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📷 | The camera caught it!The aim is a bill ... The whole story of Saisen Doro Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture


The camera caught it!The aim is a bill ... The whole story of Saisen Doro, Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture

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Police who received a damage report from the shrine are investigating on suspicion of theft.

The target was a coin box at a shrine.A security camera captured the whole story of a suspicious man stealing cash.A piece of flashlight ... → Continue reading

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damage report

damage report(Higaitodoke) iscrimeThe person who thinks that he suffered from the damage of thePolicemenSuch asInvestigation agencyNotification to file.

The form of damage report and accident certification varies from country to country, and these formats do not exist in some countries.[1].


JapanThen, the damage report is generallyPolicemenSubmit to. AlsoPolice box,Police stationIf you visit to report the damage facts,Police officerMay be created based on the hearing facts.

Since the damage report is an arbitrary document written by a private person, it plays a role of notifying the criminal facts to the investigative agency.Beginning of the investigationAlthough it is planned to be used aslawProduce a predetermined effectChargesOrAccusationHas no property asGuilty chargesIn case ofProsecutionIt is understood that it does not meet the requirements of. In other words, you will be in charge of the case just by reporting the damageProsecutor TheGuilty chargesCases corresponding to (as a representative examplePenal Code Article 224 OfMinors,Article 230 of the same law OfLibel,Copyright lawViolation)prosecutionCannot be done,DismissalI have to do it.

The damage report only declares the damage facts,CriminalIt is said that it does not include a statement of intent to seek prosecution (this will be done legally by prosecution/accusation). Even if there is a damage reportinvestigationWhether or not to start is dependent on the discretionary ex officio of the police officer in charge or the section manager in charge, unlike the complaint and the complaint, the chief approval is not necessary for the damage report,Police headquartersThere is no obligation to report to. And the damage report isCriminal procedure codeIs not described at all (so, of course, it is an act stipulated in the law (Article 230 of the Penal Code) Or accusation (Article 239 of the Penal CodeLack of validity to be treated as), and is not legally treated).

Recently, the police and other investigative agencies are required to respond sufficiently to the victims, so the importance of reporting the damage as the "start of the investigation" by which the police and others officially learned the facts of the damage is increasing. (However, in the case of a parental offense, which still requires a complaint, the damage report alone would be an obstacle to prosecution.Criminal caseThere is no change in not being able to prosecute. In this case, in order to make a public complaint, a complaint must be made later).

Unlike complaints and accusations, damage reports do not seek criminal punishment by themselves (thus, they are moreFine offenseIn the prosecutionProsecution delayIf you submit a false damage report, it will be stipulated in Article 172 of the Criminal Code as well as a complaint or accusationCrimes such as false chargesCan be configured. Also, because it is a filing of a fictional crime to a public employee,Light crime lawThe requirements for Article 1 No. 16 will be met.

There is also a notification of harm (kaitoidoke) as a notification with a similar name, but this is raised by itself.dogOr dangerousAnimal PeopleIf you do harm toHealth centerWill be reported to. In addition, this notification is based on the regulations,MunicipalitiesOn the contrary, there are cases where there are provisions for damage reports to be submitted when a dog is harmed, but this is different from the damage report to be reported to the police.


In the Netherlands, if you report the damage to the police when you are victim of a crime of theft, a loss certificate / report will be issued, and this loss certificate / report may be useful when making a claim to an insurance company[2].. When submitting a theft report to the policeSchengen AgreementMay ask for a proof of purchase of stolen goods or a serial number certificate.[2].


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