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📱 | 24-hour non-face-to-face rental "all-time rental car", smartphone is the key to the car "virtual key" adopted

Photo All-time rental car x virtual key

Adopted "all-time rental car" for 24-hour non-face-to-face rental and "virtual key" where smartphone is the key to the car

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In the future, Virtual Key will contribute to the shift to non-face-to-face and non-contact services that support the 88-hour operation of rental car vehicles, which is said to be about 2019 units (24: National Rent-A-Car Association), and a "new lifestyle". I will go.

A "virtual key" jointly developed by Eid and Jigowatts, in which smartphones are the key to cars, will start in the Shibuya area ... → Continue reading


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According to the National Car Rental Association

New lifestyle

New lifestyle(New Seikatsu Yoshiki)2019 New Coronavirus InfectionBut to prevent the spread of the infection over a long period of timeMinistry of Health, Labor and WelfareIs the action guideline published by[1][2].

To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus in the long termSplash infection,Contact infectionAnd even more measures for short-distance conversations than ever beforeEveryday lifeMust be established and sustained[3].

20205/4InExpert meetingIn order to prevent the spread of infection again even in areas where the number of people infected with the new coronavirus has decreased and the number of people infected has decreased, daily life (prevention of infection, movement, etc.)shopping,Meal, Working style, etc.), and various practical examples were published.[4].

Practical example

Your basic infection control

The basics of infection prevention are the following three[5].

Specific measures include the following[5].

  • Keep a distance of 2m (minimum 1m) from people as much as possible.
  • When talking, avoid head-on as much as possible.
  • Wear a mask even if you have no symptoms when you are out and talking indoors and you do not have enough space between you and others.However, in the summerheatstrokePay close attention to.
  • When you get home, wash your hands and face first.After going to a crowded place, change clothes and take a shower as soon as possible.
  • Wash your hands carefully with water and soap for about 30 seconds (hand sanitizers can also be used).
  • Tighten physical condition management when meeting with elderly people or people with a high risk of illness.

There are the following measures for infection related to movement[5].

  • Refrain from moving from areas where infection is endemic or to areas where infection is endemic.
  • Make a note of who and where you met in case you get sick.Contact confirmation appAlso utilize.
  • Pay attention to the infection situation in the area.

Basic lifestyle for daily life

  • Frequently wash hands and disinfect hands
  • Thorough cough etiquette
  • Frequent ventilation (room temperature below 28 ° C with air conditioner)
  • Ensuring physical distance
  • "3 dense(Dense / close / sealed) avoidance
  • Understanding and implementing appropriate lifestyle habits such as exercise, diet, and smoking cessation according to each person's health condition
  • Body temperature measurement and health check every morning.If you have a fever or cold, do not overdo it and recuperate at home[5]

Lifestyle for each scene of daily life


  • mail orderAlso used [5]
  • For the time spent alone or in small groups
  • Electronic paymentUse of
  • Make a plan and get it done quickly
  • Be conservative in contact with exhibits such as samples
  • Space before and after when lining up at the cash register

Entertainment / sports, etc.

  • Choose a place when the park is free[5]
  • For muscle training and yoga, keep a sufficient distance from people (or use videos at home)
  • Jogging with a small number of people
  • Manners to keep a distance when passing each other
  • Relax using the reservation system
  • No need to stay long in a small room
  • Singing and cheering at a sufficient distance or online

Use of public transportation

  • Conversation modest
  • Avoid busy hours[5]
  • Also use walking and biking


  • Take-out, delivery, delivery[5]
  • Comfortable in the outdoor space
  • Avoid platters and cook individually
  • Let's sit side by side instead of face to face
  • Focus on cooking, be modest in chatting
  • Avoid swirling drinks, glasses and inoguchi

Participation in events, etc.

A new style of working

  • TeleworkAnd rotation work
  • Relax with staggered commuting
  • The office is wide
  • Meeting online
  • Ventilation and mask for face-to-face meetings[5]


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