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๐Ÿ’ช ๏ฝœ Mr. Ichiro "The ball has become faster" Retired and still evolved Pitcher practice

Mr. Ichiro giving a lecture at a photo newspaper competition = Portopia Hotel (photographed by Noboru Yamaguchi)

Mr. Ichiro "The ball has become faster" Retired and still evolved Pitcher practice

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Speaking of Mr. Ichiro, he played baseball in grass after retiring and became a hot topic.

Mr. Ichiro (47), who was active in the US Major League Baseball, Mariners, etc., was sponsored by the Japan Newspaper Publishers and Editors Association held in Kobe on the 26th.ใ€€โ†’ Continue reading

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Japanese amateur baseball

in JapanAmateur baseballWhat is (amateur or baseball)? Competition or leisureSportsAsbaseballIt refers to the cultural soil in which the activities are carried out, the specific activities of people and groups based on them, and the basic spirit that motivates them.

Even if we take up only the group called amateur baseball, its historical background and culture are recognized for the diversity that was born in the process of development, and it cannot be called amateur baseball at once.Moreover, even from the viewpoint of the environment as a given condition, it cannot be changed by the intention of the development and promotion of baseball.To the last, one of the concepts of sports culture is amateur baseball.

Japan Baseball OrganizationTo superviseProfessional baseballThere are also concepts and definitions for professional baseball such as.In a strict sense, it is a reactionary and limited definition, but in reality, it is often the case that an expert shows a finding entitled "Pro-Am problem", and it is conveniently used in that case.In this case, as a representative organization as a target amateur organization,All Japan Baseball Association,Japan Baseball Federation,All Nippon University Baseball Federation,Japan High School Baseball Federation,All Japan Softball Baseball Federationand so on.


Here, we will describe as an example (using the irony of professional baseball) specific groups that autonomously recognize that they are amateur groups with the greatest common divisor of orientation based on the idea of โ€‹โ€‹developing and promoting baseball.

In a broad sense, everything except professional baseball is targeted, but as an amateur baseball in a narrow senseBaseball-Youth baseballใƒป Working people, general, and others excludingStudent baseball(high school baseball-College baseball) Is an organization that is classified as a so-called "amateur"[1]What he is in control of is called amateur baseball.

In terms of direct interpretation of terms, other than professional baseballAdult baseball-Student baseball(University-University-Vocational school) ใƒป School children's baseball (junior high school ใƒปYouth baseballEtc.), but in general usage in the baseball world and related media in Japan, there are no professional players whose final educational background is after graduating from junior high school, so unless otherwise specified, it is a rigid type. It is often used as a narrow meaning for adult baseball and student baseball.

In terms of organizational structure in JapanAll Japan Baseball AssociationHowever, it is by no means the top organization of all amateur baseball-related organizations in Japan, and it is a rigid type.Adult baseball(Japanese Baseball League)Student baseballIt is an organization that is only targeted at (Japan Student Baseball Association), and is an organization that is organized only to form an amateur all-Japan team as baseball and to participate in the Olympics and international competitions.

Originally, in Japan, baseball for working adults, universities, high schools, vocational schools, boys, and school children has a history of developing independently, and has a history of being operated separately for a long time.Due to these circumstances, even for the same high school students, boys and girls are different, and even among girls, the jurisdiction is different for hardball and softball, and even for the same hardball baseball, the upper organization is completely unrelated to the university and vocational school. (See the list below) Even if you say amateur baseball in a word, there are actually various groups.Regarding participation in international competitionsJapan Olympic Committee(JOC) andJapan Sports AssociationThere are various relationships with (JSPO),National body,Asian GamesParticipation in the sports association requires membership in the sports association, but participation in the Olympics is possible if you are a member of the JOC, which complicates the status of membership.The previous All Japan Baseball Federation is also JOCWorld Baseball Softball ConfederationIs a member of, but is not a member of JSPO.

In addition, clubs and circles in schools and teams with strong recreational colors such as so-called grass baseball teams also fall into the category of amateur baseball, but it is not necessary to compare the organizational and management capabilities of federations and the like compared to those mentioned above. , Federations, etc. are basically nonexistent.National competitions and district competitions sponsored by sports equipment manufacturers are held (see the list below).

Organizational structure of related organizations

JapaneseamateurThe baseball world has been around for many yearsAdult baseball-College baseball-high school baseball-Youth baseball-Baseball-Women's baseballยทOtherStudent baseball(Vocational school,Technical college) Groups are intricately intertwined and each has been operated independently.In recent years, there has been a tendency to gradually establish a governing body as a higher-ranking group and promote a cooperative system. (The following is the situation as of 2005)

* Items marked with * areAll Japan Baseball ConferenceIndicates that the organization is not eligible for participation in.


[How to use footnotes]
  1. ^ Once all athletes were perfectamateurIt was a division name used when all members of the team did not receive financial rewards and profits as athletes, but the definition was given in the subsequent changes in the competition environment and the surrounding society. Has reached a state where is not always the case, and all "amateur baseball" players are in a strict sense.amateurIt is hard to think that it is.In addition to the question of whether the athlete is an amateur, there is also the question of what the actual situation of the competition management organization that controls the athletes and teams is.Due to this situation, it is often pointed out that athletes and management organizations are in a state where it is difficult to say that they are amateurs when it is necessary to clearly distinguish the identity of being an "amateur" from "professional". ing.
  2. ^ It is also possible to register and join female members, university students, university teams (excluding all Japan University Baseball Federation), and vocational school teams.It is also possible to register and join part-time communication high school students and teams over the age of 18.
  3. ^ Targets all rigid teams, mainly general teams.The district federation is underdeveloped.
  4. ^ Some have a cooperative relationship with the All Japan Women's Baseball Federation / General Division.
  5. ^ Registration of female members is possible. There is also a plan to join the women's independent team in 2006.However, just because there is no prohibition provision, it is actually decided by consultation within each terminal federation.In addition, registration / participation of junior college students and membership of junior college independent teams are not prohibited as a whole, but as in the case of female independent teams, the rules and treatment of each district federation are different.
  6. ^ Female athletes cannot participate in the tournament
  7. ^ Female athletes can participate in small, middle, high and general.
  8. ^ University and vocational school teams can also join.
  9. ^ All Japan University Softball Baseball Federation / Semi-rigid Division becomes independent
  10. ^ All Japan University Softball Baseball Federation / Softball Division becomes independent
  11. ^ (Separated from the current all-Japan university baseball federation)
  12. ^ Since it is a five-year system, some schools register up to the third year as a team belonging to the Takano Ren and the fourth and fifth years as a team belonging to the University Federation. (There is no problem with duplication with the technical college competition)
  13. ^ Some have a cooperative relationship with the All Japan University Women's Baseball Federation.
  14. ^ The National Baseball Federation is a baseball federation organized by government agencies, other government agencies, and various organizations. Baseball tournaments are held by teams of government officials and officials (or bureaucrats) and staff members of the government agencies and other government agencies.The ball is soft.Tournament location, Ota Stadium.Sponsorship /Junichi Shimbun.See details
  15. ^ real-estate companyA baseball tournament is held every year by a real estate company.Baseball ballIs softball.OtherNPOIs established.this is 1989Established inteens OfHealthyIUpbringingAnd for productionInternational exchangeStarted activities as an NGO with the purpose of doing so.

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