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👍 | A miracle connected by Twitter! "Korokoro Chikichiki Peppers All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)…


A miracle connected by Twitter! "Korokoro Chikichiki Peppers All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO) ...

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The miracle connected by Twitter, "Korokoro Chikichiki Peppers' All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)" will be broadcast live from 1:9 on Saturday, January 27th.

Every week, a special personality is in charge of the weekly Nippon Broadcasting System "All Night Nippon 0 ... → Continue reading

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All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)

"All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)(All Night Nippon Zero, abbreviation:ANN0Or2 part) Is2012From April 4th (midnight on the 3rd)Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.Is being broadcast onRadio programIs[Note 1].


In October 2012All Night Nippon] As part of the "All Night Nippon 45th Anniversary Project" that was established to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the start of broadcasting, a new onePersonality"All Night Nippon (Part 2)" for the purpose of excavation and training of19746 month - 1998July) and "All Night Nippon R"(April 1998 - 2003After taking over the position of (September), it started as a successor program.

In addition, the person in charge of the daily personality at the same time is the weekday "All Night Nippon RWas broadcast from Tuesday to Friday before dawn.All Night Nippon EvergreenReorganized in October 2003 (September 10, 2003)[Note 2]Since then.

The program name was "to create a completely new All Night Nippon from 0, and with the desire to discover a personality that will lead a new era of radio," he was the director of the organization at that time.Maki Hihara(Became president in June 2019) said[1]..Focusing on free talkE-mail,twitterWe will use to interact with listeners and handle the material corner suitable for the midnight hours.

The theme song of the programBITTERSWEET SAMBA(Herb Alpert& The Tijuana Brass) was shown at the beginning of the program in the case of "All Night Nippon R", but in the case of "All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)", the concept was "Resurrection of" All Night Nippon 2nd Division "". Therefore, it does not play at the beginning of the program, and the latter half fades in at the end except for some net stations, and the program ends at the end of the song.At the beginning of the 3 o'clock range, the theme song is different for each personality (Saturday weekly personality and personality when the normal personality is off are the flow from "R" and "BITTERSWEET SAMBA" is played at the opening. There is). At 3 o'clockNippon Broadcasting System, Inc.Recommended songs will be played as commercials.At the beginning of the program, the personality who was in charge of the first part said "Thank you for your hard workThe convention that begins with a greeting is the same as before (some personalities, such as AKI on the first Saturday, do not say this greeting).In addition, on weekday midnight broadcast, the next program, "Masahiko Ueyanagi Asaborate, And Ueyanagi, who was listening during the preparation, replied in the form of talking about his impressions.

2012From October2013Until March, the ending theme common to all days of the week will be set at the end of the 3 o'clock range.motorcycleThe song "Marbles" was played from July to November, and "Sakura no Koe" was played from December to March. "London OlympicsDuring the period of "Nippon Broadcasting System London Olympics live broadcast" was broadcast at any time in the program.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Area Radio Listening Rate Survey, June 2012 was 6-12 years old. All male and female individuals ranked first in commercial broadcasting at the same time (weekly average).[2], October is the highest listening rate for teenage men and women in the same time zone from Monday to Friday[3], In June 2013, teenage men and women ranked first in all stations at the same time.[4], August 2013, teenage men and women ranked first in all stations at the same time[5]Met.

2014Made inSochi OlympicsDuring the period of "," Japan national team player competition bulletin "and" Japan national team player medal bulletin "were broadcast at any time in the program, and the live broadcast was broadcast at that time.Hidetake Takashima's Asa Raji!』And is still being broadcast as of 2019Tokumitsu Kazuo Tokumori! Kayo SaturdayThe recording was broadcast. 2016 "Rio de Janeiro OlympicsDuring the period, "Nippon Broadcasting System Rio de Janeiro Olympics live broadcast" was broadcast at any time in the program.

2018From April 4th, the broadcast of "All Night Nippon R" on Sunday (Saturday midnight) from 7:3 to 00:5 has been integrated and renewed to broadcast 00 days a week.

Changes in broadcasting time

Radio broadcast from April 2012, 4 to September 3, 2014 (midnight on the 9th)NOTTVBoth Tuesday-Saturday 3:00-5:00Live broadcastIt had been[6][7].

Since the broadcast on September 2014, 9 (midnight on the 30th), a new broadcast frame was set up from 29:4 to 30:6, which is the early morning time zone from Tuesday to Friday ("Ryoichi Yamaguchi Lively Japan→ →Masahiko Ueyanagi Asaborate])[Note 3], Tuesday to Friday (Monday to Thursday midnight) was shortened to 3 minutes from 00:4 to 30:90[8], NOTTV was still broadcast live at 4:30-5:00[8]..Friday is the same 3 hour frame from 00:5 to 00:2[8].

From the broadcast on March 2016, 3 (midnight on 29th), the simultaneous live broadcasting of NOTTV has ended, and a new oneLINE LIVEIt was changed to simultaneous live distribution.Simultaneous live broadcasting is the same as the radio broadcast, Tuesday-Friday (Monday to Thursday midnight) 3:00-4:30, Saturday (Friday midnight) 3:00-5:00, and immediately after the end, "LINE "LIVE Limited After Talk" was being broadcast live, but the live broadcast of the main program and after talk ended on March 2018, 3 (midnight on the 31th).

2018年4月3日(4月2日深夜)放送分から「オールナイトニッポンR」がこの番組へ統合され、土曜日(金曜日深夜)と日曜日(土曜日深夜)のみ、3:00 - 5:00の2時間枠の『オールナイトニッポン0(ZERO)』として放送されている。ただし、日曜日(土曜日深夜)は一部の地域を除いて、放送時間の短縮が行われている。

From the broadcast on April 2019, 4 (midnight on April 2)MixChannelOn Tuesday for the first time in a year-Saturday (Monday to Friday midnight), simultaneous live video distribution was resumed.In addition, it became a two-pronged system similar to the time of distribution on LINE LIVE.

From January 2021, 1 (midnight on January 3), the 1-minute religious program "Nippon Broadcasting System, which has been broadcast before dawn on Sunday,"Departure to happinessWill end on December 2020, 12 (midnight on December 27), and the broadcast time of the Saturday version of "All Night Nippon 12 (ZERO)" on Nippon Broadcasting System will be extended by 26 minutes, and the broadcast end time will be 0: It was changed to 20.

Regular personality

In principle, all personalities were replaced every spring with the reorganization for the reason of "finding new human resources".[9][10]However, since 2016, the number of programs that continue due to frame movements is increasing.

Current personality

Dates are listed in calendar days.

Day of the weekBroadcast periodPersonalitytitle
MondayOctober 2020, 3-First summer squidFirst Summer Uika All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)
TuesdayOctober 2018, 4-Creepy nutsCreepy Nuts All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)
WednesdayOctober 2019, 4-Nobuyuki Sakuma(Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.producer)Nobuyuki Sakuma All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)
ThursdayOctober 2020, 4-March 3, 2021 (planned)[11]Puddle bondPuddle Bond All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)
FridayOctober 2019, 4-March 6, 2021 (planned)Marbled starMarbled Myojo's All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)
1st saturdayOctober 2018, 10-March 7, 2021 (planned)AKI, Jun Utahiroba (Golden Bomber),Hisashi Shimizu(Nippon Broadcasting System Announcer)AKI's All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO) ~ eSports SP ~
2nd-5th SaturdayOctober 2018, 4-Weekly○○ (personality name) All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)

Weekly personality list


47 DayDecisive battle! Comedy Yurakujo14 DayPlum stick
55 DayShared seat start12 DayLiSA
62 DayTHE ORAL CIGARETTES9 DayYoichi Okano[Note SAT2018-1]23 DayTally turkey
77 DayRyuta Shibuya
(SUPER BEAVER)[Note SAT2018-2]
14 DayFIRE HIP'S[Note SAT2018-3]
84 DayYutaro Hamada[Note SAT2018-4]11 Days ** t kingz
91 DayDeputy manager[Note SAT2018-5]8 DayMisa Tamagawa[Note SAT2018-6]15 DayDecisive Battle! Comedy Yurakujo 10th Anniversary Special !![Note SAT2018-7]
1013 Day04 Limited Sazabys
1110 DayFairies
128 DayFLOW15 DayShinichiro Ueda[Note SAT2018-8]
Note SAT2018
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112 DayMakoto Tsubasa-Azusa Ichijo
29 DayAkira Kawakami[Note SAT2019-1]
39 DayMiyashita Kusanagi[Note SAT2019-2]30 DayDecisive battle! Comedy Yurakujo[Note SAT2019-3]
413 DayOkada Kazuchika20 DayTom Brown27 DayRena Matsui
511 DaySphere18 Daychelmico25 DayKumakawa Miyu
68 DayEXIT[Note SAT2019-4]15 DaySutopuri22 Dayフ レ ン ズ29 DayMixChannelスペシャル[Note SAT2019-5]
713 DayPuddle bond20 DayHinatazaka46[Note SAT2019-6]27 DayFujii Kaze
810 DayPocky (YouTuber)17 DayKagaya[Note SAT2019-7]24 DayHanako31 DayAyaka Hironaka(TV Asahiannouncer)
914 DayDecisive battle! Comedy Yurakujo[Note SAT2019-8]21 DayX Y Z28 DayNEXT IDOL GRANDPRIX SP[Note SAT2019-9]
1012 DayHinatazaka46[Note SAT2019-10]19 DayKazunobu Mineta(Ginkgo BOYZ)・Takashi Yamaguchi(Sambomaster)[Note SAT2019-11]26 DayFO-YU
119 DayKajisak [Note SAT2019-12]16 DayFirst summer squid(BILLIE IDLE)23 DayDoburoku30 DayYui Moriwaki[Note SAT2019-13]
1214 DayJenny high21 DayMixChannel Special[Note SAT2019-14]28 DayStandup Corgi[Note SAT2019-15]
Note SAT2019
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111 DayFujii Kaze18 DaySato Ito25 DayRed maple[Note SAT2020-1]
28 DayAkira Kawakami[Note SAT2020-2]15 DayKagaya22 DayHinatazaka46[Note SAT2020-3]29 DayYuki Nishio-Yuki Matsuzaka-Miharu
314 DayNigami 17 years old[Note SAT2020-4]21 DayMixChannelスペシャル[Note SAT2020-5]28 DayDecisive battle! Comedy Yurakujo[Note SAT2020-6]
411 DayShuko Nemoto and Mijika Nagai[Note SAT2020-7]18 DayMagical Lovely[Note SAT2020-8]25 DayPekopa
59 DayShinano Yae16 DayPassCode23 DayOnikoshi Tomahawk[Note SAT2020-9]30 DayFujii Kaze
613 DayShiori Sato20 DayRyuta Shibuya(SUPER BEAVER)27 DayManabu Hashimoto (Haruka Mirai)
711 DayOnikoshi Tomahawk18 DayYOASOBI25 DayFour thousand heads
88 DayKentaro Ito15 DayHattori (HattoriMacaroni pencil)22 DayNovelbright29 DayMixChannel Special[Note SAT2020-10]
912 DayTimon D19 DaySaucy Dog26 DayUn Girls[Note SAT2020-11]
1010 DayRyunosuke Kamiki17 DayYu Takahashi24 DayHinatazaka46[Note SAT2020-12]31 DayKazunobu Mineta(Ginkgo BOYZ)・Takashi Yamaguchi(Sambomaster)
1114 DayVickeblanka-Okazaki physical education21 DayMaruyama Rei28 DayAoi Morikawa
1212 DayVaundy19 DayHikaru Takahashi26 DayMixChannel year-end SP[Note SAT2020-13]
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19 DayKorochiki Chiki Peppers16 DayZOC23 DaySueno Hirozu30 DayLIVE in [Note SAT2021-1]
213 DayReiwa romance[Note SAT2021-2]20 DayNishikigoi27 Day
313 Day20 Day27 Day
Note SAT2021
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Past personality

The personality who served from April 2012 to March 4 was decided by auditioning[6][12].

Until 2015, the "period of continuous broadcasting in exactly the same state" was less than one year, but Sanshiro was in the three years of 1, 2016, and 2017, during the early hours of Saturday (midnight on Friday). Was appointed[10]..Sanshiro moved the broadcast slot from the early morning of Wednesday (midnight on Tuesday) in 2015 to the early morning of Saturday (midnight on Friday), and was in charge of the 0 (ZERO) personality for a total of four years. WANIMA will be in charge of the early hours of Wednesday (midnight on Tuesday) for two years in 4 and 2016, and the fourth Saturday in 2017, and the broadcasting frame will be moved from April 2 to irregular Sundays.Mai Shinuchi (Nogizaka2018) was in charge of early morning Thursday (midnight Wednesday) for three years in 4, 2019, and 4.[13].. Creepy Nuts is in charge of 2018/2019/2020 and early Wednesday (Tuesday midnight).Nobuyuki Sakuma is also in charge of 2019/2020 and early dawn on Thursday (midnight on Wednesday), and Shimofuri Myojo is also in charge of 2019/2020 and early dawn on Saturday (midnight on Friday).

Day of the weekBroadcast periodPersonalitytitle
MondayMarch 2012, 4-March 3, 2013Masato Wada-Hayashi Igarashi[Note 4]Masato Wada and Shunji Igarashi's All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)
March 2013, 4-March 2, 2014Grandmaster (NoGoD)[Note 5]NoGoD Grandmaster's All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)
March 2014, 4-March 1, 2014Sakura Ohara[Note 6]Sakurako Ohara's All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)
March 2014, 7-March 8, 2014Go Takamatsu[Note 7]-I'm Takamatsu[Note 8]Go Takamatsu and Nana Takamatsu's All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)
March 2014, 9-March 30, 2015Red park[Note 9]All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO) in Akai Koen
March 2015, 3-March 31, 2016Shiggy Jr.[Note 10]Shiggy Jr.'s All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)
March 2016, 3-March 29, 2017InoueSonoko Inoue's All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)
March 2017, 4-March 4, 2018LampampsRanpanpusu All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)
March 2018, 4-March 3, 2019Muneko Nemoto-Nagai TanMuneko Nemoto and Tan Nagai All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)
March 2019, 4-March 2, 2020Kentaro Ito[Note 11]Kentaro Ito's All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)
TuesdayMarch 2012, 4-March 4, 2013Kubo Beeswax-Minako Nomachi[Note 12]Mitsurou Kubo / Mineko Nomachi's All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)
March 2013, 4-March 3, 2014motorcycle[Note 13]moto's All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)
March 2014, 4-March 2, 2015Czecho No Republic[Note 14]Czecho No Republic All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)
March 2015, 4-March 1, 2016Sanshiro[Note 15]Sanshiro's All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)
March 2016, 3-March 30, 2018WANIMAWANIMA's All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)
WednesdayMarch 2012, 4-March 5, 2013SPYAIR[Note 16]SPYAIR's All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)
March 2013, 4-March 4, 2014Shishid Kafka[Note 17]Shishido Kafka's All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)
March 2014, 4-March 3, 2014USAGI[Note 18]USAGI All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)
March 2014, 10-March 2, 2015Charan Po Lantern[Note 19]Charan Po Lantern's All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)
March 2015, 4-March 2, 2016Yoshida Yamada[Note 20]Yoshida Yamada's All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)
March 2016, 3-March 31, 2019Mai Shinnai(Nogizaka46)[Note 21]Nogizaka46 Mai Shinuchi's All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)
ThursdayMarch 2012, 4-March 6, 2013Hi-Hi[Note 22]Hi-Hi All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)
March 2013, 4-March 5, 2014Alco & Peace[Note 23]Alco & Peace All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)
March 2014, 4-March 4, 2015Woman Rush Hour[Note 24]Woman Rush Hour All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)
March 2015, 4-March 3, 2016Alco & Peace[Note 25]Alco & Peace All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)
March 2016, 4-March 1, 2017ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クAll Night Nippon 0 (ZERO) in New York
March 2017, 4-March 7, 2018Ryuta Shibuya (SUPER BEAVER)[Note 26]Ryuta Shibuya's All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)
March 2018, 4-March 6, 2019Four thousand headsAll Night Nippon 0 (ZERO) with XNUMX heads
March 2019, 4-March 5, 2020Osamu Iguchi(King Gnu)King Gnu Satoru Iguchi's All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)
FridayMarch 2012, 4-March 7, 2013Kosuke Motomura・ Hayashi Nishioka[Note 27]Kosuke Motomura and Hayaki Nishioka's All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)
March 2013, 4-March 5, 2014Tsunehiro Uno[Note 28]Tsunehiro Uno's All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)
March 2014, 4-March 5, 2015Love letters[Note 29]Loveletterz All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)
March 2015, 4-March 4, 2016Ryo Asai-Chie KatoRyo Asai & Chie Kato's All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)
March 2016, 4-March 2, 2019SanshiroSanshiro's All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)
3st saturdayMarch 2018, 4-March 22, 2019Kentaro → Kentaro Ito[Note 30]Kentaro's All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)
4st saturdayMarch 2018, 4-March 29, 2019WANIMAWANIMA's All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO) ~ 1 CHANCE NIGHT FEVER ~[Note 31]

Frame movement

1部への昇格・1部からの降格の際、関西地方では事実上のネットチェンジとなる(All Night Nippon #Net StationSee also)

Promotion to the first division

  • Mitsuro Kubo / Mineko Nomachi (After taking charge of Tuesday from April 2012, take charge of the first part of Tuesday from April 4 to March 2013 for one year)
  • Alco & Peace (after taking charge of Thursday from April 2013, taking charge of the first part of Friday from April 4 to March 2014 for one year)
  • 三四郎 (2015å¹´4月から火曜→金曜を担当した後、2019å¹´4月から2021å¹´3月まで金曜1部を担当)
  • Mai Shinuchi (Nogizaka46) (After being in charge of Wednesday from April 2016, in charge of the main part of Wednesday from April 4)
  • 霜降り明星(2019å¹´4月から2021å¹´3月まで金曜を担当した後、2021å¹´4月から金曜1部を担当)

Demoted from Part 1

  • Alco & Peace (After being in charge of the first division, demoted to the second division on Thursday from April 1)
  • 三四郎(1部を担当したのち、2021å¹´4月から金曜2部に降格)

Move within 0 (ZERO)

  • Sanshiro (after taking charge of Tuesday from April 2015, taking charge of Friday from April 4 to March 2016)
  • WANIMA (After being in charge of Tuesday from April 2016, he will be in charge of "WANIMA's All Night Nippon 4 (ZERO) ~ 0 CHANCE NIGHT FEVER ~" from April 1 to the 2018th Saturday.)
  • 伊藤健太郎(2018å¹´4月から第3土曜日を担当した後、2019å¹´4月から2020å¹´3月まで月曜日を担当。)
  • 水溜りボンド(2020å¹´4月から木曜を担当した後、2021å¹´4月から最終土曜日を担当。)

Moving from another frame to 0 (ZERO)

  • SPYAIR (After being in charge of R on the 2012th Saturday from February 2, he was in charge of Wednesday for 4 year from April 2012.)

Move from 0 (ZERO) to another frame

  • WANIMA(2016å¹´4月から2019å¹´3月まで火曜→第4土曜日を担当した後、「WANIMAのオールナイトニッポン にちようび」を2019å¹´4月から2020å¹´3月まで月1度の日曜日を担当。)

Move from special number to 0 (ZERO)

  • Hi-Hi --Friday, January 2012, 1 R
  • Grandmaster (NoGoD) --Friday, June 2011, 6 R
  • moto --Saturday, February 2013, 2 R
  • Kavka Shishido-Saturday, October 2012, 10 R
  • Alco & Peace --Friday, August 2012, 8 ZERO / Saturday, December 31, 2012 R / Saturday, January 12, 1 R
  • Sakurako Ohara --Saturday, December 2013, 12 R
  • Woman Rush Hour-Thursday, January 2014, 1 Part 2 / Friday, February 1, 2014 GOLD
  • ラブレターズ - 2012å¹´8月28日火曜ZERO/2013å¹´1月12日土曜R/2013å¹´5月4日土曜R/2013å¹´8月10日土曜R/2013å¹´11月23日土曜R
  • Red Park-Saturday, August 2013, 8 R
  • Shiggy Jr. --Saturday, September 2014, 9 R / Tuesday, December 6, 2014 GOLD
  • Sanshiro --Friday, March 2014, 3 GOLD / Saturday, May 21, 2014 R / Saturday, August 5, 24 R
  • Yoshida Yamada --Saturday, October 2014, 10 R
  • WANIMA --Friday, December 2015, 12 GOLD
  • New York-Saturday, April 2015, 4 R
  • Creepy Nuts - 2016å¹´11月12日土曜R/2017å¹´1月14日土曜R/2017å¹´9月23日土曜R/2017å¹´12月23日土曜R
  • Kentaro Ito --Saturday, February 2018, 2 R
  • Nobuyuki Sakuma-Saturday, August 2015, 8 R
  • Satoru Iguchi (King Gnu) --Friday, January 2019, 1 ZERO
  • Marbled Myojo-Thursday, January 2019, 1 Part 3
  • First Summer Uika-Saturday, November 2019, 11 ZERO
  • Mizutamari Bond --Saturday, July 2019, 7 ZERO / Wednesday, January 13, 2020 ZERO

Special personality




  • November 11: Masato Wada
  • May 12-24:Masahiko Ueyanagi-Eri Higashijima(All Night Nippon 0 ・Musicson SpecialBroadcast in the same frame on the 24th as a personality of Midnight Denriku !!. On NOTTV, Charan Po Lantern, a regular on Wednesday at that time, broadcasted with backtracking support) * The original broadcast time is until 4:30, but only this time, "Asa Katsu Nippon" is also suspended until 5:00 Broadcast. The 4 o'clock net station also conformed to this.


  • The following 4 groups will be held from August 2018th to September 8nd, 28.All Night Nippon Comedy Radio Star Week(August 8st and September 31st are in charge of the regular 9 heads and Sanshiro on Thursday and Friday at that time)[15].
  • May 12-24:Kis-My-Ft2[Note 33](The 44th in charge of personalityRadio Charity Musicson(Broadcast as part of) * The original broadcast time is until 4:30, but only this time, "Asaborake" will be broadcast until 5:00 due to suspension. The 4 o'clock net station also conformed to this.



  • February 1:Puddle bond
  • February 1:Mori Nana
  • February 1:Hiroyuki Sawano(Film composer)
  • February 1:3 o'clock heroine
  • February 2:Tom Brown
  • The following 5 groups will be held from September 2020st to September 9th, 21.All Night Nippon Comedy Radio Star Week 2020(September 9th is in charge of regular Marbled Myojo on Friday)[17].
  • May 12-24:Kis-My-Ft2&Sixtons(The 46th in charge of personalityRadio Charity Musicson(Broadcast as part of) * The original broadcast time is until 4:30, but only this time, "Asaborake" will be broadcast until 5:00 due to suspension. The 4 o'clock net station also conformed to this.Broadcast until 0:5 on Aomori Broadcasting, China Broadcasting, and Radio Okinawa, which are not normally connected to ANN00 at the Musicson Implementation Bureau.


Internet station



Broadcast target areaBroadcasting station nameAirtimeBroadcasting beginsRemarks
Monday-Thursday (Tuesday-Friday)Friday (Saturday)
Kanto wide areaNippon Broadcasting System (LF)27:00 --28:30 (3:00 --4:30)27:00 --29:00 (3:00 --5:00)October 2012, 4-Production Bureau
HokkaidoSTV radio[Note 34]
TochigiTochigi Broadcasting(CRT)
IbarakiIbaraki Broadcasting(IBS)
Kyoto-ShigaKyoto broadcasting(KBS)
HyogoRadio kansai(CRK)[Note 35]
EhimeNankai Broadcasting(RNB)[Note 36]
KochiKochi Broadcasting(RKC)[Note 37]
FukuokaKyushu Asahi Broadcasting(KBC)
MiyagiTohoku Broadcasting(TBC)20134/1 -[Note 38]
NiigataBroadcasting System of Niigata(BSN)20203/30 -[Note 39]
ToyamaNorthern Japan Broadcasting(KNB)20209/28 -[Note 40]
NaganoShinetsu Broadcasting(SBC)[Note 41]
KagawaNishinippon broadcasting(RNC)27:00 --28:00 (3:00 --4:00)October 2012, 4-[Note 42]


Broadcast target areaBroadcasting station nameAirtimeBroadcasting beginsRemarks
Kanto wide areaNippon Broadcasting System (LF)27:00 --28:50 (3:00 --4:50)October 2018, 4-Production Bureau[Note 43]
HokkaidoSTV radio27:00 --29:00 (3:00 --5:00)
TochigiTochigi Broadcasting (CRT)
IbarakiIbaraki Broadcasting System (IBS)
Kyoto / ShigaKyoto Broadcasting System (KBS)
Yamaguchi Yamaguchi broadcasting(KRY)
EhimeNankai Broadcasting (RNB)
KochiKochi Broadcasting (RKC)
TokushimaShikoku Broadcasting(JRT)
FukuokaKyushu Asahi Broadcasting (KBC)
Nagasaki-SagaNagasaki Broadcasting(NBC)
NBC Radio Saga
OitaOita Broadcasting(OBS)
MiyazakiMiyazakihoso(Mrt)[Note 44]
HyogoRadio Kansai (CRK)October 2021, 1-[Note 45][Note 46]
IwateIBC Iwate Broadcasting27:00 --28:00 (3:00 --4:00)October 2018, 4-[Note 47]
YamagataYamagata Broadcasting Corporation(YBC)
FukuiFukui Broadcasting(FBC)
WakayamaWakayama Broadcasting(Wbs)
KagawaNishinippon broadcasting(RNC)
KagoshimaMinaminihonhoso(MBC)[Note 48]


Broadcast target areaBroadcasting station nameAirtimeBroadcasting beginsRemarks
Monday-Thursday (Tuesday-Friday)Friday (Saturday)
KumamotoKumamoto Broadcasting(RKK)27:00 --28:00 (3:00 --4:00)[Note 49]March 2012, 4-March 2, 2015[Note 50]
Multimedia broadcastingNOTTV27:00 --29:00 (3:00 --5:00)March 2012, 4-March 2, 2016
Live distributionLINE LIVE27:00 --28:30 (3:00 --4:30)27:00 --29:00 (3:00 --5:00)March 2016, 3-March 28, 2018

Video distribution

Opened in April 2012mmbiOperated bySmartphoneFor the broadcasting station "NOTTV" forス タ ジ オWas delivering the video in[7][1][20][21]..At that time, Nippon Broadcasting System decided to cooperate with NOTTV in terms of producing the program and providing content.[7][21].

2012年11月6日から火曜から土曜の午前8時 - 10時にてNOTTV2にて再放送が行われていたが、2013年10月から再放送の時間帯が変わり、翌週月曜日の12:00 - 14:00と14:00 - 16:00、翌週火曜日の12:00 - 14:00と14:00 - 16:00と16:00 - 18:00に放送時間が変更された[Note 51].

From April 2014, 4, it was changed from Monday to Friday from 1:2 to 10:00 on NOTTV12.[Note 52]..Since then, the time zone of the rebroadcast frame has fluctuated drastically, and there was a time when each broadcast was broadcast once for the main broadcast and twice for the rebroadcast.

However, NOTTV will end its service at the end of June 2016[22]In doing so, this program will be newly distributed as a video through LINE LIVE from the broadcast on March 2016, 3 to the broadcast on March 28, 2018.[23].. Unlike NOTTV, the main part is limited to live distribution, and only `` LINE LIVE limited after talk'' that will be distributed live with a length of about 5 to 10 minutes immediately after the end was archived, but 2018 All distribution was terminated at the end of March of the year.

From April 2019, the video distribution app ``MixChannel』Tuesday-Saturday (Monday to Friday midnight), the video of the video in the studio is being distributed at the time of broadcasting[24].. As with the distribution on LINE LIVE, there are two parts, the main part, which is limited to live distribution, and the "after talk", which is archived for a few minutes.However, it is limited to live broadcasts from Nippon Broadcasting Studios, and broadcasts from other than recorded broadcasts and Nippon Broadcasting Studios.[Note 53]In the case of, it will be paused.

Decisive battle! Comedy Yurakujo

Broadcast since 2008Imagine StudioPublic recording program at.With Nippon Broadcasting SystemJapan Music Business AssociationIs jointly planning and producing[25]..The first time it was broadcast as a special program in the Nippon Broadcasting Local frame, but from the second timeAll Night Nippon RIt has shifted to broadcasting twice a year on a weekly basis.With the end of All Night Nippon R, the successor program "All Night Nippon 2 (ZERO)" will be broadcast on a weekly basis from the 19th (Spring 2018).The moderator will be until the 0th (Spring 15)Takahiro AzumaAnd female announcer, from the 16th (Autumn 2016), the previous winner and female announcer will be in charge, and the judges will be in principleKunihiro Matsumura(Sometimes I acted as the moderator due to the schedule in the east) ・ Female talent ・ Three people involved in program production.

Every time, more than a dozen young entertainers hold a story battle (qualifying) and a talk battle (a final match that imitates the "theme talk on the radio" by the top three groups in the qualifying), and the winner is "All Night Nippon R (3). Gives "All Night Nippon 2018 (ZERO)") "single-shot personality right[26]..The winner will be announced before 4:30 when the Nippon Broadcasting System jumps off, and after 4:30, the "Gekokujo Talk" (speaking by each person with the same talk theme as the final match) will be broadcast by the qualifying losers.In order to broadcast the event as it is, the announcer will be in charge of the announcement of jumping off the net station before 4 o'clock and 4:30, which is usually handled by the personality.Public recording is basically in March and September, but the actual broadcast time and the time when a single program as a victory privilege will be realized are uncertain.

2018年4月から土曜2部のタイトルが平日同様に「オールナイトニッポン0(ZERO)」へ統一された後も放送を継続。同年4月8日(7日深夜)の改題後1回目の放送もこの企画が行われた。9月16日(15日深夜)には「オールナイトニッポン0(ZERO)~決戦!お笑い有楽城10周年スペシャル!!~」が10周年を記念し放送された[27]..13 groups of successive winners gathered with Takahiro Azuma and Asako Ito as MCs.The winner who couldn't come to the Bikingura Studio also made a comment.

From the 20th (Spring 2019), the qualifying material battle was abolished, and it was renewed after being unified into a talk battle.[28]However, the 22nd (Spring 2020)Covid-19Due to the self-restraint of the event, the event was held with no spectators and an increased number of judges.

Successive winners
Broadcast timesWinnerAffiliation office (at that time)Victory privilegeModerator
First01 timesSpring 2008Machine gunsOta Productions200804/26Takahiro Azuma
First02 timesSpring 2009Rubber girlProduction rickshaw20090404 Day
First03 timesAutumn 2009Asako ItoMaseki entertainment company20100108 Day
First04 timesSpring 2010Foreign LoveWatanabe Entertainment20100702 Day
First05 timesAutumn 2010In the middle[Note 54]Shochiku entertainment201101/28
First06 timesAutumn 2011Triple timeSun music production2011/11/18
First07 timesSpring 2012magnetHoriprocom20120707 Day
First08 timesAutumn 2012By KingSony Music Artists2012/12/29
First09 timesSpring 2013MogliderMaseki entertainment company201305/11
10 timesAutumn 2013You exposedWatanabe Entertainment20140301 Day
11 timesSpring 2014Shonan DestradeSMA HEET Project201408/23
12 timesAutumn 2014Double bookingHoriprocom2014/12/27
13 timesSpring 2015pistachioYoshimoto Creative AgencyTokyo201506/13
14 timesAutumn 2015Maple ChogokinSun music production201603/12
15 timesSpring 2016Laughter squadronWatanabe Entertainment20160507 Day
16 timesAutumn 2016El KabukiMaseki entertainment company201702/25Laughter squadron
17 timesSpring 2017PenguinsSun music production201708/26El Kabuki
18 timesAutumn 2017YuzukiProduction rickshaw20180303 DayPenguins
19 timesSpring 2018Yoichi Okano20180609 DayYuzuki
Extra editionAutumn 201810th Anniversary Special (MC / Takahiro Azuma / Asako Ito)
20 timesSpring 2019EXITYoshimoto Creative Agency Tokyo20190608 DayYoichi Okano
21 timesAutumn 2019Standup CorgiMaseki entertainment company2019/12/28EXIT
22 timesSpring 2020Onikoshi TomahawkYoshimoto Kogyo Holdings202005/23Standup Corgi

LIVE in smash.

This program is limited to January-March 2021 with All Night NipponSHOWROOMAs a linked project of the video distribution smartphone app "" developed by the company, multiple groups of artists who were talked about at the time of broadcasting appeared in the "Live x Talk" program in collaboration with the radio program and the video distribution app. Live and talk[29].



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注 釈

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