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📷 | Street organ photo exhibition / Christmas goods sale @ Yokohama Sotetsu Joinus “FOOD & TIME ISE…

Photo exhibition of hand-cranked organs, Christmas goods sale @ Yokohama Sotetsu Joinus "FOOD & TIME ISETAN YOKOHAMA"

Photo exhibition of street organ, Christmas goods sale @ Yokohama Sotetsu Joinus "FOOD & TIME ISE ...

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"A hand-cranked organ made slowly over a year using scrap wood from an old folk house.

Christmas event of "FOOD & TIME ISETAN YOKOHAMA" on the XNUMXst basement floor of Sotetsu Joinus ... → Continue reading


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Street organ

Street organIs a type of musical instrument.


By turning it by hand and playingMusic boxIt is an automatic musical instrument that can play a melody prepared in advance, and is often exhibited in music box-related museums in Japan. As the alias of "Street Organ",Street artSome of them are relatively small so that they can be used in such cases, and some of them are contained in a box large enough to be hung from the neck or shoulder with a belt.As a sounding mechanismWoodwind instrumentSome air reeds use long whistles, such as pipe organs, while others use small physical reeds, such as accordions.

The mechanism as an automatic musical instrument is roughly divided into two types.

One is called a barrel organ.Automatic mechanism of turning the handle connected to the cylinder with the pin by hand and pressing the keyboard adjacent to the cylinder with the pinorgan..Many of the old-fashioned molds do not allow the cylinder to be removed and the songs cannot be replaced.

The other uses a musical score called a scroll-shaped roll made of paper or a folded booklet.By exchanging rolls or books, you can easily change songs during a performance.Most of what is currently being made is of this type.In the roll type, several songs are often combined into one roll, and the order of the songs in the roll is determined not at the time of performance but at the stage when the roll is made.

in recent yearsGyörgy LigetiArranges works for this automated instrument.

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