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👍 | Kanna Hashimoto's twin-tailed figure is "fake?"


Kanna Hashimoto's twin tails look like "fake?"

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Kanna Hashimoto uploaded a photo of her face changing with a twin tail on Twitter. While there was a surprised voice saying "Who is it?" ... → Continue reading


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Airi Taira

Airi Taira(Taira Airi,1984May 12 -) isJapan Oftalent,actress.. Real name,Nagatomo Airi(Nagatomo Airi, maiden name: Taira).NicknameIt is,Pilarin.HyogoKobe Citybirth[3],HyogoAkashi CityI'm fromRising ProductionBelongs. My husbandProfessional soccer player OfYuto Nagatomo.2017Since then, due to Nagatomo's team,イタリア,トルコAnd nowFranceLiving in[4].




Hobbies & Skills


  • A good friend in the entertainment worldThree bottles[26]. I first met Yuto Nagatomo, who was to be married later, because it was originally introduced by Sanpei.[27].


  • I have never been on a school trip when I was a student[15]..He also confessed that he did not participate in other school events.[28].
  • As mentioned above, it took a long time to sell, but I have no experience of general work such as part-time job.[29].
  • I don't like the actress business, and what I was doing was the agency's policy, and I once said that I wanted to sing and dance.[30][31]..In addition, a later online post confessed that he hated costume matching.[32].
  • "Traveling monkey in Higashino/Okamura I'm sorry in private...And 'Big question of 1 million people!?I didn't like to go on location and started crying when I appeared in[30][33].. Also,"Downtown Nau] InYuya UchidaI once made Uchida seriously angry by saying, "I thought I was a more wrinkled grandfather."[34], In other special live broadcastsCelloI've also broken the magic of[35][36][37].. 『Legal counseling service”At the time of the appearance, Asajo reported that the viewer was disgusted by calling Sanpei “the pig of his best friend”.[38].


Starring the title and title of the workTaiziNotated with.


TV drama


web drama

  • How to find your destiny in 10 days (April 2014, 4-20 episodes,BeeTV)- Kiyose Kyoko Role[46]

Entertainment shows

  • Hillnandez!(April 2011, 3-October 28, 2017, NTV)-Thursday Regular[Note 3]
  • Momo Tours(October 2011, 10-February 1, 2017, Fuji TV)-2nd generation tour guide
  • My Life On (October 2011, 10-September 2, 2013, NTV)-Navigator and narration
  • School revolution!(July 2013, 7-February 21, 2017, NTV)-Members of Group J (irregular appearance)

Music program





  • Wish (April 2000, 4)-Meiji Seika "QUN" CM song


  • The 1st. (February 2005, 2, Livedoor)
  • Idol One Airi Taira Airinku (May 2005, 5, Line Communications)


Photo album



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