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👩‍🎤 | Mia Yanagikawa (Glitter Piece) [Summerland Festival 2020 DAY2 Gravure Photo Report]…

Photo Mia Yanagikawa (Glitter Piece) [Summerland Festival 2020 DAY2 Gravure Photo Report] Enthusiastic swimsuit photo session!

Mia Yanagikawa (Glitter Piece) [Summerland Festival 2020 DAY2 Gravure Photo Report]…

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More than 50 seasonal idols, gravure idols, and cosplayers appear in the big photo session each day.

<Samaran Festival 2020> is being held at Tokyo Summerland on Saturday, November 11th and Sunday, November 28th. "Sa ... → Continue reading


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Gravure idol

Gravure idol(Japanglish: gurabia aidoru-gravure idol) IsJapanOriginated inFemale OfモデルIs a kind of.magazineIn various media mainlySECSIIdolAct asGradleBothAbbreviationBe done[1][2][3].. Also, among the gravure idols, those who are particularly highly evaluated are:Gravure Queen(Japanglish: gurabia kuiin-gravure queen) Is also called[4][5][6].

in English,Pinup idol (Pinup girl) andBikini model (bikini model) is the closest[7].. The original meaning of Gravure isIntaglio printing technique.

Characteristics of gravure idol

The main activity areas of gravure idols are magazine gravure pages andPosterIn particular, it is a very important factor in men's magazines such as youth magazines and young magazines, where sales can be influenced by the gravure subject. From such a background, it is an absolute condition and a major feature that it can express expressions that inspire sexual imagination, that is, it is excellent in terms of sex appeal.

The originator of swimsuit gravureAgnes LambExcellent compared to Japanese womenProportionsA foreign woman with a gravure, and later many Japanese gravure models, but in recent years it has been called "the black ship of the gravure world"Leah DizonAnd, it was noticed by the catchphrase of "stateless nine-headed beauty"CicaVarious foreign women have gained a certain degree of popularity.

As mentioned above, gravure pages are mainly published in men's magazines, and "gravure idols" are generally women, but they are diversified.needsIn response to the demand, a few male gravure models for women are beginning to appear.[8].

Athlete'sTakei SoHave a culture that is rarely seen overseas, and it is commented that it is a job type and existence close to Japan's unique[9].

Expression method

The current trend of gravure pages can be broadly divided into the following four patterns.


As I often mention, gravure idol is mainly used mainly for male magazine gravure. Of whichSwimwearIs the most popular gravure production method and is treated as the main item. Originally, the magazine Gravure was intended for men to enjoy and in Japan, where sexual regulations are strict,Semi nudeAs an alternative to gravure materialビ キ ニSince early on, I have been using swimsuits that have a narrow range of hiding women's bodies. From the 1970sFemale idolHowever, promotion that appeared in swimsuit gravure in conjunction with the singer activity was actively performed. In addition, the gravure model can move relatively freely if it hides the local parts, transforming the underworld view centered on semi-nude to the open and bright one. Even in the early days of shooting, in the environment suitable for swimwear, such as on the beach or poolsideLocationThere were many, but gradually there was no relation to swimwear at all, that is in the city or storefront,amusementEven in the facility, you can see the scene where you are showing off your swimsuit gravure. Also, in the old days there were many new idols who felt uncomfortable with wearing public swimwear in public and exposing themselves to the skin, but with the changes of the times, the sense of women in the world became open. The fact that the fashionability of the swimwear itself has risen markedly also contributed to the spread and expansion of swimwear gravure.

Wearing erotic

As mentioned above, swimwear is the most common means of gravure production, and it remains the main item throughout the ages.However, modern readers have gradually become accustomed to the sexual stimulation associated with swimsuits, and magazine sales have fallen in step with it.Still, gravure is still an important factor in men's magazine salescontentTherefore, not only the renewal of gravure idols, but also many gravure with various tastes other than swimwear will be produced.
A prominent example is "Wearing eroticIt is a radical gravure called ". This is a swimsuit gravurenudeIt is located in the middle of the gravure,T-backDo not wear a bathing suit or swimsuit and take a provocative pose such as opening the legs after concealing the local area of ​​the woman with a part of the body such as hands or accessories, and intentionally stimulate the male sexual impulse more Photographs are used.Also, instead of swimwear, "ShowunderwearThere are more and more people who wear colorful underwear that is indistinguishable from bikinis at first glance, and even gravure that has become more sensational.One of the factors that made this possible is the formerPhotographic filmFrom plate making byデ ジ タ ルThe improvement of printing technology to processed plate making can be mentioned.Since it is now possible to easily correct the image, it is possible to keep the production cost low because it is not necessary to sink the film, and a part of the female's local area is mistakenly reflected in the photograph in an unreasonable pose. This is because you can shoot without worrying about.In addition, this technology is often used to correct moles, pimples, scratches, insect bites, etc. of talents at the request of the talents and publishers.
Important as a gravure idol activity in parallel with print mediaImage VideoIn the early 2000s, the standard for home video recorders was changed along with the decrease in sales of print media.VHSからDVD-VideoThe manufacturing cost has become very cheap.As a result, a large number of small and medium-sized manufacturing companies, including privately owned companies, entered the market, and the number of units sold each month increased, resulting in an oversupply.Chaku-ero is also a product of the management strategy of some manufacturing companies in order to outperform other companies in this situation by selling the high degree of exposure.However, the prosperity of wearing erotic isnudeGravure andAdult videosIt led to lowering the hurdle with gravure and the model that appeared in the erotic gravureAV actressThere are many cases of turning to nude models, which is one of the factors that create a feeling of obstruction for all gravure idols since the 2000s.Also, the productObscenity,Child pornographyThere have also been cases in which people involved were arrested for being involved in this, as well as appearances in adult videos and extortion issues of nude gravure (including discussions and rumors about the existence of extortion itself).

Normal fashion

On the other hand, if you do not destroy the innocent image of the talent who is going to sell as an authentic actress in the future due to the strategy of the office you belong to, or if you refrain from swimsuit gravure, you will minimize the exposure of your skin. Was浴衣AppearanceDressesClose to everyday wear such asNormal fashionEmotional works using the photos of are also favored by fans who want a pure image for idols. In addition, although the swimsuit gravure is "graduated", it does not require the talent to continue gravure activities or the sexy exposure of the work pattern.Free announcer-casterEtc are generally fashion or sexyEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euThey are showing off gravure wearingLater).

Cosplay (candy)

The last one is "Cosplay", which is the so-calledNerdof"MoeIt is an expression method born under the influence of culture. originallyComic,Anime such as2 dimensionsThe act of actually creating costumes for the world and wearing them by themselves to become that character and having fun with each other (usuallyCosplayersIs called)Comic marketSuch asDoujinshiIt started when some enthusiasts wore it at the sale event and became popular. afterwards,インターネットThe spread of ownBlogSelf-proclaimed to publish photos cosplayed asNet idolHas increased sharply. “Cosplay gravure” is the one that directly converted these situations into magazine gravure. These brought a unique view of the world to the gravure. Also, as part of cosplay,School uniform,Gym clothes(BloomersEven when wearing),School swimwearThere are techniques that remind us of school life. They are"SweetsThis is clearly different from the above-mentioned method of seeking a pure image, and not only wearing clothes but also undressing scenes and showing underwear and swimwear at the same time erotic It was aimed at. The model that I got is the actual active<span>Grade 1-2</span>からA high school studentIn most cases, gravure idols over the age of 20 rarely challenge this field.

Expansion of the age group

Generally, gravure idol career has been considered short.1970 eraから2000 eraMost of the gravure idols in the early years graduated from gravure at the age of teens at the earliest, or at the age of university graduation (10-22 years old) at the latest.

But,2000 eraAfter that, not only that, but even after passing 30 years old, which has not been seen in the past, the number of talented people who continue to play active roles on the front lines without withdrawing from gravure has increased. It can be said that it made that flowAki HoshinoAnd she was a teenfashion magazineDebuted as an exclusive model of, and started gravure work around 2001. And in the late 20s, when I was in my late twenties, it was so few until now.Senior gravure idolIt becomes a topic as a groundbreaking existence of.

Currently, the age group of talent who is active as a gravure idol is widening, from the upper 30s to the lower 10s. Regarding the formerYuuki MaomiSuch asUniversityAfter graduating, orWaka Inoue,HoneyThis is because there are many people who have made their debut in the entertainment world after experiencing the working world. The latter has attracted attention since the 1990s, from elementary school students to junior high school students.A childPointed to the actressChidle"Or"Junior idol”Often decorates the gravure with swimwear,Rina Koike,SaayaThe gravure of the talent who followed the trend has maintained its deep-rooted popularity.However, there are some cases where elementary school students under the age of 10 make their gravure debut, and oftenChild pornographyThere are many cases of criticism, such as being pointed out thatArrest for junior idol #DVD shooting/releaseSee also).

Gravure idol trends

Generally, gravure idol is regarded as one of the steps to improve name recognition in the entertainment world, and after passing a certain line of age,TV drama,moviesInheroineIt was appointed as an important role such as, and triggered by the popularity sparkedactress,singer,Fashion ModelIt is customary to make a transition to such a place and naturally fade out from the gravure world.

Among the talents who are active in the entertainment world, there are many people who had previously been engaged in gravure activities. For exampleYukie Nakama,Fukada Kyoko,Ai Kato,Haruka Ikawa,Ayase Haruka,Masami NagasawaAnd again in the 2010sAragaki Yui,Arimura Kajun,Yoshioka RihoHas been blessed with appearances, and then he became an actress,Ayumi HamasakiAfter a short break, he made his debut again as a singer who could also write lyrics, and grew into an artist representing Japan. Also,Yuka,Eiko Koike,Manabe Kaori,Nakagawa Shoko,Chinatsu WakatsukiEven after leaving the gravure world, actress and moderator,commentator, At the endcomedianAverageControlIt became a popular talent because of its wide range of adaptive abilities. On the other hand, even after establishing a certain position as a gravure idol, some people do not graduate from gravure (at least for a while) and proceed with activities as talents and actresses in parallel (for example,Waka Inoue,Yuko Ogura,Yoshiki Risa,Are you sick?Such).

As mentioned above, Gravure is not limited to swimwear, and fashion gravure is usually developed. Long time agoRyoko Hirosue,Akiko Yada,Aya UetoHave been successfully sold on this route, but at the same time there is a side that is causing discouragement for fans. However, as a by-product phenomenon, magazines, photobooks, telephone cards, etc. in which swimsuit gravure is extremely rare to show themselves are still present today.Middle AgesTraded at high prices in the market.

As mentioned above,Yoko Kumada,Isoyama SayakaThe success of gravure will dramatically increase the average life as a gravure idol, and it is widely recognized that you can play an active role in gravure if you do not neglect the motivation and proportions of the person himself. We will expand the space. Born in 1967Miharu SakuraiDebuted as a gravure idol at the age of 41, and became a hot topic as "the oldest gravure beyond Hoshino Aki". Also,2010Was born in 1965,1990 eraToRace queenPlayed an active part inNatsuo OkamotoIt became a hot topic that he resumed his activities as a gravure idol at the age of 44.

On the other hand, as of 2020, the current situation is that "anyone can call themselves a gravure idol just by becoming a swimsuit at a photo session or SNS", and criticism and dissatisfaction from those who were active based on the magazines and video media mentioned above. Is also out[10].

Fashion model

In the late 1990s,TeenA so-called Aoda purchase, in which talented people who served as exclusive models for fashion magazines and were extremely popular with girls of the same generation made their way into the gravure world when they graduated from exclusive models or when they entered high school. Started to increase. This is a phenomenon opposite to the above-mentioned "transformation from gravure idol", and these talents are used as models in new fashion magazines or as actresses to some extent in TV dramas and movies. Continues gravure activities until he gains experience. In the old daysPichi Lemon] FromKanako Enomoto,Sakai Ayana, Ai Kato, etc., Sakai and Kato aimed to discover new gravure idolsNippon TVThe project ofNippon Telegenic] Has been elected as the first member. This trend continued even in the 1s, at that timeSeventeen(SeventeenIt was popular as a magazine exclusive modelNana EikuraIs challenging swimsuit gravure as an active exclusive model, which was a rare example in fashion magazines for teens at that time.In addition, "NicolaYui Aragaki, who repeatedly decorated the cover withOkamoto Rei,Haruna KawaguchiAfter graduating from the magazine, they also advanced to gravure.

From around 2016, many female models started expanding into gravure,Mole girlIt is called a movement (described later).

Special effects heroine system

Aired in 2002Special effects TV drama"Ninpuu Sentai HurricangerNagasawa NaoAzusa Yamamoto,Kamen Rider RyukiChisato MorishitaBecame popular from the visual aspect and were featured in the gravure,[*1]→A gravure” line that continues today is born. After that, "Super squadron seriesFromKinoshita Ayumi,Rina Aizawa,Takanashi RinHeisei Kamen Rider SeriesFromKato Mika,Nana Akiyama,Yuriko Shiratori,Wakana Matsumoto,Racecourse ふみかAre grasping the trigger for the break. However, there are many talents who were active in gravure before they appeared in the work,Tomoyo Nakamura,Yumi Sugimoto, OriginalIdling!!!Member'sMorita Ryouka,Kiho Niwami,Rina Akiyama,Uchida RioHad already established itself as a gravure idol.

Idol group members

The technique that the idol talent appears in the swimsuit gravure in conjunction with the singer activity has been used since the 1970s, and is not the same as the new technique of performing arts. 1980sOnyanko ClubAnd the orthodox idol unit in the early 1990s, which is said to be the "idol winter era" (Otome JukuSystemSakurakko ClubEtc.) was taken a method of showing presence by actively appearing in swimsuit gravure such as magazines as the number of appearances on music programs decreased. From the latter half of the 1990s to the first half of the 2000s, he succeeded in the music activities of his main business with a series of million sellers.Morning Musume.Such asHello! ProjectAndDream(DreamAnd so onSolo activityThere were many cases of selling photo books and DVDs mainly in swimsuits (for example, a member of Dream).Yu Hasebe). Gained national popularity since the late 2000sAKB48From the beginning of the activity, and their sister group members, the members actively appeared in swimsuit gravure and became a driving force to acquire male fans in addition to passengers as live idols such as CD sales and general elections and handshake events. Swimsuit gravure by AKB and its sister group members will decrease in the second half of 2010, but since the debut, it has set itself apart from the gravure route.Nogizaka46,Keyakizaka46The activity in the gravure world became noticeable. The swimsuit gravure by members of the Hello! Project, who have continued their activities even during the golden age of the AKB Group, is also active.

Others (announcer, voice actor, etc.)

In addition, the number of expansions from outside the gravure world is increasing. As the trend that has existed since the 1990s, as announcers attracted the attention of talents, free announcer casters created a neat and intellectual atmosphere through gravure, and a method was adopted to acquire a certain number of male fans.An example where there is no swimsuit gravure and exposure is suppressed probably to protect the image as a caster (Mio Nemoto,Mika Sugisaki,Mao Kobayashi,Aiko Minato, Etc., but gained popularity from all over Japan in weather casters.Hanako Tsunoda,Yoshida MegumiWas wearing a swimsuit in a photo book and was a caster of a horse racing programJunko Yaginuma, From NHK Contract CasterEri FuruseThere is also a move to actively move into gravure. Since entering the 2010s, the number of announcer casters who have careers as talents has increased, and the free announcer itself has become oversupply,Mariko Suyama,Misumi Shioji,Satoko Ito,Shiori UsuiThere are also people who switch from bureau ana to gravure idols and advance into swimsuit gravure.

In the field of sports,Beach volleyballPlayer (at that time)Miwa AsaoHas been attracting attention for its good looks and supple limbs trained as an idol, and as a part of the off-season activities, he started gravure activities, released a swimsuit photo book, used for TV advertisements, etc. It helped raise the profile of the valley.

From the latter half of the 2000s, the trend has accelerated, especiallyVoice actorBoasting huge popularity as an idol voice actor in the worldAya Hirano,Chiaki Takahashi,Haruka TomatsuIn addition to showing off the same swimsuit as the gravure idol, in the 2010s,Maaya Uchida[11],Sakura Ayane[12],水 瀬 い の り[13],Yui Ogura[13],Azusa Saito[14],Rikako Aida[15],Toyota Moe[16]As mentioned above, voice actors appearing in the opening gravure of so-called general comic magazines and also announcing photo collections including swimsuits have appeared.[*2].

In addition to this, the originalMember of the House of Representatives OfSayuri KaminishiReleased a photo book while he was a member of the Diet,Fujikawa Yuri(Aomori PrefectureHachinohe City OfCity council member) Also released a photo book and DVD containing swimsuits after winning the first election of the city council[*3].



In JapanGravure idol(Hereafter, except in special casesGradle(By the way, the name gradle started in the 90's, but it became more popular than the gradle numbering started in the true story magazine "Vacca!" from the summer of 2000). More activeAgnes Lamb(From Hawaii) begins.

In this era, gravure magazinesMediocre punch"[*4],Weekly playboy"[*5]Only in weekly magazines such as, it was a female idol of the time and a full-time displayNude modelIt was us. Almost all female idol main characters appear on TV andconcertIn singer activity inIdolAlso called "singer", their swimsuit show in gravure was only part of the promotion to gain popularity as a singer, and it was premised that "the main business is a singer".

1974ToShogakukanFrom A4 large formatGravure magazine"GORO] Is launched. Whereas magazine gravures used to be treated as if they were an adjunct to a read article, "GORO" used the cover and the introductory gravure as photographers.Mt. Sasayama KishinWas in charge. Created a gravure corner called "Gekisha," which treated idol singer and young actress as an equivalent, from nude female models, and received a great response mainly from adult male readers as a magazine that received a great deal of weight in gravure photography. Call.

1980 eraThe entertainment world at the time of the first half wasMomoe YamaguchiIt was a time when the second female idol singer boom was occurring after retirement, and it was still only in the public opinion that "female idols were in gravure." Idol singer,Clarion GirlSuch asCampaign GirlMany new actresses showed off their swimsuits in gravure. In 1982,Scola"[*6]Was published by.

1984,Horie ShinobuDebuts. Horie will later become a boom playerYoshiharu Noda[*7]"To sell HorieYellow cabWas created." Horie, who gained popularity in gravure, gradually expanded his activities into variety programs, dramas, and movies, laying the foundation for the flow of “gravure → multi-talented” that can be seen in modern times, but four years later.1988In September,Gastric cancerSuddenly died at the young age of 23. However, ironically, her death was widely reported, and this was the first step to mark the existence of gravure in the world, and Noda then worked on it.Kato Reiko,Fumie HosokawaAfter gaining popularity in gravure by taking advantage of his plump and sensual style, he has expanded his range of activities such as TV shows, and Yellow Cab led by Noda has established himself in the gravure world.

1990 era

1990 eraWhen you enter,Oscar promotion CC Girls,Shape UP GirlsThe idol group that has been dedicated to sexy lines has been launched, and many such sexy talents and groups have appeared. However, even at this point, the word gravure idol has not penetrated, and the target of marketing is limited to a part of male groups, and they are (Another meaningIt was called "Sexy talent".

1994, What made an epoch-making appearance this yearHinagata AkikoIs. He made his debut as an actor in the entertainment industry two years ago, but he was reluctant, and when he moved to Yellow Cab and started swimsuit gravure, his talent suddenly bloomed. It is popularly known as a "hina pose" that emphasizes the cleavage of both arms, and has shown a certain direction to the swimsuit gravures that succeeded in prevailing the world.

While the yellow cab type big breast idols are prosperous, as a new type of slender and beautiful breasts,Nanako Fujisaki,Erika YamakawaHaveAvant-gardeHas emerged, and they are stepping up to become multi-talented after their success in gravure. Also, from this time, major production companies also started working on gravure idols,HoriproFromYukaDebut, one year after debut1998ToGolden Arrow AwardThe graph award was first received, and in 1999 the best newcomer/broadcast newcomer award was received, and in 2000 it was also awarded the broadcast award. And contributed greatly to improving the status of gravure idol.

Since the 2000s

Since 2000, as a new item for idolsTrading cardsAppeared and became established as one of the leading product goods of gravure.

Gravure idol's full-scale entry into variety programs became remarkable, especiallyMEGUMI,Chinatsu WakatsukiThe emergence of "a gravure idol who can speak and entertain an entertaining reaction like an entertainer" was a big catalyst for expanding the base of gravure idol. In addition, from this time on, most programs have what is commonly called "gravure idol slots", and they will become popular among the tea rooms as a role to entertain the comedy crowd with the comedians.

However, since the mid 2000s, "Young Gangan''(ニ ッ ク ス ク ウ ェ ア ス · エ) New entry and ``Cartoon action''(Futabasha) "Young King''(Shonen Gaho-shaAlthough there is a revival of ), the shadow of the expansion of the market size of the gravure industry has begun to appear. The main causes areYoungerGravure magazine's purchasing population has declined due toLive idol-fashion magazineThe number of talent who grows into a major without a career of swimsuit gravure such as exclusive model, on the contrary, the model that appeared on the image DVD of wearing eroticAV actressTurn into[17]Such as the outflow of human resources to genres with more exposure than gravure idol.2008In summerWeekly Young Sunday"But"Big Comic SpiritsIt was suspended in the form of being incorporated into2010At the beginning ofwill know(Sabra』Was moved from paper media to the website. Furthermore, from around 2010,AKB48Models such as group idols and fashion magazines have begun to appear on magazine covers and gravure pages, as well as on the variety show's "gravure idol frame", and the place of activity of existing gravures has been lost. Can be mentioned[18].. Meanwhile,Yuka Kuramochi,Mai Tsukamoto,Suzuki AyaThere will be a movement to publish self-portrait images in swimsuits on SNS etc. and show swimsuit gravure without depending on magazines or existing media. Kuramochi later became one of the popular gravures, and the release of self-portrait images on SNS etc. was established as one of the gravure appeal methods. Also,Digital cameraIncreased nationwide due to the spread ofPhoto sessionThrough the appearances in, he continues to gain popularity as a simple person. At the same time as the so-called “local idol” boom declinedLive idolIncreasingly, they show off their swimsuit gravure as they seek to survive as talent. From around 2017, AKB48 talents have saved their gravure activities, while non-AKB major idol units have taken the strategy of appearing one after another in the magazine gravure frame that AKB has monopolized.

On the other hand, from around 2016, even as a gravure idolFashion ModelThe person who is also active asMole girlHas come to the attention asRacecourse ふみか,Ikumi Hisamatsu,Uchida Rio,Okawa Ai,Rika Izumi,Rena Takeda,Ishikawa love,Aya Asahina,Eri Matsumoto,Ayana Takeda,Ai Matsumoto,Rei OsawaPlay an active part[19].. Furthermore, from around 2018, it is an emerging model office.lip(Hazuki Aya,Inudo Minori,Rina Hashimoto,Tomomi Morisaki, HOSHINOSuch),01familia(Aya Kawasaki-Hikaru Aoyama-Tao YueEtc.) in addition to major companies that have focused on the music industry so farAvex Management(Rina Asagawa-Exit Arisa-Yuu OharaSuch),Upfront promotion(Mari Makino-Mizuki Fukumura-Akari UemuraAlso entered the gravure industry.Mariko Suyama-Satoko Ito-Misumi ShiojiEt al.announcerA turnover from,Enako-Yi weavingGravure talent is being reinstated despite the fact that models from a wide variety of genres, such as the emergence of, etc.

Some gravure idols are then professionalathleteIn some cases, Miki NakaharaGirls KeirinAfter retiring from the entertainment world aiming to convert to a player,Japan Bicycle School (then)Passed the entrance exam. Passed the bicycle qualification test while attending schoolBicycle racerRegistered as of July 2018.Hino MiraiMade a professional debut with Girls Keirin. other than this,Pro wrestlingThere is also a conversion group, since the 2010s,Aikawa Yuzu season,Yuna Manase,Manki Natsuki,Shirakawa MinaThey are making their ring debut.

Golden Arrow Award "Graph Award"

Corporate juridical person (currently general corporate judicial person)Japan Magazine AssociationOrganized by the magazine Entertainment ClubGolden Arrow AwardIs selected by the Japan Magazine Photo Press Association.Graph award", and originally provided the topic by decorating the most magazine gravure of the year.subjectWas selected as a winner, but since Yuka was awarded in 1998 (36th), it has been a gateway to gravure idols.

Winners will automatically receive "Magazine Love Reading Month" for the following year[*8]Used as an image character. All of them are photogenic reflecting the times, and by looking at the winners again, we can see the trends of gravure that the general public wants and their trends. AnotherMisconThe feature is that it is easy to choose the owner of a proportioned proportion that is conscious of the line of sight of the same sex. The winners areMiss MagazineSince they are the winners of such campaigns, their achievements and activities are extremely rigorous.

The Golden Arrow Awards ended with the 45th edition, but the selection of the magazine favorite reading monthly image characters was done until 2013 (after 2009,Sasaki Nozomi,Nanami Sakuraba,Takei Saki,Gome Ayame,Nounana RinaAppointed). After the Golden Arrow Award, the image character has shifted from gravure to a young actress, and in 2012 it was struggling with the idol groupYoshiki RisaHowever, in 2013, the erotic character became a hot topic and there was an opportunity to appear in women's fashion magazines.HoneyHave failed. AKB48 and sister group members were not elected when they swept the magazine gravure around 2009.

In the mid-2010s,Cover girl awardIs effectively restored.


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