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⛺ | What does giant OB Masahiro Kawai bring to tigers?Temporary coach at Hanshin camp in February next year

Photo Mr. Kawai speaking to Director Yano (left) last season

What does giant OB Masahiro Kawai bring to tigers?Temporary coach at Hanshin camp in February next year

If you write the contents roughly
It was a bunt hit with two bases loaded and a two-point timely hit by rolling the ball to the third base line.

[Eiichi Akasaka Red Pen! !! ] Giants OB Masahiro Kawai will be a temporary coach at the Hanshin camp in February next year ... → Continue reading

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Two dead bases

"Two dead bases』(Two Dan full base)Hiroshi SunadaWorkYouth baseballWith the themeChildren's literaturethe work.1978ToPoplar companyPublished by the same year nationwideReading impressionsIt became the subject book of the competition.


Rokusuke Sato (commonly known as ""Chibi six") Is of the youth baseball team" Eggs "founded the previous year.shortstop.NicknameHe was also a popular figure in the town, showing a lively play despite his small body.Eggs was 6th out of 5 teams last year, but this year it ’s doing well and if he wins the tournamentHokkaidoAll the players were very excited because they were given a trip to Japan.One day, I received it from my motherLunchChibi Roku, who was at a loss because he dropped the cost, had no choice but to know a bad boy, "(Tokyo TowerI decided to borrow it from Tsutomu Saito.However, the condition of debt is "Make an error on purpose at the tournament and let Eggs lose."MatchfixWas to do.moneyIt was Chibi Roku who had no choice but to dye the match-fixing to get the match-fixing, but the match-fixing request was not limited to once, and the towers' boss "Dump (Ken)" was involved and it was done many times. It was supposed to be done.Chibiroku is worried about the fact that he can't play as much as he can due to match-fixing and his guilt towards everyone on the team.While receiving instructions from the match-fixing, he was removed from the starting lineup due to the "slump", and as a result, he did not have to deal with the match-fixing, but Chibiroku who could not bear the feeling of guilt He instinctively played fine in the match-fixing match, and as a result regained the trust of everyone on the team, but was caught by the angry Dump crew, and for the first time, the match-fixing instruction targeted youth baseball.BettingKnow that it was for.Chibiroku is at a loss because he is finally released when he is promised to reimburse the loss of XNUMX yen for the dump trucks in the match within a month.

He was worried and came up with the idea of ​​selling a secret he knew to a dump truck to offset it with XNUMX yen.It happened to witness the mother of pitcher Shinji Morita, who is also a teammate, and the father of Tatsuo Yamakawa, who is also a teammate, hit by a car and escaped as it was.When Dump heard it from Chibiroku, he decided that it would be money and agreed to offset it with XNUMX yen, and the problem in front of him was solved, but Chibiroku was again overwhelmed by guilt and tears. Give me.After that, the match-fixing instructions disappeared, and Chibiroku regained the lively play he had before.The league match was almost over, and Eggs was still fighting for the championship by a small margin over the leader Flags, but around that time the dump truck approached Chibi Roku again.He told me to testify of the accident in front of the eldest daughter of the Yamakawa family in order to exchange the previous "secret" for money.However, Chibiroku courageously denied his remarks at the testimony, and ran away by scratching the angry dump truck's hand.The blackmail against the Yamakawas could be ended with this, but in retaliation, Dump stuck a piece of paper denouncing Chibi Roku's match-fixing throughout the town.For the residents of the town, it was not a big news such as the match-fixing case of youth baseball, and most of the people who made rumors were bad dump trucks with tags, so most of them did not matter from the head, but Eggs The members blatantly refuse every time they pass by Chibi Roku, who is no longer called to the match due to the notification of the director "Kuma-san", because he remembers that Chibi Roku played unexpectedly. I took an attitude.On the other hand, although the boss's dump truck broke down, it was a relief for Chibiroku that the tower itself treated him with the same attitude as before every time he met.

Although Eggs has a big lack of strength called Chibiroku, he still sank to the top Flags due to the power throw of Ace Morita, and at the last minute Flags lost to the previous year's champion Eagles, so he finally bet on the victory in the final race and clashed. became.Immediately before the match, manager Kuma asks Eggs Nine to put Chibi Roku in the match.At first, Nine disagreed, but Morita and Tatsuo agreed, and finally everyone agreed, with Mr. Kuma's persuasion and the final words, "Baseball is played by nine people."

Also, just before the match, Tatsuo's father took the courage to tell Morita's mother that he was the culprit of the accident, and together.PolicemenSay it's okay to go to.Morita's mother had a moment of resentment and the feeling of sticking out to the police, but since each other's sons are friends, I thought again that this should not result in hatred for the rest of my life, and my memory I fell in love with you, saying that it was your misunderstanding.

The eldest daughter of the Yamakawa family rushed to Chibi Roku, who was playing with children in the lower grades in the neighborhood, to tell Chibi Roku what was going on, and he rented a bicycle to play the match. Head to the venue.Along the way, I met a tower on a motorcycle.The face is scratched, but it is said that he was beaten after breaking up with the dump.Tower, who knows the circumstances, puts Chibi Roku behind his motorcycle and heads for the venue.A bear came to Chibiroku when he arrived at the venue and suddenly slapped his cheek and said, "It's a punishment for doing something wrong. Did it hurt? Don't forget this pain." I took him to the bench.Then he told the referee to change players and told Chibiroku, "NojiDon't worry if it flies.I've already been punished. And send it out.In the end, Chibiroku lived up to everyone's expectations and defended the lead with his fine play to decide the Eggs victory.

Television Animation

19825/5Single shot based on this workTelevision Animation Fuji TV series"Nissei Family Special』Broadcast in.Broadcast timeWednesday 16:30 --18:00 (Japan Standard Time).

In the animation, during "Baseball Ronin" at that timeNagashima ShigeoIs a special appearance in the role of himself.Nagashima made comments about the work at the beginning and appeared in the play. In April 2005,CS channel OfJapanese movie channelIt was broadcast as part of the "Shigeo Nagashima Film Festival" held at.


ス タ ッ フ

Theme song

Fuji TV series Nissei Family Special
Previous programProgram nameNext show
I am a cat
(1982 2 年 月 日 17)
Two dead bases
(1982 5 年 月 日 5)
Skip Son Goku Silk Road !!
(1982 6 年 月 日 17)


"XNUMXth gradeFrom the April 1979 issue to the November issue of the same year, the manga work "Guts! Chibiroku" (drawing- Nomura Shinbo) Was serialized.There are some depictions that are not in the original, such as Chibi Roku acting as a pitcher in place of Ace who was injured during the game, but even in the original, Chibi Roku was also good at pitching, it was mentioned in a memory story with Tower Saito Tsutomu. ing.


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