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👩‍🎤 | Leading voice actor Takeru Sato is also very confused!"Dragon Quest VS Writer's" Mud Swamp Trial ""

Photo Takeru Sato is also confused ...

The leading voice actor, Takeru Sato, is also very confused!"Dragon Quest VS Writer's" Mud Swamp Trial ""

If you write the contents roughly
What kind of settlement will the civil lawsuits that will start in the future be?

Based on the popular game "Dragon Quest V: The Bride in the Sky" produced by Square Enix and sold XNUMX million copies ... → Continue reading

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Civil action

Civil actionWhat is (Minji Sosho)?privateLife relationship betweenCivil) (Disputes regarding rights and obligations)Private lawTo apply and solveLawsuit.


Specifically, property disputes (who owns this land, return money, etc.)Restitution for DamagesThe proceedings are for disputes related to claims and status.Civil Procedure CodeandCode of Civil ProcedureIt is done based on.Regarding the types of proceedings that resolve disputes regarding status (divorce, recognition, existence of parent-child relationships, etc.),Personnel litigationSometimes called.

In a civil lawsuit in a broad sense, an enforcement procedure for executing the rights vested by the proceeding (Civil Execution LawCivil protection procedures (specified by) and the preparatory stage for thatCivil Conservation LawRegulates the relationship between multiple parties regarding claims and debts)bankruptcyProcessing procedures are also included in this.

In addition,Administrative litigationMay be included in a civil lawsuit.This is because the provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure are applied mutatis mutandis to administrative proceedings in principle (Article 7 of the Administrative Litigation Act),Criminal procedure codeContrast with criminal proceedings disciplined by.

Civil lawsuitplaintiff(And its agents) initiate by filing an action, and by itself[1].


  1. Ordinary proceedings
  2. Bill litigation-Check proceedings
  3. Small amount litigation

Types of complaints

  • Proceedings for benefits (proceedings for benefits)
    A proceeding in which the proceedings are for the purpose of certain benefits.An example is a lawsuit for the removal of land from a building.It is a basic type in proceedings.
  • Proceedings for confirmation (confirmation proceedings)
    A proceeding in which the litigation is for the purpose of confirming legal relationships.An example is a debt nonexistence confirmation lawsuit.It is a supplementary type in proceedings and is allowed only when certain requirements are met.詳細についてはFor more informationProfit of appealas well as the Confirmation benefitsSee.
    • Appeal for positive confirmation
    • Negative confirmation appeal
  • Proceedings for formation (formation proceedings, proceedings for establishment, proceedings for change of rights)
    A proceeding in which the litigation is aimed at forming a certain legal relationship.An example is a lawsuit to cancel a resolution at a general meeting of shareholders.


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  1. ^ Supervised by the General Training Institute for Court Staff "Overview of the Code of Civil Procedure (XNUMXth Edition)" Judiciary Association ISBN 978-4-906929-29-0, Page 109



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