of the 17th single "Koisuru Punks"B'z OfTakahiro MatsumotoParticipated.
    • 7/19, The concert tour "misato 1990 TOUR tokyo" started at Gunma Prefectural Civic Center (27 performances in 34 places).
    • 12/22, "Misato Xmas tokyo" is held at Yokohama Arena (2DAYS).
  • 1991
    • 3/30, "SUPER MULTI VIDEO CONCERT" will be held at Yokohama Arena.
    • 7/25, The concert tour "misato Lucky 1991 TOUR -Misa-chan's Adventure-" started at Ehime Prefectural Civic Center (32 performances in 41 locations).
    • 12/22, "Misato Lucky Christmas -Misa-chan's Adventure-" will be held at Yokohama Arena (2DAYS).
  • 1992
    • 8/5, The tour "Misato Watanabe '92 Stadium Legend" started at Nagoya Baseball Stadium.
    • 12/22, "Misato Watanabe '92 Stadium Legend" FINAL "" was held at Yokohama Arena (2DAYS).
  • 1993
    • 7/1, Released the single "BIG WAVE came".To the chorusDaemon KogureParticipated.Ginza Juwaiyo / Kuchuru Maki (Ginza jewelry Maki) CM song.However, it occurred on July 7, the same year.Hokkaido Okushiri Island Offshore EarthquakeDue to the influence of the TV commercial, the TV commercial was discontinued, and the radio was refrained from going on air. (* The big wave is reminiscent of the tsunami of an earthquake).The coupling song "Day when you can cry obediently"Japan McDonald'sIt will be a commercial song.
    • 8/8, Seibu Lions Stadium (8 years in a row)Hankyu Nishinomiya StadiumPerformed a stadium concert "Misato Watanabe '93 Jungle Paradise" at.
    • 8/16, Started concert tour "BIG WAVE TOUR '93" starting from Gunma Prefectural Civic Center (34 performances in 47 locations nationwide).
    • 12/22, "Misato BIG WAVE TOUR '93 FINAL" was held at Yokohama Arena (2DAYS).
  • 1994
    • 9/10, Chiba Prefectural Cultural Hall, touring "misato Baby Faith TOUR 1994-1995" (24 performances in 34 locations nationwide).
  • 1995
    • Transferred from the office "Heartland" to "Antinos Management".
    • 1/28, "Misato Baby Faith TOUR 1994-1995 SPECIAL" will be held at Yokohama Arena, Osaka Castle Hall (February 2) (* The schedule has changed from the beginning due to the Great Hanshin Earthquake).
    • 7/15, Celebrating the 10th anniversary, the firstBest album"She loves you』Released.At the same time, the 10th anniversary video "She loves you born IX 10th anniversary video collection 1985-1995" and the first photo book "SHE LOVES YOU, Yeah! Yeah!" Were released.
    • 8/5, Performed Seibu Stadium live "She loves you 10 Summer 1995th Anniversary" for 10 consecutive years.

From the 10th anniversary of debut to the 20th anniversary of debut

  • 1996
  • 1997
    • 3/26, Appeared on MBS Radio "Young Town" 30th Anniversary Program.
    • 4/5, Seibu Lions official game opening ceremony will be held for 2 consecutive years at Seibu Lions Stadium.
    • 7/24, Performed a concert "misato Enthusiastic Battle '97" at Osaka Castle Hall.Senri Oe will appear as a guest.On June 6th of the same year, the arrangerMasao OmuraDied and sang a song in memory of Omura's death.
    • 8/2, Performed a concert "misato Enthusiastic Battle '97" at Seibu Lions Stadium.Following the performance at Osaka-jo Hall, he sang "Runner" in memory of Omura's death.
  • 1998
    • 5/23,NHK HallPerformed as a guest at Senri Oe's 15th anniversary live performance, and performed "Sad Boyfriend" on Oe's piano.
    • 7/5, The tour "21 Hadaka no Kokoro Tour" started from Hall 1998 in Matsudo Mori (23 performances in 26 places).
    • 8/8, The 13th consecutive concert "misato 1998 Seibu Stadium vol.13 The Sun Knows" was held at Seibu Dome, and it was the last live at Seibu Stadium outdoors.
  • 1999
    • 5/27, My first fullorchestraConcert "misato '99 Spring Utanoki"Bunkamura Orchard HallPerform at (2DAYS)
    • 11/6, The tour "misato '99 Utanoki-Winter Flower-" started at Yokosuka Arts Theater (8 performances in 13 locations).
  • 2000
    • 2/17, Held at Sumida Triphony HallNew Japan Philharmonic OrchestraGuest appearance at the concert "First POPS".
    • 3/28,NHK-BS2"New Midnight Kingdom』\ Tuesday personality.
    • 8/5, The 15th consecutive Seibu Dome Live is held.
    • 9/7Appeared in a live performance by Senri Oe at.
    • 10/14, ZEPP OSAKA started the live house tour "Utanoki 2000 fragile".6 performances in Osaka, Fukuoka and Tokyo.
    • At the end of the year, he was a director and executive producer from the beginning of his debut.Yoji KosakaLeaves Epic Records.After that, it will be self-produced by Misato Watanabe himself.
  • 2001
  • 2002
    • 3/1, Saitama Prefecture Pastoral Kazo started "Jaja Uma Narashi Tour '02" (19 performances in 20 places).
    • 9/22,Tokyo International Forum・ Participated in "Pop Asia 2002" sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs held in Hall A.
    • 10/4, Disney's 100th Anniversary Event held at the Osaka Symphony Hall "Disney on ClassicAppeared as a secret guest in "Tokyo performance on October 10thSuntory HallHeld at.
  • 2003
    • 2/16,Epic record japan25th Anniversary Event "LIVE EPIC 25』Participate in. "Meet you" "My RevolutionIs sung with Tetsuya Komuro's piano accompaniment.other,"It's okay to fall in loveSing "10 years".
    • 3/26,Tomomitsu YamaguchiHiroyuki MiyasakoParticipated in the chorus of the album "Kuzu Album" of the music unit "Kuzu".
    • January,TV AsahisystemTelevision Animation"DoraemonIn charge of the opening theme "Doraemon no Uta".
    • 5/2, "Utanoki 2003 CAFÉ VOYAGE" started at Misato City Cultural Hall in Saitama Prefecture (16 locations nationwide).Since the first day of the performance is the 18th anniversary of Misato Watanabe's debut, the staff's stylish consideration was given to Misato performing live in Misato.
    • 8/24, Guest appearance in Senri Oe's "Noryo Senri Heaven" held at Osaka Castle Amphitheater.
    • 11/14,NTT DoCoMoTokai sponsored "Communication Talk Live 2003 ~ 21st Century Columbus ~"Chen MinAnd guest appearance.
  • 2004
    • 1/23, NHK-BS2 "Let's meet at Tent 2004 Koen-dori" Appeared as a daily guest with monthly guest Senri Oe.
    • 5/8,movies"Avoid love in the center of the world"(directed by:Isao Yukisada) Plays the role of DJ on the radio program that Sakutaro and Aki listen to, and "Kimi ni Aete" is used as an insert song in the movie.
    • 7/27, FM NACK5 live broadcast "Saitama City Cup 2004" Urawa RedsversusInter MilanToTetsuya Katsuragi,Tetsuya KomuroGuest appearance as a commentator with them.
    • 8/10Was held at Aoyama Beach, Niigata CityKatsuhisa HattoriGuest appearance in the outdoor live "2004 Nihonkai Sunset Concert" produced.
    • 9/17, Saitama Prefecture Wako Citizens' Culture Center started "Blue Butterfly tour 2004".
    • 10/14, Held at Kurashiki City Auditorium, Okayama PrefectureMakihara NoriyukiJumped into the concert and appeared.He was a support musician for both Makihara and Watanabe live performances.Hiroo ArigaCelebrate his birthday.
    • 10/22,KyotoArt Complex 1928The first acoustic live tour "Misato Utanoki SEED" has started.
    • 12/25, The first dinner show "Misato First X'mas dinner" will be held at Hotel Nikko Tokyo (December 12, Osaka).
    • 12/31, Nagasaki SaseboHuis Ten BoschParticipated in the countdown event live at.
  • 2005
    • 1/15, Guest appearance at the event live "Kan no Ongaku" held at Kyoto Gion Kobu Kabukijo.
    • 1/16,Bo GumbosParticipated as a vocalist in "Sakana Gokko" recorded in the tribute album "CollaBo GumBos vol.1".
    • 5/1, At the NACK5 17th anniversary event "NACK5 SPECIAL LIVE NEXT STAGE ~ CITY NIGHT 2005 ~" held at Omiya Sonic CityMasayuki Suzuki,The GospellersAppeared with.
    • 7/13, "Misato Watanabe Seibu Live SPECIAL Panel Exhibition" is held at CD stores nationwide.
    • 7/16, Club event "misato club born" is held at club MANIAC LOVE in Aoyama, Tokyo.It was the first all-night event sponsored by a fan club.
    • 7/17 - 19 Day, "V20 MISATO GALLERY -TOKYO-" will be held at Ikebukuro Orange Gallery.Valuable materials from the time of debut were exhibited.
    • 7/25 - 8/7, "V20 MISATO GALLERY -NAGOYA-", which is larger than Tokyo, will be held at Sakae Park Square & Central Gallery in Nagoya.
    • 8/6, Seibu Stadium Live, which has continued for 20 consecutive years, will be the final with "MISATO V20 Stadium Legend-Final Chapter-NO SIDE".
    • 10/2, The full orchestra concert "Utanoki seasons" Orchestra "" started at the Umeda Arts Theater in Osaka.Kansai Philharmonic Orchestra,New Japan Philharmonic OrchestraCo-starred with (4 performances in Tokyo, Kawasaki, etc.).
    • 11/20, The tour "Misato Sing and Roses Tour '05 -'06 ~ Songs and Roses Days ~" has started (20 locations nationwide), starting with the Ebina Culture Hall in Kanagawa Prefecture.At the final performance on April 2006, 04 (Sunday) at Omiya Sonic City, the performance was interrupted for about 23 minutes, saying, "There is something jagged around this area (around the chest), so I will suspend it temporarily." It seems to be a system trouble.
    • 11/23,album"Sing and Roses ~ Songs and Roses ~』Released.Noriyuki Makihara, Kentaro Kobuchi (Kobukuro),TAKURO(GLAY) Etc. provided music.
    • 12/19, "Misato uta no ki 2005" X'mas dinner "" started at Hyatt Regency Osaka in Osaka (24th: Nagoya, 25th: Tokyo).
    • 12/31,NHK Red and White Singing Battle』(56 times, NHK) for the first time. "SkiutaSelected as ""My Revolution

After the 20th anniversary of debut

Seibu Stadium Live & MISATO TRAIN

Seibu Stadium Live

1986Started from degreeSeibu Lions StadiumThe summer concert to be held in 2005It became an annual event until.So far, a total of 70 people have been mobilized, and during the heyday, 4 tickets were sold out on the same day, but in 20058/6of"V20"(20th meaning), the Seibu live that lasted for 20 years ended.Approximately 20 spectators were mobilized for the final V39,000, and Yoshiyuki Sahashi and Senri Oe gave the final support, which was a moving finale.the title is"kick off(1986) ”and“NO SIDE(2005) ”rugbyIt means the start and end of the game, which is derived from the fact that he was the manager of the rugby club when he was in high school.The Seibu Stadium live is said to be 1986 times in a row from 2005 to 20, but in reality 1989There are 2 performances for 2 days, so it should be correct21 consecutive performancesBecomes

Seibu Stadium Live Successive Titles

  • 1986 --"MISATO SPECIAL '86 KICK OFF" (Guest: Tetsuya Komuro,Nobuyuki Shimizu
  • 1987 --"SKIP TOUR SPECIAL" Run-up 1987 ""
  • 1988 --"Ribbon power"
  • 1989 -"SUPER Flower bed BALL '89" (2 performances for 2 days only this year, the live on the 2nd day was canceled due to a thunderstorm[3]..Guest: Yasuyuki Okamura)
  • 1990 --"Misato SEIBU STADIUM '90 tokyo"
  • 1991 --"Misato Lucky Seibu Stadium --Great Adventure"
  • 1992 -"Misato Watanabe '92 Stadium Legend"
  • 1993 -"Misato Watanabe '93 Jungle Paradise"
  • 1994 -"Misato Watanabe '94 Seibu Stadium Moonlight Picnic"
  • 1995 -"She loves you 1995 Summer 10th Anniversary"
  • 1996 --"Free Spirits '96" (Guest:Oniko drum seat
  • 1997 --"Misato Enthusiasm '97"
  • 1998 --"Misato 1998 Seibu Stadium vol.13 I know the sun"
  • 1999 --"MISATO '99 SEIBU DOME Vol.14"
  • 2000 -"MISATO SWEET 15th DIAMOND 2000" (Guest: Ondekoza)
  • 2002 --"Miss Seventeen Stadium 2002" (Guest:Surprised Hornsby,Chen Min, Tomomitsu Yamaguchi)
  • 2003 -"100% MISATO ~ orange 18th ~" (Guests: Kobukuro, Senri Oe,Doraemon
  • 2004 -"Misato Seibu Dome Blue Butterfly 19th" (Guest:Naoto Kine,DJ DRAGON
  • 2005 -"MISATO V20 Stadium Legend-Final Chapter-NO SIDE" (Guests: Senri Oe, Tomomitsu Yamaguchi,Yoshiyuki Sahashi


From 1990 to 2005, the last year, a special special train that doubles as a live spectator transportMISATO TRAIN"But,5000 series Red Arrow( 1990Every time- 1994Every time),10000 series New Red Arrow( 1995Every time- 2005Degree) was driven. August 2018, 8Seibu LionsAs part of the 40th anniversaryMetLife DomeAtNational anthem singingIt was specially revived and operated for the first time in 13 years.Different special products every yearHead markIt is popular that it is attachedSeibu Stadium Station,Seibu Ikebukuro LineMisato Watanabe's fans who shoot this train, which is operated only once a year along the railway lineRailway fan(However, in 2001, 2002 and 2003, there was no special head mark and it was operated as a "temporary" display). From 1990 to 1994 and 2005, not only this limited express train, but also some express and semi-express trains on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line that run in front of Seibu Stadium on the day of the concert (operation vehicles are for commuting to the company).Long seatCar / 3-door car101 / 101N series,301 series,3000 series, 4-door car2000N series6000 series) Also had a head mark. On August 2018, 8, as part of the Seibu Lions 4th Anniversary event, it will be revived with a head mark for one day only.

Successive "MISA TO TRAIN" head mark titles

  • 1990Degree- "misato train"
  • 1991Degree- "misato train"
  • 1992Degree- "ultra misato train"
  • 1993Degree- "Misato Watanabe '93 Jungle Paradise"
  • 1994Degree- "Misato Moonlight Picnic"
  • 1995Degree- "MISATO TRAIN"
  • 1996Degree- "MISATO train ♥"
  • 1997Degree- "misato train"
  • 1998Degree- "misato train"
  • 1999Degree- "1999 MISATO TRAIN"
  • 2000Degree- "Sweet 15th Diamond 2000 MISATO Train"
  • 2001Degree- "Temporary"
  • 2002Degree- "Temporary"
  • 2003Degree- "Temporary"
  • 2004Degree- "Misato Blue Butterfly 19th MISATO TRAIN"
  • 2005Degree- "MISATO V20"
  • 2018Degree- "MISATO TRAIN 2018 ROUTE3310 40th Seibu Lions"

Misato Festival

Misato Festival Successive Titles

  • 2006 -"Misato Festival 2006 in Lake Yamanaka-First Fuji, Misato, Summer has come!-"
  • 2007 --"Yokohama Misato Festival Cosmic Night 2007" / "Kumamoto Misato Festival Summer Emaki Cosmic Castle 2007"
  • 2008 --"Misato Festival 2008 Tokyo Bugiugikiss" / "Misato Festival 2008 Rhapsody in Osaka"
  • 2009 --"Misato Festival 2009 Shining Summer" (Yokohama)
  • 2010 -"25th Anniversary Summer Misato Festival 2010 Song is Beautiful Party! Party!" (Lake Kawaguchi, Sapporo, Fukuoka)
  • 2011 -"Misato Festival 2011-With love from Lake Fujikawaguchiko-" / "Misato Festival 2011-With love from Osaka-"
  • 2012 --"Misato Festival 2012 Wonder 7" (Nippon Budokan)
  • 2013 --"Misato Festival 2013 Spring Happy Hour" (Tokyo) / "Misato Festival 2013 Autumn Sentimental Journey" (Tokyo)
  • 2014 --"Misato Festival V9 Boom Boom Bloom" (Tokyo / Osaka)
  • 2015 --"New Year Misato Festival" (Tokyo) / "Spring Misato Festival 30th Revolution" (Osaka, Tokyo)
  • 2016 --"Ordinary Life Festival" (Yokohama)



releasetitleCouplingHighest rankFirst recording album
1st 19855/2I'm FreeWith a tough feeling (Don't Cry)64 bitM.Renaissance ~ M Renaissance ~
2nd 19858/25GROWIN'UPMore than the color of rouge83 biteyes
3rd 198512/5I don't want to live like I'm deadBye Bye Yesterday77 bit
4th 19861/22My RevolutionI want to stare (Restin'In Your Room)1 bitLovin'you
5th 19865/2Teenage WalkI want to be nice5 bit
6th 19867/21Long Night (Edited version)Don't rain11 bit
7th 198610/22BELIEVEHalf Moon2 bitribbon
8th 19875/2IT'S TOUGH / BOYS CRIED (maybe from that time)-BREATH
9th 198712/9that's sadNew Boyfriendribbon[4]
10th 19884/21It's okay to fall in loveeyes (Live Version)
11th 19887/21Sentimental KangarooMust be me9 bit
12th 198810/21Your weakness / 10 years-4 bit
13th 19896/1Moonlight danceSummer curve2 bitFlower bed
14th 19899/1Suki (Apricot Mix)Momentary Summer (Special Bridge Version)8 bit
15th 198910/21See the rainbowI saw the rainbow (Honey-bee Version)1 bittokyo
16th 19905/12Summertime Blues / Boys kiss Girls-2 bit
17th 19907/1Punks in loveLove is magic6 bit
- 19908/22Home Planet ~ Earth is my home ~[5]Home Planet Theme8 bit25th Anniversary Misato Watanabe Complete Single Collection ~ Song is Beautiful ~
18th 19909/21Power -Tomorrow's child-Kick Off7 bittokyo
19th 19914/18graduateSteppin'now adventure2 bitLucky
20th 19916/21Summer came!Mermaid in love8 bit
21st 199111/21I can't wait until Christmas (Snowman Version) / JUMP (Daimajin Version)12 bit
22nd 19924/22My Revolution -Chapter 2-It's okay to fall in love (Romeo and Juliet)2 bitHELLO LOVERS[6]
23rd 19926/10I'm going to crySummertime Bruce5 bit
24th 199211/21Merry-go-round / blue sky-14 bit
25th 19932/1い つ か き っ とWinter Melody7 bitBIG WAVE
26th 19937/1BIG WAVE Came / A day when you can cry obediently A day when you can laugh-
27th 19945/21Midsummer Santa ClausMoonlight picnic14 bitBaby Faith
28th 19948/1Three cherries do not line upOn a day like this10 bit
29th 19952/1Cincerely [Sincerely]I'm sure someday [Courageous version]15 bitShe loves you[7]
30th 19956/1The farthest place in the world / Promise-17 bit
31st 19966/17My Love Your Love (To you who have only one person)Beloved13 bitSpirits
32nd 19975/28It's the sameLet's get pretty [Suppin version]28 bitNaked Heart[8]
33rd 19977/30Summer songラ ン ナ ー32 bit
34th 19982/21Real faceSnow day41 bit
35th 19986/20The sun knowsEveryone be good boys47 bit
36th 199811/21What to do with new days / Christmas-45 bitSweet 15th Diamond
37th 20005/24Farther ... / Deep breathing-26 bitLove Go Go !!
38th 20008/2Rough chest cymbal ringFist
49 bit
39th 20017/18Summer cauteryTruth30 bitSoleil
40th 20022/20Sing gently ~ Killing me softly with his song ~Give me wings63 bitCafe mocha ~ Uta no Ki ~
41st 20024/24YOU ~ New place ~ / Flower ~ I will live with this ~-44 bitSoleil
42nd 200212/4December godI SAW MOMMY KISSING SANTA CLAUS ~ Mom kissed Santa ~
48 bit25th Anniversary Misato Watanabe Complete Single Collection ~ Song is Beautiful ~
43rd 20036/18Doraemon no UtaDoraemon no Uta (Karaoke)70 bit
44th 20037/16小指OPEN ARMS52 bitORANGE
45th 200312/17Ten secretsGift ~ in my pocket version ~53 bitBlue Butterfly
46th 200510/19Tomato / No Side10 years (V20 Version)[9]19 bitSing and Roses ~ Songs and Roses ~
47th 20066/21Onegai Taiyou ~ Summer Kiseki ~WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD50 bitHeart galaxy
48th 20069/27Blue BirdOnegai Taiyou ~ Summer Kiseki ~ (Live version)34 bit
49th 20073/14Hold that handBlue Bird (Live version)45 bit
50th 20082/6yesAnd So It Goes ~ And now ... ~55 bit25th Anniversary Misato Watanabe Complete Single Collection ~ Song is Beautiful ~[10]
51st 20096/17Tomorrow's skyTomorrow's Sky (Movie Edition)40 bit
52nd 200910/21The poem of the beginning, to you / the glowing windSad Boyfriend ~ Movie edition ~46 bit
53rd 20105/26New World ~ To a New World ~ / Spring Day Summer Sun SundayOur arch42 bitSerendipity
54th 20117/12SerendipityI love every day38 bit
55th 20144/23from hereIt's sad-Misato Festival Autumn Sentimental Journey at NHK Hall 2013.11.17-
Real Face -Misato Festival Autumn Sentimental Journey at NHK Hall 2013.11.17-
52 bitOrdinary life
56th 201410/29What color is your dreamWherever you are42 bit
57th 20177/5I'm hereMy Revolution (Mezamashi Classic ver.)46 bitID

Limited distribution

20103/26Our arch[11]
20121/11HOW'BOUT A DANCE -Musical Edition-
20138/21UGUISS feat. MISATO / New Series Vol.1[12]How Are You Doing? (# 1)
Sweet Revenge (# 2)


Original album

releasetitleHighest rank
1st 198510/2eyes4 bit
2nd 19867/2Lovin'you1 bit
3rd 19877/15BREATH
4th 19885/28ribbon
5th 19897/1Flower bed
6th 19907/7tokyo
7th 19917/6Lucky
8th 19937/21BIG WAVE
9th 19949/7Baby Faith2 bit
10th 19967/12Spirits5 bit
11th 19987/1Naked Heart8 bit
12th 20007/19Love ♥ Go Go !!9 bit
13th 20027/10Soleil23 bit
14th 20038/6ORANGE20 bit
15th 20047/14Blue Butterfly16 bit
16th 200511/23Sing and Roses ~ Songs and Roses ~30 bit
17th 20077/4Heart galaxy24 bit
18th 20118/3Serendipity21 bit
19th 20154/1Ordinary life16 bit
20th 20198/7ID

Remastered reissue

releasetitleHighest rank
1st 201512/6eyes -30th Anniversary Edition-41 bit
2nd 201611/30Lovin'you -30th Anniversary Edition-25 bit
3rd 20185/23ribbon -30th Anniversary Edition-22 bit
4th 202011/25tokyo -30th Anniversary Edition-TBA

Original album BOX

releasetitleHighest rank
1st 20108/25Misato Watanabe 25th Anniversary Album Box "Wonderful Moments 25th"68 bit

Self cover album

releasetitleHighest rank
1st 19927/8HELLO LOVERS1 bit
2nd 200810/8Dear My Songs ~ Uta no Ki ~21 bit

Best album

releasetitleHighest rankRemarks
1st 19957/17She loves you1 bitThe first best album commemorating the 10th anniversary of debut.
2nd 20007/19Sweet 15th Diamond4 bitA 15-disc set commemorating the 2th anniversary of debut.
3rd 20031/1THE LEGEND87 bitEpic record japanTo commemorate the 25th anniversary, one of the best album series of the artists who belonged in the 1980s.
4th 20057/13M.Renaissance ~ M ・ Renaissance ~7 bitThe 20th anniversary of debut, a 3-disc set, the first all-time best.
5th 20101/2725th Anniversary Misato Watanabe Complete Single Collection ~ Song is Beautiful ~25 bitThe first single collection of 25 discs commemorating the 4th anniversary of debut.
6th 20137/1021 bitThe best album selected based on the data of the past 21 years. In 2015, it was released in a three-sided special case for a limited time as a ring to commemorate the 30th anniversary of its debut.
7th 20207/1harvest3 bitThe 35th anniversary all-time best album selected by fan voting.

Live album

releasetitleHighest rank
1st 199511/13Live Love Life2 bit
2nd 200012/6Uta no Ki Gift29 bit
3rd 20137/10Live Love Life 2013 at Hibiya Noon ~ Misato Festival Spring Happy Hour ~28 bit

Cover album

releasetitleHighest rank
1st 20023/20Café mocha ~ Uta no Ki ~27 bit
2nd 200411/17Uta no Ki seasons “Winter”64 bit
3rd 20052/23Uta no Ki seasons “Spring”71 bit
4th 20055/25Uta no Ki seasons “Summer”64 bit
5th 20058/24Uta no Ki seasons “Autumn”78 bit
6th 201211/14My Favorite Songs ~ Utanoki Cinema ~57 bit


20008/2SEIBU STADIUM LIVE HISTORY 1986-1999 -Sweet 15th Diamond Born 2000-
200012/6Utanoki Welcome
200111/21MISATO BORN AUG 1986 --MAR 1987
misato bornII aug 1987 --mar 1988
misato-sad songs bornII special edition
misato bornIII Flower bed from eZ the Movie
misato born IV Super youth live of love and excitement
misato bornV tokyo 1990
misato born special version misato clips
Ultra misato born VI
Stadium legend bornVII
misato born8 Brand New Heaven
She loves you born9 10th anniversary video collection 1985-1995
misato born10 Free Spirits Tour
200512/21Stadium Legend FOREVER 1986-2005 BORN FINAL
20066/21MISATO V20 Stadium Legend ~ Final Chapter ~ NO SIDE
200611/29Uta no Ki Gift Box
20077/18Voice I
20087/23Voice II
20098/12Voice III
201012/22Live is Wonderful ~ Misato Matsuri Box 2006-2010 ~
201112/28Utanoki Orchestra 2011
20125/2Voice IV
20168/242016 Misato Watanabe 30th Anniversary Yokohama Arena Ordinary Life Festival

Blu-ray Disc

200712/5Misato Festival 2006! In Lake Yamanaka-First Fuji, Misato, Summer has come!-
201112/28Utanoki Orchestra 2011
20168/242016 Misato Watanabe 30th Anniversary Yokohama Arena Ordinary Life Festival


Song titleTie-up
I'm FreeTBSDrama seriesSuper police] Theme song
With a tough feeling (Don't Cry)TBS drama "Super Police" insert song
My RevolutionTBS drama "Sailor suit street] Theme song
movies"Handsome suit(Released in November 2008) Theme song
Teenage Walk'86ANA Of summerHokkaido Image Song
BELIEVETBS drama "Exciting! OL street] Theme song
It's okay to fall in loveUCC CAN COFFEE CM tie-up song
Sentimental Kangaroo
Your weaknessTBS systemDiscover the world and mystery!] Theme song
10 yearsUCC CAN COFFEE CM tie-up song
See the rainbowMaxell NEW XL series image song
Summertime BruceMeiji Life (currentlyMeiji Yasuda Life) Super Life CM Image Song
Boys kiss GirlsBridgestoneALEPH QUEST image song
Home Planet ~ Earth is my home ~TBS "Space Correspondent Plan" theme song
Power -Tomorrow's child-Meiji Life Super Life CM Song
graduateMeiji Life Super Life EX CM Song
Summer came!Meiji Life 110th Anniversary CM Song
I can't wait until Christmas (Snowman Version)Meiji Life CM Song
I'm going to cryMeiji Life Super Life EX CM Song
Merry-go-roundTBS systemMove"Ending theme
blue skyTBS drama "Ten years love"Insert song
い つ か き っ とTBS systemSomeday say you like it] Theme song
BIG WAVE cameCamelia diamondCF song
A day when you can cry obediently A day when you can laughMcDonald'sCM image song
Three cherries do not line upFuji Television Network, Incsystem"Takeshi/Hemi Heisei Board of Education』Ending theme song
Cincerely [Sincerely]TBS systemTetsuya Chikushi NEWS23』Ending theme song
Promise"Kansai Cellular] CM song
My Love Your Love (To you who have only one person)Nippon TV Atlanta PlanningImage Song
It's the sameNippon TelevisionTHE Sunday +30"Ending theme
Summer songTBS series "World, Mysterious Discovery!" Ending theme
Real facemovies"F] Theme song
The sun knowsAsahi Broadcasting-TV Asahisystem"National High School Baseball Championship』80th anniversary, 81st tournament theme song
Nippon Television'98Yokohama International Women's Ekiden"Theme song
New daysNippon TelevisionExclusive !! SPORTS information"Theme song
Farther ...Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Drama seriesEach cliff] Theme song
Take a deep breathFuji TV systemWeather"Theme song
Rough chest cymbal ringAsahi Broadcasting / TV Asahi "Heat fight Koshien』Opening theme song
Sing gently ~ Killing me softly with his song ~NescafeExcella CF song
YOU ~ New place ~TBS systemRumored! Tokyo Magazine"Ending theme
Doraemon no UtaTV AsahiDoraemon] Theme song
Ten secretsTV Asahi drama "New Kyoto Labyrinth Information] Theme song
TomatoKitakyushu AirportTV commercial campaign song
Blue BirdTV Tokyo series "Let's stay in the countryside!"Ending theme
Hold that handAnime movieSuper Movie version Keroro Sergeant 2 is the Deep Sea Princess!] Theme song
yesTBS drama "Third generation Yome!] Theme song
Tomorrow's skymovies"Ikechan and I] Theme song
Shining windAsahi beerShochu "Kanoka" CM song
Our arch"Asahi beer×Fukuoka Softbank Hawks ASAHI SUPER DRY LIVE POP HAWKS ”inspired song
New World ~ To a New World ~UHB"Sports Wide F Flame ~ SPORT HOKKAIDO ~"
Spring day Summer sun SundayTOKYO FM"NISSAN A, Reiji Abe ~ BEYOND THE AVERAGE"Theme song
SerendipityYomiuri Television・ Nippon TelevisionInformation Live Miyaneya"Ending theme
from hereApple auto network25th Anniversary CM Tie-up Song

Participating work (vocal chorus)

Release dateSong titleCollection work
1986/6/4Come on Let's DanceTM NETWORK"GORILLA"
1986/11/6The loneliness of a long-distance runner / When it comes downSenri Oe"AVEC"
1987/6/21Let's put a T-shirt / ale that bends the neckSenri Oe "OLYMPIC"
1988/7/21Jessio's BarSenri Oe "1234"
1989/10/11Fallen angel wingsKenji Sawada"He can't sleep"
1991/9/26How to be touched / COWBOY BLUESSenri Oe "MEN"
2003/3/26MoonlightWaste "Waste album"
2005/1/26Fish pretend (Misato Watanabe & Tokyo 60WATTSBO GUMBOSTribute album "CollaBo GumBos Vol.1"
2006/11/29And now ... (And So It Goes)Billy JoelTribute album "WANNA BE THE PIANO MAN"
2011/2/16Spring breeze feat. Misato WatanabeLGYankees"BARIBARI LGYankees"
2016/4/6A song that never endsNobuyuki ShimizuArranger 35th Anniversary Album "LIFE IS A SONG"
2016/4/6A lot of this wide field ~ 50th Anniversary Version ~ with 50 FriendsRyoko Moriyama"Touch Me"
2017/12/6Let's go! Muts go! ~ 66 colors of rainbow ~ / Hayamatsu XNUMXROOTS66 Party with Matsuno Family XNUMX Brothers "Let's Go! Muts Go! ~ XNUMX Colored Rainbow ~"
2019/6/12Hometown feat. Misato WatanabeAUN J-CLASSIC ORCHESTRA"Hibiki ~ THE SOUNDS OF JAPAN ~"
2019/10/16Otonano Recommended ~ 35th Beloved SP ~Angry heaven"Dohatsuten 35th Anniversary Edition"



Regular / special program




My Revolution1987/9/21Yasuko NaitoIncluded in the album "SONGS".
19-year-old secret desire1988/3/21Yasuyuki OkamuraIncluded in the album "DATE".
Meet you1992/10/21Tetsuya KomuroIncluded in the album "Hit Factory".
When the cherry blossoms bloom1998/5/20Sawa wisdomIncluded in the album "Iiuta Iroiro".
I can't wait until Christmas1998/11/26DeepsIncluded in the album "Wish".
My Revolution1999/1/1Monkey rocksingle"My RevolutionAnd the album "1986].
that's sad2001/12/19South ParadiseRecorded in the single "Sad".
My Revolution 20022002/5/16ULTRASIncluded in the album "ULTRAS 2002".
New place2002/8/28KobukuroA cover song for "YOU ~ New Place ~".album"grapefruits].
MY REVOLUTION2003/8/27GTS feat.M.SEXTONIncluded in the album "CROSSOVER".
10 years2003/12/3Senri Oealbum"Home at last ~ Senri Sings Senri ~].
Common girl2005/10/20NIRGILISA mashup song for "My Revolution".Included in the limited single "My Revo" and the album "BOY".
Fist2005/10/26Naoto KineIncluded in the album "Life".
My Revolution2006/5/31INSPiIncluded in the album "Inspiration / Reprint 3".
2006/11/29TRFSingle "We are all BLOOMIN'" coupling song.
2007/1/24Daemon Kogurealbum"GIRLS'ROCK].
2007/7/4DJTKIncluded in the album "cream of j-pop ~ Utaitsuguuta ~".
2007/11/14Nonami TakizawaSingle "B BLUE" coupling song.
With a tough feeling (Don't Cry)2008/1/30Daemon Kogurealbum"GIRLS'ROCK √ Hakurai].
My Revolution2008/4/23Shonen KamikazeCompilation albumRecorded in "".
Summertime Bruce2008/5/21Naomi TamuraIncluded in the compilation album "J-POP Happy Drive Mix ~ Rainbow Rose Edition ~".
My Revolution2008/10/29Missing LinkTakeshi Tsukaji(Drunk Dragon)The cover song of "My Revolution".Included in the single "My Revolution".
My Revolution2009/11/25Purple DaysSingle "Shine Of Love" coupling song.
2010/5/26pitcher56iTunes StoreIncluded in the limited-edition compilation album "TOKYO Auto-Reverse ~ Neo Shibuya-kei x 80's ~".
Lovin'you2010/8/25Kobukuroalbum"ALL COVERS BEST].
My Revolution2011/6/29Ai KawashimaIncluded in the album "".
Tonight is your chance2016/9/21THE MODSIncluded in the album "".


[How to use footnotes]
  1. ^ Watanabe himself made his debut as a singer.Aiming to be an artist carrying an Epic signBecause I professed.
  2. ^ Broadcast on November 2008, 11 "Mind of Music-Now So Music-" (bayfm) From "Misato Watanabe Special".
  3. ^ The situation at this time is recorded at the beginning of the live DVD "misato born IV Love and Impression Super Youth Live".
  4. ^ Of the 12th single "Kimi no Weakness / 10years", "Your weaknessIs not included in this album, but the best album "25th Anniversary Misato Watanabe Complete Single Collection ~ Song is Beautiful ~It was recorded in.
  5. ^ Motoharu SanoDuet with
  6. ^ Of the 24th single "Merry-Go-Round / Aozora", "Merry-go-roundIs not included in this album, but the best album "25th Anniversary Misato Watanabe Complete Single Collection ~ Song is Beautiful ~It was recorded in.
  7. ^ Of the 30th single "The Farthest Place in the World / Promise", "Promise"Is in every albumNot recorded.
  8. ^ Of the 33rd single "Summer Song", the coupling song "ラ ン ナ ーOnly recorded in this album,Title songIs the best album "Sweet 15th DiamondIt was recorded in.
  9. ^ Only the limited-time production version is included.
  10. ^ The 51st and 52nd singles were later released on the 18th album "Serendipity] Is also recorded again.
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  12. ^ UGUISS feat. MISATO name.

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