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👩‍🎤 | Voice actor Shuka Saito releases 2nd single on 2/10!One-man live will be held


Voice actor Shuka Saito releases 2nd single on 2/10!One-man live will be held

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It is the first one-man live for Shuka Saito in one year and six months, and the official Twitter of Shuka Saito has also released a teaser video of the decision to hold the one-man live.

Shuka Saito, who is active as a voice actor and artist, will release her 2021nd single "Sekai ..." on February 2, 10 (Wednesday). → Continue reading

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Azusa Saito

Shuka Saito(Shuka Saito,1996[6]8/16[5] -) isJapan OfFemaleVoice actor,singer.SaitamaBackground[5]. My office isHoly peak[5], The record label I belong toSACRED MUSIC[7].

Nickname isShukashu[1][2].AqsIs also a member of.The official fan club is "Shuka Land'[8].


Until debut

Raised as the youngest of four siblings (one older sister and two older brothers)[9]..When I was in the 4th grade of elementary school, at the recommendation of my motherHip hop danceI went to a trial lesson and decided intuitively that it was fun and "I will dance!" Until the third year of high schoolダンスContinued for 9 years[9][10][11].."Standing in front of people and putting yourself in a prominent position," "making everyone smile," "something," such as serving as a class president or instrumental club director in elementary school and conducting a chorus contest in junior high school. He said he was a child who liked "working hard"[9][10][11].

Since I started dancing, "Mini moni.From "longing for" and "longing for standing on stage", I wanted to become "a person who can sing and dance and stand on stage".When I was in the second year of high school, I started aiming to be an artist who can sing and dance, and started taking voice training lessons in parallel with hip-hop dance.[12][10][11].

2015, The sequel to "Love Live!"lovelive! Sunshine!!Passed the audition as You Watanabe[13][14]..This made her debut as a voice actor, but because she had never attended a training school, her career as a voice actor was to audition for "Love Live! Sunshine !!" without knowing the work of the voice actor. By accepting it, I became a voice actor when I realized it before I knew it. "[13][12]That is.The reason is, "I wasn't originally aiming to be a voice actor, but a person who has always wanted to be on stage."[13][12]It has said.

After debut

2015,Like above-mentioned,"lovelive! Sunshine!!』(You Watanabe) has been decided, and started activities as Aqours.Soon to open your own Twitter[15].2016In July, "Love Live!The first season of the TV anime "Sunshine !!" has started broadcasting.Opened his own official blog on August 7th of the same year[16][17].

2017First as Aqours in Februaryone man liveAppeared in (Yokohama Arena)[18][19][20].. March, 3th as a member of AqoursVoice actor awardReceived the Singing Award[21].. September,"Animelo Summer Live 2017 -THE CARD-(Aka "Anisama". The first day) on "Aqours"[22][23].. In October, "Love Live!The second season of the TV anime "Sunshine !!" has started broadcasting.

2018On August 8th, he opened his own official fan club "Shuka Land".[24].. On August 8th, his 16st photo book "Barefoot. Will be released[25][26].. Aqours' 11th live "Aqours" held at Tokyo Dome in NovemberLove Live! Sunshine!! Aqours 4th LoveLive! ~Sailing to the Sunshine~”[27][28][29].. On December 12, as a member of Aqours, participate in the "Kohaku Uta Gassen"[30].

2019January 1, "Love Live!Theatrical version of "Sunshine !!" is released[31].. On February 2, the appointment as the lead character will be announced in the smartphone game application "Mikonote" (role of Yui Amano).[32].. In March, challenged narration for the first time on the dance channel "Hello! Project Dance Academy"[33].. Aug. 6,SACRED MUSICAnnounced major debut as a solo singer in the affiliation[34][7][35].


About activity

As aforementioned,"lovelive! Sunshine!!I passed the role of You Watanabe in the audition and made my debut as a voice actor. It was a feeling[13][12][36]..Therefore, becoming a voice actor was "the most mysterious thing in my life."[36].. In an interview in the spring of 2018, "(Before my debut as a voice actor) I knew only" expressions that use the whole body. "The last three years of entering a world where all emotions are expressed only by voice are confusing and surprising to me. It was also a series of. (Even now, three years after debut) I'm not so nervous on stage, but I'm nervous on dubbing. "[12]It has said.On the other hand, he also said, "I'm glad I became a voice actor," citing "because I can bring a pretty girl to life."[37][38].

Regarding his own activity attitude, he said that "efforts do not betray people" is important, and "I think that efforts are natural and not shown to people."[10][39]..The reason is, "I wasn't a talented person, so I think I've been working harder than anyone else."[10]..Also, in the process of activities, he said, "I noticed that there was a farewell at the moment of everyday life, so I started to try to cherish the encounter."[40].

There are also opportunities for gravure activities, especially "Weekly Young Jump』Has been featured four times (including two on the cover)[41][42].

Dance stage

In the interview, I occasionally said, "I love dancing and standing on the stage. This feeling hasn't changed since I was a kid." I want to convey various emotions and gratitude to as many people as possible, and that is what I want to do forever. "[43][44][10][11][45].

As mentioned above, from the 4th grade of elementary school to the 3rd grade of high schoolHip hop danceWas continuing.In interviews, I occasionally said, "I've been dancing for a long time, and that's what I'm doing in my activities." "Dance is the driving force for living. I don't care about eating or sleeping. I enjoy playing time. "[9][10][11]..He said that he tried to make time to dance every day (including practice at home) during the day when he practiced dancing. "The existence of dance is very big for me. "[9]..Also, through dance, I learned that "even if you have a hard time, you can overcome it if you do it desperately."[33]It also states.In addition, it is said that the dance started at the recommendation of my mother, but my mother said, "Cheer danceWhich is better, hip-hop dance or hip-hop dance? I participated in a hip-hop dance trial lesson.[9][10].

One of the turning points in the process of continuing to dance is the experience of "I fell into a certain dance audition that I received the previous year" when I was in junior high school.At that time, he said that this was "the most disappointing thing in his life", and he was angry with himself, increased the amount of practice more than ever, and analyzed in detail why he fell.This was fruitful and I was auditioned for another dance, but through this series of experiences, I realized that "I am not a talented person, it is important to make steady efforts", which is a big thing for me. It is said that it had an influence. In an interview in the spring of 2018, he said, "If I hadn't auditioned for the dance at that time, I would strongly believe that I wouldn't be there now."[9].

Also, when I was in the 5th grade of elementary school, I heard that I had been worried about quitting dance for about a year, but even though my mother noticed her worries, she watched over me without saying anything. From the experience I gained, I learned that "I can do something if I do my best", and I cite that the original character of "I hate to lose" became stronger as one of the turning points in my life.[10].

Regarding the charm of dance, "I can express any emotion with my body alone. I can get absorbed and forget myself."[2]"You can express yourself in various ways with one body, and you can use it in your acting to become a different person."[33]It has said.

Also, regarding the stage, "when you are standing on the stage, when you are the most shining", "the stage is more than the desire. Being able to perform on the stage in front of the fans is a reward for yourself" "No Stage, No Life "[9][10][11][37][45]..When approaching the stage, "Because it is the place where I can shine the most, I am performing with the thought of'delivering to everyone'with all my gratitude at this moment."[45]It has said. In an interview in 2018, "My goal is to stand on a big stage as an individual of'Shuka Saito'"[44][45]However, in August 2019, he will make his major debut as a solo singer.[34][7][35].

In September 2017Yokohama ArenaHeld atAqours 1st liveAtI know everything about the night skySaito's solo dance part is being shown.[20]..In addition, the first program in charge as a narrator was "Hello! Project Dance Academy" where you can make use of your own dance experience.[33].

Personal characteristics, etc.

Nickname is "Shukashu'[46][2]..The godfather is a member of AqoursKobayashi Aika(Kobayashi says it was named because "the sound is cute")[2]..In the interview in January 2019, the members of Aqours basically said "ShukaIs called[2].

Regarding his personality, he said, "I hate to lose."[9][10][47]Besides, "free person"[13]"Innocent"[37]"Amaenbo character"[10]"It's fluffy"[48]"I don't know anyone"[9]"I have troubles alone"[43][2][38]I have mentioned that. Regarding "holding troubles alone", he cites "I do not want to show my weaknesses to others" as a reason.[43]..On the other hand, he also states that "it is not uncommon for people to consult with us about their concerns."[40].

People around me often say that they are "serious," but he says, "I rarely think so."[6]..On the other hand, he said that he thinks that his rivals are himself, which may be one of the reasons why people around him often think that he is "serious."[47]..He also said, "Because it is basically pacifist, I try not to get angry emotionally." On the other hand, "I often get angry with myself."[44][47][2]..According to his own "instruction manual" made by a friend in junior high school, "when the tension rises, I bite", "poisonous tongue is an expression of affection", "when I'm strong, I cry when I'm gentle", etc. Regarding these personalities, in an interview in January 2017, he said, "I'm all right, and I don't think these things have changed much."[6].

He also cites it as one of the personalities that he is aware of as "a shadowy human being and a mass of complex", and after his debut as a voice actor, "I couldn't like myself". It is said that it continued.However, in the process of the activity, he said that he gradually became able to overcome it by "I realized that by liking myself, I can make myself likable".[45][2][49].

His goals are "I want to keep a fresh heart like a girl forever" and "I want to be a person who can keep up with my feelings without being swept away by others".[44]..Also, what I value is "how much freedom can I live and express myself while observing the rules?"[11]"Do what you like, when you want, as much as you want"[11]"Repeating winning and losing (experiencing regrettable feelings) leads to my own growth."[47]I have mentioned that.

In an interview in the spring of 2018, he stated that if he was not a voice actor, he was aiming for a "kindergarten teacher" or "work with animals" because he "likes children and animals".[12].

When he was in the sixth grade, he was the director of the instrumental music club.[10], Badminton club when junior high school students[14][36]In addition, when I was a high school student, the calligraphy club[14]Belonged to.In elementary school, I learned piano and calligraphy in parallel with dance, and I continued to play the piano from the age of 3 to the 6th grade of elementary school.[9][11]..Also, as mentioned earlier, I had experience as a class president when I was in elementary school, and this experience is one of the reasons why I was appointed as the lead character (Yumi Amano) in the smartphone game app `` Mikonote'' announced in 2019. became[32].

Mother as a respectable person[2], As a yearning personAyumi Hamasaki[2]Are listed respectively.Interviews occasionally express gratitude to my mother[9][10][45]..Also, as a person with whom I have a close relationshipNGT48 OfYuka OginoAre listed[50][2].

About personal characteristicsRikako AidaIs "very solid and stoic"[51]"You can see the surroundings. A hard worker who is more than one person."[52],Naka Suwa"At first glance, it looks like a younger sister, but it's really a solid person. He can talk about various deep things."[53],Suzuki Aina"I want you to be closest to me when I'm weak. When I'm depressed, when I'm weak, I immediately notice."[54]Each states.

As Aqours

The anime goods that I bought for the first time in my life are "lovelive!』(μ's) Goods[47]..When I passed the audition, I felt happy and cried because I felt like I had achieved a very big goal because I could work on singing and dancing.[14]..Also, when I first stood on the stage as a member of Aqours, I was happy to be able to sing and dance in public, and I realized again that standing on the stage is a person who suits my gender.[11].

I am in chargeYou WatanabeAbout, "Anyway, an active, energetic, and athletic girl"[14]"A girl who pursues the two goals of a dream of being a captain and success as a school idol"[14]He said that he likes exercise and that he "feels sympathy" in the sense that he is in common with himself who jumped into the world of voice actors by meeting on Sunday.[14].

In the interview, "I want to live as You-chan, both physically and mentally."[1]"I want to be You Watanabe'itself'"[14][1]In charge of himself, such as professingYou WatanabeHe occasionally mentions his strong feelings for.As for the characteristics of the day, "Anyway, an active, energetic, and athletic girl"[14]"You can feel the atmosphere without feeling too much."[48]"The most girlish of the nine Aqours"[48]It has said.Also, regarding the existence of "You Watanabe" for herself, she is "a partner and a child-like existence."[47]"There is a level of life together. If you haven't met You, you wouldn't be yourself now."[45]It has said.

In an interview in January 2018, "I'm going to be (Yo-chan), or when I'm working as Aqours, I'm" You Watanabe ". When I'm standing in that place as You Watanabe , Because I have the feeling that the desire to live as You Watanabe springs from the bottom of my heart. "[45]It has said. Since starting Aqours activities, he has a short hairstyle close to You Watanabe, but before that he had long hair since the fifth grade of elementary school.[55][56].

For me, Aqours is "a feeling of spending high school life again"[10]"A good companion who can get stimulation and growth more than a rival"[47]"A group with a sense of speed that allows you to share your destination and run without fear of failure."[10][47][49]It has said.In addition, it will be the youngest member of Aqours[10][34].

As mentioned earlier, I am good at dancing, but the choreography of Aqours' dance is different from the dance I have done so far because of the early turns and the choreography of dancing with the back sound. "[10]..On the other hand, he also states that his previous dance experience is alive when expressing detailed emotions.[10].

What I learned through Aqours' activities is "love in brilliance."[48]"The importance of having a laid back heart"[47]Is listed. "Love in the brilliance" is said because "in the process of Aqours' activities, thanks to the many loves of the people who support us, we have reached a big stage and a wonderful stage."[48].. Regarding "the importance of having a laid back heart", when I participated in the Los Angeles performance of "Anisong World Matsuri 2017" as a member of Aqours in July 7, the people of Los Angeles have a kind and welcome attitude toward everyone. It is said that he was inspired by.

Activities as Aqours are "every day I use my head to output input"[48]In the process of doing activities, "the speed of experiencing time has increased."[48]It has said. The live time of Aqours basically exceeds 3 hours, but it is said that it is "10 minutes" in terms of perceived speed.[48].

Among the songs of Aqours, one of the most important songs is "I want to be in love AQUARIUM(Own center song)[57]Are listed.

When I go to Aqours live, I realize that no matter how much I practice, I will definitely get nervous before the performance, so it is my routine to put on perfume just before the live performance.[10].. Because it is a "smell fetish", "because you can feel relieved by smelling your own scent" is also cited as a reason.[10].


TaiziIs the main character.

Television Animation


Theater animation




Internet show




  • Hello! Project Dance Academy (March 2019-, Dance Channel)[74]

Photo album

Photo book

Magazine serialization

  • BLT VOICE GIRLS ("Shukasuga", VOL.31-)
  • Monthly The Television ("Shuka Bookstore", February 2018 issue-August 2 issue)
  • Monthly The Television ("Wearing sneakers.", September 2020 issue-)

Other contents



Release datetitleStandard product numberOricon
Highest rank[80]
Limited EditionNormal EditionLimited edition
1st2019/11/20PapapaVVCL-1545 / 6VVCL-1547VVCL-1548 / 912 bit
2nd2021/2/10Sekai no HateVVCL-1800 / 2VVCL-1803VVCL-1804 / 58 bit

Mini album

Release datetitleStandard product numberOricon
Highest rank[81]
Limited EditionLimited EditionNormal Edition
1st2019/8/14ShoelacesVVCL-1490 / 2VVCL-1493 / 4VVCL-14955 bit
2nd2020/11/11SUNFLOWERVVCL-1758 / 9 (A)
VVCL-1760 / 1 (B)
VVCL-176211 bit

Tie-up song

PapapaTelevision Animation"You are the only one who likes me"Opening theme2019
Sekai no HateTelevision Animation"Back arrow"Ending theme2021

Character song

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
2020/3/25Are you the only one who likes me BD/DVD Vol. 4 bonus CDSasanqua (Azusa Saito)"Tunde Love"Television Animation"You are the only one who likes me] Related songs
2021/3/10Nesting Song / Life is CiderAnemoneria[Member 1]"Nesting song'Television Animation"Wonder Egg Priority"Opening theme
"Life is cider"TV anime "Wonder Egg Priority" ending theme
"Anemos"TV anime "Wonder Egg Priority" related songs
Rika Kawai (Azusa Saito)"Song of the nest"


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