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👩‍🎤 | Meru Nukumi, "JERSEYS" CM appearance with "The best and amazing" "Merurugo" explosion!Pop-ups ...

Photo Meru Nukumi, "JERSEYS" CM appearance with "the best and amazing" "Merurugo" explosion!Pop-up store held

Meru Nukumi, "JERSEYS" CM appearance with "the best and amazing" "meru word" explosion!Pop-ups ...

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[Click here for images] Meru Nukumi is a popular item from EDWIN Co., Ltd. "JERSEYS ... → Continue reading


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Jersey (clothing)

Jersey(jersey, Jersey)Tianzhu fabric(Knitted) Another name.Or made of Tianzhu fabricclothing,In particularTraining wearRefers to.

Origin of jersey

The name jersey isAmericaIt is derived from the name of the Tenjiku fabric and the competition wear made from the Tenjiku fabric is called jersey.For exampleIce hockeyPlayers andbasketballPlayers are wearing during the match,NumberWas attachedshirtIs jersey.

JapanTraining wear commonly referred to as jersey is a tracksuit (tracksuitCall.

Training wear

School gym clothes / work clothes

Jersey is used in physical education in Japanese schoolsGym clothesNot only used as a kindEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euIt is also used as such.

It is a set of top and bottom,BottomsToTraining pants"TopsToTraining shirtIs often called.Abbreviation is "Trepan""Treskin. "

Especially in the case of school-designated jerseys, functionality and durability are taken into consideration.In general, topsfastenerIt is easy to change clothes and regulate body temperature because it can be opened in front of the body.BottomsLong pantsIn addition to long trousersShortsIs used in some schools, and it is used properly according to the season.There are various types of designs that are often used in jersey as school gym clothes.The most commonly used types are those with lines from the left and right shoulders to the sleeves of the tops and from the waist to the hem of the bottoms.

In Japan, basically at schoolphysical educationUsed in class.OtherHiking,cleaning,outdoor activities, School events that use the body, etc., are made to be worn by students in various situations where uniforms are difficult to move or get dirty.AlsoSchool excursion,Forest schoolWhen staying at school events such asNightwear(pajamas) Is also used.For schoolgirls,BloomersIn some cases, it is worn from above, and in winterWinter clothesAs an example of wearing in a uniform skirt (so-called "haniwa"[1]) Is also available.

In some cases, the upper and lower parts are used separately.

A jersey with a single color and white lines on the sidesPotato jarSometimes called.The origin is unknown,Dark redThere is a theory that it is a potato (abbreviation of redneck) smelly design because it is (color like sweet potato).


Japan Ground Self-Defense Force,Japan Air Self-Defense ForceNow, put on jersey training pants on your work clothes and combat uniform."Jar battle"The clothes called are used habitually in the camp[2].


MiyagiSo we call jersey "jas"[3].YamanashiSo we call jersey "Jassie"[4].

Competition wear

baseball,Ice hockey,basketball,サ ッ カ ー,rugby,Bicycle competitionWear worn in competitions such as jersey is also called jersey.Same design as the jersey worn by popular playersReplica jerseyIs gaining popularity.Especially in rugby, in order to make the distinction between jersey and uniform (uniform means uniform, which means a complete set of belts, pants, socks, accessories, etc.), call it jersey as much as possible in competition. ("Black jersey New ZealandAll blacks"Such).

In cycling, it is an honor to be given a special jersey (leader jersey, champion jersey) to the top or winning athlete at the start of the day in a race or series.Tour de France"Yellow Jersey" atGiro de Italy"Maria Rosa" atBuerta a Espana"Maillot Oro" in Japan is famous.Besides thisWorld Championship Cycling Tournamentof"Rainbow Jersey(Rainbow jersey) There are champion jerseys such as "National Champion Jersey" worn by national championship winners in each country.In addition, those who have won the Rainbow Jersey or National Champion are allowed to put piping on the cuffs and shoulders of the jersey as proof of the winning person even if they lose their position.


Famous for incorporating jersey into fashionRun-DMC,Jamiroquai,オ ア シ スThese are the artists.

Some jerseys in competition wearshirtSometimes called.Baseball shirts, (ice) hockey shirts, etc.

It is also considered to be a type of formal wear for minors (students), and (summer only) minors are allowed to wear ceremonial occasions such as funerals and weddings.


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