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📚 | [Zodiac picture book] A picture book read by parents and children in the year of Ox


[Zodiac picture book] A picture book read by parents and children in the year of Ox

If you write the contents roughly
The mellow cry of the voice makes the atmosphere surrounding the cow somewhat relaxed and relaxed.

[Picture book of the zodiac] A picture book that parents and children read in the year of Ox!A leisurely, relaxing, calm and fun "picture book of cows" 2 ... → Continue reading

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"Picture Book Navi Style" is a medium that connects picture books with child-rearing and lifestyles.

To help moms and dads who are raising children with no worries have more fun every day, we use the high expertise that we have introduced picture books as a picture book information site for about 15 years, and deliver information useful for choosing picture books and parenting To do. We will update a few articles every day.

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Feeling of air

Feeling of air(Kuukikan) is one of the forms used for artistic expression. Even though it is not directly expressed, it is suggested that it exists only through indirect information.

写真When used in expression, it means that a two-dimensional photograph looks like a solid.[1] Depending on the distance to the subject distanceコ ン ト ラ ス トChanges from aerial perspective and focus planeBlurThe three-dimensional effect is expressed byaberrationIt means that there are few things and it is rich in reality. It may also be used to describe a particularly good lens.1.

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