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👩‍🎤 | "Kimetsu no Yaiba" popular voice actor Natsuki Hanae is in charge of the voice of Ogiri AI! LOL for humane answers!


Natsuki Hanae, a popular voice actor of "Kimetsu no Yaiba", is in charge of the voice of Ogiri AI!

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The studio guests will include Hitoshi Kusano, Takanohana Koji, Kenta Maeda, an active major leaguer, Shiori Sato, Eiji Kotoge (Viking), Kazuya Kojima (Un-Jash), and others who are sought after in variety shows.

TBS will broadcast "Moshimo! AI Video Land" from 12 o'clock on Tuesday, December 22nd.This show has two videos ... → Continue reading

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Kazuya Kojima

Kazuya Kojima(Kazuma Kojima,1972May 7 -) isJapanMen ofcomedian,An actor,Professional sparrow(Japan Professional Mahjong AssociationBelongs),chairperson,YouTuber.

TokyoHachioji CityI'm fromTokyo Metropolitan Hino High Schoolgraduate.Production rickshawBelongs.

Comedy combination-UnjashThe leader ofBlur(At the time of sharpening artTsukkomi) In charge. My partnerWatanabe Ken.


primary schoolThen, at that time, it was the strongest in Hachiojiサ ッ カ ーIn the clubcaptainWas serving[1].. In middle schoollandBelongs to the department (1500 meters)[1].

My first love in middle school was Masumi Ogawa, who later became an idol group.pumpkinDebuted as a member of[4].

Johnny's OfficeToResumeHave been sent twice[1].. After that, I was thinking of trying to comedy, but at that time I was in TokyoTraining schoolThere was no (1992(Before), so I didn't know the trigger for the first step. So the sameJunior high school OfSeniorIsHiromi(B21 Special) ToDiscipleConsidering entering, Hiromi's sister and KojimaPeerAs a result, he consulted with Hiromi's mother and asked for a disciple through her mother, but was refused. After that, he met Hiromi, who was recording the program, and asked him to join him directly, but he was refused. Hiromi also belonged to me, saying, "I can't help myself, so I'd better start it myself."Production rickshawBut,School jcaKnows to open a school and decides to enroll[1].

I took the exam as a first-year student at the School JCA, but at that time I couldn't meet my eyes at all, my voice was small, and my appearance wasn't good, so I started to fail. However, as an entertainment office, I just started a training school, so I will enter the school with the only alternate pass of the seven applicants because they pay the entrance fee (all other applicants pass).[1].. By the way, of the selection committeeSaiki ShigeruIt is,PachislotThe winning rate was 8% (at that time), so it is judged that the tuition fee could be paid. I couldn't find my partner in JCA,Pin entertainerAs1992debut[1]. afterwards,TunnelsSince I was longing for the so-called "classmate combination" such as, "I will try to find a companion from a person in high school", but he continued to be refused,1993Debuts as Watanabe and Unjash, the current partner[1]..Watanabe was the fifth person to speak to[5][1].

At the beginning of the combination, Watanabe insisted that he was the only one, despite being the fifth person. Watanabe states that he was "fooled". Kojima says, "I'm in trouble if I quit," so Kojima was the leader at the time the combination was formed.StoryI wrote and wrote Watabe in a car, praised Watanabe, applied to the ward center in the neighborhood, and held down the meeting room. However, he did not depend too much as a leader, so he said that he had changed to Watanabe in XNUMX months.[1].

Directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa in 2008Tokyo SonataIs highly evaluated for acting ability, and since then there have been many activities as actors as well as entertainers.

Broadcasted on May 2009, 10Black and white unjashes]Koji no RanThe name was changed to the real name on the broadcast on September 2010, 9.

From around 2011, Kojima's crazy arts and sharp arts attracted attention, and he became active as a solo (see later).

Former talent on September 2011, 9No bottomAt the end of 15 years of association with Shizuka Tsuboi who was the first vocalist ofmarriageI reported that I did[6].

Broadcasting from April 2013, 4Girls TV! feat. SUPER☆GiRLS] In charge of MC. Kojima will be in charge of MC for the first time on this program alone.[7].

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Daythe UAF YouTube-channelThe channel "Kojima Dayo!" was opened and video posting started on July 7rd.[8].

March 2021, 3, his firstessayReleased the book "It's my book !!"[9].



  • From the time when Watanabe's pin work began to increase, the number of appearances on variety programs increased with "useless entertainer" characters, which differed from the image of "acting the created control accurately". According to the person himself, recently he said that he is in a position of being "blown" rather than being out of focus.[10].
  • "Bula Mayo and his happy friends!,” said Kojima and Watanabe, who have been hiding (natural temperament) for a long time, but in recent years, they have begun to get sick, saying, “You should accept who you think, not what you think.” And Kojima also changed his mind, so he came to the current character.[10].. After this character change, it was called with a different name, such as "Oshima-san".Kojima! "Tsukkomu art is born[1].. On the contrary, he was called "Kojima-san"Make a mistake!There is also a tsukkoko pattern. Including them, the pattern to be tampered with by tampered characters has become a standard[11].
  • Downtown OfHitoshi MatsumotoIs loved by[12][13][14].
  • When I got out in front of the public due to so-called rising illness, I couldn't speak, and I've gotten used to it quite a bit, but I'm still upset. Anyway, my body is trembling, I'm nervousCampeI couldn't read it, and even when the general public came out of focus, I was nervous and could not return it.[15].
  • In contrast to the gourmet partner Watanabe,tasteOnch.beefと豚 肉,chickenDistinction ofcabbageとlettuceCannot be distinguished. When it comes to mushrooms, they say, "I don't understand even if I think about it."[16].. However, later on, although I still do not know about mushrooms, the distinction between meat and cabbage and lettuce came to be understood at 8% 5 minutes.[1].
  • "What Kojima is into is obsolete"JinxThere is[16].
  • In the past, dogs were very bad,Neri-samaI was sweating and playing with a large dog in the punishment game[17]However, it is overcoming now, and as of 2020Malteseとtoy poodleI have a mixed dog and named it "Nene" and love it.In addition, it is said that he became fond of animals in general when he received Nene.[18][19].
  • Yoshimoto Creative AgencyPin entertainer who belongs toAnti Age TokuzumiHas begun to imitate Kojima's imitation that no one has ever done in the beginning of 2012, and it is the most popular of many imitation repertoires, so it is the most frequently shown. In addition, two people2013February broadcastBakusho mimicry mimicry Kouhaku Uta Gassen Special』(Fuji Television Network, Inc) When Tokuzumi appeared in a copy of Kojima's copy, Kojima himself also appeared and co-starred.[20][21][22][23].. After that, Kojima allowed Tokuzumi to imitate himself on live or on TV, etc. in a conversation on Twitter, and it became a "personally authorized" imitation.[24].


  • Professional sparrowQualification of (Japan Professional Mahjong Association) Have[1], Has also opened a mahjong site "Kojimajan". He is serious about mahjong, and can see a seriousness by begging professionals when he loses at the tournament.[1].. Also, reading ability cultivated in mahjong andreasoningPower is also high, "Numer0n] In the 5th tournament, using items to win the program for 3 turns, and reading the personality of the opponent to show the first hit of the program immediately after shuffling and winning. Also,Fuji TV ONEIs being broadcast onTHE wareme ponHas participated in 19 times and has won 8 times[1].
  • Large motorcycleI have a license ofbikelike. The FTR he used to ride was announcing that he had "customized" it, but the only custom was to remove the HONDA logo on the engine.[25].
  • Under the influence of my wife[5]Momoiro Clover ZBecame a fan of. During 2012, I'm talking about "Private Hamomoiro Clover Z Isshiki"[26]..Also, to co-star in "Girls TV! Feat. SUPER ☆ GiRLS"SUPER ☆ GiRLSHas a close relationship with.
  • Hinatazaka46 OfNao KosakaSince he professed to be a fan of Kojima, he studied about Nao Kosaka, and although he is not familiar with Hinatazaka46, he is unusually familiar with Nao Kosaka. Broadcast program "November 2020, 11 broadcastI love you! Hinatazaka46 ~ Entertainer Ohisama Plan & Live Video Collection SP ~He co-starred in the first half and made a public statement.After that, the entertainer who likes Kosaka's Wikipedia in the same programAudrey WakabayashiKojima himself complained that it was written (at that time) and mentioned that it should be rewritten.[27].
  • From around 2008 due to the influence of WatanabeyogaAnd was selected as the “Yoga Journal presents Yoga People Award 2016/Best of Yogi (Male section)” in 2016[28][1].



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Current appearance program

Single/irregular appearance

Past appearance programs

TV drama


Theater animation

Television Animation

web drama

  • Close your eyes and glaring (October 2011, 10-1 minutes x 10 episodes,BeeTV)-As Odajima
  • Re: Dream (April 2012, 4-18 episodes, BeeTV)[43]
  • Miss Sherlock Episode 2 (December 2018, 5,Hulu)-The role of Michihiko Kuwahata


Online delivery




  • Un-Jash Kazuya Kojima Solo Control Live VOL.1 Tampin (August 2008-8, 12,Actor theater)


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