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👍 | "Yoshimoto Lille King" The first champion is Elf Arakawa! Expressing "Unrequited Love Gal" in a 30-second video 


The first champion of "Yoshimoto Lille King" is Elf Arakawa! Expressing "Unrequited Love Gal" in a 30-second video 

If you write the contents roughly
The last plus / minus / Iwahashi video was completed by adding an effect that the electricity is fluttering to the usual personal image with a strong habit, and it is based on the image taken in Thailand a few years ago. I mean.

Using Instagram's new function "Reel", "the most interesting reel" among all the talents of Yoshimoto Kogyo ... → Continue reading

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Plus or minus

Plus or minusIt is,Yoshimoto KogyoBelonging to the Tokyo head officeComiccombination.2003å¹´6Formed.


Yoshimasa Iwahashi(Iwahashi Yoshimasa 1978年8/12 -) (42 years old)

  • Height 167 cm, weight 90 kg, type A.TsukkomiIn charge (blurred depending on the material).The standing position is on the right.
  • Born in Katano City, Osaka Prefecture.Graduated from Osaka Prefectural Katano High School,Momoyama Gakuin UniversityDropout.
  • There are many anecdotes that make you want to do "what you shouldn't do".
    • I'm not good at exams and tests, I fold all the pencils, write a different name on the answer sheet and submit itmark sheetI had marked it as the "bad example" of[1].
    • Shimada ShinsukeWhen I was playing baseball with my team, I threw the ball at Shinsuke Shimada's back.[2].
    • First meetingMasanori HamadaDuring the conversation with, I got close to my face so that my nose stuck and I did Akanbe[3].
    • The habit began to appear when I was in the second grade of elementary school[1].
  • As a means of "pulling out" to release the moyamoya, there are "Gyun" who sits on the ground and stretches both legs, such as hitting the jaw and ringing teeth, shouting refreshing words such as "Hemingway" and "Ocean View". It is also a material to have.
  • One of the stories is the "body art" that compares one's body to something while taking off the shirt. The repertoire is rich, such as "the one who drinks the most on a pirate ship," "the one who sticks to a mammoth," and "a baby who smokes a foreign cigarette."
  • One of the most powerful entertainers, 20 kgweightCan be thrown directly above.Breaking tilesIt also has 10 records.
  • I belonged to the baseball club when I was in high school, and now I amTotal Ten BossHe belongs to the grass baseball team "Afro Monkeys" sponsored by Fujita.
  • When I was in college, I was late for the orientation on the first day, so I failed to make friends, and as a result of trying many times to make friends with the person who intentionally dropped the handkerchief and picked it up, the behavior became a rumor and I became more isolated. Oops.
  • In the young ageSukiya,McDonald'sI was working part-time at.At Sukiya, Iwahashi was made in a fixed position that customers could see because it looked delicious.As a result, sales have doubled, and he has a history of taking over the world at Sukiya.
  • Immediately after entering Tokyo, in February 2012, "Mecha x 2 cool!When I tried to appear in the corner "Yabecchi Sushi", I lost my balance and fell.[4].
  • 2014 yearsApril Fool14 years youngerChildminderMarried a general woman.The first and second children have already been born.
  • What is your current wifeFacebookWe met in Japan and got married in just nine months of dating.It is also the first comedian's Facebook marriage.The deciding factor for the marriage was that he happened to cook a dish similar to "Chive, egg and shimeji soup" that Iwahashi's mother is good at.
  • MikiIn off-shots with three people, he claims to be the three brothers "Asei, Kosei, Sosei" (in that case, Iwahashi becomes his eldest son, "Sosei").Also, Master Kawase (Yuni Bath) And Minagawa (Navy Afro) And other juniors also love it.
  • Idol groupYoshimotozaka 46Members.
  • What is your favorite foodWhite rice.

Takashi Kanemitsu(Kanemitsu Takashi Real Name: Takashi Kanemitsu<Same reading> 1978年11/10 -) (42 years old)


  • CurrentlyLUMINE the YoshimotoActive in theaters such as.The number of live appearances exceeds 500 a year, which is the largest class in Tokyo Yoshimoto.
  • Dashi TheSharan Q"I wonder if that is the case."Long time agoKageyama Hironobuof"CHALA HEAD CHALA"perfumeof"Laser beamWas being used.
  • The finished Tale program "10 carat』LIVE (showing the story once a month)Oriental radioWon the championship for 2 consecutive months.However, after 10 carats, the program "switch!Was not selected as a regular.
  • Both of themOhira SaburoとKatsuraHe regularly appeared in rakugo.
  • Broadcasted on May 2006, 7LOL on air battle』, Recorded 4KB (one ball is a perfect score), which is the fourth group in the history of the program (the first group is Masudaokada, the second group is Harigane Rock, the third group is untouchable).However, in the championship tournament (541th) where he participated for the first time, he advanced to the final, but at that point he recorded the lowest KB in the history of the tournament, 1KB, and became the lowest.[7].
  • On April 2016, 4, the notation of the combination name was "Plus or minusFrom "Plus or minusAnnounced that the stage name notation of Kanemitsu was changed from "Kanmitsu Takashi" to "Kanmitsu Takashi".[8][9][10].
  • Broadcasted on May 2017, 1Gradually Chaplin], It was the first time in the history of the program to hit a perfect score of 50 points.
  • May 2017, 3 in TokyoLUMINE the YoshimotoWon the "Battle of the Stage in Lumine the Yoshimoto 2017 first" held at. Won "LUMINE main performance 150 stage participation right in half a year"[11].
  • XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayOfficial YouTube channelOpened[12][13](Iwahashi had already been opened for individuals).Iwahashi is shooting and editing all by himself with a smartphone.
  • "M-1 Grand Prix」には第2回(2002年)以降から毎年出場し続けており、第6回(2006年)から第9回(2009年)までは4年連続で準決勝進出を果たした。第10回(2010年)以降は全て準々決勝で敗退していたが、ラストイヤーとなった第14回(2018年)にて実に5大会ぶりに準決勝進出を果たした。ストレートで決勝に進む事は出来ず、敗者復活戦に出場するも、視聴者投票でMikiUnfortunately, he was unable to advance to the final because he was eliminated in 2nd place.HoweverYuuki RockHe was praised as "a career high finish", and the skill of comics was highly evaluated by comedians and fellow entertainers, and many voices regretted their defeat.[6].

Background of the formation of the combination

  • Both are classmates of Osaka Prefectural Katano High School.When I was in the first year of high school, I was in a different class, but when I first met in a shoe box, I said, "Can we get along better?"[14]..The same class is used in the second and third grades of high school.
  • When I was in high school, I used to do material together on school trips[15]While Kanemitsu was an honor student who had never fallen from the top 10 in the class, Iwahashi couldn't go to the same university because his parents were so bad at studying that he was able to avoid repeating a grade as a teacher. ..Kanemitsu entered Hannan University and Iwahashi entered Momoyama Gakuin University (later dropped out).Even though I went to different universities, the two of us auditioned for base Yoshimoto once a month with a sense of play.
  • Iwahashi waits for Kanemitsu to graduate from university and invites him to go to NSC.AlreadyBamiyanKanemitsu, who had decided to be a comedian, refused once, but reminded him that he would have various experiences if he became a comedian, and told him that he would go to NSC.[14].

Art style

  • mainlyComic.
  • OrthodoxTalking manzaiBut sometimesBlurとTsukkomiIs replaced,ImitationManzai that no one gets tired of seeing, such as interweaving such things.We perform many stages a year (more than 2016 stages a year in 2017 and 500)[16]) Manzai's ability is highly evaluated by comedians and fellow entertainers.
  • In the past, Iwahashi started with a unique quick self-introduction saying "It's a plus or minus !!", and the closing was a symmetrical salute while saying "Thank you" at the same time.High tension during the story.As an art style at that time, Manzai did not go well because Kanemitsu was too stupid, and Iwahashi had "anger", "counseling", "falling down", "sitting", and "crying".This pattern of manzai does not salute (it cannot be done due to character settings).Iwahashi drags Kanemitsu and leaves the stage, or Kanemitsu breaks off and Iwahashi is left alone on the stage.
  • Iwahashi once appeared on the stage and said "Moueewa!" In the first voice.

Award race results

  • M-1 Grand Prix
    • 2002 Advance to the second round[17]
    • 2003 Advance to the second round[18]
    • 2004 Advance to the second round[19]
    • 2005 Advance to the second round[20]
    • 2006 semi-final advance[21]
    • 2007 semi-final advance[22]
    • 2008 semi-final advance[23]
    • 2009 semi-final advance[24]
    • 2010 quarterfinal advance[25](32rd place in qualifying)
    • 2015 quarterfinal advance[26]
    • 2016 quarterfinal advance[26]
    • 2017 quarterfinal advance[26]
    • 2018 semi-final advance[26] --Repechage, 2nd place in viewer voting (37 votes)[27][6]
  • Other
    • 2006 36th NHK Kamani Manzai Contest Advance to the final
    • 2007 28th ABC Comedy Rookie Grand Prix Excellent rookie award
    • 2007 37th NHK Kou Mansai Contest Grand Prize
    • 2009å¹´ King of conte Advance to the semi-finals
    • 2011å¹´ R-1 Grand Prix Semi-final advance-Iwahashi
    • 2012 33th ABC Comedy Grand Prix 9th place in the final
    • 2012 47th Kamikaze Manzai Award New face award
    • 2013 R-1 Grand Prix Final Advance-Iwahashi
    • 2013å¹´ Singing story king deciding match Advance to the semi-finals-Kanmitsu and Iwahashi each participate independently
    • 2014 Uta Neta King Final Battle Semi-final ―― Kanemitsu and Iwahashi participated independently
    • 2018 Take-1 Grand Prix victory[28]
    • 2019 Next Break Entertainer Finals Yoshimoto Alcobert Grand Prix Winner
    • 2019 Uta Neta Decisive Match Advance to the semi-finals[29]
    • 2020 Monomane Grand Prix Next-generation Impressionist No. 1 Final


tv set



Web tv



  • Plus / minus impersonation habit hut (December 2018-)



  • 5uppers "Each story" (March 2012, 3,Yoshimoto R&C) --Iwahashi only
  • Yoshimotozaka 46"Make me cry(February 2018, 12,Sony Records) --Iwahashi participates in the regular version of the song "Daitemirukai?" As a member of "Bitter & Sweet".
  • Yoshimotozaka46 "Tonight(May 2019, 5, Sony Records) --Iwahashi participates in the recorded song "Current Location" as the "Sweet MONSTER" center.
  • Yoshimotozaka46 "Can't be impossible(December 2019, 12, Sony Records) --Iwahashi participates in the recorded song "Dotsuku Yori Laugh" as one of the "Sweet MONSTER" W Centers.


Music distribution under the name of Rigo (plus or minus Iwahashi)

  • "MAX defeat Ossan" (October 2018, 10)
  • "Popular" (November 2018, 11)
  • `` Rampage Bath'' (March 2019, 3)
  • "Popita 2" (May 2019, 5)
  • "Hot Cake Song" (June 2019, 6)
  • "Procession Story" (July 2019, 7)
  • "Abandoned Uta" (January 2020, 1)
  • "Drag Man" (February 2020, 2) --The original title was "Popular 12", but it was changed.[32]
  • "Pride Man" (March 2020, 3)

Live event

Live alone

  • 2006å¹´
    • August 5- "My favorite food! Cream bun"(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka) *First solo
    • August 9- "Harusame Boy"(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
    • August 12- "Funky greengrocer"(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
  • 2007å¹´
    • August 3- "Ball game idiot"(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
    • August 6- "Shinkansen too fast"(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
    • August 9- "The guy who gets fat even though he's skipping dinner"(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
    • August 10- "Chicken wings are too horsey."(ASUNAL HALL / Aichi)
    • August 12- "I'm sorry, Tokyo."(Shinjuku Theater Moliere / Tokyo) * Tokyo's first solo
  • 2008å¹´
    • August 3- "Osaka for the first time in a long time."(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
    • August 7- "Good visibility."(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
    • August 10- "The Pramai Manzai-I Want to Go, M-1 Final-"(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
  • 2009å¹´
    • August 7- "Yeah! It's alone! It's Pramai!"(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
  • 2010å¹´
    • August 8- "Live of people who will eventually become big players"(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
  • 2013å¹´
    • August 4- "Plus and minus are comics"(Theater D / Tokyo)
    • August 6- "Independent live presented by Plus and Minus"(Dotonbori ZAZA HOUSE/Osaka)
  • 2014å¹´
    • August 3- "Plus or minus time by Iwahashi and Kanemitsu"(Shinjuku Theater Moliere / Tokyo)
  • 2015å¹´
    • August 8- "Plus Manzai Eggplant"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
  • 2016å¹´
    • August 8- "Plus / Minus Best Manzai SHOW" Net, Manzai. ""(Daimaru Shinsaibashi Theater/Osaka)
    • August 9- "Plus / Minus Manzai Collection"(Numazu Raccoon Yoshimoto Theater/Shizuoka)
    • August 10- "Plus / Minus Best Neta SHOW" Net, Neta. ""(Dotonbori ZAZA HOUSE/Osaka)
    • August 11- "Plus / Minus Best Neta SHOW" Neta Collection ""(Numazu Raccoon Yoshimoto Theater/Shizuoka)
    • August 12- "Plus / Minus Best Neta Collection Part XNUMX and Part XNUMX"(Okinawa Kazuki / Okinawa)
  • 2017å¹´
    • August 4- "Plus / Minus Manzai Solo Concert" Nagoya University Manzai Expo ""(Fushimi JAMMIN'/ Aichi)
    • August 4- "Plus / Minus Manzai Solo Concert" First Fukuoka Manzai Expo ""(Ajibi Hall / Fukuoka)
    • August 7- "Plus / Minus 15th Year Comprehensive Manzai Thanksgiving"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
    • August 7- "Plus / Minus 15th Year Comprehensive Manzai Thanksgiving"(Namba Grand Kagetsu/Osaka)
  • 2018å¹´
    • August 8- "Plus / Minus is the first nationwide tour for M-1 Last Year"(Okinawa Kazuki / Okinawa)
    • August 8- "Plus / Minus is the first nationwide tour for M-1 Last Year"(Numazu Raccoon Yoshimoto Theater/Shizuoka)
    • August 8- "Puramai Summer Manzai Festival"(Lumine the Yoshimoto / Tokyo) Guest:Tenderer,Candy
    • August 9- "Plus / Minus is the first nationwide tour for M-1 Last Year"(Fushimi JAMMIN'/ Aichi)
    • August 9- "Plus / Minus is the first nationwide tour for M-1 Last Year"(Gebanto Hall / Hiroshima)
    • August 9- "Plus / Minus is the first nationwide tour for M-1 Last Year"(Yoshimoto Tenjin Vivre Hall / Fukuoka)
    • August 9- "Plus / Minus is the first nationwide tour for M-1 Last Year"(YES THEATER / Osaka) Guest:Akina,Sayaka
    • August 10- "Plus / Minus is the first nationwide tour for M-1 Last Year"(Terminal Plaza, especially Pathos / Hokkaido)
    • August 10- "The stories that I couldn't do at that time"(Okinawa Kazuki / Okinawa)
  • 2019å¹´
    • August 7- Plus or minus "Tour to go as close to your home as we can now"(Sapporo Plaza 2 Underground Hall / Hokkaido)
    • August 8- Plus or minus "Tour to go as close to your home as we can now"(Yoshimoto Tenjin Vivre Hall / Fukuoka)
    • August 9- Plus or minus "Tour to go as close to your home as we can now"(Fushimi JAMMIN'/ Kyoto)
    • August 9- Plus or minus "Tour to go as close to your home as we can now"(Yoshimoto Okinawa Kazuki / Okinawa)
    • August 9- Plus or minus "Tour to go as close to your home as we can now"(Theatre that no one knows / Miyagi)
    • August 9- Plus or minus "Tour to go as close to your home as we can now"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
    • August 10- Plus or minus "Tour to go as close to your home as we can now"(Chugoku Shimbun Hall / Hiroshima)
    • August 10- Plus or minus "Tour to go as close to your home as we can now"(E-Topia / Kagawa BB Square / Kagawa)
    • August 11- Plus or minus "Tour to go as close to your home as we can now"(Kanazawa City Art Hall / Ishikawa)
    • August 11- Plus or minus "Tour to go as close to your home as we can now"(Numazu Raccoon Yoshimoto Theater/Shizuoka)
    • August 11- Plus or minus "Tour to go as close to your home as we can now"(Namba Grand Kagetsu/Osaka)

Other live events

  • Appearance in regular theater performances
  • Regular live
    • Pramai Special Program (Yoshimoto ∞ Hall → Yoshimoto ∞ Dome) --Live that has been held since November 2016, 11.Invite a group of guests to show off plus / minus and each guest's story, talk with guests, and play habit games.
      • vol.1 --November 2016, 11 (Guest: Jaru Jaru)
      • vol.2 --February 2017, 2 (Guest: Gin Shari)
      • vol.3 --April 2017, 4 (Guest:Trendy angel)
      • vol.4 --April 2017, 6 (Guest:Chimon Chochu)
      • vol.5 --April 2017, 9 (Guest:Razor ramon)
      • vol.6 --December 2017, 12 (Guest: Miki)
      • vol.7 --April 2018, 6 (Guest:Commandante)
      • Osaka Pramai Special Program No. 2018 --June 6, 18 (Guest:Gion)
      • vol.8 --August 2018, 8 (Guest: Kamaitachi)
      • Osaka Pramai Special Program No. 2018 --September 9, 13 (Guest:Rough dimension)
      • vol.9 --April 2018, 10 (Guest:Tentacle)
      • vol.10 --April 2018, 11 (Guest:Go shogi)
      • vol.11 --April 2018, 12 (Guest:Yuni Bath)
      • vol.12 --April 2019, 1 (Guest:Indians)
      • vol.13 --April 2019, 2 (Guest:Nelsons)
      • vol.14 --April 2019, 3 (Guest:Bambino)
      • vol.15 --April 2019, 4 (Guest:Tom Brown)
      • vol.16 --April 2019, 5 (Guest:Rafleclan)
      • vol.17 --April 2019, 6 (Guest:Shared seat start)
      • vol.18 --April 2019, 7 (Guest:Daitaku)
      • vol.19 --April 2019, 8 (Guest:Iron head)
      • vol.20 --April 2019, 9 (Guest:Joyman)
      • vol.21 --April 2019, 10 (Guest:Urutora Boogie's)
      • vol.22 --April 2019, 11 (Guest:Namagari)
      • vol.23 --April 2020, 1 (Guest:Sueno Hirozu)
      • vol.24 --April 2020, 2 (Guest:Another junior high school student)
      • vol.26 --April 2020, 7 (Guest:Dennis) Vol.25 is missing because the producer made a mistake in grasping the number of times it was held.
    • Iwahashi talks alone (J-POP CAFE Shibuya → Shinjuku Lefkada → Yoshimoto ∞ Dome) --Iwahashi's solo talk live that has been held once a month since October 1, 2017.As a derivative, Osaka one-person talk and one-person talk bus tours are also held.
    • Ogiri Iwahashi (Omiya Rakuun Yoshimoto Theater) --Ogiri live hosted by Iwahashi, which has been held once a month since March 2018, 3.
    • Peculiar game event-Live performance mainly in the game corner using the habit of Iwahashi.There are no stories to show, and sometimes only the game corner.
      • Ocean view on plus / minus Hemingway (Yoshimoto Okinawa Kazuki) --October 2016, 10
      • Plus / Minus Happy New Year Foley Country Peapo SP (Yoshimoto Okinawa Kazuki) --January 2017, 1
      • Plus / Minus Open the Window Bittern (Yoshimoto Okinawa Kazuki) --March 2017, 3
      • Hemingway with plus / minus and Okinawa entertainer's story and corner! (Yoshimoto Okinawa Kazuki) --October 2017, 10
      • Plus / Minus Maine Gyun (Post Yoshimoto) --May 2018, 5
      • Plus / Minus Year-End Party (Omiya Rakuun Yoshimoto Theater) --December 2018, 12
      • Plus / Minus Game World (Omiya Rakuun Yoshimoto Theater) --March 2019, 3, April 12, 4
      • Iwahashi Game World (Omiya Rakuun Yoshimoto Theater) --May 2019, 5
      • Okinawa Pramai Night (Yoshimoto Okinawa Kazuki) --May 2019, 5
  • Other
    • Dynamite Iwahashi (Kyobashi Kazuki) --October 2011, 10
    • Dynamite Iwahashi (Lumine the Yoshimoto) --June 2012, 6
    • Dynamite Iwahashi (Namba Grand Kagetsu) --February 2013, 2
    • Iwahashi Gyun Wedding-Don't Do It- (Namba Grand Kagetsu) --June 2014, 6
    • Dynamite Iwahashi ~ Refreshing Ward King Decision Battle ~ (Lumine the Yoshimoto) --July 2014, 7
    • Pramailand ~ Osaka Junior Edition ~ (Shinjuku Theater Moliere) --March 2015, 3
    • Plus / Minus and Rice Talk Live-Let me talk in Okinawa! ~ (Yoshimoto Okinawa Kazuki) --October 2017, 10
    • Morimori Heaven-From Choi to Mega- (Yoshimoto Makuhari Aeon Mall Theater) --Irregular holding
    • Plus / Minus Kanemitsu's first solo live "Children who can do it" --May 2019, 5


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