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👩‍🎤 | Voice actor Haruca Nishio participates in the "Bushiroad World Grand Prix 2021 Spring Japan Championship" store qualifying


Voice actor Haruca Nishio participates in the "Bushiroad World Grand Prix 2021 Spring Japan Championship" store qualifying

If you write the contents roughly
Yuka Nishio, who participated in the "Hololive Production" deck, participated in the fight.

Bushiroad Trading Card Game "Bushiroad World Grand Prix 2021 Spring ..." being held at some official stores → Continue reading

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Holo Live Production

"Holo Live Production"(Hololive production) iscoverOperated by a stock companyJapan OfVirtual youtuber(Hereafter, VTuber) Office.

The name of the office is the representative idolTokino Sora (Tokino Sora)It is derived from the live distribution service "hololive" with the image character.

Initially, the name ``Hololive'' was used for the female VTuber office, but from December 2019, 12, the female VTuber group ``Hololive'', the male VTuber group ``Holostars'', the music label ``Inonaka Music'' were integrated, The office name is "Holo Live ProductionWas unified to[1].



Unless otherwise specified, the numbers in parentheses areYouTubeThe day when the activity started.

Holo Live Affiliation

No mark

Although it is not official because the start time and circumstances are different, it may be referred to as "0th generation" "Mujirushi group" "Solo debut group" etc. for convenience as the number of members increases[3].. AZKi may also be included here.

Holo Live XNUM X students

Performers were recruited from May 2018nd to May 5th, 2,5/9から5/18Was selected over[11]..Four people except Yozora Mel who made their debut in advance6/1Started activities in[12].

  • Night Sky Mel(Yozora Mel) (February 2018, 5[13])
  • White Fuuki(Shirakami Fubuki) (June 2018, 6) (also serves as Holo Live Gamers)
  • Summer color festival(Natshiro Festival) (December 2018, 6)
  • Aki Rosenthal (June 2018, 6)
  • Akai is at last(After the red) (December 2018, 6)

Holo Live XNUM X students

  • Minato Akua(Minato Akua)(September 2018, 8[14])
  • Shionaki Shion(Murasaki Shion)(September 2018, 8[15])
  • Ayumi Akama(Nairi Ayame)(September 2018, 9[16])
  • Kochuko Choko(Yuzuki Choco)(September 2018, 9[16])
  • Ovies Subaru(Ozora Subaru)(September 2018, 9[17])

Holo Live Gamers

A unit that focuses on live games.

  • White Fuuki(Shirakami Fubuki)
  • Ogami Mio(Wolf Mio)(September 2018, 12[18])
  • Nekomata rice porridge(Cat or rice porridge)(September 2019, 4[19])
  • When it is こ ろ(Inugami Korone)(September 2019, 4[20])

Holo Live XNUM X students

Holo Live Fantasy.

  • Rabbit Pecora(Usada Pecora)(September 2019, 7[21])
  • Moisturizing(Uruharushia)(September 2019, 7[21])
  • Shiranui flare(Shiranui flare)(September 2019, 8[22])
  • Silver Noel(Shirogane Noel)(September 2019, 8[22])
  • Ho Bell Marine(Housho marine)(September 2019, 8[22])

Holo Live XNUM X students

  • Amane Kanata(Amane Kanata)(September 2019, 12[23])
  • Kiryu Coco(Kiryu Coco)(September 2019, 12[23])
  • Square wound(Two fires)(September 2019, 12[23])
  • Tokoyami Towa(Tokomiya Towa)(September 2020, 1[23])
  • Luna Himemori(Himemori Luna)(September 2020, 1[23])

Holo Live XNUM X students

  • Yuka Lamy(Yukihana Ramie)(September 2020, 8[24])
  • Momo bell(Momosuzu)(September 2020, 8[24])
  • White peony(White peony)(September 2020, 8[24])
  • Omaru Polka(Omaru polka)(September 2020, 8[24])


HolstersIs a male virtual YouTuber office established by Cover Co., Ltd., which has been supporting only female distributors so far. The audition recruitment was done on May 2019, 5, and three people have debuted since June 27rd. From December 6, 3, due to the office integration, it was integrated into the male VTuber group division of Hololive Productions[1].

1st generation Hollostars

  • Hanazaki Miyabi(Hayabusa Miyabi)(September 2019, 6[25])
  • Player(Kana Izu)(September 2019, 6[26])
  • Arlandis (September 2019, 9[27])
  • Allowed(Ricca)(September 2019, 10[28])

2st generation Hollostars

  • Astel Reda (December 2019, 12[29])
  • Kishido Tenma(Kishima do Tenma)(September 2019, 12[30])
  • Evening rober(Yukoku Robert)(September 2019, 12[31])

3st generation Hollostars

The unit name was "Tri Nero", but after the contract of one member ended, the unit name was not given, and it was simply "1rd generation".

  • Kageyama Shien(Kageyama Cien)(September 2020, 4[32])
  • Rough bite ogre(Araga Ogre)(September 2020, 5[32])

Inonaka Music

INNK MUSIC. A label specializing in music activities. From December 2019, 12, Seisei Hoshigai will transfer from Inonaka Music to Holo Live[33].. From December 12 of the same year, it was integrated into the music label division of Holo Live Production due to the office integration.[1].

  • AZKi(Azuki)(September 2019, 5[10]) From February 2019upd8Also participate.

Holo Live Indonesia

Holo Live Indonesia belongs to Holo Live Production.

Holo Live Indonesia 1st gen

  • Ayunda Risu(Ayunda Squirrel)(September 2020, 4[34])
  • Moona hoshinova(Muna Hoshinova)(September 2020, 4[34])
  • Airani Iofifteen(Irani Iofifteen)(September 2020, 4[34])

Holo Live Indonesia 2st gen

  • Kureiji NaCl(Crazy ollie)(September 2020, 12[35])
  • Anya Melfissa(Anya Melfissa)(September 2020, 12[35])
  • Pavolia Reine(Pavoria Reine)(September 2020, 12[35])

Hololive English affiliation

Belongs to Hololive English under the umbrella of Hololive Production.The concept is "VTuber from the legendary world: hololive English -Myth-"[36].

  • Mori calliope Mori beautiful voice(Mori Calliope)(September 2020, 9[36])
  • Takanashi kiara Little bird play Chiara(Takanashi Kiara)(September 2020, 9[36])
  • Ninomae Ina'nis Ichi Ina(Akasaka Ninomae)(September 2020, 9[36])
  • Gawr gura(Urugura)(September 2020, 9[36])
  • Watson amelia(Watson Amelia)(September 2020, 9[36])


  • Hitomi Chris(Hitomi Chris) (June 2018, 6-June 3, 2018, former Hololive 6st gen member. After suspension of activity[37], Contract cancellation[38])
  • Yakushiji Suzaku(Yakushiji Suzaku)(September 2019, 9[27]-March 2020, 3, former Hollostars 6st generation. Graduation after discussion[39])
  • Kaoru Tsukasa(Attached Kaoru)(September 2020, 4[32] -July 2020, 7, former Holosters 28rd gen member (Tri Nero).As a result of discussions with the person himself, it was judged that future activities would be difficult, and the contract was terminated.[40])
  • Mano Aloe(Mano Aloe)(September 2020, 8[24] -August 2020, 8, former 31th gen member.After being dismissed, graduated due to personal reasons[41])
  • Holo Live in China
  • Holo Live Chinese First Student
  • night fog(Yogiri)(September 2019, 9[42]- 2020 May 12[43])
  • Nozomi(Civia)(September 2019, 10[44]- 2020 May 11[43])
  • Black peach shadow(Spade Echo)(September 2019, 10[45] - 2020 May 11[46][47])
  • Holo Live Chinese Second Generation
  • Akira(Doris)(September 2020, 3[48][49]- 2020 May 12[43][50])
  • 媂娅(Atia, Artia)(September 2020, 3[48][49]- 2020 May 11[43][47])
  • Sasakurin(Rosalyn)(September 2020, 3[48][49]- 2020 May 12[43])
  • Kasami Kira(Kagami Kira)(September 2019, 6[25] -November 2020, 11, former Holosters 30st gen member.Graduated due to an offer to continue activities due to physical condition[51][52])

Behind the scenes

  • Friend A (E-chan)-Time's best friend, behind the scenes from Holo Live.
  • Daido Shinov-Manager of the Hollostars.
  • Tsurani Mizu-AZKi Manager, Inonaka Music.


See the individual articles for personal appearances of the talents to which individual articles exist.

TV appearance

Internet radio


  • Virtual unit festival "VILLS" (3/21(Postponed indefinitely)[60],Tokyo-Nagoya city, Appearance-Suisei Hoshimachi, Miko Sakura)[61]Postponed indefinitely[62],7/19Held online[63]
  • bilibili Spring V Festival Award Festival (March 3nd, bilibili/Nico Nico Live distribution, appearance-Fukuki Shirakami, Summer Color Festival[64])
  • VTuber Fes Japan @ Nico Nico Net Chokaigi 2020 (April 4-18, Nico Nico Live Broadcasting-Hobell Marin, Fukuki Shirakami[65])
  • TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL Online 2020 (October 10nd-2th SPWN Virtual Live Tokino Sora, Matsuri Natuiro Festival, Azki, Suisei Hoshimachi[66])
  • SHINKAI FES (December 12th Else & Poki Online Free Live Cast: AZKi)[67]
  • Virtual Music Award 2020 (December 12, Tachikawa Stage Garden, Cast --AZKi)[68]
  • Hololive x Joypolis HAPPY PARTY (January 1-February 9 Tokyo Daiba / Joypolis) Collaboration event, event "Holo x Match" Cast: Tokino Sora, Shirakami Fubuki, Matsuri Natuiro, Yozora Mel, Akai Haato, Aki Rosenthal[69]
  • VTuber Fes Japan 2021 (January 1th and 30st Kawaguchi Comprehensive Cultural Center Lilia Cast: Shirakami Fubuki, Tokino Sora, Minato Aqua, Akai Haato, Aki Rosenthal, Matsuri Natuiro, Yozora Mel)[70]
  • Net Talking Festival on Valentine Holosters (2021)
February 2, 14 Zoom)


Whole live

  • hololive 1st fes. Nonstop story
2020å¹´1/24,Toyosu PIT, Appearance --Hololive 0 --Third generation, Hololive Gamers, Inonaka Music members[71]
  • hololive 2nd fes. Beyond the Stage Supported By Bushiroad
  • Nico Nico Official Paid Live Broadcast & SPWN[72]
  • Appearance on both days: Amane Kanata / Tsunomaki Watame / Kiryu Coco / Towa Towa / Luna Himemori
  • STAGE1: Appeared on December 2020, 12-Tokinosora / AZKi / Sakuramiko / Yozora Mel / Akai Haato / Minato Akua / Heitsuki Choco / Shisaki Sion / Usada Pekora / Uruha Rushia / Treasure Bell Marine
  • STAGE2: December 2020, 12 Appearance --Shirakami Fubuki / Matsuri Natuiro / Roboco-san / Aki Rosenthal / Ozora Subaru / Hyakuki Ayame / Ogami Mio / Nekomata Okayu / Inugami Korone / Suisei Hoshimachi / Shiranui Flare / Silver Noel
  • hololive IDOL PROJECT 1st Live. "Bloom,"
  • February 2021, 2 Tokyo Garden Theater (Audienceless, online distribution due to the state of emergency in January 17)
  • Cast --Roboco-san / Yozora Mel / Aki Rosenthal / Shirakami Fubuki / Matsuri Natuiro / Minato Akua / Shisaki Sion / Hyakuki Ayame / Heitsuki Choco / Ozora Subaru / Ogami Mio / Sakuramiko / Usada Pekora / Uruha Rushia / Flare Shiranui / Noel Shirogane / Marine Treasure Bell / Kanata Amane / Towa Towa / Yukihana Lamy / Shishiro Botan / Porka Omaru

Individual live

  • VARK Presents. Hololive Virtual LIVE series in VARK "Cinderella switch ~ Hololive to see with two people ~"
VARK / VR virtual live. One is live on stage and the other is a serial number who watches the live next to the viewer
  • vol.1 --September 2020, 9 Appearance --Amane Kanata (partially starring), Marine Houshou (part 27 starring)[73]
  • vol.2 --October 2020, 10 Appearance --Roboco-san (partially starring), Towa Tsuneyami (starring part 24)[74]
  • vol.3 --November 2020, 11 Appearance --Tsunomi Watame (partially starring), Shiranui Flair (starring second part)
  • Spice live!
October 2020, 10 YouTube Official Channel Online Live Appearance --Spice Love (Ozora Subaru, Minato Akua, Usada Pekora)

AZKi one-man live

  • AZKi 1st Live "The Shitest Start" (May 2019, 5 Akihabara Entasu Guest-Suisei Hoshimachi)
  • AZKi 2nd Live "A GOODDAY TO DiE" / Affiliated label event "INNK EXHiBiTiON" (July 2019, 7 Akihabara Entasu Guest: Suisei Hoshimachi)
  • AZKi vs. Van Project "LAST V STANDiNG vol.1" (September 2019, 9 Akihabara Entasu Guest:Lion God Leona)
  • AZKi 3rd / last ENTAS LiVE "Repezen Entasu" (September 2019, 9 Akihabara Entasu)
  • AZKi 4th LIVE "REPEAT THiS LiFE WiTH U" (December 2019, 12 Ikebukuro harevutai)
  • AZKi vs. Van Project "LAST V STANDiNG vol.2" (March 2020, 3 Akihabara Entasu Guest: Else, Sameno Poki)
  • AZKi 5th LiVE "three for the hood" (scheduled for May 2020, 5 Shinjuku BLAZE performance canceled due to spread of new corona infection)
  • AZKi 5th LIVE "RIP AZHOOD" (July 2020, 7 Nico Nico Live Broadcast Limited Alternative Performance)
  • SorAZ Special Live "Setsuna Chronicle" (September 2020, 9, Virtual Live at SPWN Cast: Tokino Sora)
  • AZKi 6th LIVE Re: Creating world (December 2020, 12 Z-aN limited live)


  • Buoy buoy tune(Appearance in 2020-Toki no Sora, Roboko, Sakura Miko, Shirakami Fubuki, Minato Akua, Heitsuki Choko, Inugami Korone, Shirogane Noel, Hobell Marin[75])
  • Sakura Revolution ~ Blooming Maidens ~ (Voice Cast: Shirakami Fubuki, Marine Houshou)[76])

In-house game

  • Sakura Color Dreamer (Windows delivered on December 2020, 12, produced by Alcot) Starring --Miko Sakura



#titlePart numberrecorded musicDelivery dateOricon highest rankRemarks

cover corp.

#titleMembersPart numberDelivery dateRemarks
1Shiny Smily Storyhololive IDOL PROJECT[Annotation 3]CVRD-0012019/9/16[77]
2To the dream skyhololive IDOL PROJECT[Annotation 4]CVRD-0022020/2/17[78]
3Kirameki Rider ☆hololive IDOL PROJECT[Annotation 5]CVRD-0032020/2/24[78]
NEXT COLOR PLANETHoshimachi SuiseiCVRD-0042020/3/22
SHALLYSAki RosenthalCVRD-0052020/3/22Rearranged songs released in 2018
Ahoy !! Our Houshou Pirates ☆Ho Bell MarineCVRD-0062020/8/12
#Akua Color ParettoMinato AkuaCVRD-0072020/8/29
Re: Hello worldAllowedCVRD-0082020/9/8
DEAD BEATSMori calliopeCVRD-0092020/10/20No. 1 overall domestic iTunes album[79]
2nd VTuber Music Awards 4th place in the music category "Excuse me, but RIP ♡"[80]
Sakura caseCherry BlossomsCVRD-0102020/10/22
4Tonight is Halloween Night!hololive IDOL PROJECT[Annotation 6]CVRD-0112020/10/22Floral Circlet 1st
Cursed NightMori calliopeCVRD-0122020/11/2
Say! Fanfare!White FuukiCVRD-0132020/11/16
HINOTORILittle bird play ChiaraCVRD-0142020/11/27
Hacha-Mecha MiracleMinato Aqua, Ozora Subaru, Usada PekoraCVRD-0152020/12/18
Love chocolateSquare woundCVRD-0162020/12/19
5BLUE CLAPPERhololive IDOL PROJECT[Annotation 7]CVRD-0172020/12/24Floral Circlet 2st
6Hundred flowershololive IDOL PROJECT[Annotation 8]CVRD-0182020/12/31Floral Circlet 3st
7Supreme Principle Ad Trackhololive IDOL PROJECT[Annotation 9]CVRD-0192021/1/7Floral Circlet 4st
Pekoranda Mubureen!Rabbit PecoraCVRD-0202021/1/13
8Candy-Go-Roundhololive IDOL PROJECT[Annotation 10]CVRD-0212021/1/14Floral Circlet 5st
9Deiri ~ Daiari ~!hololive IDOL PROJECT[Annotation 11]CVRD-222021/1/21Floral Circlet 6st
Sakura color high tension!Cherry BlossomsCVRD-0242021/1/26"Sakura Color Dreamer" OP / ED theme
10Suspecthololive IDOL PROJECT[Annotation 12]CVRD-0252021/1/28Floral Circlet 7st
Off With Their HeadsMori calliopeCVRD-0262021/2/2
11STARDUST SONGhololive IDOL PROJECT[Annotation 13]CVRD-0272021/2/4Floral Circlet 8st
12Dreaming Dayshololive IDOL PROJECT[Annotation 14]CVRD-0282021/2/11Floral Circlet 9st
Heart ChallengerLittle bird play ChiaraCVRD-0292021/2/15
ヒロインオーディションAki RosenthalCVRD-0302021/2/18
13あすいろClearSkyhololive IDOL PROJECT[Annotation 15]CVRD-0312021/2/19

Individual song

  • When the sky of the sky
  • Hoshimachi Suisei
  • Minato Akua
  • White Fuuki
  • Ho Bell Marine
  • AZKi

Collaboration song

titlerecorded musicRelease dateRemarks
Maitetsu Last Run !! VTuber Cover Selection2020å¹´
game"Maitetsu Last Run !!』Reservation privilege
CD sold separately
Curry Meshi in Miracle2020å¹´
October 10 (reservation)
October 10 (shipping)
Collaboration limited unit "Spice Love[Annotation 16]"
Limited CD release Hacha-Mecha Miracle
Pekomiko Great War! !!2020å¹´
REDALiCE feat. Usada Pekora & Sakuramiko
"WACCA』Collaboration song
MOSAIC.WAV Tribute album


  • Azure Lane(201911/27 -December 12th, Participants-Fukuki Shirakami, Mio Ogami, Summer Color Festival, Aku Minato, Toki no Sora, Ayame Hyakki, Sion Murasaki Saki)[81]
  • VTuber picture book upd8ver.-Made-to-order stamp (AZKi)[82].
  • WACCA --On February 2020, 2, three songs, Hololive "Shiny Smily Story", Tokino Sora "Dream ☆ Story", and AZKi "without U" were added."Kirameki Rider ☆" was added on September 13th of the same year.On November 3th of the same year, "Pekomiko Great War! !! ] "Say! Fanfare!" "NEXT COLOR PLANET" "To the dreaming sky" added.
  • Atre Akihabara-Holo Live members appearing in in-store broadcasting for a limited time from February 2020th-2th, 15[83].
  • Re Bath for you -27 Holo Live members appeared[84].
  • Nissin-Curry MessiWEEK --Ozora Subaru, Minato Aqua, Usada Pekora form the unit "Spice Love" as Curry Meshi WEEK Ambassadors from October 2020th to 10th, 10.[85].
  • Hololive x Joypolis HAPPY PARTY (January 2021, 1-February 9, 2021) Tokyo JoypolisCollaboration event[86])
  • Kinki Nippon Tourist・ Holo Izumu (January 2021th-April 1th, 16) Limited voice at tourist attractions,Izu Hakone Railway OfWrapping trainな ど[87]
  • Meiri Shurui・ Hundred Years Umeshu (Released on November 2020, 11. Usada Pekora x Hundred Years Umeshu collaboration product released under a label drawn by Ume Aoki)[88]
  • TaitoOnline crane (implemented long cushion limited to Tokino Sora collaboration from November 2020, 11)[89]
  • NissinCup Noodles Mysterious beef bowl (December 2020-12, 08 collaboration with Noel Shirogane)[90]
  • Hololive Production Card Chocolate (released December 2020, 12)[91]
  • Lawson Campaign (January 2021-February 1, 26) Minato Aqua, Marine Houshou, Nekomata Okayu, Suisei Hoshimachi
  • Bandai
    • Gashapon Online Hololive Acrylic Swing Collection (December 2020)
    • Gashapon #Hololive Summer Collection (planned)

Official plan

Holo anime

A short 3D animation distributed on YouTube's official Hololive channel.Initially, Sakura Mikonomi appeared, but from the middle, Holo Live members will appear.Produced and directed by Hololive.Appearances are limited to members with 3D avatars, and consist of a unique world view that is different from individual activities.

Good morning holo live

A Twitter-only video that has been distributed daily on the official Twitter since June 2019, 6. The members will be presenters for one week each week. The main corners are "Mainichi weather Holo weather" and "Tell me! Holo Fortune”[92].. Officially ended on April 2020, 4 due to difficulties in providing weather and fortune telling[93](From March 2020, 3, the members' NG collection will be posted.[94], The corner has ended on March 3th ahead of time.[95]).

In addition, from April 4th, the day of notification of termination,White FuukiIs posting an unofficial video of the same name that mimics this video on Twitter[96].. The corners are "weather" and "fortune telling", but the actual weather and lucky holo-river at the fortune telling corner are not introduced. The weather corner is the original character "Nippon-kunIt is a form that roughly expresses the weather of the day.[97].. Also, in the fortune-telling corner, unlike the official, only the one constellation is introduced except the first time.


A video project cut out and edited from the members' videos, which will be distributed on the official channel from April 2020, 4[98].

Holo's good mood

Variety talk program distributed on the official channel from April 2020, 4[99].


Uproar over China

Mainly until withdrawal in November 2020bilibiliThere were multiple troubles centered on the distribution on.

  • In July 2019, the person in charge of the partner company in Hololive China expansionKyoto Animation Arson Murder CaseInappropriate remarks about this were spread through SNS, protests were raised from Chinese fans, volunteers in charge of bilibili translation went on strike, and the leader resigned from his job.As a result, Cover canceled the contract with the company and reviewed the operating system in China.[100].
  • In the delivery of Choko Heizuki on June 2020, 6, the answer option for the quiz "Where is the country without cats in the zodiac?"TibetIncluded, causing a backlash from bilibili listeners.In response to this, the cover apologized for inappropriate content on the same day, and decided to educate the affiliated talents about China as a measure to prevent recurrence.[101].
  • Akai on September 9th will be delivered later and Kiryu Coco will be delivered the next morning.GoogleWhile talking about the number of viewers in each country based on the analysis data ofTaiwanThe problem recurred in the form of treating the nation as a single nation, and both were subject to invalidation / suspension of the mirror distribution function in bilibili. On September 9, Cover announced Akai Haato and Kiryu Coco's decision to suspend their activities for three weeks, and in a statement to China.One chinaAlthough he expressed his support for the principle of, these responses and statements have led to further opposition from listeners in each country.[102][103].. On September 9, Cover issued a statement again, apologizing for the lack of consideration and explaining that it was strongly mentioned as an emergency measure to protect the safety of those involved.In response to this situation, Cover will take strict precautions to the representative director and voluntarily return salaries, and will establish a compliance committee as a measure to prevent recurrence.[104][105][106][107]..In addition, after setting an NG word in the distribution comment, it is said that there is no political intention in the response of the cover and the remarks of the talents belonging to it.[108].
10 month 1 dayJPACAt the meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly on China Policy, the cover, Akai and Kiryu's response and behavior in this turmoil will be described in the submitted materials as an example of "Sentaku against China", and even the Diet members will recognize this matter. became[109]..About materialsTama UniversityThe visiting professor says that he "playfully entered"[110]At the same time, it also shows the recognition that it is an "important case".[111].
Mimim Kishimine, the navigator of "China in Anime," said that China's National Foundation Day (October 10) was imminent, and that the cover's apology was lost late. "Is timing," he said, defending bilibili, saying "China is not strange."[112].
On October 10, with the return of Kiryu Coco, it was announced that the official subtitles for each channel of Hololive Production in Bilibili Video would quit all at once, and at the same time, a large number of videos were deleted.[113].
On November 11, Cover announced the graduation of five Hololive China members.[43] ..Also, regarding the black peach shadow, he told the cover his intention to graduate.[114] However, it was not announced at this time because the graduation date was undecided, but it was announced on November 11th.[47]..KAI-YOU did not clarify the reason for graduation, but KAI-YOU reported that Kiryu Coco and Akai were certain to be affected by the subsequent turmoil and that the relationship with China and bilibili was put to an end.[114].

Monetization deprivation problem

From around the end of 2019, the monetization of YouTube channels (advertising, super chat, membership, etc.) of virtual youtubers including Holo Live members has been suspended one after another.It is speculated that YouTube's monitoring AI misidentifies the cut-out video as reused content, and in response to this, a famous overseas YouTuber distributes a video that appeals to the current situation, and YouTube also confirms this matter. Was tweeting[115].. After that, the monetization of members who had been stripped from the end of January 2020 is revived from time to time.[116].

Annoying acts by employees to talent

On May 2020, 5, it was reported that the talent Yozora Mel had been suffering malicious inconvenience (slandering and sexual harassment) from cover employees from around October 16.[117].. The assailant is a former employee of Yozora Mel who is performing harassment in the form of abusing his authority, and although he was removed from his charge, he said that he made further contact outside the management of the cover and developed into a nuisance.[118].. On this matter, Yozora Mel hired a lawyer to refer a friend because she could not receive proper care and support from the cover and settled with the perpetrator.[117].. The cover is completely denial, and it is trying to prevent recurrence and strengthen the system.[118].

Unlicensed delivery

August 2020, 6,NintendoThe guidelines for the use of copyrighted works have been updated to clarify the organizations that have signed comprehensive contracts that do not require individual permission.However, since the cover was not included in this, there was suspicion that the live game distribution by the affiliated talent was at least unlicensed and monetized to Nintendo.[119].. On the 5th of the same month, Cover acknowledged that several companies, including Nintendo, were in a similar situation. Cover is a business type that supports sole proprietors, so it is said that it is due to incorrect reference to individual guidelines[120].. However, even after the announcement of this statement, the content that was used without permission remains, and by Mio Ogami on July 7th.Ghost trickThe live distribution YouTube distribution archive (delivered in January 2020)CapcomDeleted due to alleged copyright infringement[121][122].. In response to this, Cover announced a statement again on the same day, voluntarily deleting or unpublishing the distribution archive and republishing only the content for which it has been licensed.[123].

The guidelines for using Nintendo's copyrighted works were updated again on August 8, and a comprehensive contract was signed with the cover, and Nintendo officially obtained permission.[124][125]..Also on November 11stSegaConcluded a comprehensive license agreement regarding the use of copyrighted works with[126] .

On December 12rd, Hololive English member Mori Calliope is on streampersona 3As a result of appealing for 90 minutes of live permission and deciding a hashtag on this topic, a considerable number of listeners were on Twitter etc.AtlasIt developed into a situation where he asked for permission directly, and he was criticized for inciting listeners.[127][128]..Atlas responded to the uproar by saying, "We haven't refused the live stream" and "We are investigating the situation," but Cover has not responded to media coverage.[129]Since then, he has not made any comments regarding this uproar. As of December 12, the distribution archive has been kept private.As mentioned above, a comprehensive license agreement regarding copyrighted works has been concluded with Sega, the parent company of Atlas, but the text does not state that it includes Atlas copyrighted works.[126].


注 釈

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外部 リンク

Yuka Nishio

Haruca Nishio(Yuka Nishio,1994年3/31[3] -) isJapan OfFemaleVoice actor,singer.KanagawaBackground[3].soundAffiliation[4]..旧芸名はThe old stage name isHARUCA.


Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Keio UniversityGraduation[5][6].

I've been watching manga and anime since I was a child, but I didn't want to be a voice actor until I entered college.[7].

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayHARUCAAs a single "Eternal Answer"Kino MusicMore major debut[5]..However, this is the end of the single in the Kino Music era, and after that, he will perform in indie events as well as acting as a voice actor (described later).

Held in 2019S-sound-Ace CrewPassed in the sound frame at "Joint Audition 2019"[8]..Along with that, on April 2019, 4, it was announced that HARUCA was renamed to Haruca Nishio and became a member of HiBiKi.[9][10].

Before I belonged to HibikiDJWas also active and appeared in Anison's club event[11][12]..This was announced to participate in the project the month after HiBiKi's affiliation.[13]DJ-themed media mix project "D4DJ』It led to the appearance as the main character" Happy Around! "Rinku Aimoto[14]..Rinku Aimoto is not in charge of DJing, and although Nishio is not involved in DJing in official songs and live performances, he is showing DJ performances on related web distribution.

From May 2020, ``BanG Dream!』In charge of the role of Hiromachi Nanafuka of the band unit" Morfonica "of the project.Nishio will be in charge of the bass as he will actually perform band activities[15].


There are many special skills,ViolinCan pop[6]。バンドリではベースを担当している。D4DJプロジェクトではHappy Around!の愛本りんくとしてダンスを、D4DJ、DJtimeなどではDJも披露している。



TaiziIs the main character.

Television Animation


Theater animation




* IsInternet distribution.

TV program

* IsInternet distribution.




Release datetitleStandard product numberOricon
Highest rank[29]
1st2017/10/16Eternal answer[6]CUCL-50298 bit

Tie-up song

Eternal answerTelevision Animation"The correct answer"Ending theme2017å¹´

Singer participation song

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
2016/11/5Rinka Nation[5]HARUCA"Rinka Nation"Game "Rinka Nation" theme song

Character song

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
1/29Dig Delight!Happy Around![Member 1]"Dig Delight!""D4DJ] Related songs
4/22Direct Drive!"Direct Drive!"
5/27Daylight-Daylight-Morphonic[Member 2]"Daylight-"
"Prelude to Gold"
game"Bandori! Girls band party!] Related songs
6/24Cosmic CoaSTARHappy Around![Member 1]"Cosmic Coa STAR""D4DJ" related songs
7/3Re Bath GO!XNUMX star stew of chicken and eggplant[Member 3]"Reverse GO!"Television Animation"Ribausu"Ending theme
ReBirth GO! Go Go Shu'sAzuma Higashiyama (Yuka Nishio)TV anime "Ribaasu" related songs
11/4Happy Music ♪Happy Around![Member 1]"Happy Music ♪"
"Happiness to you ♪"
"D4DJ" related songs
1/13Bloom bloomMorphonic[Member 2]"Bloom Bloom"
"Flame of hope"
Game "Bandori! Girls band party! ] Related songs
1/20D4DJ Groovy Mix Cover Tracks vol.1Happy Around![Member 1]"Romance Revolution 21'
game"D4DJ Groovy Mix] Related songs
2/24Round and round DJ TURN !!Happy Around![Member 1] feat. KYOKO (Beauty) & SAKI (Rei Spinoki)"Guru Guru DJ TURN !!"Television Animation"D4DJ First Mix"Opening theme
Happy Around![Member 1]TV anime "D4DJ First Mix" related songs
D4DJ ALL STARS[Member 4]"LOVE! HUG! GROOVY !!"Game "D4DJ Groovy Mix" theme song
WOW WAR TONIGHT ~ Occasionally wake up movement ~Happy Around![Member 1]"Feeling good ↑↑'TV anime "D4DJ First Mix" insert song
"Guru Guru DJ TURN !!" & "WOW WAR TONIGHT ~ Occasionally wake up movement ~" Simultaneous purchase bonus CD Happy Around! Ver."Happy Around Days"
"Gibumi Awesome !!!!"
"Make My Style"
"D4DJ" related songs
"Hah ~ i ☆ FORTUNE!"


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Unit member

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