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🥾 | For the first time since the construction of the shrine

Photo Shimenawa stretched for the first time at "Amanoiwato" in the back of the cliff = Iwato, Takachiho Town (provided by Amanoiwato Shrine) on the morning of the 18th

For the first time since the shrine was built, working as a professional mountaineer on the cliffside of Shimenawa in Amanoiwato

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Amano-Iwato is located on a cliff that keeps people away, and a team of professional mountaineers worked on it, and the parishioners watched the historic moment from the opposite bank of the Iwato River.

Amanoiwato Shrine in Iwato, Takachiho Town, where Amaterasu Omikami is enshrined (Sato Eishu ... → Continue reading

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Amaniwado(Ame no Iwato and Amano Iwato)[Annotation 1]IsJapanese mythIt is a cave made of rock that appears in.Tendo(Ameto, Amato),Amanoiwaya(Ame no Iwaya),Amanoiwato(Ame no Ihayato, Ama no Iwaya)[Annotation 2]Also, "rock" is sometimes written as "rock" or "stone".

Sun godIsAmaterasu OgamiHidden and the world was enveloped in darknessIwato HiddenIt is the legendary stage of.

Mythical description

Record of Ancient Matters

PledgeProved innocenceKenya SusanoIt is,TakamagaharaSo, I left it to the victory and broke the shores of the rice fields to fill the ditch, and sprinkled feces on the palace, and worked violently.ButAmaterasu Ogami"The shit was drunk and vomited, because I thought the land was regrettable because I filled the ditch," said Susanoo.[1][2].

However, when Amaterasu Omikami was weaving a garment dedicated to the god at the hataya, Susanoo Kenkyu made a hole in the roof of the hataya and peeled it off.(I.e.One heavenly clothing woman who was surprised because she dropped(Hi) stabbed in the genital area and died.At this point, Amaterasu Omikami was in awe and retired to Amanoiwato.TakamagaharaAlsoReeds chinaAlso became dark, and various scourges occurred.[3][4].

there,Eight million godsGathered at the riverbank of the Heavenly Anche and consulted on how to deal with it.OmoikaneVarious rituals were performed according to the plan.Eternal long song bird (chicken) Was collected and rang.

BlacksmithTianjin MaraLooking forIshikori DomeIn addition, with the rocks on the river of Heavenly Anhe and the iron of the mineEight-shaku mirrorI made him make (Yataka Kagami).Jade lifeXNUMX magatama pearls (XNUMX shaku magatama)Yakushaku sword・ I made them make a gentle magatama).

Ame-no-koya lifeFutodamaCall, maledeer OfShoulder boneFortune-telling with a treeFutomani).SakakiDig up the roots, and on the branches, Yasakani no Magatama and Yasakani mirrorClothFutodamaMoneyI had it as.Ame-no-koya lifeCongratulatoryChant (Norito),Tente Riki OtokoStood hiding beside Iwato.

Heaven 宇受 UinochiIs in front of IwatoHe slammed down, struck with godliness, exposed his chest, and hung the string of the trousers down to the pubic area and danced.Then, eight million gods laughed all at once as if Takamagahara roared.[5][4].

Upon hearing this, Amaterasu Omikami wondered and opened the door of Amano-Iwato a little, saying, "Why did Ame-no-Uzume dance happily and the eight million gods laughed when I was in the darkness of Iwato? Are you doing it? "

Ame-no-Komei said, "I am delighted because a god who is more precious than you has appeared."Amaterasu Omikami, who thought that his appearance in the mirror was that precious god, opened Iwato further to see it better, and the hidden Tente Rikiojin took his hand and went out of Iwato. I dragged it out.

Immediately Futodamasacred shrine ropeAt the entrance of Iwato and said, "Please do not go inside anymore."When Amaterasu Omikami came out of Iwato in this way, both Takamagahara and Ashihara no Nakatsu became brighter.[6][4].

The eight million gods consulted, imposed many items to atone for Susanoo's life, cut his beard and claws on his limbs, and expelled him from Takamagahara.[7][4].

Japanese calligraphy

"Japanese calligraphyIn the text of the XNUMXth column of 』, Susanoo-no-Mikoto performs the same violence as in Kojiki.Finally, when I saw Amaterasu Omikami in a clean machine shop (Hataya) to weave sacred clothes,戔 嗚Threw a peeled Zorse piece.Then Amaterasu Ogami was surprised and hurt himself with a shuttle.For this reason, Amaterasu Omikami got angry and entered the Amano cave and closed the Iwado, so the whole country was always dark and it was impossible to distinguish between day and night.

There, Yasoyorozu no Kami and his friends gathered at the banks of the Cheonan River to discuss how to worship.The following are the actions taken by God.

  • God of thought: With deep thought, I gathered Tokoyo no Naganakidori and made them sing for a long time.
  • Tejikarao Shrine: Stand by the side of Iwado (at the direction of Omoikane)
  • Ame-no-koya lifeFutodama : Mt. AmanokaOvergrownMothOn the upper branch, Yasakani no Magayuki XNUMX sect (Yasakani no Maga) is hung, and on the inner branchYata no KagamiAlternatively, I put on a Mafutsu mirror and put a blue cloth and a white cloth on the lower branch and prayed together.
  • Tenjime no Mikoto: Holds a vine with a vine wrapped around his hand, stands in front of the Amano-Iwato, and skillfully creates an actor (Wazaosa) (dancing brilliantly).In addition, Sakaki of Mt. Amanoka was used as a wig, and Hikage was used as a wig, and a fire was lit and the tub was placed face down.

Amaterasu Ogami heard this and said, "I'm in a cave these days. I think,Toyoashihara NakakuniShould be a long night.I wondered why Ame-no-Uzume is enjoying laughing like this, "and opened the Iwado a little by hand and watched.Then the hand-powered god took the hand of Amaterasu Omikami and pulled it out.There, Ame-no-koya and Tatamasacred shrine ropeHe said, "You must not enter again."

The flow of the story is similar to Kojiki, but there are some differences in details.In particular, Ame-no-Uzume only says that she "acts skillfully", and there is no description that the gods laughed or made a funny gesture.

After that, the godscrimeTo Susanoo-no-Son,AtonementI imposed the goods of.In addition to that, it is said that he pulled out his hair and peeled off his limbs to make up for it.In this way, Susanoo was banished from Takamagahara.

XNUMXth dan XNUMX book (XNUMX)Then, after thisWakahirumeWhile (Wakahirame) was weaving a sacred garment in a clean machine shop, Susanoo-no-Makoto peeled the skin of the Tenmura piece upside down and threw it into the palace. "Wakahirume is surprised to hurt her body with a shuttle that she can carry with her, and she retires."Amaterasu Omikami told Susanoo-no-Mikoto, "You have a black heart. You don't want to see it in harmony with you." He entered the cave and closed Iwado. It says, "There is no darkness in the world, and there is no special day or night."

Therefore, the eighty-man gods consulted in Amanotakaichi.TakamimusubiOmoikane GodThoughtThen, he said, "Let's make something that reflects the image of that god (Amaterasu Omikami) and invite him."AndStone cohesionWas asked to collect gold from Mt. Amanoka and make a halberd.In addition, it is said that the beautiful deer was peeled to make Ame no Habuki.

In this book,WakahirumeIs said to have been hurt by the shuttle and died.Wakahirume has a shrine that is both a sister god and a child god of Amaterasu.In addition, the mirror that was made is said to be the Hinokuma no Kami, who is enshrined in Kii Province.Sun image mirror / Sun spear mirrorIt is the same as (Higata no Kagami / Hiboko no Kagami).

XNUMXth dan XNUMX book (XNUMX)Then, Susanoo-no-Son makes a violence similar to the text, but "But,Higami(Hinokami), with the intention of graciousness (heart), do not resent without getting angry, and everyone is tolerant with a flat heart. "

However, when performing the 嘗 (Nihinahe), Susanoo-no-Mikoto secretly pooped under the seat of Shingu (Nihinahemiya).Since Higami sat down without noticing it, his whole body smelled.Therefore, he was angry and entered the Amano-Iwato and closed the Iwado.

So the gods were in trouble, and they gave a mirror to the god (Amenukado) and made a big ball.Cloth,ToyodaI had (Toyotama) make a ball.In addition, Sakaki decorated with many balls on the god (Yamatsuchi),Nozuchi GodI had (Nozuchi) make Kotake (Sasa) decorated with many balls.Bringing those items together, Ame-no-YameiGod celebrationIt is said that Higami opened the Iwado and came out because he said (Kamhogi).

After that, the gods owed their sins to Susanoo-no-Mikoto as well as the text, imposed the items of atonement, and sent them away from Takamagahara.

XNUMXth dan XNUMX book (XNUMX)Then, Susanoo-no-Son is the land he was given (Amanokuita, Amakawa Yoda, Amanokuchitota), and the land of Higami (Ten). It is said that the land was thinner than Yasuda (Amanoyasuda), Tenhirata (Amanohirata), and Tenmurada (Amanomura), so he was jealous and harmed his sister's field.At first, Higami didn't blame him, and he always forgave him gently, but in the end, he went to Amano-Iwato.

Therefore, the godsAme-no-koya lifeI decided to send him to worship.The following are the actions taken by the gods.

  • Ame-no-koya: Dig up Sakaki on Mt. Amanoka. (Child of (Kogoto Musuhi))
  • Ishikotobe(Ishikoritobe): Put the Yata no Kagami you made on the upper branch. (Child of (Amenonukado))
  • Tenmeitama(Ame no Akarutama): Sprinkle the Yasakani no Magatama that you made on the inner branch. (IsanChild)
  • Sun eagleAme no Hiwashi): MadecottonSprinkle (Yufu) on the lower branch.
  • Futodama: Has Sakaki and worships with words that are widely and thickly praised.

Then, Higami said, "Reimi (Uruwa) of the young people (now), who are still young, even though they are asking for people, people, and many (sawa). There is no threshold. " Meaning: "People have said many things, but I have never heard such a beautiful word." I opened the Iwado a little and watched the situation.At that time, when the Tentejikarao god, who was hiding on the side of Iwado, opened, the light of the sun god overflowed all over the country.

There, the gods were delighted and imposed atonement items on Susanoo-no-Mikoto, cutting off the nails of the hands as good things and the nails of the toes as bad things.Then, he gave the order of Ame-no-koya and took control of the release of the sword, which was called "Futonorito".

Later, Susanoo-no-Mikoto returned to heaven, saying, "The gods have driven me away and I will leave forever, but why can I leave alone without seeing my sister?"Then, Ame-no-Uzume reports this to Higami.

Higami said, "My younger brother is coming up.またIt shouldn't be from goodwill.I'm sure they are trying to rob our country.I'm a woman, but not enough to run away. "ArmedIt says that it was done.And with two godsPledgeWill be carried.

This book has a big feature that the storyline is different from the others, and Omoikane God does not appear.

World myth

There are a wide range of myths of shooting and inviting Japan in Asia such as Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, Mongolia, southern China, and Sakhalin.In particular, there are many myths similar to Amano-iwato among ethnic minorities in southern China.[8]

In the Miao, nine suns and eight moons came out all at once.Stab and kill eight suns and seven moons with a bow and arrow.The remaining one sun and moon have been hidden.The top and bottom are pitch black.Gather wise people to consult and make the ondori sound.Ondori struck his wings and screamed three times, and the sun and moon appeared.[9]

In the Blang tribe, the nine sisters of the sun and the ten brothers of the moon come together between the heavens and the earth and shine all at once.He shot down eight suns and nine moons, and tried to shoot the remaining moons.The sun and moon that escaped became a married couple hiding in a cave.The world is pitch black, so send a dragonfly to persuade the sun and moon to leave the cave.One wanted to come out separately during the day and the other at night, but wanted to meet in the cave at the beginning and end of the month.When the moon and the sun try to get out of the cave, a big rock gets in the way and can't get out.There, a wild boar, proud of his power, moved the rock to open the entrance and let the sun and moon go out.[10]

Ten suns and one moon rose in the heavens when the heavens and the earth began to separate from the Bai people.The children's suns run through the heavens day and night.As a result, the ground is burning hot, and the frog and chicken brothers chase the sun and stab nine suns with a spear.My parents, my mother, the sun, and my father, the moon, are afraid to hide deep inside the heavenly eye cave, and the world is pitch black.So the frog searched for heaven, and the chicken searched for the earth.When the chicken called out, the sun and moon came out of the heavenly cave, and the sun and moon returned to the earth.People thanked the chickens who called the sun and gave them red hats.[11]

It also exists in various patterns in other ethnic minorities.There are also myths in which those who shot and killed the sun and the moon escaped and devoted themselves to the hidden sun and the moon to somehow come out, and in some myths they used their beautiful voice to come out.[12][13]

In the horse culture of northern China, the sun was regarded as a man, and in the culture of ships in the south, the sun was worshiped as a woman.[14]Even in Siberia, there are many ethnic minorities such as the Nanai and Keto who see the sun as a woman.[15]

A place called Amanoiwato

The Amano-Iwato tale is an event in the heavenly world, but there are some places that say "this is Amano-Iwato" and related places.

Amano Iwato


"Kamitori" at Ise Jingu

chickenBecause I gathered and rang[Source required]Ise ShrineIn the inner shrine, chickens called "Kamitori" are free-ranged in a garden called "Kamien".[16][17].


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