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👩‍🎤 | [Marty & Sumire Uesaka Showa / Heisei song is wonderful] “Until the day we meet again” Sa Ozaki behind the hit ...

Photo Marty and Uesaka (left) paying attention to the voice of Kiyohiko Ozaki (face photo)

[Marty & Sumire Uesaka Showa / Heisei song is wonderful] "Until the day we meet again" Behind the hit, Sa Ozaki ...

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――Let's listen to the blockbuster song sent by the late Kyohei Tsutsumi following the last time.

Showa-born Alafor-Ara-return nostalgic singers and songs, Heisei-born idols and foreign-born musicians ... → Continue reading

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Kyohei Tsutsumi

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Kyohei Tsutsumi(Tsutsumi today,1940<Showa 15>5/28[1] - 2020<Reiwa 2 years>10/7) IsJapan Of作曲家,Arranger..Representative of Tsutsumi Music Office (Personal Office)KanagawaZushi所在)。本名は渡辺 栄吉(わたなべ えいきち)[1].. Younger brotherMusic producer OfTadataka Watanabe. married.TokyoTokyo cityUshigome Ward(Current:TokyoShinjuku ward) From[2].Aoyama Gakuin UniversityGraduated from the Faculty of Economics. 2003,Purple ribbonAward.


1960 eraThe second half of theGroup sounds, After thatPopular song,J-POP,SazaeA professional composer who composed songs such as anime theme songs and released many hit songs to the world.[3][4][5][6].

1971,1972,1973,1975,1976,1981,1982,1983,1985,1987And 10 timesJapanRecorded No. 1 in annual record sales by composer.Also, the composition work1960-1970-1980-1990-2000 eraと、5年代連続でチャート1位を獲得。1960・1970・1980・1990・2000・2010年代と、6年代連続でTOP10にチャートインしている。


Start playing the piano from kindergarten[2].Aoyama Gakuin Elementary School-Aoyama Gakuin Secondary School/High SchoolThroughAoyama Gakuin UniversityGraduated from Faculty of Economics[2]..When I was in collegejazzDrive inYuji OhnoI was acquainted with[2].

After graduating from university1963To Japan Gramophone (laterPolydor KK→Polygram KK → Universal Music Japan) Joined[1].Western musicWhile working as the director in charge, the lyricist who is a senior at the universityAtsushi HashimotoRecommended byKoichi SugiyamaLearn to compose and arrange[1][2].

1966October,"Yellow lemon"(Koichi FujiDebuted as a composer in composer)[1].1967Became a full-time writer.The pen name isdrumI was thinking of "Kyohei" because (tsuzumi) sounds flat, but I chose "Kyohei Tsutsumi" to make the characters symmetrical.[1].

1968Released in NovemberAyumi Ishidaof"Blue light yokohamaIs his first composition by Tsutsumi.OriconWon first place in the week.By myself composing and arrangingJapan Record AwardThe song that won the award1971,Norihiko Ozakiof"until we meet again'13th Japan Record AwardWhen,1979,Judy Ongof"Be fascinated'21th Japan Record Award.

1970 era OfTakuro Yoshida,Singer-songwriterI felt a threat to the appearance of[5][6][7][8], Released a hit song without even thinking about it[5].

1997Composed of Tsutsumi's worksCD-BOX"Kyohei Tsutsumi: HITSTORY" has been released.In the songs he wrote, "until the day we meet again" and "Farewell lover""Cotton handkerchiefI like that2002Talking in an interview[2].20064/5Composed of Tsutsumi's worksCD-BOX"THE HIT MAKER -The World of Kyohei Tsutsumi-"But,20077/15Tothe popular music ~ Kyohei Tsutsumi Tribute ~] Has been released.Of the composerTribute albumThis is the first time in Japan.

2013ToVoice actor-Ayana TaketatsuSingle "Space-Time ToursOr2015ToGoro NoguchiSingle "Reunion time machine"2016ToRiho IidaHis composer activity was active in his later years, such as working on the single "Aoi Haze Syndrome".

202010/7,Aspiration pneumoniaDied because of. 80 years old.It is said that he had been receiving medical treatment at home for some time.The funeral was held only by close relatives at the request of the person[9].

On the 12th, the newsletter will act on behalf of Tsutsumi's music publishing office (TBS HoldingsOf the group's music publishers)SunshineAnnounced.MediaThere is a big reaction on the net when it is told insmartphoneThe number of weekly searches on such sites is 154, which was broadcast on the 722th.TBSsystem"New/Information 7DAYS Newscaster], Ranked 2nd in the "Weekly News Word Ranking"[10]. AlsoNHK-Commercial broadcastIt was reported for a long time on each TV station.morning'sWide showとNews programNo. 1 in the "Weekly TV News Broadcast Time Ranking (Entertainment)", which aggregates the broadcast times in[11].. 『NHK Special』(NHK General) Or “Kanjam Perfect Burn Show] (TV Asahi) and other programs also featured a memorial feature.After the news was reported on the radio station, Tsutsumi's workOn airIncreased rapidly. In the weekly radio on-air chart announced on October 10, "until we meet again"(24th),"Strong feelings / strong love"(25th),"Cotton handkerchief"(38th) and other 15 songs entered the TOP 200 from outside the service area.[12].



AnonymousA relatively strong composer, before his lifetimeMass mediaRarely appearing in, professionalCraftsmanI kept the stance of sticking to the back[5]..Also, because of his personality, he doesn't like to appear in public, so he rarely appeared on TV programs.However, since he couldn't refuse when he was a newcomer and younger, he appeared on TV several times.When the composition award of the record award is decided,TBSForcibly in the middle due to the strong request ofImperial TheaterI was taken out to[13].

199712"HITSTORY Kyohei Tsutsumi ULTIMATE COLLECTION 30 --1967" is released to commemorate the 97th anniversary of the composer's debut.Furthermore, in 98, it was jointly planned by five record companies.CompilationThe series "Kyohei Tsutsumi Ultra Best Tracks" is on sale.Taking this opportunity, TV and radio broadcast a special feature of Kyohei Tsutsumi's work.From around this time, I began to receive coverage of newspapers and magazines, albeit a little.

I have avoided appearing on TV for a long time,2005,BS FujiMusic documentary program "HIT SONG MAKERS ~Glorious J-POP Legend~』Made a TV appearance for the first time in decades.The program was evaluated as an excellent entertainment work that gives an overview of Tsutsumi's history, which greatly contributed to the history of Japanese popular music, and was evaluated that year.Japan Broadcasting Corporation Prize・ Received the highest award in the TV entertainment program category[14].

2011In 5 monthNHK BS Premiumof"Rare hit maker composer Kyohei Tsutsumi』Appeared in.In addition, a part of the VTR of the comment part in this program is NHK in September 2017 "UtaconIt was used in the special feature of Kyohei Tsutsumi.

on the other hand,ゲームVery few cases have provided songs in relation to them, and by the time of their death, officially credited songs were "Fortune Street 2 ~ Neon sign is rosy ~''Yumimi MixThere is

Main record

Top 10 single sales

Song titleartist nameLyricistRelease date
1Be fascinatedJudy OngYoko Aki1979/02/25
2SneakersMasahiko KondoTakashi Matsumoto1980/12/12
3Blue light yokohamaAyumi IshidaAtsushi Hashimoto1968/12/25
4until we meet againNorihiko OzakiYu Aku1971/03/05
5ロ マ ン スHiromi IwasakiYu Aku1975/07/25
6Cotton handkerchiefHiromi OtaTakashi Matsumoto1975/12/21
7Casually to GingiraginMasahiko KondoAyumu Date1981/09/30
9Don't stop, PUREKinKi KidsAyumu Date1999/02/24
10Blue jeans memoryMasahiko KondoTakashi Matsumoto1981/06/12

As of 2019

Top 3 single sales by age group

Age distributionorder
Song titleartist nameLyricistRelease date
1960 era1Blue light yokohamaAyumi IshidaAtsushi Hashimoto1968/12/25
2After goodbyeJackie Yoshikawa and Blue CometsAtsushi Hashimoto1968/10/15
3girl friendOxAtsushi Hashimoto1968/05/05
1970 era1Be fascinatedJudy OngYoko Aki1979/02/25
2until we meet againNorihiko OzakiYu Aku1971/03/05
3ロ マ ン スHiromi IwasakiYu Aku1975/07/25
1980 era1SneakersMasahiko KondoTakashi Matsumoto1980/12/12
2Casually to GingiraginMasahiko KondoAyumu Date1981/09/30
3Blue jeans memoryMasahiko KondoTakashi Matsumoto1981/06/12
1990 era1mermaidNOKKONOKKO1994/03/09
2Don't stop, PUREKinKi KidsAyumu Date1999/02/24
3Take TENCA! -Uchida's Ambition-Yuki UchidaKami Hirose・ Sora Kawasaki1994/10/21
2000 era1AMBITIOUS JAPAN!TOKYOThank you2003/10/01
2the reasonAsami Abe3262003/03/26
3Love downloadYukie Nakama with Down RoseKiyoshi Matsuo2006/03/15
2010 era1sentimental journeyAmi Maejima from SUPER ☆ GiRLSYukawa Reiko2013/12/04
2Space-Time ToursAyana TaketatsuJunji Ishiwata2013/01/09
3Apple on the runAyana TaketatsuSeiko Fujibayashi2014/10/15

As of October 2020, 10

Total composer sales

Total sales of composed works[15]Is 7,560.2 thousand sheets (Oricon), And is the number one composer in history[16]..The total number of sales of composed works under another name exceeds 7,600 million.[17]..For about 1968 years since 50, when Oricon started counting, the composition works have been charted in most of the years (List of composers(Refer to), the hit chart rank-in is more than 500 songs, of which 1 songs are ranked first in the chart, about 39 songs are in the TOP3, and more than 100 songs are in the TOP10.[18]..He is the composer who produced the most hit songs in the Japanese music world.

Top 5 total sales ranking of successive composers[16][19]
Number of sales
(XNUMX sheets)
作曲家Best selling song
Song titleartist nameRelease date
17560.2Kyohei TsutsumiBe fascinatedJudy Ong1979/02/25
27184.6Tetsuya KomuroCAN YOU CELEBRATE?Namie Amuro1997/02/19
34180.5Tetsuro OdaSurely more than anyone in the worldMiho Nakayama&WANDS1992/10/28
43901.8Keisuke KuwataTSUNAMISouthern All Stars2000/01/26
53825.1TsunkuLOVE machineMorning Musume.1999/09/09

As of October 2020, 10

Total sales of arrangers

Total number of arranged works sold[15]Is 3,747.1 thousand pieces (Oricon), which is the 4th place in the history of arrangers.[16]..Most of them are arranged by my own composition,Goro Noguchiof"Along the private railwayHe also arranges works by others.Most of the sales were recorded in the 1960s and 1970s, and since the 1980sMitsuo Hagita,Motoki Funayama,Shiro Sagisu,Masao Omura,Kazuo Otani,Satoshi TakebeBecause I asked a mid-career / young arranger at that time to arrange the arrangement[20], His own arrangement is only some works (List of composersreference).

Top 5 total sales ranking of successive arrangers[16][19]
Number of sales
(XNUMX sheets)
ArrangerBest selling song
Song titleartist nameRelease date
16128.7Tetsuya KomuroCAN YOU CELEBRATE?Namie Amuro1997/02/19
24230.8Motoki FunayamametropolisCrystal king1979/11/21
33992.1Mitsuo HagitaGentile -Silk Road Theme-Kubota Saki1979/10/01
43747.1Kyohei TsutsumiBe fascinatedJudy Ong1979/02/25
53594.5Hayama TakeshiSurely more than anyone in the worldMiho Nakayama & WANDS1992/10/28

As of October 2020, 10

Composer annual sales

From 1968 to 1989, ranked in the top 22 composer annual sales for 10 consecutive years.The year with the highest sales was 1972, when sales of about 650 million were recorded.[21].

Top 3 composer annual sales (1968-1989)[22]
Age distributionYears1 bit2 bit3 bit
1960 era1968Endo MinoruHirao MasaakiIzumi Taiku[23]First place/Kyohei Tsutsumi
1969Izumi TaikuKyohei TsutsumiTakashi Miki
1970 era1970InomataKyohei TsutsumiKawaguchi Makoto
1971Kyohei TsutsumiHirao MasaakiNakamura Yasushi
1972Kyohei TsutsumiHirao MasaakiKunihiko Suzuki
1973Kyohei TsutsumiHiroshi NamikiHirao Masaaki
1974Hirao MasaakiKyohei TsutsumiShunichi Tokura
1975Kyohei TsutsumiHirao MasaakiKoichi Morita
1976Kyohei TsutsumiJuichi SaseTakashi Miki
1977Shunichi TokuraRyudo UzakiKyohei Tsutsumi
1978Shunichi TokuraKyohei TsutsumiOno
1979Endo MinoruKyohei TsutsumiTakekawa Yukihide
1980 era1980Michio YamashitaYoshinori MontaTakao HoriuchiFirst place/Kyohei Tsutsumi
1981Kyohei TsutsumiSatoshi TeraoKazuo Zaitsu
1982Kyohei TsutsumiTakao after birthJohnny
1983Kyohei TsutsumiDaisuke InoueHaruomi Hosono
1984Tetsuji HayashiHiroaki SerizawaKyohei Tsutsumi
1985Kyohei TsutsumiHiroaki SerizawaTetsuji Hayashi
1986Tsutoshi GotoKyohei TsutsumiTetsuji Hayashi
1987Kyohei TsutsumiTsutoshi GotoTakamizawa Toshihiko
1988Ryo AsukaTsutoshi GotoKoji MamaginoFirst place/Kyohei Tsutsumi
1989Tsutoshi GotoTetsuya KomuroOkui KaoriFirst place/Kyohei Tsutsumi

Japan Record Award for Best Composer

Japan Record AwardSo, like the grand prize, the 1st (1959) Is a composition award with a history of more than 50 years.Tsutsumi has won five awards in the past, which is the top record among all composers.

NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen Number of songs

1rd (1951)-60th (2009)NHK Red and White Singing BattleA total of 2900 songs were sung in.Among them, Kyohei Tsutsumi's work is sung by the top 69 songs by all composers.[24]..The breakdown is 42 songs for the red group and 27 songs for the white group.The first song is1967Broadcast of "The 18th NHK Red and White Singing BattleWas sung inMieko Hirotaof"Nagisa's rumor".The year with the most works was 1972 (The 23th NHK Red and White Singing Battle), 7 songs were sung in total[24]..It is currently in second place after Tetsuya Gen (as of December 2, 2010).

Award history / winning works

Composition Award

YearsComposition AwardSong titleartist name
196911th Japan Record Award・ Composition AwardBlue light yokohamaAyumi Ishida
197113th Japan Record Award・ Composition AwardWhen it stops rainingAsaoka Snow Road
Midsummer eventMiki Hirayama
19732nd Tokyo Music Festival Domestic competition / composition awardBright love dayNorihiko Ozaki
197416th Japan Record Award・ Composition AwardSweet lifeGoro Noguchi
19743nd Tokyo Music Festival Domestic competition / composition awardBara no KageriSaori Minami
1975FNS Song Festival'75 (XNUMXnd half), Best Composition Award
197820th Japan Record Award・ Composition Award[25]Flying istanbulMayo Shono
Tokyo RabaraiRie Nakahara
197921th Japan Record Award・ Composition Award[25]Be fascinatedJudy Ong
1979FNS Kayosai '79 Best Composition Award
1981FNS Kayosai '81 Best Composition Award
19811 timesJapan Composition Award·gold medalBlue jeans memoryMasahiko Kondo
19855th Japan Composition Award / Excellent Composer AwardRomantic never stopsCCB
19877th Japan Composition Award / Excellent Composer AwardOnly for youBoy corps

Japan Record Award

TBS production

* Each award other than the composition award

Years賞Song titleartist name
1971大 賞until we meet againNorihiko Ozaki
Singing awardLoveYuko Nagisa
Mass awardFarewell loverMasaaki Sakai
New face award17Saori Minami
1972Best New Artist AwardSproutMegumi Asaoka
New face awardboy girlHiromi Go
1973Mass awardMy he is left-handedMegumi Asaoka
New face awardRed balloonMiyoko Asada
1975New face awardロ マ ン スHiromi Iwasaki
raindropHiromi Ota
1976Singing awardConiferGoro Noguchi
Mass awardI was because you wereHiromi Go
1978gold medalTwilight My LoveJunko Ohashi
Good LuckGoro Noguchi
Cinderella HoneymoonHiromi Iwasaki
New face awardTokyo RabaraiRie Nakahara
1979大 賞Be fascinatedJudy Ong
gold medalBe fascinatedJudy Ong
If you have the courageHideki Saijo
1981Best New Artist AwardCasually to GingiraginMasahiko Kondo
New face awardCasually to GingiraginMasahiko Kondo
Hamidashi ChampionHiroyuki Okita
1982New face awardsentimental journeyMatsumoto Iyo
Golden Idol AwardIt's horrible!cheersMasahiko Kondo
1983gold medalMidnight stationMasahiko Kondo
escalationNaoko Kawai
1984gold medalLip privacyNaoko Kawai
1985Best New Artist Award"C"Miho Nakayama
gold medalRomantic never stopsCCB
New face award"C"Miho Nakayama
TemptationHonda Minako
1986Best New Artist AwardMasqueradeBoy corps
gold medalI'm crazyMiho Nakayama
New face awardMasqueradeBoy corps
Dream flightMariko
Maiden weatherMari Mizutani
1987gold medalOnly for youBoy corps
Best Artist AwardOnly for youBoy corps
1989New face awardSeriouslyEriko Tamura

* Award presented to individual artists

Years賞Examination criteria
2017Achievement AwardPresented to those who have continued their musical activities for many years and have made significant contributions to the music world.
2020Special Achievement AwardPresented to the "deceased" who has made a great contribution to the music world by developing music activities and critique activities for many years.

Each station music award

* Each award other than the composition award

Music festival award-winning works sponsored and produced by local stations are omitted.

Number of works with lyricists who formed a combination

The lyricist who formed the most combination was an ally from school days and an early golden combination partner.Atsushi Hashimoto..The total number of works in the combination exceeds 550, including singles and album songs.Second place is the opponent of the golden combination since the 2s,Takashi MatsumotoThe number of works is about 380 songs.3rd placeYu AkuIt is about 120 songs[28].

LyricistNumber of works
(Approximate number)[28]
Best selling song
Song titleartist name
Atsushi Hashimoto550Blue light yokohamaAyumi Ishida
Takashi Matsumoto380SneakersMasahiko Kondo
Yu Aku120until we meet againNorihiko Ozaki
Arima Mieko10017Saori Minami
Masano100escalationNaoko Kawai
Akimoto Yasushi100Dramatic rainJunichi Inagaki
Thank you90What would you doAyumi Ishida
Yoko Aki80Be fascinatedJudy Ong
Tokiko Iwatani60Departure to loveHiromi Go
Michio Yamagami60Sweet lifeGoro Noguchi
Hayashi Haruo60Sunflower small diameterCherish
Chiaki Tetsuya60MasqueradeBoy corps
Kazumi Yasui50Regards, melancholyHiromi Go
Kazuya Senke50My he is left-handedMegumi Asaoka
Tokiko Miura50It feels like a rose to youToshihiko Tahara
Kochinization20Yamato Nadeshiko seven changesKyoko Koizumi

List of composers

1960 era - 1970 era - 1980 era - 1990 era - 2000 era - 2010 era

  • JASRACList of some works of 2709 songs (as of April 2020, 4) registered in[29]..Works not listed in the table below are "Other".
  • The artist name is the notation at the time of the work announcement.
  • The ranking isOriconTop of the weekly chart.
- Is a song outside the ranking. B-side, coupling, songs from the album.
No. 1 on the chart
No. 2 and No. 3 on the chart
No. 4 on the chart --No. 10
1960 era
releaseageComposition workArtistsLyricsArrangerRankingRemarks (theme song, etc.)
196681526Yellow lemonKoichi FujiAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi[30]Debuted as a composer at the age of 26
95Hiroshi Mochizuki
196751Bright red bootsTree nut nanaAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi
71027Nagisa's rumorMieko HirotaAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumifirst"NHK Red and White Singing Battle] Song[31]
81Barairono KumoVillage SingersAtsushi HashimotoKenichiro Morioka69[32]A hit song that became a successful work.Unofficial chart[33]2 bit
85Sentimental wharfBito IsaoAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi[30]
810Please do not leave[34]The PeanutAtsushi HashimotoMiyagawa Yasushi
9Flowers and the seaKurosawa ToshioAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi
111Rumors of dead leavesMieko HirotaAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi94
1110because I likeVillage SingersAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi14
1968110Perman No. 2 is UkakaIshikawa Susumu,Hiroshi OtakeFujio FujikoKyohei Tsutsumi-TBSSeries animePerman"Insert song
125Mademoiselle BruceThe JaguarsAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi26
21Tears of loveOkumura ChiyoAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi21
410Madonna of flowersKiyoko ItoAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi67
425Ring of memories[35]Village SingersAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi12Theme song for the movie "Ring of Memories"
55girl friendOxAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi6
510Lemon in the rainbow[35]Village SingersAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi17Theme song for the movie "Lemon in the Rainbow"
510I'm a monsterFuyumi Shiraishi,Masao Imanishi, Hiroshi Otake,Shingo KanemotoFujio FujikoKyohei Tsutsumi-TBS anime "Monster] Theme song
61528The sun is cryingAyumi IshidaAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi18
71Redhead MaryThe GulliversAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi-
715Dream SonnetMiki KawanaMiyatoshioKyohei Tsutsumi55
810Until the stars fallVillage SingersAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi28
825Two people in the starry skyThe JaguarsAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi58
95Dancing SeventeenOxAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi28
1015After goodbyeJackie Yoshikawa and Blue CometsAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi3
125Maron's loveSayuri YoshinagaAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi-
1210Swan's tearsOxAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi7
1225Blue light yokohamaAyumi IshidaAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi1First place first place.The first million seller
1969125Flower boy[36]Yuya Uchida and The FlowersAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi-
210Tell me your loveThe YoungersAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi86
35Kyoto / Kobe / GinzaYukio HashiAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi10
325I'm burningOxAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi18
41The love you giveChiyoko ShimakuraAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi70
45Unbreakable HotelSachiko NishidaAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi81
415Walking in tearsAyumi IshidaAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi10
415Stylish rumorHide and RosannaAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi13
425Thread of tearsJackie Yoshikawa and Blue CometsAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi16
7529I am the XNUMXth face of the world[37]Ohashi KyosenInoue HisashiKyohei Tsutsumi-Fuji Television Network, Incsystem"Koizumi's Star Hundred Faces] Theme song
This is another hundred facesHiromasa SuzukiFuji TV's "Koizumi no Star Hyakumenso" sub-theme song
75Midnight TokyoTaeko KawabeToshiko OhikataKyohei Tsutsumi57
725Like a FrenchmanMitsuo SagawaAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi79
81With you from todayAyumi IshidaAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi7
115HeadlightAkira Kurosawa and Los PrimosAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi23
115Tokyo-ParisYukio HashiAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi44Theme song for the movie "Tokyo-Paris Youth Conditions"
1110SazaeYuko UnoHayashi HaruoKyohei Tsutsumi-Fuji TV anime "Sazae"Opening theme
Sazae familyFuji TV anime "Sazae-san" ending theme
1220Because you're the one I choseKatsuhiko MikiAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi29
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1970 era
releaseageComposition workArtistsLyricsArrangerRankingRemarks (theme song, etc.)
197032529What would you doAyumi IshidaThank youKyohei Tsutsumi2
45I'm sick but happyOkumura ChiyoMichio YamagamiKyohei Tsutsumi10
425Burning handsMieko HirotaThank youKyohei Tsutsumi19
7530Love aloneTomoko OgawaAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi32
95You can lieOkumura ChiyoYasunori KawauchiKyohei Tsutsumi11
925Aria of sadnessYuri IshidaThank youKyohei Tsutsumi27
1010What made you soAyumi IshidaThank youKyohei Tsutsumi12
1021When it stops rainingAsaoka Snow RoadThank youKyohei Tsutsumi5
1110Beautiful YokohamaMiki HirayamaAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi64
121Stop halfwayOkumura ChiyoThank youKyohei Tsutsumi24
197131the TEAMFor LeavesYu AkuKyohei Tsutsumi31
35until we meet againNorihiko OzakiYu AkuKyohei Tsutsumi113th Japan Record Award・ Grand prize winning song
325LoveYuko NagisaHayashi HaruoKyohei Tsutsumi6
4Beautiful challengerEmi ShindoTokiko IwataniKyohei Tsutsumi-TBS drama "Beautiful challenger] Theme song
51Farewell loverMasaaki SakaiOsamu KitayamaKyohei Tsutsumi2
525Midsummer eventMiki HirayamaAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi5
613117Saori MinamiArima MiekoKyohei Tsutsumi2
85Blues on a rainy dayYuko NagisaAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi8
810Green appleGoro NoguchiAtsushi HashimotoHiroshi Takada14
825Nagasaki in OmoideAyumi IshidaAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi10
910Everything you wantHide and RosannaAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi22
925thank you for helping meJun InoueMichio YamagamiKyohei Tsutsumi17
101Sea breeze melodySaori MinamiArima MiekoKyohei Tsutsumi7
1025No one knowsYukari ItoTokiko IwataniKyohei Tsutsumi9
1025Noah's ArkMiki HirayamaAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi19
10How about a beautiful woman?Tomoko TomitaArima MiekoKyohei Tsutsumi-TBS drama "How about a beautiful woman?] Theme song
1111After dawnSumiko SakamotoThank youKyohei Tsutsumi14
1125One loved oneNorihiko OzakiYu AkuKyohei Tsutsumi2
1220Rain airportEuyangAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi4
1972125So I'm going to the northCherishHayashi HaruoKyohei Tsutsumi17
125A wandering angelAyumi IshidaAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi18
21FriendsSaori MinamiArima MiekoKyohei Tsutsumi7
21Seagull town Minato townHiroshi ItsukiYoko YamaguchiKyohei Tsutsumi11
325The two were youngNorihiko OzakiYu AkuKyohei Tsutsumi11
325Season of loveHideki SaijoTakashi AsoHiroshi Takada42
45Pursuit of love (love chase)EuyangAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi5
521ChastitySaori MinamiArima MiekoKyohei Tsutsumi3
525Sunflower small diameterCherishHayashi HaruoKyohei Tsutsumi3
6532SproutMegumi AsaokaKazuya SenkeHiroshi Takada3
75Just by burning the flames of my heartNorihiko OzakiNagi HaruoKyohei Tsutsumi9
721Summer contactFor LeavesNorth KojiKyohei Tsutsumi12
725Wind Day BalladYuko NagisaKeiko Mine[38]Kyohei Tsutsumi25
81boy girlHiromi GoTokiko IwataniKyohei Tsutsumi8
85night trainEuyangAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi5
85Hatsukoi no MelodyAsami KobayashiAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi27
921Sorrowful pageSaori MinamiArima MiekoKyohei Tsutsumi3
925孤独Akiko WadaAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi43
105Hello by sadnessMegumi AsaokaKazuya SenkeHiroshi Takada6
105I will never forgetYuki OkazakiAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi21
1120Mom is a rivalYuki OkazakiAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi-TBS drama "Mom is a rival] Theme song
121Love songTsunaki & MidoriAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi15
1973115I'm a girlMegumi AsaokaKazuya SenkeKyohei Tsutsumi7
121Early spring portSaori MinamiArima MiekoKyohei Tsutsumi11
31Departure to loveHiromi GoTokiko IwataniKyohei Tsutsumi2
321Orange rainGoro NoguchiEiko Yoshida[39]Hiroshi Takada6
45I want you love meEuyangAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi9
421Red balloonMiyoko AsadaKazumi YasuiKyohei Tsutsumi1TBS drama "It's time"Insert song
430Lovers running through the forestMegumi AsaokaMichio YamagamiKyohei Tsutsumi7
51Hurting generationSaori MinamiArima MiekoKyohei Tsutsumi3
62133Naked venusHiromi GoTokiko IwataniKyohei Tsutsumi2
621Kanjiru teenAoi TeruyoshiMichio YamagamiKyohei Tsutsumi54
71Musume GokoroAki MizusawaMichio YamagamiKyohei Tsutsumi51
75My he is left-handedMegumi AsaokaKazuya SenkeKyohei Tsutsumi1
721Hitorikko AmaekkoMiyoko AsadaOtari summerKyohei Tsutsumi10
821A town that changes colorSaori MinamiArima MiekoKyohei Tsutsumi4
1015Girl of the AlpsMegumi AsaokaKazuya SenkeKyohei Tsutsumi8
125Mona Lisa's SecretHiromi GoTokiko IwataniKyohei Tsutsumi2
125A piece of innocenceSaori MinamiArima MiekoKyohei Tsutsumi8
1974115Windmill of loveCherishHayashi HaruoKyohei Tsutsumi3
115CrushMegumi AsaokaKazuya SenkeKyohei Tsutsumi6
31The first star of happinessMiyoko AsadaKazumi YasuiKyohei Tsutsumi7TBS drama "The Terauchi Kantaro family"Insert song
31I wonder if it's tonight or tomorrowTeresa TengMichio YamagamiHiroshi Takada84
321Flowers and honeybeesHiromi GoTokiko IwataniKyohei Tsutsumi3
321Virgin voyageEleganceArima MiekoKyohei Tsutsumi24
415Indian doll of loveRinrin RanranDaizo SaitoKyohei Tsutsumi27
425Two express trainsCherishHayashi HaruoKyohei Tsutsumi7
62134You are specialHiromi GoTokiko IwataniKyohei Tsutsumi6
825Summer ShigureALFIETakashi MatsumotoKyohei Tsutsumi-
921Regards, melancholyHiromi GoKazumi YasuiKenichiro Morioka1
1020Sweet lifeGoro NoguchiMichio YamagamiKyohei Tsutsumi1
1020Forgotten snowoff courseTakashi MatsumotoMakoto Yano-
111Tomorrow's loveHiroshi ItsukiYoko YamaguchiBob Sakuma46TBS drama "Japan sinking] Theme song
111raindropHiromi OtaTakashi MatsumotoMitsuo Hagita14
197521TearsThe Three DegreesKazumi YasuiJun Fukamachi15
35Walking aloneJunko SakuradaYu AkuKyohei Tsutsumi4movies"A spoonful of happiness] Theme song
321Immaculate mischiefToyokawa birthKazumi YasuiKenichiro Morioka28
421Like a flower, like a birdHiromi GoMasao IshizakaKyohei Tsutsumi2
421When the sorrow endsGoro NoguchiMichio YamagamiKyohei Tsutsumi2
425DuetHiromi IwasakiYu AkuMitsuo Hagita19
71035After the eveningGoro NoguchiMichio YamagamiKyohei Tsutsumi2
721Invited flamencoHiromi GoAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi2
725ロ マ ン スHiromi IwasakiYu AkuKyohei Tsutsumi1
1025SentimentalHiromi IwasakiYu AkuKyohei Tsutsumi1
1221Cotton handkerchiefHiromi OtaTakashi MatsumotoKyohei Tsutsumi
Mitsuo Hagita
1976125FantasyHiromi IwasakiYu AkuKyohei Tsutsumi2
21Weakness of loveHiromi GoAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi4
35Sexy bus stopDr. Dragon & Oriental Express-Dr. Dragon25
425Sexy bus stopYuko AsanoAtsushi HashimotoHiroshi Takada12
51futureHiromi IwasakiYu AkuKyohei Tsutsumi2
5120-year-old faint feverHiromi GoAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi3
6136Red high heelsHiromi OtaTakashi MatsumotoMitsuo Hagita2
610GlitterGoro NoguchiMichio YamagamiKyohei Tsutsumi2
81I was because you wereHiromi GoAtsushi HashimotoKyohei Tsutsumi2
81Meeting the fogHiromi IwasakiYu AkuKyohei Tsutsumi4
910ConiferGoro NoguchiKotaro AsoKyohei Tsutsumi2
921The last leafHiromi OtaTakashi MatsumotoMitsuo Hagita5
111Cold dawnHiromi GoKazuo UmezuKyohei Tsutsumi5
115DreamHiromi IwasakiYu AkuKyohei Tsutsumi4
1977121Less than happyHiromi OtaTakashi MatsumotoMitsuo Hagita4
125Under the tree of memoriesHiromi IwasakiYu AkuKyohei Tsutsumi7
6537Aishuu TonightMasahiro KuwanaTakashi MatsumotoMitsuo Hagita99
721(I.e.Goro NoguchiArima MiekoKyohei Tsutsumi4movies"(I.e.] Theme song
721Before the floodHiromi GoTomiko OkadaMotoki Funayama5
91September rainHiromi OtaTakashi MatsumotoKyohei Tsutsumi7
95I can't go back anymoreJunko SakuradaYu AkuMotoki Funayama8
1978321Tokyo RabaraiRie NakaharaTakashi MatsumotoKyohei Tsutsumi9
41Flying istanbulMayo ShonoChiaki TetsuyaMotoki Funayama3
525Beyond goodbyeHiroshi Uchiyamada and Cool FiveKazuya SenkeHiroshi Takada56
6538LipstickJunko SakuradaTakashi MatsumotoKyohei Tsutsumi10
71DollHiromi OtaTakashi MatsumotoKyohei Tsutsumi21
710Cheers in Monte CarloMayo ShonoChiaki TetsuyaKyohei Tsutsumi5
725Cinderella HoneymoonHiromi IwasakiYu AkuKyohei Tsutsumi13
81Disco LadyRie NakaharaTakashi MatsumotoKyohei Tsutsumi14
85Twilight My LoveJunko OhashiYu AkuKyohei Tsutsumi2TBS drama "Like a lion] Theme song
91Good LuckGoro NoguchiKeisuke YamakawaHiroshi Takada4
925Woman friendTakada MizueTakashi MatsumotoHiroshi Takada19
1021Blue horizonThe MistralLinda Rhee
Thank you
Kyohei Tsutsumi32TBS information program "Good morning 700From Caravan II
111Outdated loversMasatoshi NakamuraKeisuke YamakawaMasao Omura18Nippon TVDrama seriesPrime Minister of Yuhigaoka] Theme song
Embrace the seaInsert song for the Japanese TV drama "Prime Minister Yuhigaoka"
1125MasqueradeMayo ShonoMachiko RyuIzuzo Seo16
1125Third ladyMasahiro KuwanaTakashi Matsumoto[40]24
1979125Sunday StrangerMako IshinoYu AkuKyohei Tsutsumi19
25Spring ragHiromi IwasakiMichio YamagamiKyohei Tsutsumi15
225Be fascinatedJudy OngYoko AkiKyohei Tsutsumi121th Japan Record Award・ Grand prize winning song
45Pretty PrettyMako IshinoYu AkuMotoki Funayama26
421Midsummer night's dreamGoro NoguchiYu AkuKyohei Tsutsumi16
72139Sexual Violet No.1Masahiro KuwanaTakashi Matsumoto[41]1
95If you have the courageHideki SaijoKeisuke YamakawaMitsuo Hagita3
921If you likeMichiyo AzusaYoko AkiKyohei Tsutsumi30

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1980 era
releaseageComposition workArtistsLyricsArrangerRankingRemarks (theme song, etc.)
19801539Sad friendshipHideki SaijoKeisuke YamakawaKimio Mizutani6
125Next dream visitorRumiko KoyanagiTomiko OkadaMitsuo Hagita22
45actressHiromi IwasakiThank youKyohei Tsutsumi15
6140ROBOTIkue SakakibaraTakashi MatsumotoMotoki Funayama22
921First loveMako IshinoArima MiekoTachimi Yano22
1212SneakersMasahiko KondoTakashi MatsumotoKoji Mamagino1
1981312Yokohama TeakMasahiko KondoTakashi MatsumotoKoji Mamagino2
321E feelingHiroyuki OkitaYoko AkiMotoki Funayama8
61241Blue jeans memoryMasahiko KondoTakashi MatsumotoKoji Mamagino1Movie "Blue Jeans Memory" theme song
921Straight larabaiJunko MiharaTokiko MiuraMotoki Funayama20
930Casually to GingiraginMasahiko KondoAyumu DateKoji Mamagino1
1021sentimental journeyMatsumoto IyoYukawa ReikoShiro Sagisu9
198217Passion ☆ Hot air ☽ Serena deMasahiko KondoAyumu DateKazuo Otani1
127It feels like a rose to youToshihiko TaharaTokiko MiuraMotoki Funayama3
25Love Me TenderMatsumoto IyoYukawa ReikoShiro Sagisu11
314Bolero who keeps lovingHiroshi ItsukiYu AkuMotoki Funayama19
331Touched BANZAIMasahiko KondoTakashi MatsumotoTsutoshi Goto1
58Harajuku KissToshihiko TaharaSatoshi MiyashitaMotoki Funayama1
521Glitter from the country of TVMatsumoto IyoItoi ShigesatoShiro Sagisu15
72142From that placeYoshie KashiwabaraMichio YamagamiHiroshi Takada9
930Hore! CheersMasahiko KondoTakashi MatsumotoTsutoshi Goto1
1021Dramatic rainJunichi InagakiAkimoto YasushiMotoki Funayama8
1218Love SpurToshihiko TaharaTokiko MiuraKazuo Otani3movies"Vienna Story Gemini Y and S] Theme song
1983120Midnight stationMasahiko KondoTakashi MatsumotoSakuma Masahide1
12519:00 cityGoro NoguchiKaoru ItoEiji Kawamura16
35City of good looksHiromi GoMiyuki NakajimaRyuichi Sakamoto
Kyohei Tsutsumi
35EscapeJunichi InagakiInoue KanInoue Kan19
41Summer nancyYu HayamiTokiko MiuraYutaka Mogi7
45Dream-colored spoonMari IijimaTakashi MatsumotoEiji Kawamura-NHK general TVAnime"Spoon aunt"Opening theme
Kittens in the Apple ForestNHK General TV Anime "Mrs. Pepper" Ending Theme
NHK"Everyone's song』Broadcast song
55Red girlKyoko KoizumiKochinizationSakuma Masahide8
518Feeling like a showerToshihiko TaharaTokiko MiuraMasao Omura1
6143escalationNaoko KawaiMasanoMasao Omura3
71Nagisa no LionYu HayamiTokiko MiuraYutaka Mogi10
715Tameiki Ro Ka Bi LeeMasahiko KondoTakashi MatsumotoMatsushita Makoto1movies"The man who calls the storm] Theme song
721Half girlKyoko KoizumiAtsushi HashimotoEiji Kawamura4
721Summer hornJunichi InagakiMasanoInoue Kan25
721Night Movie[42]Kumiko YamashitaNatsuo GiniroHugh McCracken-
914UN balanceNaoko KawaiMasanoMasao Omura4
921Lucky LipsYu HayamiTokiko MiuraMasao Omura10
111Royal Straight FlushMasahiko KondoTakashi MatsumotoMatsushita Makoto1
1984121L-Gaim -Time for L-GAIM-MIOMasanoMatsushita Makoto16NBN-EXSeries animeHeavy Tank L-Gaim』First term opening theme
Starlight showerRin IogiNBN / EX anime "Heavy Metal L-Gaim" ending theme
229tremoloYoshie KashiwaraTakashi MatsumotoMotoki Funayama8
31Ichiban bastardMasahiko KondoMasanoMatsushita Makoto1
331Temptation ray, clutter!Yu HayamiTakashi MatsumotoMasao Omura7
53044Mischief NIGHT DOLLYoshie KashiwaraNatsuo GiniroMotoki Funayama10
621Labyrinth AndoraKyoko KoizumiTakashi MatsumotoMotoki Funayama1
725No reply to the windMaya AyukawaMasanoOsamu Totsuka17NBN / EX series animation "Heavy Metal L-Gaim" late opening theme
Injured jealousyRin IogiNBN / EX animation "Heavy Metal L-Gaim" insert song[43]
828Lip privacyNaoko KawaiMasanoShiro Sagisu4
921Yamato Nadeshiko seven changesKyoko KoizumiKochinizationMegumi Wakakusa1
1021Skyscraper BruceTokyo JAPMasanoMotoki Funayama18TBS drama "What happened to the girl] Theme song
111BelieveMatsumoto IyoMasanoMitsuo Hagita11TBS drama "Transfer girl Y] Theme song
125North Station SolitudeNaoko KawaiMasanoMitsuo Hagita6
1985125Romantic never stopsCCBTakashi MatsumotoMotoki Funayama2TBS drama "I will touch you every time』1st series theme song
221graduateYuki SaitoTakashi MatsumotoSatoshi Takebe6
35Geras TrainNaoko KawaiMasanoMitsuo Hagita6
420Murderous vacationHonda MinakoMasanoSatoshi Nakamura21
425School girlCCBTakashi Matsumoto[44]8
62145"C"Miho NakayamaTakashi MatsumotoMitsuo Hagita12TBS drama "Summer experience story』Part 1 theme song
73I want to know you moreYakushimaru HirokoTakashi MatsumotoSatoshi Takebe2
721Natsuzakari HonojigumiToshi&NaokoYu AkuHiroshi Shinkawa5
725witchKyoko KoizumiTakashi MatsumotoSatoshi Nakamura1
821First visitYuki SaitoTakashi MatsumotoSatoshi Takebe4
821Lucky Chance againCCBTakashi Matsumoto[44]3
821Oh funnyTomoko Kimura,Tokyo Children's ChorusNatsuo GiniroHiroki Inui-NHK "Minna no Uta" broadcast song
Songs from the album "Minna no Uta Ofukuro no Uta / Minna no Uta"
928TemptationHonda MinakoTakashi MatsumotoKazuo Otani10
101SaucyMiho NakayamaTakashi MatsumotoMotoki Funayama8
1115情 熱Yuki SaitoTakashi MatsumotoSatoshi Takebe3movies"Snow break] Theme song
1121What an idolKyoko KoizumiAkimoto YasushiShiro Sagisu1
1127Fancy KissCCBTakashi Matsumoto[45]3TBS drama "I will touch you every time』2st series theme song
125BE-BOP-HIGHSCHOOLMiho NakayamaTakashi MatsumotoMitsuo Hagita4movies"Be Bop High School] Theme song
1212MasqueradeBoy corpsChiaki TetsuyaMotoki Funayama1
198625Marilyn in 1986Honda MinakoAkimoto YasushiHiroshi Shinkawa3
321I love you until the 21st centuryMari MizutaniTakashi MatsumotoMotoki Funayama16
324Decameron LegendBoy corpsAkimoto YasushiHiroshi Shinkawa2
49Cheerful Broken HeartCCBTakashi Matsumoto[45]2
51SosotteHonda MinakoAkimoto YasushiShiro Sagisu3
52846I found loveMarikoTakashi MatsumotoKimio Mizutani14TBS drama "I can't understand it!"Insert song
64Blue shoesMiyoko YoshimotoTakashi MatsumotoMotoki Funayama10
710MEW at dawnKyoko KoizumiAkimoto YasushiSatoshi Takebe2
723HELPHonda MinakoAkimoto YasushiKazuo Otani2
725CheckpointIchiko FujiiEtsuko after birthHiroshi Shinkawa14TBS drama "Summer Experience Story" Part 2 Theme Song
821I'm crazyMiho NakayamaTakashi MatsumotoMasao Omura
Motoki Funayama
910Aurora GirlMiyoko YoshimotoTakashi MatsumotoMotoki Funayama8
925Maiden weatherMari MizutaniTakashi MatsumotoSatoshi Takebe9
1112The sound is tutuAkemi IshiiYoko AkiYamakawa Etsuko12
1121WAKU WAKUMiho NakayamaTakashi MatsumotoMotoki Funayama3Fuji TV drama "Na-ma-i-kimori] Theme song
1128Sleep like a balladBoy corpsTakashi MatsumotoKoji Mamagino1
1210Naimononedarino I Want YouCCBTakashi Matsumoto[45]1TBS drama "I will touch you every time』3st series theme song
1987121Yumeiro ChaserMaya AyukawaMachiko RyuShiro Sagisu59NBN / EX animation "Armor Senki Dragner』First term opening theme
122I want to kill after thatSHOW-YAAkimoto YasushiMatsushita Makoto32
24Oneway GenerationHonda MinakoAkimoto YasushiKazuo Otani2TBS drama "Daddy is a newscaster] Theme song
225Water rougeKyoko KoizumiTakashi MatsumotoMasao Omura1
33stripe blueBoy corpsTakashi MatsumotoKoji Mamagino1
318teardropKumiko GotoEtsuko after birthSatoshi Takebe3
318"flashy!!!"Miho NakayamaTakashi MatsumotoMotoki Funayama2TBS drama "Mom is an idol] Theme song
525Fugitive in the waterSHOW-YAAkimoto YasushiKenji Omura39TV AsahiDrama seriesBig city 25:XNUMX] Theme song
527TrailerKaori MoritaniSerizawaIzuzo Seo12
62147Goodbye fruitsYoko OginomeMasanoSatoshi Takebe1
624Only for youBoy corpsKochinizationKoji Mamagino1
71Wild windMiki ImaiKawamura MasumiJoe Hisaishi24movies"Drifting classroom] Theme song
722JoyAkemi IshiiChiaki TetsuyaOsamu Totsuka19TBS drama "In love, in love"Insert song
911what will you do?Toshihiko TaharaAtsushi HashimotoMotoki Funayama4Fuji TV drama "Radio bottle story] Theme song
918You should cryMasahiko KondoKochinizationKoji Mamagino1
1027North wind carolYoko OginomeMasanoHiroshi Shinkawa2TBS drama "Cheers for your baby!] Theme song
1111ABCBoy corpsTakashi MatsumotoMotoki Funayama1
1116Memories of winter vacationTomomi NishimuraTakashi MatsumotoSatoshi Takebe11
1988210Sakura bloomedTomomi NishimuraTakashi MatsumotoSatoshi Takebe11
225IN YOUR EYESYukari MorikawaHiromi MoriMotoki Funayama18
323SetaismRisa TachibanaTakashi MatsumotoKenzo Shikuma8
48Made in JapanMasahiko KondoTakashi MatsumotoMark Davis3
421Embrace TONIGHTToshihiko TaharaHiromi MoriMotoki Funayama3Fuji TV drama "Teacher binbin story] Theme song
71348Lisa's Fairy LegendRisa TachibanaTakashi MatsumotoTakeshi Kobayashi8
817It's not coolToshihiko TaharaGoro MatsuiMotoki Funayama2
1110I want to get angryBoy corpsHiromi MoriHiroshi Shinkawa1
1210Continued, I want to get angry (overseas version)Boy corpsHiromi MoriBob Sakuma3
198911Get outSakai NorikoHiromi MoriMotoki Funayama4
222Fossil forestYoshie KashiwaraAraki and YohisaSatoshi Takebe27Nippon TelevisionTuesday Suspense Theater] Theme song
315Locomotion DreamEriko TamuraShun TaguchiTakeshi Kobayashi9
52517Chisato MoritakaArima MiekoHideo Saito8
62149I like itEriko TamuraTakashi MatsumotoMotoki Funayama10
75Shoulder width futureYoko NagayamaMiyuki NakajimaYamakawa Etsuko35
96SeriouslyEriko TamuraTakashi MatsumotoHiroshi Shinkawa9
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1990 era
releaseageComposition workArtistsLyricsArrangerRankingRemarks (theme song, etc.)
1990112150The color goes to the smellNaomi ChiakiIjuin ShizukaHiroshi Shinkawa-KTV-CXThe drama "Rainbow has appeared!"[46]Theme song
199162151To ・ ki ・ me ・ kiYumiko TakahashiKazuya SenkeULTIMAX21
625Two weeks in summerShinji TanimuraKochinizationMotoki Funayama93
625Love in augustChisato MoritakaChisato MoritakaHideo Saito6
87CrushHikaru NishidaTakashi MatsumotoWataru Watanabe7TBS drama "Department store! Summer story] Theme song
921MarriageSatoshi IkedaKochinizationNobuyuki Shimizu62
1016I'm fine! I'm fine! I'm fine!Yumiko TakahashiAkimoto YasushiNobuyuki Shimizu13Mega cdFor gamesYumimi Mix"Ending theme
199225Let's meet somedayYumiko TakahashiAkimoto YasushiMegumi Wakakusa17
25Meguri ♥ AiHikaru NishidaTakashi MatsumotoTakao Sugiyama15Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Theme song for the drama "Let me call you Papa!"
318Mirror of the heartSMAPYuko FukushimaTakayuki Hijikata3
7852Don't lose Baby! ~ Never give upSMAPTakeshi AidaCHOKKAKU5
BEST FRIENDYuko Fukushima[47]Takayuki HijikataNHK "Minna no Uta" broadcast song
722Midsummer eventSugar beetAtsushi HashimotoYoshio Tsuru43TBS drama "I'm not happy"Ending theme
724It ’s wonderful to be aliveHikaru NishidaTakashi MatsumotoHiroshi Shinkawa24NHK General TV "Hikaru Nishida's exciting human biography] Theme song
99Tomadoi Sayakyoku (Serenade)Mariko TakahashiTakashi MatsumotoMitsuo Hagita62
1121If you're not cryingYuki NaeAkimoto YasushiMitsuo Hagita21
121Birth storyHirai NamiMami TakuboMitsuo Hagita-Nippon TelevisionDo you know?!"Ending theme
122Door of the futureAll the students of Appare Gakuen&SanmaGreat teacherShigeru AmanoMitake Akira[48]-Fuji TV systemAppare pacific saury Dai-sensei"Ending theme[49]
Songs from the album "Apparesanma Dai-sensei Campus Song Collection"
1216LoveYumiko TakahashisakuramomokoAkira Senju49movies"Chibi Maruko-chan My favorite song] Theme song
1993321I'm sorryYuki NaeAkimoto YasushiMitsuo Hagita23
421Season of signs[50]Miyuki NakajimaMiyuki NakajimaIzuzo Seo-
11353Canadian AccordionInoue YosuiInoue YosuiJun Sato35NHK serial TV novel "Karin] Theme song
199439mermaidNOKKONOKKOTowa Tei
Nobuyuki Shimizu
2Fuji TV drama "Girl taking time] Theme song
324Perfect Love 35 songs, etc.[51]Eriko Akiya & Shuji Otokawa-Eriko Akiya
Shuji Otokawa
-Super NintendoFor gamesFortune Street 2"Soundtrack
421Forgotten grassYuki NaeTakashi MatsumotoMitsuo Hagita36
7654MeguriaeruWillow georgeBeyond AsamizuHiroshi Shinkawa-
921Drive your dreamsWillow georgeIBIZAMatsushita Makoto91
1021Take TENCA! -Uchida's Ambition-Yuki UchidaKami Hirose
Sora Kawasaki
Akihiko Matsumoto1Fuji TV drama "Soft-boiled eggs] Theme song
1995228Strong feelings / strong loveKenji OzawaKenji OzawaKenji Ozawa
Kyohei Tsutsumi[52]
4movies"SUNNY Strong feeling, strong love] Song in the play
It's a littleTBS drama "Come to the room] Theme song
45Tomorrow is another dayYuki UchidaShuko IwakiriMasao Omura3
421time MachineFumiya FujiiFumiya FujiiKUDO
Takeshi Tsuji
8855I won't cryOrchid suzukiOrchid suzuki
Makoto Morizono
Keiji Tanabe
Mitsuo Hagita
[53]Theme of the Century of All Things--Mari Sugi
Yoichi Shimada
-ABC-EXsystem"Takeshi's All Things Century"Opening theme
111BEAUTIFUL GIRLSKyoko KoizumiKyoko KoizumiIzumi Miyazaki
Fukuhara Mari
14Fuji TV9 dramas a month"Love hasn't started yet] Theme song
111curtain callMori MitsukoAkimoto YasushiMitsuo Hagita-Fuji TV 55th Anniversary Drama "Woman who lived in Moriko Mori"[54]Theme song
199611Why why Nande?Orchid suzukiOrchid suzuki
Takeshi Aida
Akihiko Matsumoto67
210MUST BE HEAVENKeizo NakanishiTakamizawa ToshihikoTakao Konishi54
221Let's grab loveGAOGAOTomohiro Kaifuku-
73156Stardust in the palmKumiko YamashitaMori YukinojoTakeshi Fujii39
124TOKYO FANTASIAKumiko YamashitaYukawa ReikoYoshiyuki Sahashi[55]69
1997521Slave of loveMunehisa SakuradaTokiko MiuraYoshiaki Shirai-
199812157Love rules / new rulesPizzicato FiveKonishiKonishi
Yukihiro Fukutomi
24for meDOUBLESACHIKOYukihiro Fukutomi89YTV-NTVDrama seriesCold moon"Insert song
52858DesireDOUBLESACHIKOYukihiro Fukutomi-
620BOO ~ I want to laugh as I get hungry ~The GospellersYu AkuBANANA ICE72TV Tokyo anime "Sometimes it's a pig"Opening theme
1999113One second of Othello ~ I want to be chosen by you ~[56]J-FRIENDSAkimoto YasushiSoru Toru-Mini album "People Of The World"recorded music
[57]Hiroshi Shinkawa
[58]Keiichi Ueno
224Don't stop, PUREKinKi KidsAyumu DateWACKY KAKI1Nippon Television Drama "For the future with you] Theme song
421Flowers, moon, peopleRiena MoriyaNokkoYukihiro Takahashi-
8459Dried loveMiwako IchikawaKofuku OnoInoue Kan-Album "PINUP GIRL"[59]recorded music
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2000 era
releaseageComposition workArtistsLyricsArrangerRankingRemarks (theme song, etc.)
20001159Sweet painBEARBEARHiroshi Matsui-album"LOVE IS THE MESSAGE"recorded music
8960Puzzle no kakeraMitsuhiro OikawaMitsuhiro OikawaTakao Konishi19
96Happy endSILVASILVAHiroshi Matsui-
1012CRAZY A GO GO !!Mitsuhiro OikawaMitsuhiro OikawaTakao Konishi20
200129Welcome homeKumikoTakashi MatsumotoYoshiyuki Sahashi-
121261Despair Good BuyTakashi FujiiTakashi MatsumotoAkemi Honma27
2002214graduateMoeko MatsushitaTakashi MatsumotoTakao Konishi43
321SpringMisako OtaniMisako OtaniIshikawa Tetsuo-
200332662the reasonAsami Abe326Kotaro Kubota13
7263Our SongAsami Abe326Yoshimasa Inoue4
101AMBITIOUS JAPAN!TOKYOThank youMotoki Funayama1
108I'll take youAsami Abe326Yoshimasa Inoue8TV Tokyo special effects drama "Chouseishin Gransazer"Ending theme
2004128graduateAsami AbeAsami AbeRyosuke Nakanishi18
225Blue light yokohamaTakako UeharaAtsushi HashimotoNaoyuki Osada33NHK serial TV novel "Teru Teru Family"Insert song
102164EIENTomotaka OkamotoInoue YosuiMotoki Funayama-
1216Premonition of joyKiyoshi MaekawaAtsushi HashimotoMegumi Wakakusa114
2005119Simple Days -Walking Distance-TableKiyoshi Matsuo
Kiyoshi Matsuo-movies"Lakeside murder case"Ending theme
Songs from the album "The Nu Essential"
330E feelingKeigo Atobe(CV:Junichi Suwabe)Yoko AkiYasutaka Kume(9)TV Tokyo anime "Prince of Tennis"Character song
9765Heart I want to fall in love withAiko OkumuraAiko OkumuraTetsuto Yoshida
Noriyasu Kumagai
2006315Love downloadYukie Nakama with Down RoseKiyoshi MatsuoMAESTRO-T8
517mermaidNamie AmuroNOKKONao'ymt(2)
200712466Shanghai affectionMasahiko KondoHUBTomoki Ishizuka28
37Roppongi BojoMasayuki SuzukiMasanoMAESTRO-T-album"Champagne Royale"recorded music
321bondKaori KasaiThank youMotoki Funayama47
200822067Star sheepGood!Atsushi HashimotoSHUNTARO-album"Café Buono!"recorded music
220graduateMizuho HataTakashi MatsumotoKyohei Yamaguchi179
92468ロ マ ン ス[60]Morning Musume.Yu AkuManao Doi-
1022Beautiful a la modeNakagawa ShokoTakashi MatsumotoAkemi Honma5
111Coastline hotelThe Tightsmen[61]Atsushi HashimotoSally Kubota[62]-movies"GS Wonderland] Song in the play
1119Ginkgo BOYZArima MiekoGinkgo BOYZ7movies"We have no tomorrow] Theme song
200911Sherbet color timeNakagawa Shokomeg rockShuntaro Kobayashi-album"Magic Time"recorded music
24DANCE IN LOVETatsuya IshiiTatsuya IshiiCHOKKAKU33
429fall in loveMizuno MariToko FuruuchiKeiichi Tomita-Songs from the album "mariage"
111869Beloved personPark Young HaMasanoMotoki Funayama11THK-CXDrama seriesMiracle of Xmas] Theme song
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2010 era
releaseageComposition workArtistsLyricsArrangerRankingOfficial MVRemarks (theme song, etc.)
201021069Delicious tea shopGood!Atsushi HashimotoShuntaro Kobayashi-nonealbum"We are Buono!"recorded music
62370Show me your nakednessIkusaburo YamazakiYuka MurayamaCHOKKAKU-YouTube - YouTubeSongs from the album "Ai no Gosenfu"
201172171ReviveThe JADEOguranot listed-noneSongs from the album "Revive"
119Radio controlKinKi KidsTakashi MatsumotoMotoki Funayama[63]-nonealbum"K album"recorded music
2012523Strong feelings / strong loveDempagumi.incKenji OzawaMaeyama Kenichi(37)YouTube - YouTube
72172Hey girl!Scooter'sAtsushi HashimotoEmerson Kitamura
-noneSongs from the album "Woman fights many times"
201319Space-Time ToursAyana TaketatsuJunji IshiwataShuntaro Kobayashi10YouTube - YouTube
102373Thank youMiyako HarumiOsamu KitayamaShiro Sagisu168none
1120BeyondMiki HirayamaAtsushi HashimotoKeiichi Wakui-YouTube - YouTubeSongs from the album "Beyond-Miki Hirayama All Time Best"
124sentimental journeyAmi Maejima from SUPER ☆ GiRLSYukawa ReikoBLUE ☆ BiRDS12YouTube - YouTube
2014521BAILA BAILA in loveapricotYukawa ReikoRyuta Abiru103YouTube - YouTube
101574Apple on the runAyana TaketatsuSeiko FujibayashiShuntaro Kobayashi15YouTube - YouTubeTOKYO MX-BS11Anime"Denki Street Bookstore"Opening theme
1119A little HONEY COMBAyana TaketatsuSeiko FujibayashiShuntaro Kobayashi-noneSongs from the album "Colore Serenata"
123I borrowed an umbrella that I can't returnTackey & TsubasaChiyoko MoriCHOKKAKU-nonealbum"Two Tops Treasure"recorded music
201572975Reunion time machineGoro NoguchiAkimoto YasushiYoshiyuki Sahashi32YouTube - YouTube
2016121476Blue flame syndromeRiho IidaHidetoshi Sakuraisoundbreakers19YouTube - YouTubeTV Tokyo anime "Digimon Universe App Monsters"Ending theme
2017102577Oneway GenerationThinking DogsAkimoto YasushiRyosuke Shigenaga18YouTube - YouTubemovies"Linking Love] Theme song
201952278Your loneliness is loveAzusa TadokoroMasanoShuntaro Kobayashi-noneThis is the last song in his life that Tsutsumi composed.
album"Neverland / Voice Actor x Masao Urino"recorded music
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Major works not listed in the above table (in alphabetical order)
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tv set
  • Kyohei Tsutsumi's Talking in the Bar (2001,BIGLOBE(In the portal site "BAR style")

Special program

* Non-appearance
tv set
Performance of "Kyohei Tsutsumi work medley" by a big band. 6 groups of guest singers sing Tsutsumi's hit songs and latest songs[66].
It is said that Kyohei Tsutsumi, who has released many hit songs but does not appear in the media, has various legends.Tamori approaches the charm of Tsutsumi while verifying the legend.
  • TOKIO Free Time-Kyohei Tsutsumi Research (Tokyo MX TV) Special feature of 2 hours each time, 8 hours in total
    • 1st 1960s special feature (19985/6)
    • 2nd edition With Hiromi Ota-Special feature in the 1970s (1998)7/29)
    • 3rd Christmas at Kyohei Tsutsumi (1998)12/25)
    • 4th Kyohei Tsutsumi Soul & Disco (19993/26)
  • Sunday jungle --Special feature: The world of Kyohei Tsutsumi (1998)6/21,TV Asahisystem)
  • Music fair(19989/6, Fuji TV system)
  • Sunday Power TV --Youth Hit Parade Chest Kyun! Idol Grand Assembly (1998)10/18, TV Asahi)
A two-hour special program consisting of videos from the time and guest songs, centered on the songs provided by Kyohei Tsutsumi to idols.
The spotlight is on Kyohei Tsutsumi and Yu Aku, two hit makers representing the 1970s.GuestYuko NagisaとMiki HirayamaTalks about Tsutsumi's true face.
Special features such as "Japan's No. XNUMX Hit Maker! Kyohei Tsutsumi Composition Single Sales Ranking" and "Kyohei Tsutsumi Composition Single Limited Intro Guess Quiz".
Looking back on Kyohei Tsutsumi's life as a composer, who celebrated his 69th birthday, along with hit songs.
Broadcasted 59 times in the past and has a long historyNHK Red and White Singing Battle..A special feature on the songs of Yu Aku, the most sung lyricist, and Kyohei Tsutsumi, the most sung composer.
  • Good Don!(Kansai TV)
    • Old-fashioned red and white song battle (20105/18) With the theme of "Kyohei Tsutsumi", we surveyed one of the enormous works of Kyohei Tsutsumi.We aggregated them and announced the best 5 by male and female singers.
    • Tell me !! Youth hit song (20135/21) Special feature is Kyohei Tsutsumi, No. 1 in the composer sales ranking, Tetsuya Komuro, No. 2, and Tetsuro Oda, No. 3.
  • The No. 1 eternal masterpiece song festival chosen by the times (20114/9, TV Asahi)
  • Showa hit makers -Hyakka Ryouran! Kayokyoku that colored the times- (2011)4/29, NHK BS Premium)
  • Tuesday song!Kayokyoku! Showa and Heisei National Masterpieces Special -Hit Maker Collection Part1 Composer Kyohei Tsutsumi Special- (20134/2, TBS system)
"Remaining on TBSJapan Record Award], [8 o'clock! Everyone gathered], [The Best Ten], Etc., picked up the singing video of Kyohei Tsutsumi's work and introduced it in medley format in chronological order.

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外部 リンク

Hit song

Hit songWhat is (hit)?Popular musicIn the field ofrecord,CDSales etc.Hit chartAnd it's a song that recorded some hits.Criteria such as how many CDs should be sold in the ranking and how many CDs should be sold are not clear.

Hit criteria for CD sales and music distribution

JapanIn the music market since 1989Japan Record AssociationDepending on the number of shipmentsGold discWe are accrediting. Until June 2003, the number of shipments of 6 was "gold certified", but due to changes in the music market, after that, 20 shipments will be given gold certification.Also, the single that recorded sales of 10 million copiesMillion sellerIt has long been regarded as the standard for big hits.

In the 2000s,Ringing song, Download sales,YouTubeWith the emergence of new ways of contacting music, it has become difficult to use only CD sales as the basis for hitting songs.Recording Industry Association of Japan since 2006Chaku-Uta FullDownload certification is provided for paid music distribution.2008To the United StatesBillboardIs operated by Hanshin Contents LinkBillboard JapanIn addition to CD sales, we started to publish our own composite chart that combines the number of downloads, radio on-air, YouTube views, etc.[1].

Hit criteria in the streaming era

In Japan, in 2015Apple MusicStarted domestic service in 2016SpotifyEntering Japan, etc.subscriptionType (flat rate) streaming services are becoming more and more influential in the music industry year after year.with thisAimyonThe number of artists who break through streaming services is increasing.

Music journalistNori ShibaIt is,2020The place where hit songs are born has completely shifted from CDs to subscription-type streaming services, and instead of 100 million sales, "1 million views" has become the "new standard for hits" in the subscription era. It is said that it became[2].

Hit criteria on US and UK charts

The United States of AmericaIs the most influential music chart in the countryBillboard Hot 100It is considered that hit criteria are to be ranked in the top 40 of.

The United KingdomIs aggregated by the Official Charts Company (OCC).British single chartIt is considered a hit criterion to be ranked in the top 75 of the game for at least a week.

The relationship between the hit song and the quality of the song itself

There are times when people say that "a hit song is a good song" or "a good song will definitely hit someday, even if it takes time". In other words, the idea is that hitting and the goodness of the song match.[By whom?]

HoweverTV program OfTheme song,CM songWhether or not it is used as a song (whether or not it is heard by many people), rather than the quality or originality of the song itself.singerWhether or not it becomes a hit song is often determined by whether or not it is popular, and conversely, since so many new songs are being sent to the world on a daily basis, even if it is a good song, it may be a chance.production,Record company OfPropagandaIt can be said that unless the power is powerful, it does not always touch the ears of many people. Therefore, there is a strong idea that it is nonsense to connect hit songs with good or bad songs.[By whom?]

There is also a way of thinking that hitting is negatively regarded as "corruption" (meaning that the music is responsive to the masses, contrary to one's belief). EspeciallyLockThe idea is strong inYouichi ShibuyaNamed byIndustrial lockSee also)[Source required].


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