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📱 | Apple Watch has evolved to give you a more detailed picture of cardiopulmonary function. OS update released


Apple Watch has evolved to give you a more detailed picture of your cardiopulmonary function. OS update released

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"The key to maximal oxygen uptake is that it's actually a hit," said Dr. Sambal Desai, senior vice president of health at Apple.

14th local time (15th Japan time), basic software for iPhone and Apple Watch, iO ... → Continue reading


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Maximum oxygen uptake

Maximum oxygen uptake(Saidai-san, oxygen,British: VO2 Max, maximal oxygen consumption) Is measured by incremental exerciseoxygenMaximum amount of consumption[1][2]..It is usually measured on a treadmill with a motor.Maximum oxygen uptakeaerobic exerciseExercising under maximum for long periods of time, reflecting abilityEnduranceIt is an important factor that determines.The name is V = volume, O2 = Oxygen, max = Derived from maximum.

For the maximum oxygen uptake, use an absolute amount such as liters per minute or a relative amount such as mL / (kg / min) as a unit.The latter unit is often used to compare the abilities of athletes in endurance competitions.However, maximal oxygen uptake generally does not vary linearly with body weight within or between species.[1][2]Therefore, appropriate statistical processing should be performed, such as when comparing cases of different body sizes.

Measurement of maximal oxygen uptake

In order to accurately measure maximal oxygen uptake, it is necessary to put a sufficient load on the aerobic energy system.In general physical fitness tests, treadmills andBicycleUse the ergometer to gradually increase the load, and breathing volumeoxygen-carbon dioxideMeasure the amount of.The maximum oxygen uptake is when the oxygen consumption does not change even if the load is increased.

Fick equation

Maximum oxygen uptake is defined by the Fick equation.

In the above formula, Q is cardiac output, CaO2 ThearteryOxygen content, CvO2 The静脈Oxygen content, each value at maximum load. (CaO2 - CvO2) Is also called arteriovenous oxygen gradient[3].

Estimating maximal oxygen uptake

Measuring maximal oxygen uptake as defined carries the risk of exacerbating respiratory and circulatory problems if the subject is unhealthy.Therefore, various methods have been devised to estimate maximal oxygen uptake.

Uth–Sørensen–Overgaard–Pedersen estimate

maximumHeart rateAnd the equation estimated from the resting heart rateデンマークMade by a group of researchers[4].

This equation is the maximum heart rate (HR)Max) And resting heart rate (HR)rest), And the unit of maximal oxygen uptake is mL / (kg · min).

Cooper test

Kenneth cooperConducted research in the United States Air Force in the late 1960s.One of the results of this research is the Cooper test, which is a method of estimating from the mileage of a 12-minute run.

d12 Is the mileage of a 12-minute run (unit: meters), and the unit of maximal oxygen uptake is mL / (kg / min).

20m shuttle run

20m shuttle runBut can be measured[5]..This was published in the paper "A Maximal Multi-Stage 20-m Shuttle Run Test to predict VO2 Max" by Leger and Lambert.

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