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📷 | "Uchihe" Kenshi Okada, "Motemote & Chara Man" shots released looking into the camera


"Uchi He" Kenshi Okada releases "Motemote & Chara Man" shots looking into the camera

If you write the contents roughly
"I'm looking forward to Kenshi-kun's chara man" "I'm already thrilled (laughs)" "I'm determined to fall in love if Kenshi-kun is staring at me too cool (laughs)" I was surprised at how cool it was and made a voice involuntarily. "" It's chara, but it's popular, but I want to see some sad Hikari-kun soon. " "The height is the best w" "I'm dying because the height difference is moe" "Both are cute", voices of agony are heard one after another.

The NTV series drama "Uchi no ..." starring actress Miho Kanno (2021), which will start on January 1, 13. → Continue reading


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